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Personal Experience: A Caring Occurrence

The purpose of this reflective newspaper is to think about an individual experience in which you looked after someone. Using John's model (Johns 2006), the reflection will explore how the personal experience reflected a caring incident. Reflection is the looks of experiential knowledge and as nursing students; we have to begin to make use of reflection as our experience in the medical field accumulates. It really is both justified and suggested that Carper's work be contained into reflective practice since it was a key figure in widening knowledge in nursing (Heath, 1998). Reflective practice includes Carper's (1978) means of knowing - personal, moral, aesthetical and empirical knowing into a person's reflection. Representation is a personal understanding of home and in the introduction of do it yourself, reflecting on associations and interactions between two or more people. Being a nurse, the partnership is between the nurse and your client, and sometimes requires the client's family as well.

The experience in which I looked after someone took place in the fall of 2009. Within my Gr. 12 Ethics and Morals Religion Category, it was required that for an eight week period, we spent a period in our time, once weekly at a old age home with our given "adoptive grandparent. " The goal of this assignment was to invest time with a mature adult, take part in communication, participation, and enjoy the time spent with the elderly generation and study from them. So once weekly, I made my way to the old age home and spent an hour and a half with my "adoptive grandparent" Blanche. I organized ahead of time activities that she might like to be a part of such as a puzzle, a walk, a art, or baking. Once I acquired there, I'd ask her what she'd like to do and we'd go following that. Each and every time I gone there, she possessed a different tale to inform me; her life as a young farm girl, her teenage years, and the love of her life, her career as a educator, her family and journeys she had been on. Each tale had its personal interpretation to her and I sat there attentively and listened, asked probing questions and reviews. As her "adopted grandchild, " it was my responsibility to entertain her, keep her spirits up and encourage her. The one week as i travelled there, she acquired physiotherapy so I could not spend enough time with her on an individual level, but more of a team of nurturing individuals to support her, and encourage her through her remedy. Although this example will not exactly relate with a medical need for looking after someone, I still managed to care for a person on an individual, face-to-face encounter. This experience also helped me to learn how important older people patients are.

When I experienced this caring situation, I used to be feeling concerned and nervous at first. I was doubtful what things to expect preceding to reaching my "adoptive grandparent. " I was worried about the fact that my "grandparent" might not have liked me, or would be extremely tranquil and held again. Since this was one of the first times I would be put in an experience such as this, I just did not know what to expect. After the first fourteen days, I became more comfortable in my area and every week I'd then look forward to my appointments with Blanche. WHEN I became comfortable, I was happy and opened up more towards Blanche. The purpose of this experience achieved a new found a friendly relationship with a member of the aged generation. It provided me the opportunity to care for a person at the retirement home who did not have many tourists, therefore i became her weekly visitor and put in quality time with her and greeting card on her behalf in a special way. This experience helped me achieve an improved respect for older people and improved my capability to relate with them on an individual level.

Knowledge which could have prepared me is the calling for a special one who cares for the spirituality of others. Nursing is a caring vocation that is honoured as the spiritual, spirit-filled practice (Vance, 2003). A caring occasion becomes transpersonal when nurse and customer together with their particular life histories and conception become a focus, where the moment is greater than the occasion itself (Watson, 2008). The knowledge shared between the two becomes a deeper style in life. The caring moment is being in as soon as. Fully present, available to other people, compassion and connection. Reflection of practice allows the nurse to observe decisions made and bring to the available the knowledge that has shaped from doing skills. Nursing students can boost multiple ways of knowing and their understanding of caring through the procedure of reflecting on caring encounters (Schaefer, 2002). The foundation of nurse care and attention is the wisdom in knowing and knowing that lessons are learned by one another to be more real human in learning the id of ourselves with others.

When I cared for Blanche on a weekly basis, I acted to discover the best with the values that I possessed at the time. Although I hadn't handled many seniors patients prior to this experience, I still recognized the values I had formed and offered Blanche my extreme respect. I cured her with the same admiration that I'd have liked to be cared for if the positions were reverse. Caring as a nurse means the innermost of nursing, without prejudice and aims at prioritizing the patients struggling and needs (Gustafsson et al. , 2007). Nursing health care is the procedure aimed at responding to patients' needs without reasoning. Quality care and attention is the component to caring. When a nurse is caring for someone, it's best they are not bias towards the patient, nurses should treat all patients similarly, meaning not giving certain patients more attention, unless their critical situation requires it of them.

This situation attaches with a past experience in which I performed at a retirement home for a couple weeks in the summer. This position mainly had me as house cleaning however in the evening when everything was done, it allowed me to interact with the residents. I spoken to them, played out games and required them for a stroll outside. The experience where I cared for Blanche was more linked and personal in conditions of the one-on-one time I could spend with her. The thought of reflection is nurturing research learning, learning and creating a personal understanding of caring as a skill (Gustafsson et al. , 2007). This can help to establish the material and quality of nurturing in regards to the patient.

Factors that constrain my responding in new ways is my personal confidence level, with a variance of the knowledge of my experience, that i will hope to gain from working side-by-side with experience nurse professionals. This also relates to my degree of involvement, if I improve the questions I ask easily am in doubt, I am going to gain more knowledge of the situation. This can also offer clarification and a deeper level of thought in regards to the situation. AS I was caring for Blanche, initially I was not very self-assured and a little hesitant to presenting myself to a total stranger and hanging out with her once a week. After participating in this learning of your life lessons, I gained so much from it. I have more confidence in my ability to talk to strangers; I've stepped beyond your box I built up around myself and have become a well informed, strong, communicative leader. Although I might still be just a little hesitant about situations, that is normal. A fear of the unfamiliar or hesitation is another constraint to responding in new ways. This unknowing can be an understanding that as a nurse does not and cannot know or understand your client when they first meet (Heath, 1998). Knowing the client's information or record prior to meeting with the patient can help make the problem a bit more comfortable. Mixed communities may possibly enhance the development of skills of reflection (Heath, 1998). Working together as a team can help form and ensure activities are for the best. As a team, all sides are valued and reflection is more in-depth and has different vantage factors.

As a student nurse, insights that I've gained from this reflection is that my experience will expand and I could begin to comprehend the details of what experienced nurses know. It could only be a little portion, but I can build a knowledge for the knowledge expert nurses have and reap the benefits of it. A robust insight is spotting the unknown, and as a nurse, I could learn to stay alert to the client's specific viewpoint of the problem. This may best be achieved by hearing the client and creating a truthful, available, working relationship, without the condition of unknowing. Nurses have to be aware of having less empirical knowledge (Heath, 1998). This can promote an awareness to learn, research and increase sensible skills. Guided representation is a quest of self-inquiry and transformation (Johns, 2006). Representation helps one realize their potential to caution, learn and gain experience on previous situations, learn from mistakes so they don't happen again. Reflection is awakening of the home (Johns, 2006).

Did I act or be the best I possibly could be with Blanche? Personally, i feel that I did so the best job I possibly could with the knowledge I had at that time. After learning about nurse- client healing communication, Personally i think that maybe now, easily were to return and relive the experience, I would be have an improved romance with her and gain more knowledge and be a straight better "adopted grandchild. " I would ensure that the partnership would be more purposeful and contain a position of trust and a distinctive responsibility to keep a therapeutic romantic relationship. What would I have done differently easily was able to relive this experience to boost and make the most of this experience for both myself and Blanche? EASILY were to relive this experience, I would change the way of advancing the best outcome and interest for Blanche. I would give her more attention, make additional time in my timetable to spend time with her and get pleasure from the time put in together. Just because I may understand something, does not mean that I possibly could change the outcome, it just means I am on my way to changing and becoming a more motivated nurse. Understanding something is the first step towards changing.

As John (2006) state governments, usually negative feelings such as anger, guilt, frustration and sadness pull our focus on the experience. These negative feelings get specific attention because they seem disturbed and normal taken-for-granted understanding for feelings. In my situation while I was looking after my "adopted grandparent", this was not the case. If anything, it was the opposite. The thoughts that drew my focus on this caring situation were enjoyment, thoughtfulness, enjoyment, and understanding. The giggle I saw every time I strolled into Blanche's room and shine in her eye each time she saw us. Our regular appointments to her brightened her times and made her feel young again. I treasured being with her, presenting her my time, my attention and my skill as a person of today's technology. It takes practice first and then representation (Johns, 2006). It is best to practice the abilities needed first, get them to understood and proven them properly and then think about the occasion and what went right and what travelled wrong and improve the situation for next time.

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