Personal Emotions And Learning From The Experiences Education Essay

This reflective survey is written within the applied management project on WTOs effect on business going into new market which reviews the role of the routine to advertise cross boundary trade and new market access. Relating to Boud, Keogh and Walker (1985) reflective evaluation is intended to allow a person to progress, engage and develop the experience based knowledge. It is an open concluded exercise giving interpretation to the past activities and understands better their significance in today's. A reflective analysis is made upon the period of writing up the dissertation project in a team is provided in this posting. The presentation of the representation is based on my experiences upon the start of the job itself with anecdotes of days gone by coming up in between. This representation has helped me to get a better understanding of the role of reflective research of the past and how it can benefit me in my future job as well. The report is offered in four parts with my very own and our group's recollection of encounters being the first part. This part provides mainly my experience on the start of the task and phase when we worked as an organization a few of the frictions within the group and idea generation happening etc. In the next level the dynamics of group is analysed comprehensive again predicated on my experience and also some responses from my group itself. An effort was created to connect the activities with the idea on group dynamics and this display has helped me to comprehend the value of group work, how difficult it is designed for some people to activate in groupings and the contrary side where there are in a natural way talented market leaders and enthusiasts. The part on group dynamics explores the ideas on group development especially Tuckman's (1963) theory of forming, storming, norming and doing. Within the next section my own feeling and some learning I gained from the experiences with working in a team. In such a part I have also put forward the advancement of the task work itself where I learned quite a lot on international business and the role of world trade organisation in the propagation of business surrounding the world. In the ultimate section the natural final result from a reflective analysis is given by means of lessons discovered from the project work. Here is where this reflective examination has indeed given results with some of the lessons and future action factors have come as a genuine eye opener. With this exercise of reflection I have attempted to maintain positivity and also have an analyst mindset.

Recollection of Experiences

In this portion of the record I am piecing together my experience right away of the task, the first stages when we performed as an organization a few of the frictions within the group, idea years and contributions of each member on the report. In the first day of the induction programme into the task and upon learning the procedure of writing the reflective report our whole group decided to take notes on their personal experiences from every day of our conferences. In the long run many in the group including me acquired failed to continue this simple task. But we were at last able to put our thoughts jointly and sketch a difficult idea as to what all had happened during our three months long procedure for job making.

One of the original surprises was the topic itself and the forming of the group. The college or university should have ideally given the students time for group formation itself as was done in the case for other things where whenever a group report needed to be written students were allocated time to form up the communities. But we had some idea that a group had to be developed and I along with many others had decided to join in the same group. In the long run when the time for offering the topics arrived various other students who had been straggler in one sense also added up to your small group in order to make the amounts the university acquired mandated. This is initially and all along the project viewed as an inconvenience as the majority of these stragglers did not turn up for conferences or stocks their little bit of the task or take part in providing their ideas for the job. But during the reflection stage we realised that these improvements only added up to our learning of group creation and doing in a group.

After the groups were created and topics allocated there were a weeks procedure where we'd some constructive discussion on the project. This was the one phase in which the all the group users were present. The searching of information and assortment of data for examination were sent out in these primary days and most of us agreed to meet up at regular intervals. Towards the end days and nights of the first weeks session our attendance were starting to collapse and many from the group fallen out. But it was in this first week's group work which i experienced what sort of group can work together and exactly how certain people are true market leaders and others are supporters.

During the initial periods of the survey making and when various points of views were reviewed there have been disagreement within the smaller group who had been really cohesive as to the characteristics and the twist the dissertation should take. Some associates were of the thoughts and opinions that based on the original inputs itself they must form a stand regarding the dynamics of the improvement. As our theme was the role of world trade organisation in expanding international trade they argued that based on the initial pieces of data literature review etc a stand of either the entire world trade organisation is good or bad should be taken. They argued that once we went combined with the dissertation this will be the easier course even as we only was required to argue the circumstances were this has happened and accumulate and collate data in one side. However, many other people of the group argued that making such a decision in the earlier stages of the work itself will be detrimental to the whole process of the job which is the research of the subject and based on the books review and the evaluation a conversation can be made as to if the world trade organisation has indeed been beneficial pr disadvantageous to world trade. Finally a lot of people choose to go with the original strategy of deciding what course they will take and then collecting almost all their data and analysing and debate it in such a way that not other finish can be reached.

These were the recollections and the experience I had through the task which is worth it mentioning within this report. Pursuing is an examination of these experiences on the formation of the groups and exactly how I perceived it just happened and the fallouts. The analysis on group development and its own implications has given me a much better understanding of the team working requirements I have to face in a work situation and this analysis I really believe will help me to execute better.

Group Dynamics

The group dynamics of the above recollections is analysed here in this section as said earlier the analysis on group formation and its implications has given me an improved knowledge of the team working requirements I have to face in a work situation and this analysis, I believe will help me to execute better. In this section the examination is based mainly on Tuckman's (1963) theory of development of the groups and their potential to perform. Tuckman (1963) is credited to acquire analysed the phases of the group formation and he named these sages as forming, storming, norming and accomplishing. According to Schneider (2003), "the goal of a team is to bring together individuals with differing backgrounds, skills, and skills to solve problems or complete a couple of goals and aims working together that would be impossible to achieve working alone"

We were to work as a team for the applied management job and one of the ideas for working in the teams was to build up the sensation of building the team nature and learn how to work in clubs in our future occupations. As said previous we were a small band of four students who proved helpful collectively in many assignments we had before and we gelled collectively even though there have been some friction, ego clashes etc in our midst. However in spite of most these we were identified to maintain one team for the applied management job. Throughout the day of the first workshop even more students joined our groups and we became a large entity and we in reality got two small teams employed in the same one. What occurred were two small groups joined jointly along with various other stragglers who till then weren't part of any informal sets of students. As soon as we got this issue we shifted to the stage to prepare ourselves and split the work among us. It had been during the initial stages i realised how hard it is ideal for the making of an team and working in them for many people. There were more than one leader inside our entire team and each one experienced their own methods and views about the job work. In some fashion on the first day itself we found ourselves into two organizations which were actually the two small teams which had joined up. I found out that there have been more interactivity within these two separate groups and communication was easier within the smaller organizations. Analysing it now, I feel that these two smaller groupings can be considered as two distinct identities working along. At the time there were some misunderstandings, friction and miscommunication between your users and we thought that we were not heading to work nicely as a team. Each small team possessed an informal command role assumed or somewhat given and the primary communication between the smaller groups took place through these market leaders. The work to be achieved, the issues to be read and explored etc were divided up between the smaller organizations i. e. initially into two and then we independently divided up these two parts again between ourselves. At that time we'd many grievances about the working of one another but now I have come to appreciate that people indeed worked mutually however the overall structure was that of two independent identities working along. During the first levels i. e. forming stage itself we inadvertently began employed in our independent ways. Hence the formation of the group was that of two personalities of both separate small categories. We each acquired our own working style and personality. It had been during the norming stage that we truly started employed in our individual groups and we started finding the tempo. There have been friction during the work allotment idea technology etc and this might be analysed as the storming stage where some personal variations and ego clashes came up to the fore. In the end when we began to have separate conferences and then merging our thoughts in the long run by our respected leaders to the other person we were actually a performing group. Unfortunately it should be said these group performances didn't last very long. As soon as the induction week was over out group meetings concluded and then we hardly ever achieved. But our small group which acquired earlier itself gone through the various phases of formation was a doing group and we tended to work together.

Personal Emotions and Learning from the Experiences

My personal emotions during the job work were mixed. I had a feeling that people were performing a great work and this chance will not come to us again. Alternatively the task was cumbersome, boring and exhausting for the majority of us following the first euphoria worn off. We continued pushing the things to the last second and indeed the reflection of your experiences we realised that people didn't have a time bound agenda for doing things and even during primary stages when we attempted to make some schedules it never were implemented. I thought that there was the required time to do the research as there is three whole months to complete the project. One of the best learning's I had from the job was the scheduling of the job. This is a lessons learnt during the last days as the deadline approached there is a scramble for completing the work.

One of the other improvements was that even inside our small groups there have been many ideas on the job which never crossed my brain. I had a sense right from the start which i was on the list of better ones in my own group as I always was a guide to many of my fellow workers in our prior assignments. A lot of my acquaintances often turned towards me for ideas how to do the tasks and presentations. But in the final job I realised that each individual have some thing to donate to the overall performance of the team. This occurred when these were sufficiently determined to help the job. The determination to work and put work came from the problems we faced as from the beginning we all realised that not really a single individual may find all the answers and team work is necessary. Hence each individual had to put in their effort so when they saw their work getting appreciated them felt determined enough to project into unknown place and come up with many ideas even while some of them were complete idiotic. Hence I could say that individual effort does depend in virtually any group work.

There were also instances of circumstances where I felt that a lot of people with certain mentality are truly struggling to work in teams at all. They are never to be construed as weakness in virtually any part but it is true that some people are unable to work in communities. These are people with an independent frame of mind and they will stick out in as much as the group activities as they could. They could either participate negatively in an organization work or does not participate whatsoever.

I learned quite a lot on international business and the role of world trade company in the propagation of business round the world. It had been also in this review that the implications came upon me and some of the group participants then created some negative thoughts and opinions of the world trade company. As it turned out the recent data and the books were giving a negative aspect on the WTO. The books review recommended that more robust and developed countries were placing much weight on the organisation to help make the regulations in their way so that poor growing countries need to start their trade barriers and cheap goods can be dumped in such countries. There were several cases of such instances were the poor countries were bullied by the developed world with the outcome that the space between the wealthy and the indegent countries has only increased even after the creation of WTO.

Lessons for Future Projects

One of quite lessons I learned for the future career is promptly keeping and the importance of planning the actions. During the last periods of the job we didn't have enough time and energy to complete as we'd used it easy from the beginning. This made me considering in the final periods of the job on the importance of planning and arranging of the work and also my life. I have made a decision to have a planning and make action points for each and every part of my life you start with my profession plan. Till then I was an easy heading person and hoped to get some good job after my studies. But I realise that obtaining a job is not easy and obtaining a job that I'd like to do will be very difficult.

The other most significant learning from this reflective examination on the short period of the job was the main topic of reflection itself. The representation on my past experiences gave me valuable insights into this self learning tool which may be used in my career. Self applied reflection can be an important part of any body life so when we pause and analyse days gone by actions we understand that a few of them were quite negative or time consuming and things could have been better. Out of this analysis action tips can be made for future years. Reflection is not only to correct days gone by errors but also to gain valuable insights in to the factors that have turned out better. Hence I've decided to use self reflection as an instrument to pause and analyse my past actions and plan for my future job in every level of life.


The above reflective record written as part of the applied management task on WTOs effect on business getting into new market which reviews the role of the routine in promoting cross border trade and new market access. The demonstration of the reflection is based on my experiences right away of the task. The report shown in four parts provides summation of the activities I had within the four weeks of the job, the part played by the group has been an research into group dynamics exploring the ideas on group formation, my personal sense plus some learning I gained from the activities with working in a team as well as the role of world trade company in the propagation of business round the world. In the final section the natural result from a reflective evaluation is given in the form of lessons learned from the job work.

One of quite lessons I discovered for future years career is on time keeping and the value of planning and arranging of the work and also my life. I have decided to have a planning and make action factors for each part of my entire life you start with my career plan. The other most significant learning is the artwork of self representation which can be an important part of life; to pause and analyse days gone by activities to and plan for my future atlanta divorce attorneys level of life. I think that this reflective analysis has indeed given results with a few of the lessons and future action factors have come as a genuine eyesight opener.

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