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Political, communal, legal and technological evaluation of Russia

This document can be an overview of politics, social, inexpensive, legal and scientific of Russia. The federation of Russian or Russia is the country which situated in the north of European countries and Asia. It is considered as the bridge between those two continents. The country was within the 12th century, in the history of this express, the country had been through different program of politic, from Russia imperial period to the Soviet Union, post Soviet democratic till the federation of Russian today. The united states shares edges with fourteen different claims such as Norway, Finland, China, North Korea etc. Russia also stocks the marine border with America and Japan. It's the biggest country in the world with 17, 075, 400 square kilometres. Russia is one of the countries which are really abundant with natural resources. Russia is the land of winter but it generally does not mean that they may have snow all over the 12 months. Russia has variety weather, depends upon the region. It can be death cold in the far off north to significantly hot in the desert of the southern part. In the united states, there is merely two distinguish weather which can be winter and warmer summer months, the other two does not previous for long and is not really well described.

The capital of Russia was called following the Moskva River which begins from East Europe and flows into the Russia's central. The name Moscow was found by Goerge I, Yuri I Dolgorukiy in 1147. Even Russia is a huge country; the populace is merely in the get ranking of 9th in the whole world with 141, 927, 297 people. In each region they have their own vocabulary but Russian is the state language of the wintertime land. People here follow dissimilar faith, even though there are four main religions which are Orthodox, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism.


Interest Rate

Growth Rate

Inflation Rate

Jobless Rate

Current Account

Exchange Rate


7. 75%

2. 70%

8. 10%

6. 70%


30. 5370

The currency of Russia is Rouble. Looking at to other money such as US money or Europe, this currency happens to be not really a strong one. The natural resources, agriculture and technology play an important part in the economy of this country with the estimation of GDP this year 2010 is $15, 807. The primary associates in export are CIS, China, The US and Japan. Based on the development of the market, Russia is considered as the strongest progress amongst the producing countries.

The living standard of Russian lowered following the collapse of the Soviet Union, but it started to improve from 2007 and now it rank at 65. It's the result of the development in current economic climate and politic strategy. The life expectancy for men is 59 years old and 73 years of age for women. Further more, the culture part of the country is very comparable to others developed countries. Russia becomes a destination which attracts holiday and other interpersonal and culture activities with international scale such as the winter Olympic 2014 in Sochi which will add an important part in accumulating the image of the Russia. From all items of view, Russia is one of the strongest developing countries. While using policies which focus on attracting traders, on the longer term, Russia will be on the set of new developed country. This is the main backdrop of the country with some interesting fact from it, further on in this document; each sector will be mentioned in detail.

Reason of chosen:

Russia is a developing country with abundant with history and tradition. This country in this new century has plenty of opportunities and challenges. It takes on an important role in the communal and political of the world. Russia is the person in different important group on earth such as World health Company (WHO), United Nation (UN), G8 and G20. Thus giving Russia a possibility to contribute as well as hand out its thoughts for the introduction of the entire world in term of cultural, health care, political and economic. In such a report, I and my group mates chose Russia as our country for the international trade project is due to three main reasons. First of all, it is a major country with an increase of than fourteen an incredible number of society, this country have the policies in economical which can be supportive for the national as well as the international investors. They upgrade the procedures bases on the introduction of their economic in order to facile and make Russia's overall economy more appealing to traders.

Further, seeking to the growth of the business enterprise as well as their competitive currency, it is really a offers land for individuals who want to create wealth and business. Not forgetting the fact that they have a big improvement in the economy despite all the natural devastation that occurred during summer time 2010 and the current economic climate crisis that influences the market and trade of countries all over the world. Below is the graph which ultimately shows the development of GDP in Russia over years.

Russia-GDP-Growth-Rate-Chart-000001. png

From the graph we can see that even 2010 is not a successful year for Russia's agriculture because of the weather and climate issue; the expansion of GDP in another quarter of the year reaches 2. 7, which identify the united states from others which play main assignments in the economy. This shape is a strong proves for all the traders about Russia's overall economy.

Last but not least, Russia has an good thing about their physical location. As being mentioned in the first part of this report. Russia is the bond between Europe and Asia. This is actually the advantage that not absolutely all the united states can have. It enables Russia to operate easily with countries in Asia such as Japan, China and North Korea as well as other countries in the north of Europe and countries in europe. It brings good opportunities for Russia to switch and gain experience from the developed countries in European countries. It is the opportunity in addition to a challenge because of this country.

PESTLE research:


In 1993, after the crisis in the constitution of Russia and with the support from most part of the human population, the 12th Dec 1993, Russia was officially became the federation of Russia with semi presidential republic. They keep going with the same routine until today. It is very important to have a constant regime and insurance policy to attract more investors. Additionally it is important to have the insurance policies which provide more gain and advantages for folks who want to contribute or enter the business. The existing leader is Mr Dmitriy Medvedev and the primary Minister is Mr Vladimir Putin.

According to Mr Putin, they do not want to have the backup of the US's political system. Russia's government has it own system which closes to its convention and situation. The good thing about Russia is that it is consider as the united states that may take charge of all functions of the Soviet Union in different international firm. Russia goes on the dedication of the USSR with United Region Security Council and the seating of USSR in other international group. Despite the fact that Russia is a federation but there continues to be the engagement between the main government and the spot or local government. Based on the Human Protection under the law Watch, Russian people don't have freedom. Even though they employ a strong judicial system, the pace of prisoners in Russia continues to be high at 628 out of 100, 000. It brings about the fact that the prison is not in the nice condition and sometime over packed.

Russia has an open foreign relationship strategy. Until the year 2009, they may have official relationship with 191 countries and 144 embassies. It really is a good chance for the trade and financial of the united states, not mention to the fact that Russia is playing a very important role in preserving peace and safe practices of the world. Another benefit of Russia is that they implemented the technology and the militaries drive from the USSR. This country gets the biggest store of nuclear weapon with the government which includes navy, ground make and air drive. Russia is one of the countries with well developed and home-grown hands industry. There is also the program of growing their armed service and put more invest on that until 2015. Russia is in the world first ranking of producing and exporting weapons. They are not only producing enough for their own need also for retailing to 80 different countries about the world. It contributes a significant part in the earnings of this country. The introduction of technology in government is also support to the positioning of Russia on the planet.

Under this regime and maintain the same overseas relationship plan play the major role in the stability and development of the country's economic. With the strong and peaceful romance with others countries, it is push factor for Russia to expanse the financial as well as attract more and more investors from inside and outside of the united states. The political aspect takes the key role in order to run the business of the complete country. It is the main feature to keep the steadiness of the cultural as well as the economic. The investor need to have the impression of security and safety as well as the space to progress inside the united states in order to persuade them to invest in the united states.


The economical of Russia will depend on mainly on the natural resources. A couple of two major resources are coal and oil. This country gets the GDP in the get ranking of 10th. biggest on the globe. Russia is the country with the benefit of natual resources, the big area with the region for agricuture 4th largest on the globe and a perfect location between European countries and Asia. Despite all the benefit that the country has, its financial is not comparable to other countries in European countries. It is because the growth of the economy of Russia is depending the price tag on the oil in the market.

Russia-GDP-per-capita--Constant-Prices-Since-2000--Chart-000001. png

It is shown from the chart that the current economic climate is growing instantly. The issue of Russia's monetary is that it is too dependent on the price of crude oil. To be able to cope with this situation, the government have to have a typical budget to deal with the efficiency of the lalor. Along start, they must have a reasonable tax system and a suitable monetary policy that make the ruble end up being the competive currency but also make sure the price is never to low.

In order to have a strong overall economy situation, in addition they need to pay more attention on the education of the new era. The change of the politics regime and the financial system lead to the actual fact that they want more folks with wide open minded, adaptable and inclined to learn and become mixed up in econmic. It really is another weakness that make Russia position is leaner than others europe.

Another problems for Russia's overall economy is that the process of tranforming from communism to free market was later than the other countries in the Western. Russia got into the post - professional financial after other so that there is the distance between Russia's financial expansion compare to other developed countries.

Russia is the united states with resources, high technology and lobor. In order to fulfil the space between Russia and other contries, Russia need to have an insurance plan that get them from the Soviet Union's shadow. They have to find the right market because of their product.


From 1990, with the changes in the regime of politic, the population stepped ahead. They convert from a culture with autocratic structure to a population with democratic character. This change enlarges the gap between your poor and the rich people in the population. Even there is absolutely no obvious classification structure in society, the stratification is judged by riches. The most apparent evident of capitalism in the modern culture is that individuals started to spend in a squandered size with expensive autos, clothes and costume that a normal Russian cannot afford. The trend in society composition causes the changes in mentality and frame of mind. For example, Folks have different notion toward the family plan. From 1990, the rate of delivery is decreasing amazingly, along with this is the increasing of death rate. The death rate is raising reason behind the health attention system. In European countries continent, Russia is one of the countries that being affected firmly by HIV and alcoholic beverages poisoning.

300px-Natural_Inhabitants_Growth_of_Russia. PNG

Beginning rate

Fatality rate

Natural development rate

A part from that, we can not mention to the introduction of the social activities. The development of entertainment and interpersonal activities contribute a main part in the improvement of Russian's living standard. Russia established fact with literature, music, ballet boogie with all the current famous designer, composers, and philosopher such as Leo Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky, Pushkin and Lenin. Russia is also known for all the sport despite having international range such as summer months Olympic in 1980 and winter Olympic which will be maintain in 2014. The life in a few of the big city such as Moscow, St Petersburg is as lively as the life span in NY. Moscow and St Petersburg will be the most popular place for MICE industry (Getting together with, incentives, meetings and exhibition) with professional service, high strategy support, good facilities as well as interpersonal activities. Russia is a folklore country which is obviously a mystery for everybody to find.


Russia is a country which is rich in science tradition. The technology sector of Russia started to be recognized from the early of 18th century and continue to develop until today. Russia has a good reputation on science and technology with the contribution of Mikhail Lomonosov, Pafnuti Chebychev and so on. They many impressive masterpiece of design in different filed such as Mathematic, Chemistry, Structural engineer, globe science and aerospace engineer which add a significant part in the development of the country's technology. Due to the advance in this field, it contributes to the position of Russia in numerous international organizations. The well toned in military materials and weapons add a stronger speech to the role of retaining tranquility and security of Russia and everything the countries around the world.

In the 20th century, the whole world was surprised because of their progress in aerospace engineer. Russia was the very first country who dispatched people in the space. Not to mention the actual fact that Russia's air art is on the list of the most produced air craft. The 20th century isn't just the notice point in time for the introduction of technology for Russia itself but also for the whole world with a new technology of knowledge. Even they have a good platform and amazing success in technology but somehow it does not contribute much to the revenue of the country. In contrast with the introduction of the technology is the economical. They may have the monetary which mainly is determined by exporting oil and other natural resources. The development and success of the economical is totally depending on the price of the product on the market. Russia cannot take the effort on the development of financial and which route does it go. To become more active in the monetary, it is the must for this country to focus something where they are really in advanced compare abroad.

Noticing the important role of technology and its effect to the development of monetary, the presedent, Mr Medvedev has paid more attention on the modernization and advance technology such as Rosnano and Nano technology. The federal government started to put more fund upon this field and they are prepared to support some of Russian who want to develop their profession in this field. The aim of this is to get the best out of the Russia. Looking back again to the Soviet Union age, compare to now, and the technology industry of Russia is much behind other countries. Technology must be things that made in Russia and by the technology of Russian. The main thing at this time is that they have to motivate people, they want more innovation which is often leapfrog their own success in years behind and also to conquer with the well toned science and knowledge of other European countries.

The president desires to develop the technology side which already has the strong base, thanks to the Soviet Union's knowledge and development in this field. With all the work of technology from years back, it is very positive that Russia will take back its place of leading in the technology industry. He feels that with the technology of Russia may take advantage over the american with the advance technology. The success of the will press the enlargement of trade and industry. It starts a fresh opportunities to grow in economic, which make the trade of this country becomes more and more initiative and be more active with the changes of market. Using the success in this course of action, there will be the top improvement in living standard, help the country out of inflation and the increase of unemployed rate.


On the way of growing and transforming itself from a communism to a capitalist country, Russia also transformed it law in order to be match with the new program. The new legislation is more European approach, very systematic and market focused. It is completely different from regulations of the Nordic countries. The new rules of Russia is principally platform on the legislation, so that why there are still some spaces on regulations system. The problem rate is still high in the last few years:

russia-corruption1. jpg

According to the transparency international group, in 2010 2010 the problem rate of Russia is staying at the pace of 2. 1 which consider as one of the country which have very high problem rate. This can take into consideration for folks who think about buying this country.

Above is the chart to calculate the degree of flexibility in the trade and industry of Russia. In order to catch the attention of more investment, the federal government pass regulations which will make no different between foreigner buyers and national entrepreneur. Even thought there are a few areas that foreigner will need to have the improvement of the government in order to find yourself in the business. It's the strategies that concentrate the investment of foreigner in some of the sector which are in need of it. There also various other restriction in term of ownership as well as repayment. However, there exists the necessity of changes to lessen the problem as well as to be more open to investors.

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