Perspectives Of Human Resource Management

Suppose you will be the HR Director in a corporation. Company is taking into consideration the idea of establishing an HR Section to manage its employees efficiently and effectively to utilize different potential of HRM, and how flexible work area play an important role in HR performance and what exactly are main challenges experienced by HR manager in flexible office, while at the same attain maximum staff satisfaction and commitment.

Your article should treat the theoretical backdrop with appropriate instances and flexibility within the workplace

This assignment will be done in group.

The assignment will include a written report to be developed and is usually to be presented.

Client 1: Banking sector (hq)

Client 2: Insurance sector

Client 3: Telecom sector

Client 4: Private University

Teacher will have conferences with the groups on fortnightly basis (after 14 days). The students are expected showing coordination and dedication into the group and will discuss their progress in each getting together with. If any student is found guilty of non-cooperation or any other issue of major matter, the boss will decrease the final quality of that person.

Grading Statement





Explain Guest's style of hard-soft, loose-tight sizes of HRM


A range of methods and techniques have

been applied


Synthesis has been used to generate and justify valid conclusions


Review the dissimilarities between Storey's definitions of HRM and staff and IR practices


A range of sources of information used


Analyse HRM from a strategic point of view and it implications for the role of the line supervisor and employees


Review and describe a model of overall flexibility and show how this might be employed in practice


Describe the need for versatility and the types of flexibility which might be developed by a business and give examples of how they can be implemented


Apply the relevant overall flexibility approaches on the organization in mind and justify your answer.


Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of versatile working techniques from both the worker and the workplace perspective

Outcome 1

Tasks for P1

Discuss the partnership between hard, soft, loose-tight HRM in context of guest's model in implementation prospective. This will be achieved in perspective of information provided to your client.

Tasks for P2

Discuss how storey's meanings of HRM will vary then personnel and IR practice and the particular impact of these methods in organization

Tasks for P3

Discuss what's the strategic need for HRM for just about any organization.

Discuss from the idea of view of strategic approaches of HRM.

Tasks for M1

The student is expected to apply the solutions and methods talked about at Move level on the organization selected.

Outcome 2

Tasks for P4

Discuss where we can use the style of flexibility in company and how exactly we can utilize it for the improvements in the business selected.

Tasks for P5

Where and why organization use overall flexibility and which kind of flexibility are applied in group.

Task for P6

Discuss if we apply the flexibility in organization exactly what will be advantages and drawbacks of flexibility in staff and employer context how both are affected in a variety of situation.

Tasks for M1

Technique and different style of HRM and overall flexibility are integrated and how we will get the desire effect after utilizing these models.

Table of Contents

Preface. 8

Summary. . 9

Guest's model 10

Hard and smooth HRM 11

Storey model 11

Differences among HRM ANDPM 12

Importance of HRM 13

Application of go away level 14

Flexibility at place of work 15

Need of flexibility 16

Types of flexibility 17

Pro and co of flexibility 18, 19, 20

Application on business 21, 22

Conclusion. . 23

Bibliography. 24


Being HR manger we have develop a report for voicegainz Communication Company that how to execute different HRM solutions in their corporation. Really is endless our work will be appreciated


This record is developed for HR team of voicegainz Communication Company. First of all we have mentioned the Guest model and its relation with very soft and Hard HRM. We've also mentioned the storey style of HRM and described the difference between human reference management and employees management. Further we have defined and described the importance proper human resource management. Beside this we have also applied this strategies on organizing determined that how can voicegainz take benefits from these model,

Furthermore we had discussed the value of flexibility and just why organization must arrange adaptable working hour. We have also discussed and explained different types of overall flexibility method.

In order to learn more in depth we'd also explained the advantages and down sides of flexible approaches. Beside this we've also applied each one of these topics on firm selected. At last of report we give a little conclusion of the report.

Task for P1:

Discuss the partnership between hard, soft, loose-tight HRM in context of guest's model in execution prospective. This should be done in perspective of information provided to your client.

Guest's model:

Guest (1987) long the Harvard model's four HR coverage choices of employee inuence, human learning resource ows, compensation systems and work systems to a total of seven. These seven insurance plan areas included: organizational job design; insurance policy formulation and implementation and management of change; recruitment, selection and socialization; appraisal training and development; manpower ows, reward systems and communication systems. The correct policy alternatives will lead to HR final results of commitment, competence and cost success, and cause the long-term effects of specific well-. being, organizational effectiveness and societal well-being.

The point of view of gentle HRM and Visitor model is somehow same because both strategies emphasize on worker commitment, communication, compensation system, appraisal, and on training and development. (http://highered. mcgraw-hill. com)

Definition of hard HRM:

According to Karen legge definition(real human reference managment, 2010) that the "hard model" of HRM as a process of emphasizing "the close integration of individuals resource plans with business strategy which respect employees as a source to be handled in the same logical way as any other being exploited for maximum go back.


From the above explanation it's clear that in hard HRM model real human resource manager more focus on to merge real human resource policies with business strategy. Beside this in hard HRM model people are consider as reference. They are seen as human capital, in which organization invest and from which organization expect return on its investment to achieve corporation goals.

According to our course (individuals resource managment, 2010) in hard methodology organization strictly keep an eye on and control employee through quantitative performance management. In this approach workplace give less importance to employees. Group will only commit on worker for business interest otherwise organization won't commit on employees.

Soft HRM:

According to meaning distributed by legge (individual reference managment, 2010) the 'delicate' version of HRM as a process whereby employees are seen as 'valued property' so that as a way to obtain competitive advantages through their dedication, adaptability and advanced of skill and performance. "


According to our course book of (individual learning resource managment, 2010) the soft HRM philosophy root base are traced back to human relation management college, which give more importance to communication, determination and control.

In comparison to hard HRM approach, soft HRM is completely different procedure because in soft HRM model group treat or consider employee as asset. Relating to delicate HRM approach corporation can gain competitive advantages through employees' commitment and high skills. Similarly employer must entail worker in decision making scheduled to which staff could be more motivated and dedicated toward firm. Beside this in delicate HRM way more importance is given to communication and group culture. Company must create this opportunities for employee in corporation where they could enhance their skills and expertise.

In addition very soft HRM approach is more a unitarist strategy, meaning the interest of staff and management should be same. From my view point this is the point which differentiates the delicate HRM approach from hard HRM.

Task for P: 2

Discuss how storey's explanations of HRM are different then personnel and IR practice and the actual impact of the practices in group:

In 1992 storey (real human tool managment, 2010) presented a theory in which he discussed that how traditional workers management became human tool management. He underlines twenty seven things, which differentiate personnel management from individuals resource management. Storey starts his procedure by determining four elements which distinguish HRM from employees management.

Differences between staff management HRM:

One of major difference is the fact that workers management consider staff as cost and try to reduce this cost. While real human source management consider staff as human reference and aim to improve and develop this source.

According to (michael Armstrong, 2006) the scope of personnel management is very limited as compare with human tool management. The real human resource management gives more importance to corporation culture and value, the HR director always focus on employee to follow organization mission statement while staff management focus on organization norms, outfits and routines.

The staff management is convinced that there must be demanding monitoring over employees. While individuals resource management consider completely different. HRM create this environment where employee functions by themselves. The decision making in PM is gradual as compare to HRM. The human being resource director considered human source as advantage for company while workers management is totally different. The individuals resource manager takes on plank his subordinates toward success of mutual aims.

Further In workers management, employees' deal of work is plainly written and employees must view purely the agreed employment contract. The agreement is so rigid that there is no room for changes and modifications

In distinction to staff management in human being resource management beliefs is more different. In human resource management there isn't restriction or any strictness here manager goes beyond the deal.

difference backup. jpg

Tasks for P3

Discuss what the strategic need for HRM for any group is.

Discuss from the point of view of tactical solutions of HRM.


According to explanation distributed by Bratton & Yellow metal that strategic individual reference management is the process of linking the individuals source function with the proper objective of the organization in order to boost performance. (individuals tool managment, 2010)


According to this definition that strategic human reference management is the practice of aligning the business enterprise strategy with individual resource policies to be able to achieve tactical goals of the business. Desire to behind strategic real human resource is that company must "fit" its human being learning resource strategy within the construction of overall business goals and for that reason ensure that there surely is alignment one of the human resource routines and the proper objective of the organization.

The changes available environment with increasing globalization, changing demographics of the workforce, increased concentrate on profitability through growth and change in technology compelled organization to target more on SHRM. To be able to achieve long-term goals it is important to give more importance to real human resource.

The role of the HR director must parallel the needs of the developing, changing company. Successful organizations have become more versatile, resilient, quick to improve path, and customer-centered. They know that organization will contend for skill in approaching years. This reputation brings about the necessity for employee oriented workplaces and programs that meet up with the needs of employees for meaningful work, growth, task, communication, and effective leadership.

Strategic human reference management more specializes in action that could distinguish the organization from it rival. It develop declaration of intent which define means to achieve ends & its concerned with the long term allocation of significant firm resources and with matching those resources and features to the exterior environment.

The essential aim of ideal SHRM is to create ideal capacity by guaranteeing that the business has the experienced, dedicated and well stimulated workers it requires to perform continual competitive benefits. (http://www. citehr. com)

Task for M: 1

The student is expected to apply the solutions and methods talked about at Go away level on the organization selected.

The corporation which we decided on for this report is a voicegainz communication company which is a local call centre. Which provide services to different companies located in European countries and Afghanistan: regarding to scenario being HR manager we have to establish HR office in order to effectively and effectively maintain its human tool:

In order to establish HR team voicegainz communication we will make HR policy based on guest mode and all other methods which we talked about above.

In order achieve high job performance, high problem resolving, and similarly to decrease labor turn over, employee absence and also to maintain low grievance level voicegainz communication company have to focus on these seven factors. Such as business job design and framework, insurance plan and management of change, communication system, appraisal and training, recruitment and selection, man power flow, reward system.

Voicegainz Communication Company has to give more capacity to its employee. Due to which worker can take decisions. To be able to run company HR director will forecast the necessity of human source of information for corporation.

The HRM will also need to attract and hold on to talented people for organization. It'll be the duty of HR administrator to stimulate employees through proper rewards and incentives, in order to regulate labor turnover. The HR supervisor is also liable to manage staff performance. It really is his duty to build up proper performance appraisal methods. Beside this HR manager is responsible to build up and manage pay composition for employee likewise its HR manager duty to build up performance pay system and benefits schemes such as pension, maternity and sick and tired pay.

Voicegainz Communication Company should develop such a workforce which could be competitive in competitive environment. The HR administrator role is to generate motivated and dedicated workforce for the business. Further it'll be obligations of HR supervisor to ensure that there surely is proper communication among staff and series manger.

However in functional life mostly company adopt component of both soft and hard HR but we gives more importance to delicate HRM procedure. The HR manger of voicegainz Communication Company will consider employees as belongings and an important source of competitive advantages. Beside this HR director of voicegainz must take up more democratic authority style.

The HR manager of voicegainz Communication Company has to think more strategically. It'll be responsibilities of HR administrator to make sure that HR policy and business regulations are included. This imply that managers take responsibilities for human learning resource and must ensure that they have the right people in the right places to ensure that business strategy can be achieve.

Outcome: 2

Task for P: 4

Discuss where we may use the style of flexibility in company and how we can make use of it for the improvements in the organization selected.


According to our course publication (human learning resource managment, 2010)that flexibility first emerged as a significant concern in the 1980 in western European countries, mostly credited to increased competition, international recession, uncertainty about future market and also anticipated to intro of new technology. There are a few other reasons like increase in volume of working women. In the same way majority of workforce have family responsibilities. Beside this there are some countries where a person can't work more than 48 hours per week typically. Inside our course reserve its talk about that Due to these changes and demand organizations and company experienced to provide and introduce overall flexibility in their business.

An organization may use the style of flexibility for different purposes. Matching to survey conducted by CIPD shows that organizations not only use style of flexibility for the sick of employee need, but also to meet customer needs, to preserve employees, and also to achieve business goals. (http://www. cipd. co. uk)

We may use model of versatility in various situation suppose an organization which try to increase production, offer its staff to work as time passes or outsource them. In order to decrease worker absenteeism firm may offer versatile working arrangements or job showing scheme.

Recently the changes in regulation also force workplace to produce more adaptable working environment. In 2002 a new act was presented in UK in relation to flexible working (individuals reference managment, 2010).

According to the law that In order to make a request for flexile working hour worker should follow the below technique.

Employee can request for flexible working agreement specially Have a kid under the age of six years of age, or a disabled child(under 18)

Employee who've worked for the organization for at least 26 regular weeks.

Employee most request in written form and should write all the reason why due which staff request for adaptable working hour.

Within 28 day company has to react to get whether he accept or reject. If demand rejected employee must charm. If employees feel that employer didn't follow guideline and legislation, the employee has the right to bring grievance before an employment tribunal within three months. (human source of information managment, 2010)

Task for P: 5

Describe the need for flexibility and the types of flexibility which might be developed by an organization and give types of how they can be implemented:

Need for versatility:

As we know that Due to demographic and sociable changes the quantity of folks in the paid labor force with caring responsibilities is defined to increase. This can in turn increase the demand for versatility in the workplace. A business through overall flexibility can sustain best employees. Similarly through flexible place of work firm can also improve productivity and technology. So all of these are the reasons credited which need for flexible work place arise.

According to your course book of (human being tool management and worker connection) that in 1984 Atkinson presented a new model which known as "the primary /periphery model) according to this model organization generally consist of core and periphery employee. Relating to him that main employee are usually more important for business success because they posses high skills and are definitely more competent. Even as said these employees will be more important for organization survival therefore they must be treated in another way from other group. Corporation should provide them job development opportunity and really should become more paid. (individuals reference managment, 2010)

In contrast to center group, periphery group staff member enjoy nothing of the huge benefits given to key group. There may be categorization within the peripheral group. Matching to Atkinson the first peripheral group is combo of full time labor, but more prone than core group workers. There is no need to achieve efficient versatility among this group as little training is needed to perform the work, since they have a tendency to be less skilled. Beside this there is second peripheral group which is constructed of staff employed on in your free time or on predetermined term deal. This group has less skill and has less chance of promotions. In the same way this group has lower salary then core group.

There is also third group that are consist of external employees who are not directly utilized by organization. These are employees such as sub-contractor or utilized through outsourcing.

The shamrock organization

Charles useful used the shamrock corporation to use a model to employees flexibility. The three level leaves of shamrock were used to symbolize a business human tool.

Professional central:

According to Charles useful professional core are permanently employed people who symbolize the distinctive knowledge and competence of the company. According to him that professional central group tend to be talented and professionals. Corporation will paid them more as compare with others. These folks are closer to organization. This group has more understanding of organization goals and practices. Even as said that they are rewarded with high earnings and award but in return they need to show strong dedication toward organization.

Flexible work force:

According to Charles helpful flexible labor force are not permanent individuals. They work momentary or part time for organizations. They become a member of the work when ever company needs them especially in peak time. for example in Easter event demand for chocolates increase credited to which company hire worker temporarily to be able to meet demand.

Contractual fringe:

The second group consists of contracted (outsourced) specialists who may be used, for example, for advertising, R&D, processing - computer, catering and mailing services. They operate in an existential culture; and are rewarded with fees alternatively than with earnings or salary. Their contribution to the organization is measured in output alternatively than in hours, in results alternatively than with time. (human resource managment, 2010)

Task for P 5:

There will vary types of labor versatility, which can be applied in several situations. We will discuss them briefly.

Functional versatility:

Functional flexibility which is also called task flexibility, in this technique employee ought to know or have multi skills. In this method workplace simply provide training to employees in order to discover new skill. In the method employees are redeploy to do multi jobs. The overall goal behind offering practical flexibility is to attain greater workforce production.

Location versatility:

In the technique there is overall flexibility for workers to work far away from any office base. In this method employee connect with office via email or any other electric medium. Such kind of versatility provides advantage to both employee and employer. Through location overall flexibility method business can reduce its office cost. (human being source of information managment, 2010)

Temporal overall flexibility:

It identifies shifting working hours to be able to meet development demand. In a situation where there is fluctuation in creation and demand worker may work over time. Similarly corporation may hire employee for part time job.

Numerical versatility:

It referred to the firm's potential to operate the amount of labor source through working layout within the company or utilizing the external labor market (e. g. , short-term agreements, flexible working hours). Through numerical flexibility method organization can easily take care of the fluctuation in demand and offer. (human tool managment, 2010)

Flexible working method:

There are different adaptable working methods. We will discuss them below:

Temporal versatility:


In this method staff choose when to get started on and end work. This is the most requested and most affordable type flexible working arrangement. For instance an employee selects to start focus on 9am to 4 pm on Monday while on Thursday start work on 11am and end work at 6 pm.

Job sharing:

In this technique workers mostly share the job time among each other. This option can be difficult for small company where training may necessary. For example: one employee work at night while another does indeed the same job at day.


In as time passes method Organization offer worker to work overtime. A business may ask staff to work overtime in order to improve the production or meet demand. For example in manufacturing plant normal working time is from 9 am to 4pm. But workplace ask worker to work till 8 o clock.

Numerical versatility:

Part time:

Part time employee are those employees which work less than 40 hour per week. They are not permanent workers credited to which organizations didn't give them other benefits. Matching to your course book lately administration of UK take serious step for the right of in your free time worker. According to these laws and regulations part time employee should be treated equally.

Functional overall flexibility:

Multi skilling: in multi skilling company give training to worker in order to find out multi job. In this technique worker do multi tasks

Location overall flexibility:

Telecommuting is a perform contract in which a employee provides out all or some of the duties of the work at house or another different place. From example an employee work in Telecom Company but perform the whole tasks from your home. (http://www. hr. ucdavis. edu)

Task for P6:

Discuss if we put into action the versatility in organization exactly what will be advantages and drawbacks of overall flexibility in staff and employer context how both are afflicted in various situation.

As we realize that everything has some sort advantages and disadvantages similarly flexibility involve some advantages and disadvantages. In article written by CIPD that CIPD think that flexible working design play very important role in company success. Further they explain that HR manager can use flexibility as proper tool. An employee gets more devoted toward organization as a consequence to flexible working arrangement. Matching survey conducted by CIPD that 'workers on flexible agreements likely to be more emotionally involved, more satisfied with their work, much more likely to speak favorably about their business and less likely to give up. However we will discuss its benefits and drawbacks below.

Advantages for employer:

As we discuss above that credited to flexible work schedule employee get more committed toward corporation. Similarly flexible working arrangements decreased absenteeism because with adaptable working arrangement worker can certainly make balance between work and family responsibilities.

Due to flexible working schedule corporation can retain more talented workforce. Beside this organization can recruit exceptional employees credited to flexibility. By providing versatile working environment organization can develops its commercial image. (michael Armstrong, 2006)

Disadvantages for company:

Similarly arranging flexible working hour has some advantages. It may take much cost to administer the plans. Because worker should be trained that flexible polices and also the bills of resources such as gas, phone etc increase scheduled to extra usage. Beside this employer can also face communication issues because everyone have different working hour.

Advantages for employee:

Flexible working set up has a lot of advantages for employee. Worker can control his working tasks and family obligations. Similarly staff gets satisfied plus more motivated. They benefit from the workplace and less inclined to get worn out or tired from job. Through some method employee can gain experience for example multi skilling method "

Disadvantages for employees:

Through versatile working arrangement worker can also get worn out for example in compressed hour method worker may work for very long time. Similarly Multi-skilled worker must work way more it creates burden for him/her. A while for employees it become difficult to manage or complete the duty for homes. (individuals tool managment, 2010)

Task for M2:

Use different resources of information to justify your implementation of in organization.

In order to complete this statement, we have acquire data from our course booklet, from teacher slides and from different website which keen be observed as bibliography at end of the article.

Task for M: 3

You must justify your choice of flexibility approach applied in the business. Consider organizational type and resources which can be highly relevant to HR.

As we realize that there are different types of flexibility, which is often use in different situations. Here we've developed some adaptable working design for voicegainz Communication Company. We've suggested two kind versatility such as location and, temporal versatility: as voicegainz is telecommunication company so that it will be will beneficial for employees by offering for these people tele -working, flexi time and job writing.

Tele-working: by offering tele-working overall flexibility employees will love to work from their home. Employee will forget about face rush hours, pollution and will also decrease travel cost. Worker of voicegainz will be able to balance their work and family obligations. Beside this company will also get benefit from this method because it helps you to save overheads, particularly premises cost because know a day's hire for structures are increasing.

Flexi time: by offering flexi time employees will easily control their working hour and family obligations. Those people who have any immediate work can easily will choose when to arrive and leave. As voicegainz have 24/7 service system therefore worker may easily its working time. It will boost the morale of feminine employee because they're allowed time to go before.

Job sharing: as voicegainz communication company have 24/7 service therefore It helps company to carry out its work with without i. e. whenever staff is absent scheduled to any reason then there is always someone in the business to carry out his/her responsibilities.

In order to request for flexible working worker will move from below process

Task for D: 1

Synthesis has been used to create and justify valid conclusions


Guest (1987) extended the Harvard model's four HR insurance plan choices of employee inuence, human learning resource ows, reward systems and work systems to a complete of seven. These seven coverage areas included: organizational job design; insurance plan formulation and implementation and management of change; recruitment, selection and socialization; appraisal training and development; manpower ows, pay back systems and communication systems. The correct policy choices will lead to HR results of determination, competence and cost efficiency, and result in the long-term repercussions of specific well-. being, organizational efficiency and societal well-being.

The point of view of delicate HRM and Guest model is somehow same because both techniques emphasize on staff commitment, communication, prize system, appraisal, and on training and development.

Beside this another strategy originated by storey who said that traditional Personnel management is different from Human reference management. He also identified the value of human reference as same to tender HRM and Guest's model.

In order to effectively achieve business goals, it's important to align business strategy with HR strategy.

Considering employees as asset suggest to provide them all those facilities which could enhance their performance. Therefore we have to provide overall flexibility for our employees so they get balance their work and cultural life. There differs kind of flexibility but it's depending on situation to situation whatever you need to t be adopted.

In order to create HR office in any firm, HR director have to take consider all these details which discuss above. Most of us have to consider individuals source of information as important property for company success.

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