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Post Fordism System

Post Fordism can be an commercial model that replace Fordism model in 1970. It is a production model which is tightly associated with socioeconomic system used in most industrialized countries. Unlike Fordism which was used by Henry Ford's vegetable where workers performed in a production line with each person performing specialized activity in a repeated manner, Post-Fordism is seen as a the use of new it with the arriving of the globalize financial market. Out of this model, I've learned that production should be tailored to the needs of the customers and should be motivated by market demand. This means that labor has to be managed based on the production process utilizing the current technology on the market. I've also learned that the development process should become more aimed at the consumers and their needs.

Flexible organization can be an approach which believes that production shouldn't be targeted at the mass but it ought to be flexible enough in order to target a certain group of consumers. Firms no more need to invest so much of their money in creating production lines for mass development but they appear rather embrace the modern technology which requires them to use wise labor and machine systems to be able to respond to the marketplace needs quickly. One of these of such flexible organization or versatile specialization is just-in-time production. This concept of just in time creation embraces producing the actual consumers want so when it is necessary considering the quantity that is needed. This means that there isn't overproduction of goods and there is little wastage of resources. Just in time creation has been described as a pull system of development in which the actual order impulses the real product to be manufacturers. This is a demand move which enables a business to produce only what the market requires and in the right quantity and at the needed time. This is a concept to minimize the price tag on house ware because the levels of natural material, aspect the labor and end product are held to the least. This means only the needed labor will be held in the business.

The concept also requires that use of horizontal chains of expert. This means that unlike in the earlier model where authority came from the top, post-Fordism means that authority in the management of labor in an organization moves in a horizontal manner. It gives more power to the lines professionals to make decision without counting on your choice from the very best management. Among the principles that support horizontal chains of authority is the idea of decentralized decision making. This means that there exists more decision making electric power that is delegated to the junior and middle staff in an group. It helps line supervisors and supervisor and even the average person employees to make their own decision rather than wait for decision to result from above. Decentralize to decision making allows the labor force to have more space to make their own decision concerning their work. (Womack 2003, p. 45)

Having an innovative labor is advantageous to the organization. It can help the organization to make a competitive advantage on the market. To manage creative labor, the idea of post-Fordism applies in that the labor force must get space and time to be innovative. This can help them to make the decision that they have to make in their work which raises their production.

Basic critiques on post-Fordism argue on its structuralism, functionalism and evolutionism. Structuralism view change in terms of tensions, contradictions and dysfunction of structures not because of this of voluntary action of interpersonal providers. Functionalism continue despite opening of alternatives and confronted with structures actors must make a choice. It has additionally been cricticised on the idea of selecting a single central factor as the impetus for change.

From this issue I have learned that labor should be handled to become good production needs of the business which is dictated by the needs for the marketplace. From what I have from the idea of post-Fordism it can help me in my own future management practice since I've understanding of labor management following a characteristics of post-Fordism. This can help me to control labor specialization and feminism in the work place. It can help me control labor to complement the development needs of the customers.

"Enron - the smartest guys in the room"

The above phrases come from a movie that was screened explaining the collapse of the collapse of Enron Corporation. This led to criminal trails involving several top professional of the company. The film describes how the Enron deals were involved in the California Electricity turmoil. This film offers an insight in to the corporate cultures and the inherent problem that comes with its. It explains some device which motivate a massive immoral and revenue oriented corporate culture. It identifies how the company misused the employees in a bid to make higher gains. It also tried out to describe how a person might take an order before they question the key reason why they are really taking the order. It is a general review of how companies use immoral methods to make high profits

Form the case, we can relate the thought of organization intricacy in how and corporation is constructed of differing people and of diverse individuals. The film illustrated how Enron was made up of different people of different identity and in the complete portrayed an image of the intricacy of the business both in the making and in its procedure. From the above I learned how the group functions as a sophisticated entry that requires a clear control in order to harmonize all the characteristics to function as you. The complexity in the procedure of the business comes out in the strategy that the business uses to hike price and then come back electricity later in order to make more earnings. However this movie has been crictsized on the ground that while it gave a great deal on what can occur on individuals lives which were ruined by Enron, it did not give them a genuine individuals face.

It also illustrates the concept of how an organization functions as a system. Within this film, the management creates an unsafe competition that crates animosity on the personnel. They start participating in an bad competition in a bid to outperform the other. This is because employees doing most detrimental within an area were to be fired. The concept of organization as system means that the organization functions jointly as a system made of different interdependence parts. This means the management and the personnel must work together to achieve the goals of the organization. However in this case the management uses the workers in order to make more profit. Out of this I have learned that the management should generate a cordial working condition with the employees somewhat than creating competition between them.

From this example we can easily see how the company uses a fraud means to make more earnings. Enron shifts ability in order to generate power scarcity and increase price and later recreate power in order to experience the high income. This happens in the full view of the professionals. I have learnt that as a administrator I am given the sole responsibility of deciding for the organization and I should use my power to prevent a business from committing such scams. I have learned that it is fraudulent to use the employees in ode rot make higher revenue rather than safeguarding them.

Once the Director in the Enron realized that it was collapsing they started selling their shares and promotes the employees to maintain theirs. Inside the movie there is the milligram experiment that is conducted in order to comprehend how a employee may take order from a person without questioning such an order. A person is given an order to improve the voltage and press the button until he halts driving the button on the moral floor. This showed one factor of authority. This experiment was meant to show that there is a high probability that the one who's given an order to carry out questions it. From this I have learned that as a administrator I should provide real management to prospects under me and not only issue order. Every one has the to question why they are told to handle that order. In the foreseeable future I am able to provide real leaderships to the workers and clarify to them the orders that I issue and at the same time allow them to check into the orders. Production chains and coffee industry: "African american Gold"

"Black Yellow metal" was a documentary that was made as a film depicting the struggle African farmers in Ethiopians undergoes despite producing one of the main primary commodity on the planet. This film was made to illustrate the way the western consumers does not get in certainty with the plight of those African farmers who toil day in day trip to produce coffee for them. It also features the globe Trade Organization that was just an illustration of how creation chains exploit the farmers in Ethiopia who are faced with famine. This documentary revealed how the complexness of the creation chain is constantly on the hamper the success of business. It gives a concept of how lowering the production string can benefit the primary producer like the farmer in Ethiopian Highland. However the documentary has been crictsized on the floor that although it outlined the plight of the Ethiopian Caffeine farmers, it did not give any solution on what can be done to enhance the distribution string.

One of the main highlight of the documentary is the need to reduce production chains. It shows how the chain from developer, middlemen exporter, importer, roaster, merchants and consumers pushes the price tag on the end product and at the same time reduces the price of the primary company. Although we can allow the thought of chain production, an extended chain leads to exploitation. Out of this documentary I have learned that the longer the production chain, the higher the operation cost and the bigger the price tag on the end product. Hence in my future management, I am striving to reduce the production string in order to make effectful use of the labor and decrease the creation cost.

This documentary also brings an important aspect of business ethics. Business ethics is an important part of any business operation. It's the moral ideals that form the backbone of procedure of any business. Business code of ethics can be an important tool that should guide any strategy that is used by management. Within this documentary, it was plainly evident the way the middlemen continue steadily to exploit the Ethiopian farmer and the way the western consumer rushes to provide food aid to the Ethiopian farmer who's faced with craving for food without considering how much they take from that farmer. I've learnt that as a manager we should execute our business carrying out a code of ethics. This is important since it can help us to operate with a clean conscious. Additionally it is important since it avoids the exploitation of the buyer. In my own future management work, I will make an effort to ensure i keep to the business enterprise code of ethics. I will try to position the operation of the business with the necessity of other people in regard to the needs of the consumers and the need of the employees. I am going to strive towards implementing strategies for the company which reduces chances of exploitation.

The paradox that originates from the movie is the fact that while the farmers are exploited, they are not aware of what they produce. They toil in their fields but they are not aware of the value to their products. They are not aware of the purchase price their products fetch in the market. At the same time the western individuals are unaware of the actual Ethiopian farmers goes through in the field as they struggle to produce sweet for these people. I have learnt that informing the consumers of what we should are producing is vital since they become aware of the source of this product. It is important to inform the consumers about the merchandise from the starting of the development string up to when it reached them. In this regard as a administrator I will ensure that products from the company bears clear information on the label and perform advertisement to see the consumers on the merchandise. It's important for them to recognize that what they are eating and where it includes result from.


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