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Personal and professional skills and obtaining strategic goals

The following task is done on the basis of the skills review for the purpose of analysing my very own personal and professional skills, which contributes to achieve proper goals. It targets the value of constant personal & professional development by self, analysing the current skills and setting up & implementing a personal development plan.

My Post: Administration and Public Relationship Officer.

Personal skills necessary to achieve Strategic goals

Personal skills are the ability to do something. The personal skills possessed by anyone. It could be evaluated when the individual is put through the ensure that you trial of the useful part of the attained abilities. Every day a person utilise his/her inner activities, electric power, knowledge to build a successful career in his/her personal life. It really is basically a person's own skill which is benefited for a professional career goal.

Time management

Actually time is more treasured than money. Time is non-renewable tool. Time management is focused on controlling our time. Everybody must manage time to some extent whether it is at home or at work or both. It identifies the introduction of process and tools that increase efficiency and productivity. Setting goal and SMART aim is quite very important to the business enterprise environment. Goal setting can be an important technique to improve time management. it is a technique to work at time management for achieving the target.

Personal time management skills include Goal setting, planning, prioritizing, decision-making, delegating, and scheduling.

Activities to Analyse Time Management

Time management is actually the result of self-management. It will help to attain more things you can do in less time. Eventually I am going to have more time and energy to do what I want and will enjoy doing. You can find 24 hours a day and it never appears to be enough time to invest. I never have sufficient time because I put in the majority of time doing things that aren't productive. I am spending the day like eight time sleeping, chatting on the phone, checking email, watching television, gossiping with friends etc. which are the most time wasters for a person.

To reduce those all non-productive work I have to take care of my time effectively. so below are a few ways to control my time-

I need to set goals and write down my very own priorities and arranged the time for each goal that I'll contain the clear idea to complete.

I need to do my complete list to be able of importance. I need to make daily list of things that needs to be accomplished per day and identical to each week list and sometimes regular.

Set perfect time for specific activity on every day. Regulate how long I'll improve that activity and establish time for break in the action.

I need to do first my activity which is important for attaining my goal. Delegate responsibilities to someone else who has the time and popular.

Keep tidy around me so easy to find what I am looking for. Avoid to waste time.

Sometimes it is very tough to manage time that there is not enough time and energy to do everything that I need to do. It can cause stress. As students, I must combine the pressure of study and finding time to use for jobs which complicates college student life more.

Stress Management

Stress management has been discovered as important skills needed for managerial success. The strain management will come in environmental, organisational and individual factors.

Environmental factors like economic certainty, politics certainty technical certainty.

In an company there are numerous situations that cause stress, like management role, task demands, global competition and conflicting demand on organisation resources.

Individual factors related to the individual. The strain belongs to family problem, current economic climate problem, job & profession problem, health problem.

It is the ability to maintain control when situations, people, and situations make excessive demands.

Activities to Analyse Stress Management

Stress can be triggered by psychological or physical strain or pain made by the body in response to tough situations. Stress medical indications include pain, headache, bad moods and all sorts of physical or mental symptoms of your body. To prevent stress I do the next steps-

First of most I need to find out the beginning sign of stress and noticing them.

Think about the reason for stress and analyse the situations that are tense if you ask me.

Deal with the reason for my stress & its effect on me.

Relaxing every day and do some exercise to eliminate the strain.

Removing all unneeded things which are not important to me and & control the situation.

Develop good stress-reduction habits for healthier styles.

Unfortunately I often cannot simply remove the cause of stress, but I could change the way I package with it, both in a nutshell term and long lasting.

Communication Skills

The capability to speak is the principal factor that distinguishes from pet animal to the human being which is the capability to speak well that distinguishes one individual from another. It permits a person to mention data so someone else can received and really should be comprehended. Communication is best achieved through simple planning and control. To make sure a competent and effective chat, there are three considerations: I have to make my meaning understood, I must get/understand the designed message delivered to me, and I will exert some control over the movement of the communication.

Professional skills necessary to achieve Strategic goals

Professional skills are the specific ones related to the professional profession in professional practice. A person engages in one of the professions for his/her livelihood in a few activities with skilled in job. It is vital for every one whether in work or specific. The skills are used normally running a business and professional company to improve the knowledge and skills of their workers. There is some type of professional skills like coaching, leadership, educating, multi-tasking, communication skills, planning skills and decision-making skills.

My Professional Skills to attain proper goal in Eureka Forbes

Eureka Forbes can be an Indian consumer kitchen appliance company. It is an integral part of SP (Shapoorji Pallonji) communities based in Mumbai. It provides drinking water purification systems, floor cleaners, and electronic home air cleaners. The company provides also security solutions, security alarm systems in addition; it includes industrial alternatives, such as commercial water purifiers, commercial vacuum cleaners, and hard floor cleaning and preserves machines, and cleaning cleanliness products. [www. eurekaforebs. com]

2. 1- My Management skills in Eureka Forbes

The first management skill I am going to discuss is social skill. These skills are important to be always a successful leader. It includes the behaviour, manners and behaviours. I have gained the trust and esteem of my fans in my role. I am in a position to use this interpersonal skill to sort out difficult connections and keep peace in my office.

My communication skills are both proficient at speaking and tuning in. Through these I can help with keeping the work make motivated and committed. I also listened to my associates and ask questions to ensure that they have a good understanding of what is being portrayed.

With my self confidence i carried my team well rather than afraid to consider possession for both popular and unpopular decisions. I am able to remain adaptable, and change my leadership styles to meet up with the demands of work place.

My creative skills are able to develop innovative answers to old problem. To reaching goals I have maintain a higher degree of performance in my organisation and able to keep my workforce motivated even though facing with a seemingly impossible situation.

2. 2- My Multi-Tasking Skills in Eureka Forbes

My role is to aid Personnel Manager, Basic Director and Deputy General Manager according to the necessity. The Supervision and Public Relation Official will ensure the entire task as per company standards and expect responsibility as in charge person working in the lack of the Personnel Supervisor.

I used to work as an Administration and Public Connection Officer in People Resource Department of Eureka Forbes Pvt. Ltd, India. I am the accountable for the business in the various task as per the job explanation of Supervision and Public Connection Officer. The jobs are;

Maintaining leave record of all project staff in the Head Office where the documents has been collected by the site office. After collection of files from site office I put to send final record to the fund section of head office for the payment.

At the same time managing the office work, handling all getting mails to join up and circulate related section director, maintaining fax and photocopy, activity decentralising to the section supervisors, coordinate to the guests who come to the office for the business purpose and help daily small purchasing for any office goods.


Skill Audit

In executing my responsibilities as an Administration and Public Relation Officer, I came to realize the particular one of the most crucial skills that i got to know that how to make a deal and knowing about how exactly to organize with all staff in the business and the people with different Government office buildings and private companies. Some of the other skills which is Supervision officer must have good numeric, good social skills and to be a very fair person. Inside the Eureka Forbes strong analytical skills are respected around, or even more than, effective managerial and control skills. To accomplish my ambition, I would need to show a superior combination of command, managerial, and communication skills. As a result of my good discussion with both my subordinates and other people, I learned a number of important lessons and tools i used on subsequent projects to boost my efficiency as an Supervision and Public Relationship Officer.

1. 1 Communication Skills

Communication skills are the main element to executing good management skills. Working carefully with my immediate manager, I became aware that I have to prove out to be always a masterful communicator to succeed to being truly a senior manager. The Personnel Supervisor gave me regular and constructive feedback, importantly, both positive and negative that are not only provides clear developmental targets. It could be the green impulses to me form the Staff Manager rather than my huge contributions to the Eureka Forbes. This type of balanced and wide open communication quickly forms the building blocks of mutual trust and admiration. With his responses and instruction, I excel in the art of negotiation and question.

However, I have to work on stating my tips with remarkable precision and also improve at staying objective and spotting all sides of an argument. And, no matter my volatility of a predicament or the strength of my feelings, I will be able to pay attention to all positions patiently and effectively control my demonstration of emotion, thereby gaining the admiration of others and financing additional credibility to my position.

1. 2- Authority Skills

As became an Administration and Public Connection Official, I also came to realize that I needed to demonstrate true control skills and displays courage and devotion. A powerful characteristic rarely within the realm of business, courage is exclusive in its capability to unify and stimulate people. In addition, such courage should be well balanced appropriately with professionalism and reliability, strong principles, and humility. I also need to be very sensitive to others' thoughts and recognize that differing people require different kinds of course and treatment to become an effective Director. Furthermore, I also need to excel at building priorities and proactively preparing route to be an efficient manager.

1. 3 Decision making Skills

Every manager must have power to make right decision in the right time. Therefore, easily want to lead the business effectively, I need to be able to make good decisions on time. If I every job in a timely and well-considered way, i quickly may lead my team to magnificent and well-deserved success. As an Official I learned all above skill. This skill can help me to reach my future concentrate on.

I also wish to point out that I discovered different skills within my working amount of in Eureka Forbes, how to do the coordination with all employee in office and also other people in the community. I really believe this is very helpful for me to do managerial work in near future in Eureka Forbes.

As I've an educational certification and experience, I have a self-confidence to be a good manager. There may be SWOT research about me.


Educational Record.

Work experience

Self confidence

Co operative



Family background

Financial resources

Time management (myself)

Low quality education


Getting further education

Learning Terminology (British)

Earning money for study

Getting the wider knowledge

Knowing mix culture


Big numbers of competitive

Visa status

Living standard (High cost)

Threats from your day to day Administration changing laws

My Skill Audit


Low competence

Average competence

High competence

Effective communication

Time management

Multi task


Decision making

Problem solving

Customer service

Team work

Organizational skills



Legal issues

2- Learning Styles

This learning style is provided by Honey and Mumford. It identifies four different character types with quite different preferred learning styles the Activist, the Pragmatist, the Reflector and the Theorist. Diagnostic exams exist to establish which learning style is best suited for us and to help our development and action intend to develop our learning skills.

Learning styles are simply put, various techniques or ways of learning. It includes educating methods, particular to a person that are presumed to allow that individual to learn best. It is commonly believed that a lot of people favour some particular approach to interacting with, taking in, and handling stimuli or information. Based on this concept, the idea of individualized "learning styles" started in the 1970s, and has gained recognition lately.

2. 1 Honey and Mumford: Learning Styles Questionnaire

Honey and Mumford (1986), two United kingdom psychologists developed a very popular Learning Styles Questionnaire, which categorized people by their preferred learning Styles into:

ACTIVISTS: who involve themselves fully and without bias in new learning experiences? They are open-minded, not sceptical, they tend to react first and consider the consequences afterward.

REFLECTORS: who prefer to stand again and ponder experience and observe them from many different perspectives? They collect data and favor to think about it extensively before arriving to any conclusions.

THEORISTS: who change and integrate observations into complex but logically sound ideas. They think problems through in a vertical, step by step, rational way.

PRAGMATISTS: who are keen to try out ideas, theories and techniques to see if indeed they work used? They positively search out new ideas and take the first chance to experiment with applications. They tend to be impatient with ruminating and open-ended conversations.

(Honey & Mumford, 1986) THE TRAINING Style Questionnaire profiles people by their choice for each and every learning style, i. e. strong desire for Activist, modest preference for Theorist, and low for both Reflector and Pragmatist.

I have marked in different learning style (Activists, Reflectors, Theorists and Pragmatists) to learn my personality individuals.

My individuals are meeting with Theorist learning style where I mainly supply the higher concern to the following points;

I am seek a logical justification for everything

I like to consider all the possible implications

I am only comfortable once I can account for what's happening

Some might regards I as just a little detached

I prefer not to offer with very emotional situations

I prefer set up situations

I prefer dealing with facts somewhat than fallings

I am learning well when I must analyse the activity

I am learning well when conducting a lengthy and comprehensive job which requires much thought

I am learning well when talking about the views and connection with others.

My Goals: To be a personnel Administrator in Eureka Forbes

Personal development planning

Personal development planning is an activity which supports might work experience. By proceed through personal development plan I am build and reflecting on my own and professional development. The processing of my own development plan will help me to think about what I have achieved in a set up way. It will also obviously provide me new skills to identifying my goals and planning which I need to take to accomplish them.

By planning my own development it offers me facilities inspiration and will be offering a platform for monitoring and evaluating the procedure.

Develop my own Action Plan

Before developing an action plan the taking decision can be an important to put into action the plan. It goes hand in hand with decision making. To activities the plan first I must understand the condition or identifying the task which I am facing. I QUICKLY need to evaluate the possible solution and determine the wide open goals or making a decision.

Developing Time and Self-Management Skills:

Self-management is a part of time management. WHILE I see what is very important to me to organise the culture and the values at my work to support me, I feel much more in control. I am emphasis to find out about new skills and ideas on my determination that could be perform my other associates. I will perform with new ideas which can be something to examine my own performance.

Developing Communication Skills:

Communication is most beneficial achieved through simple planning and control. To build up an effective dialog, my consider should be;

Make sure my meaning should understood

I must acquire or understand the meaning which delivered to me.

I should keep control over the move of my communication.

Developing Technical Skills

The basic skill in personal will need to have to achieve in life is technological skill. In life standard requires a specialized skills as it is specific technical for long term plan. We feel these skills are on-going and never ending process. I am going to continually update my skills and keep my position according to changes and innovations.

Developing interpersonal skills:

To success at a high level in my life I am going to need to have writing, speaking and demonstration, communication and management or authority skills amongst others. I have to know how to express information, verbally or non-verbally to people I am contact with.

Developing Monitoring skills:

The information accumulated at specific time like daily or regular monthly basis. At this point I have to bring all information jointly so that I will be able to give answer of, such as;

How well are we doing?

Are we doing the right things?

What difference are we making?

At this point monitoring is usual and on-going process. At the moment I will learn to evaluate in study depth, occurring at specific things in the life.

Commit to Life-long Learning

I will be committed to life-time learning process. If I really want to distinguish myself in my career, it is critical to commit to constantly trying to increase my knowledge and improve my skills. Employers value those workers who constantly make an effort to become experts in their areas. Continuing to increase and develop through my profession is essential for personal job satisfaction as well as for taking advantage of opportunities for professional advancement.


By executing my skill audit, in performing my responsibilities as an Supervision and Public Connection Officer, I came to realize that a person of the most crucial skills which I must know that how to work out and knowing about how exactly to coordinate with all personnel in the company and the people who have different Government offices and private companies. A number of the other skills which is Administration officer must have good numeric, good interpersonal skills and also to be considered a very fair person. Due to my good interaction with both my subordinates and other folks, I learned several important lessons and tools i used on subsequent projects to improve my efficiency as an Administration and Public Connection Officer.

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