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Personal Reflection on Learning and Development

Within this assignment I will demonstrate the knowledge gained in my own practice since starting my post qualifying level and consider my future learning and development. This training has been about attaining or updating knowledge, but I've also gained further information into by domain flipping work as a practising interpersonal worker, I'd consent to Gillian Ruch's (lecture notes, February 2008) feedback about caring for yourself quoting Simmonds, le Riche and Tanner that:

"Knowledge of others can't be acquired without understanding of oneself. Understanding of others cannot be substituted for understanding of oneself. Knowledge of oneself can't be acquired without a romance with others. ' (Simmonds, in le Riche and Tanner 1998:96)

Focus on the Child

Assignment on Observation of child in Nursery or play group:

For this unit I had to observe a child between the age groups of 0-5 years. I had developed mixed thoughts and anxieties. The panic was about going to a place I needed very little knowledge of, what would I be observing? What would the young person I had been observing be like? Was I skilled enough? This helped me to think about my own anxieties when visiting children in need in their homes. It's been an important learning experience to comprehend the impact of my presence that may have on children and their own families.

The concern was to observe a child with no specific reasons or concerns with regards to that child. Therefore observing a child without the professional skills of communicating and engaging children, lifted the question: "How can a professional give up the sense to be in control and be a student again, lay out one's tools and simply be open from what is happening?" (Segal 2002-3, p16).

Reflecting upon this activity I realised the risk in my genuine practice. All of us have our very own preconceptions, our particular head packages and prejudices. We have a propensity to see that which we want for and also to look for only what you want to know about. Rarely do we take time to stop watching intently. These observations consultations offered me with the chance to develop ability to remain detached, to suspend judgements and refrain from participation.

Assignment on ADHD:

I could consider current research and means of aiding children with ADHD and their own families.

Throughout my research because of this assignment I came across little facts that socioeconomic and environmental factors triggered ADHD, I also found little data that poor parenting or a hectic home life caused ADHD. There will vary methods to treatment of ADHD such as Medical way and Behavioural adjustment approach. Up to now it is mysterious what actually causes this problem, which is arguable therefore makes it a lot more difficult in treating ADHD. In addition to this some of the researches suggest that the medications for ADHD can cause potentially harmful side results and does not treat the cause of Attention Deficit Disorder. I am aware that most doctors would claim that the medication used is safe and beneficial. Yet, in my opinion it is important to recognise that ADHD is a disorder that is handled and not treated. It is therefore needed for all agencies to interact: clinically, socially and educationally, with a understanding of the complete way for treatment. Behaviour management techniques take time and great endurance on everybody's part. However the techniques have been shown to be very effective. If you ask me the value is directed at curative alternatively than preventive procedures. I am of the view that children with ADHD should get a package deal of treatments involving the medicines which are closely watched by doctors and parental engagement with other businesses support to allow them to deal with the children's behavior with preparing appropriate boundaries.

Practice together with Children, Young People, Their Families and Carers

This good article highlighted the value of employed in partnership with pros as well as people to get the perfect outcome for the kids. Because of this particular project I tried to reflect on my very own understanding about employed in partnerships whilst working with the family.

Family Rights Group suggests a meaning of collaboration, 'Collaboration is for each other, protection under the law to information, accountability, competence and ideals accorded to every individual input. In a nutshell, each partner sometimes appears as having something to contribute, power is distributed, decisions are made jointly and assignments are not only symbolized but backed by legal and moral rights. ' (Family Privileges Group, 1991). Children's safety and welfare should be paramount. A learning curve for me personally was the knowledge of importance of self applied awareness and exactly how this helps to promote the service users best interests (Ruch 2005). It had been essential to consider theories of attachment, child centred services and activity centred strategy, whilst working with the family to achieve best outcome for the family. It's important to be careful to practice in an anti oppressive and anti discriminatory way all the time. It had been enriching experience to discover the importance of doing analysis with the households and not on the family members addressing electricity imbalance between professionals and service users.

Participation, partnerships and networks

Research Report

This unit provided me opportunity to study thoroughly using one specific subject. As being a practitioner employed in a very busy front line team it will always be hard to return to become college student to learn and unlearn. I used to be always considering gaining in depth knowledge in the region of unaccompanied asylum seekers. This research right answers the question, ' Can Collaborative Practices be developed to improve the assistance for Taken care of Children with specific mention of Unaccompanied Asylum Seeker Children [UASC]'.

"Collaborative working" is often used to make reference to "the process of working with other professions" (Quinney 2006: 10; Balloch and Taylor 2001) with Whittington (2003) defining it as "collaboration in action" (Whittington 2003:16). This area was chosen due to the author's experience of working in a front series team where such types of working collaboratively with pros when working with UASC are common, and approaches for improved collaboration are always needed.

Home office information that we now have approximately 360 children are trafficked into and within the united kingdom each year. It is therefore therefore necessary when contemplating what strategies have to be developed to handle these shortcomings also to build on pieces of practice that facilitates all the professionals including fosters carers and interpersonal workers to guarantee the children are shielded. The study also raises defects in training to both carers and interpersonal workers with regards to current legislation and regulations to be used. Lack of knowledge of such important info may result in ineffective responses to identify the risk factors and react effectively towards it. This study gave me opportunity to acquire conceptual understanding and tips for my future interventions with such prone band of children.

Innovative Regulatory Practice

Group Presentation

This particular device turned out really very hard due to numerous reasons. The members of my group were from same place and I had not been in the same area. First there were challenges of distance and co ordination and I started out feeling left out. However with confrontation and with the help from tutors we managed to think of a good plan of actions and the presentation was ready as an organization activity. I could reflect on my style, creative imagination and social skills and used them all to be creative in the presentation. I enjoyed exploring a topic i needed further understanding of: the main topic of Trafficked children, which includes proved very helpful in my own work for me and colleagues. On reflection it shows me how research and knowledge can be effectively used and strategies can used in working with visitors to change things along and develop new ways of working which improve practice, knowledge and skills. This very much associated with my Research matter and gained further knowledge in subject material.

Enabling Others

Taking a job as work structured supervisor for a final year student for his or her 6 months

Placement in the team

This unit allowed me to reflect on my own practices and support students in placement. I know that individuals work and find out differently and also have different needs. I've learnt the value of managing and developing my own theorist and reflector styles of learning which has been facilitated by my post graduate training. It has been valuable to comprehend my own position to have the ability to recognise and consider other's perspectives in my varieties of learning. This examination enabled me to work with different approaches and strategies to help students as well as others to learn and develop. I am well informed to enable others in the task place. I am able to use the theoretical knowledge gained from the course and sensible experiences to permit my student to obtain the same.

Aims for the Future

As social staff were tasked with making judgments and decisions about individual's lives on a regular basis hence, it is essential that evaluation and reflection take destination to ensure that those decisions are the right ones. To do this job effectively requires self-knowledge, support and professional competence at the minimum. "The nature of the training, ongoing guidance and assessment that are needed is something that requires immediate attention at many levels" (Rustin 2005, p19 in Ruch, 2008).

The knowledge gained in completing my post qualifying level will enable me to include critical representation into my each day work practice with service users, scholar social workers and other pros across companies. As usual, communal workers are seen to be why children expire when occurrences happen. There's a great responsibility on everyone to try to change our culture of blame and help develop personal responsibility and sense of community. Having a far more thorough understanding of the procedure of change, everyone is different and has different views, allows me to work in such an environment. The course has provided an chance to be challenged, learn new things and ensure that I continue to do it.

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