Preparing And Creation For Occazions Events Dissertation


Planning and Production intended for

Occazions Events

Submitted by: - Submitted to: -

Name: Tanisha Jaiswal Ms Pritha Chakraborty

Enrolment No .: A2028712010

Course: BJ&MC

12 months Batch: 2012-15



Planning and Production intended for

Occazions Occasions


Tanisha Jaiswal Ms. Pritha Chakraborty

BJ&MC Asst. Professor, ASCO

Enrollment no - A2028712010 Mutuality University

Batch- 2012 15 AUUP


Certified that the analyze entitled because Planning and Production intended for Occazions Events' undertaken simply by me is definitely an original operate. I have not submitted this kind of project report in any different organisation

This kind of project have been guided by simply Ms. Pritha Chakraborty, Asst Professor, Esprit de corps School of Communication, Esprit de corps University. This is submitted to Amity University of Connection as a vital part of Masters / Bachelors Programme of Amity College or university in the year 2015.

DATE_____ NAME Tanisha Jaiswal


ENRL. Number A2028712010


This is to certify that Ms. Tanisha Jaiswal, Enrolment No . A2028712010, of Amity School of Communication, Mutuality University has completed the research project titled under my own guidance and Supervision. This kind of project statement is first document prepared by her very own efforts on their own.



DATE_________ Asst. Teacher


I would like to express my personal special thanks a lot of honor to my own teacher Ms Pritha Chakraborty who offered me the g...

... it difficult. Mainly because most of the time I was not aware of what was happening around me. As well as the degree of independence at Occazions Events is definitely high, which means that you had to find everything by yourself. By doing work this how come I learned about the subjects by myself. Also observing and listening a lot to discussion/brainstorming that were saved in the office has additionally helped me a lot. But the most effective way for me was working with the other interns and my seniors. The interns were all from different educational area like event planning, PR and Advertising. Working and communicating with them and seeing the way they approach points has helped me understand the process. The areas that we feel the interns really helped me the most with are function planning region and the PR area. Before every function we organise a group meeting where we discuss the event.

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