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Positive and Negative Characteristics of Leadership

Nursing can be an art and science. In medical practice, nurses have to help well-being of patient. Because of this nurses must play different role. One of the most crucial roles is management. Leadership is an excellent which can be almost developed to lead a person towards brilliance from average. Development of the quality through learning and through utilizing processes in conjunction with other folks is the most crucial aspect. "Leaders are created, they aren't born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to accomplish any goal that is rewarding" (Denehy, 2008, p. 107). This essay will express some negative and positive characteristics of authority. To be a leader, you need to have good eye-sight, passion about work, integrity and good communication skill but often leadership qualities persuades someone to imagine superior than others. Proper development of attributes helps nursing head to solve problems and motivates follower or co-worker to give respect to the first choice. In nursing practice, for optimum care of patients, leaders have to change in strategies and insurance policies. For the better change they have to use their ability. The energy can be informational, know-how or positional power.

Leadership is a specialist ability to discover a goal also to achieve a goal a good innovator has to create a strategy and must inspire the fans to become listed on and help to place the strategy into action. "Leadership has been an important part of the function of any organisation" (Daly, Speedy & Jackson, 2007, p. 291). Frequently it has been noticed that leadership is affected by principles of individual and organisations as well as population. Values of individual depend on set of perception, knowledge and experience. Good leaders have to maintain a balance between values of specific and an company in which they work.

Kelly (2010) has detailed three fundamental qualities of effective leadership which form practical steps for execution and represent emphasis in the literature. The first quality is a guiding eye-sight which provides a direction for future years and helps to do planning to talk with goal and help lead toward goal with professionalism and reliability.

The second quality is enthusiasm which portrayed by leaders. That is an capability which inspires and helps the followers to attain the goal (Kelly, 2010). Denehy (2008) believes that if market leaders have a vision of what they want and have the ability to set a platform for the team, they are just effective if they give credit to team members whether they in a position to complete their goal or not. The writer counts this step small but purposeful so the team nature will carry on and they continue to work with the same head.

The third quality is integrity that predicated on knowledge of personal, honesty and maturity. These qualities are developed through experience (Kelly, 2010). Whitehead, Weiss & Tappen (2007) have discussed that a powerful leadership requires that a leader has to stick to professional code of ethics as well as personal ethics as though the leader will not reveal these features, the fans would also not follow that. Furthermore, the authors have counted integrity as an essential element of moral management. Denehy (2008) has noted that, though these attributes are important, an effective leadership takes a good judgement, good communication skills, showing self confidence about your decisions and getting goal skills. As more these qualities a leader shows more co-workers will trust you and will follow you. For that reason, the author has recognized trustworthiness as an important skill.

Huber (2010) also indicated that extraordinary market leaders have skills by which they can conquer difficulties and become stronger and devoted in them. A highly effective leadership depends on individual ability to discover a so this means from negative incidents and capacity to learn from difficult circumstances. These important events allow leaders to ask question to do it yourself, thus they can use their skill of self-awareness. An excellent leadership doesn't count on result, if the final result may positive or negative, a good leader sees a chance in it for reinvention.

Shaw (2007) has found some negative characteristics also. According to the author, some negative behavior also has been noticed. In a few situations, leaders show personal prejudice in decision making, continue to be quiet in meetings and don't promote their ideas with other market leaders, do not consider other's success as beneficial and think own self applied superior. Open-minded and optimistic behaviour is one of the top characteristics of any leader. Frequently a innovator considers others as a competitive and would like to confirm one superior. This sort of behaviour encourages one to become over critical, not to listen other and become judgemental about other leader's ability to deal with problems. This sort of negative behaviour can be seen in leaders. The writer has discovered that such kind of behaviour happens while market leaders may be busy, tired and under stress because of deadline for concluding goal. In addition, it has been pointed out that, some leaders do not show ideas because they become worry about their vitality. They believe that if they show ideas and if someone becomes more able then other staffs would not give esteem to them.

Leaders act in a different way in several situations. Nurses have a leadership role while they work in specific areas. An effective command is often assessed by work effectiveness and work effectiveness is tightly related to to empowerment (Hosseini, 2007). In medical practice, nurses always need to deal with other personnel and patients. Leaders have to provide ideal nursing treatment to the patients and also they have to encourage staff to take action in daily practice. In medical practice, leaders both want to do planning for the attention of patients or have to provide direct care and attention and also have to set criteria of care. To accomplish an optimum goal a medical leader must concentrate on strategies so that they can promote patients' health insurance and can have positive effects. Clinical control is an excellent that may be produced by changing regulations and practice (Morgan, 2010). For that reason the quality of integrity helps nursing head in practice. Corresponding to integrity, market leaders have to follow professional code of ethics and personal ethics (Whitehead, Weiss & Tappen, 2007). In this case, if the leader follows the ethics, probably you might think best for the patient thus patient's treatment can be better and positive results can be achieved.

According to the research of Feltner, Mitchell, Noriss & Wolfle (2008), communication is the main skill of the leader. To be a leader, you need to have this skill to deal with personnel and patients. Two way marketing communications is needed to improve the connections and relations with staff. Team leader must communicate with personnel for planning, encouragement for work, conversation about problems and work as a team, especially in planning good care of patients in such situations as hospital wards and long-term stay facilities. Used, if a innovator does not have good communication skill, she or he cannot encourage the team to fulfil the target. The skill retains staffs together and their communication with one another become free flow in both directions. For effective communication a innovator should be honest, approachable, open and proficient at listening. This implies that, during practice a head should be honest to staffs and also prepare yourself to listen their problems, not merely at briefings and assessments of care, but also at handovers and some other time. Additionally it is necessary for a good leader to be open in decision therefore the staffs can allow the decisions (Morgan, 2010).

Another required skill in nursing practice is enthusiasm. Nursing leaders will need to have passion because of their work. By using this quality, they can improve their nursing standard. For instance, when they attend any meeting and reveal their ideas with the colleagues, their thrills about new ideas can excite others also. The love about work can help to build new changes in medical practice and so they can establish an example for others (Morgan, 2010).

Feltner, Mitchell, Noriss & Wolfle (2008), have uncovered that confidence and good attitude is also necessary. In medical practice, a self-confident innovator only can make hard decisions for well-being of staffs and patients. A leader must have to prepare yourself to simply accept ideas from other team members that can help to attain the goal used. This confidence helps to preserve energy to cope with unexpected circumstances. Another quality can be important in nursing practice is, positive attitude or optimism. Whenever a head interacts with personnel, he or she must talk in positive manner that can help to relieve the strain of staffs. So in critical situation staffs can look for possible solution of the trouble. "The first choice who has an instant laugh and a common sense of humour can effectively generate a enjoyable working atmosphere" (p. 367).

Nursing is a profession which work for better health outcomes for the patient. Lately, credited to new solutions, an information availability and workforce strategy, the price of health care is growing. In such situation, these pushes are motivating changes in medical practice. To make medical facilities better, nursing leaders need to build up policies and approaches for staffs. To execute these new changes in regulations and strategies, leaders have to utilize power. Frequently it's been pointed out that, some staffs become tolerant to change, that time a innovator uses the power to warn staffs about behavior and frame of mind towards patient's need and stimulate them to do something in that course (Sullivan & Decker, 2009).

Sullivan & Decker (2009) have found out that energy is essential to change the machine which is one of quite qualities of leaders and energy derives from power. There are different types of vitality that may be use to improve the system. For example, informational power, knowledge and position electric power. It can be used to convince other staffs and inspire to follow the changes. To utilize electricity for change, market leaders have to make use of some steps. To begin with, leaders need to analyse the formal (organisational chart, department structures, line management, regulations, frameworks, documents) and casual (built on friendly relations within the company or on recognised knowledge) lines of the company, then have to recognize those who find themselves mainly influenced by changes and possess to give attention to those who are closely affected by change. A further step is to find out about those who are able to deny or defy changes and their reasons for disagreement. A next step is to discuss changes to staff at formal conferences and also informally face to face and give ideas about the professionals and drawbacks of changes and have if any changes is necessary. Finally, the nurse uses the organizational chain to implement the theory. These are the steps where leaders can use their capacity to put into practice change.

On the other side, painter (2010) has described that before nurses have effectively satisfied their role as leaders at workplaces, areas and government agencies. Nurses know the prices of healthcare and be more mindful about patient's treatment and need. The writer has counted this as a nursing power. Additionally, nurses frequently work for quality improvement in care and attention and set a good example of self-control. They use the power of their knowledge to development, execution and evaluation of management of patient's health care. The improvement in good care shows the change of good care which carried out by nurses by utilizing their power.

In conclusion, management is a key role in any profession. In my opinion, a leader must have good and clear vision so that he / she can plan for the future. Furthermore, a innovator must have interest about own work as well as for that one must have to be ready for paid off. 'Nine to fiver' cannot be a good innovator. Leader's love about work promotes ones to do research and also induces staff to follow. The 3rd quality is integrity, which can be an essential thing for authority. In nursing practice, leaders need to be in contact with staff as well patients. In such situation, good communication skill is required. If a head be clear in communication, staff can understand the education and freely talk with her or him. Because of this, positive patient's health end result can be achieved. Confidence is necessary for nursing head while planning any new procedures or strategies. Additionally optimistic behavior allows personnel to connect to leaders and help to maintain team spirituality. Changes are necessary for better treatment management. It often gained through power. By using power you can accumulate all information and can think on all positive and negative areas of change. Vitality allows a person to discuss planning and any suggestion for an improvement. In medical practice, a good understanding of field itself a electricity that nurses can use for health care management of the individual. By using this ability nurses can leads a profession to an optimum level.

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