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Personal declaration of Advantages and Limitations

What do you consider your personal talents and restrictions in conditions of your development as a specialist social worker? Considering my advantages, I am cooperative, good-natured, nice, helpful, humble and moderate and I trust others. As a professional, I am non-judgmental, not blaming the client for their troubles. Even if someone hurts my feelings, I am quick to forgive. These characteristics are important for me, because I am working and will work with a variety of folks - healthcare professionals, clients, and so forth - who may show inflexible and strenuous personalities which may be challenging to utilize.

Finding the right treatment or service for every client based on their needs takes a creative person. I am also meticulous, hard-working, well organized, have good personal- self-control, and take my obligations seriously. These traits are well suited for after i am working independently or holding heavy caseloads.

My extroverted personality also suits my job aim as a public worker as discussion with others is a substantial part of a cultural worker's job. Regarding communication skills, I am talkative, assertive, sociable and effective. Over the years I have also been successful to mature emotionally.

One of my limitations is the fact, although I speak four languages fluently, my Spanish is not satisfactory yet when it comes to interacting with Hispanic clients. I am overcoming this personal restriction by firmly taking a course in the next semester as a starting place. My other restriction is too little experience as a interpersonal worker. As I learn and witnessing the problems that clients have, I am obtaining that there is much more to learn. There are plenty of concerns that we still have no idea how to handle, but I am learning and will learn more in the near future.

Personal Qualities

2. What qualities do you have got which prepare you for graduate public work?

Some of my personal qualities include being motivated and enthusiastic in a thoughtful and respectful manner. I am in a position to maintain a courteous and caring demeanor, even in stressful situations. I've a high score for intellect, which suggests that I strive to learn and maintain my current knowledge, which is essential for a good and ardent social employee. I am truly concerned with other people and try to treat everyone with courtesy and kindness.

I have always possessed the desire to review and strive in my market. When I had an opportunity in 2005 to go back to school, I got fully committed to excel in my own studies. My goal is not just to get good grades, but also to totally understand the concepts in my studies and also analyze them. There are several social issues in our society that I would like to personally contribute to for the improvement of world. Through learning, I was able to understand some of my own encounters from the past, and rather than taking them as a terrible lessons, I accepted them as challenging trip.

One of my academic goals is to maintain my above average levels. I devote enormous work and hard work into my studies. Rendering it to the Dean's list every semester is also important. Upon coming to this university, I had been determined that I would spend my next four years in pursuit of new ideas and experience.

Current and Former Experiences

3. What professional skills and encounters make you an appropriate prospect for our program?

Regarding might work experience, since 2005 I have been in charge of daily encoding of activities and providing positive behavioral goals and aims for an eight year old son with high working autism. This year, I was hired at California Psychcare as a behavioral instructor. The corporation is one of the suppliers for North Los Angeles County Regional Centre where I provide remedy for children with autism.

Besides my part-time work, I have been an intern since August 2009 at the Home Abuse Centre, which is located in Reseda, California. We live trained volunteer advocates responding with law enforcement officials to domestic assault cell phone calls, offering immediate advice about medical, legal and counseling referrals and shelter options.

From January to May 2009, I got a volunteer at the Therapeutic Living Centers for the Blind in Reseda, California. The customers were officially blind and also possessed some extent of cognitive impairment. My interactions with them included learning appropriate prompting, assistance and communication techniques. In May 2009, I received a Dr. Russ Miller Scholarship Award distributed by the CSUN Sociology Section.

Future Goals

4. Discuss how your professional goals are constant with the mission of the CSUN MSW Program.

Regarding my professional goals, I've a strong prefer to help others. This perception comes from the actual fact that my mom had a significant mental disorder, specifically bipolar disorder, while she was alive. In Yugoslavian contemporary society, it was a pity and a stigma to acquire someone mentally ill in the family. My mom attempted hard to modify and to work normal, but this was beyond her skills, particularly around enough time when the civil war started to use in Yugoslavia. Instead of demanding to regulate, the family should have understood that they had an sick person in the family. My father and I lacked this knowledge in those days. When my father got sick and tired from stomach cancer tumor, the whole situation was rotating uncontrollable in my family until it finished in tragedy. My beloved mother could not cope any longer with life's troubles and she committed suicide. My dad died five weeks later. I strongly feel that my mom could be alive today, acquired she received help, which is the reason for my selection of future job.

After doing a Master's degree, I would like to develop psycho-educational workshops. Households with mentally unwell members often end up overburdened. These families don't have the correct knowledge or skills to handle or manage the mentally ill; they need special training, support and knowledge. Additionally, the families need to find out how to interact with providers effectively as well as how to connect to their mentally sick members. Consequently, I strongly think that these workshops will cause good outcomes for your family. I never really had any professionals getting close to me and offering me this knowledge. Despite the fact that we were a middle class family in Yugoslavia, it was assumed that if we didn't need financial help, we did not need any help or information. Hopefully for some people who've a mentally ill member, this support by means of workshops will be beneficial.

My other love as it pertains to career goals is helping soldiers returning

from battle to change to everyday life again. We can work to develop a scientific strategy to

reach out to traumatized veterans who've not been able to come back to civilian life. After concluding the MSW program, I'd like to, as a sociable worker, offer veterans and their own families some services such as source navigation, crisis treatment, advocacy, benefit assistance, and mental health therapy for conditions such as depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and medication and alcohol craving. For many fight veterans, their problems are compounded by multiple mental problems. Thus, in facing the difficulties on return from fight, it is vital for the veterans to receive family support and understanding.

Many civilians are judgmental as it pertains to returning veterans, saying they

are strong and can overcome their war encounters. Hence, it is the work of a separate psychiatric social employee to educate everyone about this sensitive topic and also to help these veterans who deserve to be helped. These are my main job objectives.

I come from a country with wealthy cultural and cultural diversity, where I resided as an cultural minority. This self-awareness helps me understand social sensitivity better as well as the clients' cultural beliefs, whenever using the specific consumer populations.

Beside English, I speak Hungarian, Serbian and Croatian and I am in the process of learning Spanish. Understanding of Spanish will be a secured asset for me personally as a sociable work practitioner. Physical, social, mental health and psychological problems due to lifestyle, environment, drug abuse and stress will continue steadily to grow in number and complexity. You will see a dependence on creative and imaginative interventions.

Professional Objectivity

5. Identify three consumer populations that may generate a value turmoil for you

or that might cause you to lose your professional objectivity. Describe what

approach you will need in order to utilize each population shown.

One of your client populations that I need to be more goal is dealing with gang users. I recognize that being in a gang is more than simply doing drug deals and participating in other unlawful gang activity. My approach to defeat this deficit is through education to find out about the annals of gangs, their terminology and symbolism, economical considerations and factors that contribute to gang activity as well as the chance factors and the impact of migration and immigration on gangs. I need to learn about how precisely to address the root causes, to identify that teenagers often sign up for gangs to accomplish a sense of belonging and find a supportive community in them that they frequently lack at home, to comprehend the interior workings of the gang to learn exactly what it provides, who its people are, what activities they are participating with, and how its leadership is structured. I believe these adolescents are not inherently bad; instead, faced with limited choices, they are making decisions that lead them down a poor path.

Another client human population causing value turmoil is the terminally unwell as such encounters will expose me to emotions of pain, sorrow, anger, helplessness, and hopelessness. Setting up realistic brief- and long-term goals in dealing with these clients and focusing on what can be done, even in situations that appear hopeless, can prevent a feeling of failure and despair. Furthermore, possible goals can be established even in the difficult situation of treating terminally ill patients. The goals might include increasing the patient's standard of living in the ultimate days, instilling a sense of choice and acceptance of physical constraints, helping them cope with parting from members of the family, and examining their priorities.

The third consumer population is the elderly. Elderly clients are affectionate and eagerly await a social worker to go to them. Most of them treat the interpersonal worker as a pal. Professional objectivity is necessary, so that I'll not visualize your client as a family group, and to keep in mind that the goal is to help them develop the capability to do well without a whole lot of support.

Time Management

6. Clearly explain the strategies that you earn to be able to make sure that you will be able to complete the MSW Program you are applying for given the course workload of this program and the amount of hours that are required for field education.

As I work in your free time for 15 hours per week, I've chosen to undertake the three-year program. My hubby works regular and I am not the sole financial company for my family. I am planning my other areas of life around my studies, so I can completely commit and keep up with good levels.

7. If you're applying for the threeyr program (or mentioned that you would consider either program on your application), include yet another discussion regarding your current job, time management, and specific strategies to support sixteen hours per week of field education (which eight to sixteen are during internship business time) during the second and third years of the program.

My work is adaptable; I usually work afternoons and sometimes on weekends. As mentioned before, I are a behavioral teacher with children who've autism. I go in to the clients' homes to provide services. I never work more than three hours per session. I have been able to establish a professional, but friendly marriage with these young families; therefore, I can change my agenda, so long as the required hours are completed.

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