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Personal Representation on Class room Management Plan

Classroom management can be an important component in any educational setting. It is because meaningful learning occurs when students are in safe environment (Kauffman et al. , 2006). A blend of good class room setting, effective precautionary measures for habit problems and execution of interesting and interesting curriculums as well as positively regarding all students in learning activities ensures that student's learning needs are fulfilled. In my class room management plan, the primary goal is to have the right environment for those learners.

In my dedication to make classroom a challenging and safe environment, I will positively participate my students through the execution of curriculum. I'll set up good working relationships with my students with one on one interactions in course in order to get to know them better because assembly students' learning needs forms a fundamental element of my classroom. By ensuring that students comfortably interact with one another as well much like the instructor creates meaningful discussions and interactions that lead to better knowledge of content (Haysman, 2011). Students will therefore participate their learning through group work and open up conversations that ensure effective contribution for many students as they learn from me and from each other. These steps will lead to equitable and democratic class that will help in effective learning. I will be peaceful, patient and fair to all students in order to get their trust and create a good learning environment for them to ask questions and get involve in their learning.

Behavioral Goals For My Students

The most significant tendencies goal for my students is to possess mutual admiration for one another and for the teacher. This may go quite a distance in building a school room where learning takes place. Furthermore, value creates a protected climate where name calling and put-downs aren't allowed. I expect students to enjoy their protection under the law and freedoms for so long as they don't hinder learning. I'll therefore employ students to draw up a constitution that will govern their patterns in classroom. They'll produce guidelines that they feel will donate to successful classroom human relationships relative to Glassner's choice theory which stipulates that each individual has sufficient power to regulate his life as he desires (Edwards, 2005). Including students to make their own rules will make them to be more willing to obey them and take up the results of disobedience without fighting with each other; given that they have unanimously agreed on the guidelines as well as behavior interventions in the case any of the rules is destroyed.

Classroom Conditions

One of the class room conditions that I'll create will be a good classroom seating layout for students. I will have table's arraged in a group, including my own desk within the classroom to create an environment for rich conversations. This is reinforced by Browning (2005), who observes that good class room seating design facilitates for the least distance and fewest physical barriers between students and the teacher. Circular classroom seats arrangement helps for student's eyeball contact and cosmetic expressions of each learner as they exchange and show ideas thus creating knowledge. The other condition is to actively employ students in learning. Interesting students in class room discussions will bring and struggle ideas from them as they learn from one another. Kauffman et al (2006) argues that learning should actively involve students. I am going to therefore constantly provoke and test students to believe critically in order to build up high order thinking skills that will even help them in decision making throughout their lives. Furthermore, I will strive to create a sense of community within the school room to ensure that students feel cared about and are equally encouraged to care about others; thus creating a feeling of connection among students. Furthermore, a sense of community will encourage students to be productive participants in school room activities.

Students Conduct

I will use intrinsic tendencies management plan to help students carry out themselves correctly because they must take ownership for his or her behavior and know how it affects the complete classroom. Being a responsible teacher, I feel that it's my responsibility to instruct students how to take responsibility for his or her actions and the way to individually examine their own actions to avoid making excuses when misconduct develops. Browning (2006) advocates once and for all student do to avoid learning disruptions and notice mutual respect. I will therefore coach students on effective home evaluation skills for his or her own actions to ensure that all student is in charge of his own actions. Based on agreeable classroom behavior and constitution drawn in consultation with the students, the students will know appealing and undesirable action as well as the consequences that follow in case there is undesirable behaviors. To ensure the success of good college student conduct, I am going to involve their parents in habit management by adding a behavioral log that will have a section for parents to talk to me. The patterns log will be utilized to recognize and encourage good habit. It will be used to point out misconduct; which should similarly be communicated to student's parents.

Misbehavior Interventions

In circumstance of misbehavior, the learner in question will need responsibility for his misbehavior. I'll help the college student to find a connection between his patterns and the results as well as the sensible consequences. Thus giving an opportunity to student to choose his own tendencies. I am going to assist the college student reflect on his action and acknowledge preventive measures. This can be done outdoors classroom to be able to protect student's self esteem and steer clear of learning interruptions. It is also an effective method of making certain the student grows to a permanent solution for his tendencies. This is in agreement with Glassner's truth therapy model which allows students to have responsibility for his or her actions (Browning, 2006).

System Release to Students

I will introduce the machine to students by discussing with them the guidelines and procedures, school room regimens, disciplinary interventions, and good college student- teacher human relationships. This will be achieved on the first day to let students know very well what is expected of these in order to prevent indiscipline. I will also describe and discuss with the students their privileges because they may have a right to know their privileges in a democratic learning culture (Haysman, 2011). I'll therefore discuss with students about their right to feel safe, right to learn and to be treated with respect and dignity. Furthermore to discussing their rights, I am going to also discuss the actual students need to do in order to own these rights. This can go quite a distance in preventing undesirable actions such as name calling, threats, bullying and negative words in classroom amongst others that induce insecure learning environment and show insufficient respect.

In conclusion, I believe school room management is the main element to a conducive learning environment where students feel safe and get actively involved with learning activities. Creating an all-inclusive learning environment ensures successful curriculum execution, where all students are actively involved in learning activities. The important part of classroom management is creating positive report with the students, preparing high expectations for the kids and encouraging them to succeed by using an engaging curriculum. I assume that this approach minimizes problems associated with habit within the school room.

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