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Good Persuasive Essay Ideas

As a student, you should treat writing a persuasive essay just like being a lawyer who needs to argue a certain case before a jury. This means that you need to take a stand on a particular problem or thesis theme (either for or against) and build a strong argument to convince readers that you’re right. To write a good and convincing paper, it’s necessary to do your detailed research, find out more about the targeted audience, and get a clear understanding of opposing views. This is how you will prove that both your opinion is correct and an opposing point is incorrect. If this academic assignment seems a bit confusing or hard to you, focus on our professional services, including a book report, which are provided by reliable authors fast and at quite reasonable rates.

  • Gender roles. Do you agree that men shouldn’t open a door to women to avoid hurting their feelings?
  • Male pregnancy. Do you believe that the further research is required on this subject? Why?
  • Plastic surgery. Should actors be banned to undergo any plastic surgery?
  • Abstinence programs. Are they really effective in schools?
  • Civil unions. Do they need to have the same rights as married people if they live for a few years or longer?
  • Do you think that smokers are more open than non-smoking people? What about health?
  • Is it the most powerful strategy to cope with everyday stress?
  • Do all freshmen need to live in dorms to get a clearer idea of what their college life really is?
  • Social networks. Why shouldn’t students add their professors as friends on such sites? Devote your apa paper to this original topic to draw readers’ attention at once.
  • Extracurricular activities. Should they become obligatory?
  • Fast and junk food. Why is skipping meals better than eating this type of food?
  • Can it really stimulate the self-development of students?
  • Can the formal dress code improve the performance and efficiency of employees in the office?
  • Do you agree that its main reason is a poor leadership?
  • Should it be a new language for people’s international communication? Don’t forget to give your strong case study examples to prove that you’re right.
  • What do you think about inter-governmental unions? Do they cause more harm than good?
  • Do HR managers have to use a lie detector when interviews possible candidates and job seekers?
  • Is the delegation of important responsibilities the main key to efficient management?
  • Do people need to ban the marketing of harmful products, including cigarettes and alcohol?
  • Is it necessary to change the entire system to change voting apathy?

Easy Persuasive Essay Ideas

  • Video games. Do you believe that people need to ban selling all violent video games?
  • Should bullies be held legally responsible for their actions?
  • Is its use good for high school and college students?
  • Should actors and other celebrities keep supporting specific political parties?
  • Do they belong to the past?
  • Do you think that the promotion of diets has to be outlawed?
  • Music censorship. Should music lyrics that glorify all kinds of criminal lifestyles be censored?
  • Should those patients who have this medical condition be forced to eat?
  • Religious cartoons. Why shouldn’t the media publish offensive jokes, cartoons, and articles?
  • Media sources. Why should they be restricted to report violent crimes?
  • Do people need to ban sexy ads?
  • Should all mothers be obliged to stay home to take care of their kids? This can be a perfect persuasive essay idea if you’re equipped with the necessary evidence and facts.
  • Global languages. Does the modern world need any global language?
  • Do all parents need to attend special parenting classes or courses?
  • Medical decisions. Should they be made only by healthcare experts if they are important for patients?
  • Do you believe that atheists miss different opportunities to start enjoying their life?
  • Is it a murder that can’t be justified?
  • Should they be screened for specific heritable diseases?

Fresh Persuasive Essays Ideas for Heated Disputes

  • Do students need to ban hate speeches?
  • Should all children born in a particular state receive its citizenship at once?
  • Political parties. Do they need to engage more youngsters? Why?
  • Is it a thing that belongs to the past?
  • Should they have their right to vote?
  • Working hours. Should weekly working hours be legally limited to 25?
  • Do they need to receive any salary for their work?
  • Should sperm donors keep retaining their anonymity?
  • Corporal punishments. Do they do more harm than good?
  • Should they be allowed to have guns? Be sure to make your argument in the right thesis format if you choose this controversial topic.
  • Should arranged Muslim marriages be banned?
  • Do you agree that jargon is just a result on the evolution of any language?
  • Is its auto complete function offensive? Why?
  • Should they start early?
  • Do people need to ban excess weight fees?
  • Do police officers need to have their right to confiscate cars if their owners text while driving?
  • Do drivers have to pay higher fines when they toot horns without any emergency?
  • Was it just an inevitable stage of developing the society?
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