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Pest And Swot Examination Of Australia

Sydney is the major city in Australia with a society of 22, 000 in central area and 4 million people in greater Sydney area. It really is situated on Australia's south-east seacoast which is one of the most multicultural cities on the planet and is a significant destination for immigrants to Australia.

1. 2 The Product - Kluang Station

Kluang Station is known as the Coffee Shop Canteen. Going in another country for further extension and expansion for the very first time may be challenging as there are limitations to it. The existence of regulations for venturing into the Australian food and drink market require that they be critically looked at as it is very important for Kluang Stop to understand and abide them.

2. 0 Market Audit

SWOT Analysis

PEST Analysis

A recent international comparative research, Doing Business in 2008, found Australia has the ninth most business friendly polices on the planet, which means that the regulatory environment throughout the market is conducive to the operation of business.


The federal government and regulatory institutions are reliable, translucent, impartial and internationally competitive, thus providing investors with a safe and secure business construction.

Political Risk

One of the key issues to be mentioned is the concern of the political risk within a country. In this case, concerns of the possibility that political decisions such as expropriation of gains, occasions such as wars, terrorism, and insurrection in the sponsor country will adversely affect the business enterprise climate.

Political System

Three political gatherings dominate the Australian political system:

The Liberal Get together (LP) nominally representing urban business interests, and its smaller Coalition partner.

The Nationals nominally representing rural passions will be the more conservative functions.

The Australian Labor Get together (ALP) - nominally represents staff, trade unions, and left-of-center categories.

All political teams are attached by traditions to welfare programs. During the last ten years, Australia has increased assistance to households while imposing responsibilities on those getting unemployment benefits and impairment pensions.

Legal System

Australia's legal system is based on the English System of legislative statutes and common legislation similar compared to that of Malaysia. Therefore, depending upon the type of investment proposed, an overseas trader in Australia would need to have regard to the regulations of one or even more of the National, State, Territory or Local Governments. Based on the starting of Kluang Place in Sydney, the Federal Government has power in most areas regarding the national overall economy including tax, exchange adjustments and international investment in businesses and land property.


Australia comes with an enviable, strong current economic climate with a per capita GDP on par with the four dominant West Western economies. Healthy business and consumer self-confidence and high export charges for recycleables and agricultural products are fueling the market, particularly in mining says.

According to the info and products produced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (Stomach muscles) the current unemployment rate is 4. 4 that happen to be known to be one of the cheapest rates in the world


i. Communication

Australians are extremely direct in the way they communicate, You can find often an component of humor, often self-deprecating, in their talk.


English is the countrywide language. Australian British is a significant variety of the terminology, with its own distinctive highlight and vocabulary a few of which has found its way into Standard English. All documents are written in British, these make it easy for Kluang Station to project into Sydney.

ii. Dining

With the emphasis of multiculturalism, many other cuisines have inspired the Australian food culture like the Asian foods formerly raised by the settlers.


A combo of world-class information and communications technology (ICT) is versatile across all Australian industry industries providing a fantastic environment for buyers. E-readiness is a way of measuring a country's information and communications technology and the power of businesses and consumers to utilize ICT to their advantage.

One benefit for this is the program of mobile technology. The service industry, more specifically restaurants, has initiated exploiting the advantages of mobile technology. For example, the benefits of using personal digital assistants (PDAs) in a restaurant have been explored. The studies indicated that the use of such technology has increased efficiency and exactness, speedier service, better usability, and increased reputation.


Sydney has a global class telecommunications infrastructure. Australian local networks consist of fiber-optic, cellular, and satellite television system. Fiber-optic cords are the predominant technology allowing speedy internet access.


Sydney is well prepared with public transfer which range from buses, taxis, to monorails and trains. There's also catamarans and ferries that ferry people from the primary island to Manly Island located across Sydney harbour. Besides that, the air port is located near the city, about a half an hour drive by motorway.

3. 0 Concentrate on Market

The restaurant's marketplace will consist mostly of local home customers varying in get older from 21 to 45 and local businesses. The main customers to be targeted would be office personnel and tourists. This is because of the fact that a lot of children would be at university and family outings happen on weekends as parents and children are clear of obligations.


Below are the objectives that are to be achieved via the marketing plan for Kluang Station's growth in to the Australian food and drink market:

i. Expand the market for local Malaysian delicacies such as "Roti Bakar", Hainanese rooster rice, Ipoh White coffee and "The Tarik"

ii. Develop the growth potential of Kluang Stop by venturing into a fresh international market.

Marketing Plan

5. 1 Mode of entry

5. 2 Product

5. 3 Price

First step for heading global, Kluang Station appreciates that price becomes increasingly important as a competitive tool. The manager is in charge of setting and controlling the price of the products and services provided. In Kluang Stop, the prices of food and beverages offered are in about the number of $2 to $15.

5. 3. 1 Customary Mark-ups

There are costs that'll be incurred available that will lead to increments of the pricings. The primary costs from the permanent rate are the renting, power, and electricity of the restaurant in Sydney. Also, the charging of labor, that costs AUS$5 per hour. Area of the government laws, Kluang Stop must adhere to the application of GST (tax charges) on total items sold.

5. 4 Place

Kluang Station will be located at Newtown NSW. The reason why this specific address was chosen was because of the reputation of the road. Locals know it as a dining area that offers a variety of different foods to cater to any palette.

It will be fixed will old "kopitiam" furniture; wooden stools and seats, marble top furniture, which is flown in from Malaysia. To add to the mood, old Chinese language opera music will be enjoyed softly in the backdrop.

5. 5 Promotion

As there are extensive types of advertising in Australia, Kluang Place would take this benefits to become recognize on the market. Since they are new on the market, Kluang Station would like to be founded however within their planned budget. The best way to market the existence of Kluang Station is through magazine as it is one of the cheapest charges for advertising. Since the target marketplaces are potential drivers in Sydney, this may be the best way to reach to them.

5. 6 Man Resource

Kluang Station will need to employ several workers; cooks,

waiters/waitresses, cleaners, cashiers, a manager, and two supervisors. Hiring

will be achieved from the neighborhood community by firmly taking out an advertisements in the

local newspaper and using local job positioning agencies.

5. 6. 1 Employer-employee relations

There are employer staff agreements whereby this is registered with the American Australian Industrial Relations Percentage, covering an employee's working agreements, pay and conditions. The employer employee contracts have been made to provide appropriate protections and choice for both employees and employers.

5. 6. 2 Salaries and benefits

Working in Australia gets the benefit of a flex working time. The salary of each employee is in proportion with their work lots. It seemed to have been above the typical scale and this is why many seek to land in the Australia shores. Aside from the filthy competitive salaries and benefits, they can enjoy luxurious fringe benefits.


6. 1 Five season financial job and assumption

The following webpages showcase the budget gains/ lost statement and estimates projected income statement. Based on our assumption, Kluang stop will be making a revenue throughout the 5 arriving years

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