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The goal of this essay is to critically assess my readiness to start counselling employment. There will be lots of key issues integrated into this essay that will explore my learning needs in the framework of my professional counselling. These includes personal reflexive and reflective practice where I will present Argyris & Schon's ( 1974) Increasing Professional Performance Model, self recognition, issues of difference, placements and guidance.

I will discuss the worth and moral qualities of the BACP honest framework in relation to experiences of my position. I will discuss and explore the importance of professional restrictions along with agreements within the counselling setting up. I will expose Kolb's experiential learning inventory and apply its elements to how it includes affected my learning since starting my counselling level and exactly how it has become a part of who I am. With regards to placement and supervision I hope to talk about a few of my activities with clients in remedy, the organisation in terms of regulations and methods, as well as how I came across the experience of supervision to be.

In relation to this I am going to also discuss beginnings and endings, my feelings around both and exactly how I manage these. I am going to discuss this issue of stress and burn out and approaches for preventing the chance of this when i put together myself for a profession in the field of counselling.

The end is close to, my counselling voyage I mean and even though I am packed with mixed feelings revolving around the finish, I am at a level of this voyage where I feel comfortable in relation to who I am and where I'm going in terms of a job in counselling. All endings bring blended emotions, for a few it is change, rebirth and goodbyes, for me it is the question of what's expected of me next and can I meet these targets. Schon (2001) expresses that change is a fundamental feature of modern life.

I never really had many negative encounters around beginnings and I think one of the reason why for this is due to my top figure power which is public intelligence. I always seem to understand the motives and thoughts of others and know very well what to do to put people relaxed along with knowing what to do to squeeze in to various cultural situations. Although in declaring this I found making the agreements with my clients a hard task.

It wasn't that my clients didn't want to make the deal, the difficult part was collaboratively working mutually on a deal that best installed each client, bearing in mind two of them were under eight years. I successfully were able to make a agreement with each of my clients and it was a great experience, for two of them were bits of clay. Relating to Molteni and Garske (1983) contracts may increase compliance with the operations of the restorative process.

Endings on the other hand aren't as possible for me, I understand they may be part of life and sometimes we have to end so we can develop and develop as individuals. This course and especially this component has helped me to bring these fears and emotions into awareness and think about them therefore i can know very well what lies behind them. It is important for folks to release and go forward as this is like the child departing home for the first time.

The child needs to leave to gain independence and understanding of the world. I seem to be to be experiencing a great deal of endings this season in particular. I have just recently done a placement where I used to be working as a trainee counsellor with children.

I have been dealing with three clients near annually and was quite uneasy at how these endings would go. Combined with the ending work with my clients I used to be also stopping with my supervisor who has been very supportive of me within my time there, I never once believed isolated or only. I am quite pleased to say that these endings went extremely well as I have been working hard for several weeks with my clients in it.

During these calendar months I would make small endings by the end of each session as it was such as a countdown for my clients so whenever we got to the final period it wasn't a major dramatic ending, they were well aware and ready for it. Personally i think extremely pleased with the healing work I have finished with each of my clients. It had been not easy sometimes but I persevered and discovered a lot from my challenges. It isn't easy to listen to a kid introduce erotic material but I coped well.

On reflection of the endings in particular, I was shocked at how well I managed my own, I have come to the understanding that I handled mine so well because I understood my clients where ready to end and proceed. This allowed me the incentive to then take care of mine so well. I love the metaphor that Dallas and Stedman (2009) use to describe reflection. They explain it as a reflection reflecting our own image back again to us (Dallas and Stedman 2009). Dallos and Stedman (2009) claim that reflective practice is best regarded as a procedure for analysing and reanalysing important episodes of activity.

The term reflection in action can be used to make reference to the spontaneous take action of reflecting in as soon as (Dallas and Stedman 2009). I've had a lot of these spontaneous works and found myself sometimes getting lost in them. Whenever using children, metaphor and symbols act for a number of the communication. I've often found myself questioning something in my head while I am reflecting in action and at times was required to snap myself out of it as I was aware my emphasis was coming from the client.

Reflecting on action which Dallas and Stedman (2009) call reflexivity is a superb way to question that which was going on for me personally at that time and what was it about that particular episode which i lost my focus. I find representation is a superb strategy for promoting self treatment. For me therefore peace and quiet for myself to reveal and get lost in my own cognitions without being disturbed. Personally i think it is important to provide for ones self as this can prevent the cause of stress and burnout. Also insurance firms quiet time to yourself to mull over the day or week that has exceeded is an outstanding way to control ones stress.

The responses from guidance has been remarkable with regards to how quickly I built trusting interactions with my clients and the depth I was able to work at not surprisingly being my first time of any positioning. The experience around stopping with my supervisor was another healthy finishing. I think the prevailing concern that because of this is after all the positive responses I received from her I recognized I used to be then prepared to end.

This brings me to the conclusion that it isn't really the endings I've trouble with, it has more regarding can certainly make money end. What I mean is that I may well not offer with a spontaneous stopping as well as one I understand is coming, which makes sense. Although declaring this I understand I would handle it much better than I think I'd. My counselling endings remind me of personal endings I've experienced in the past. The stopping that comes to mind is as i left my children home in Ireland for the very first time. I remember how lonesome I felt after moving away as myself and my children are extremely close. It had been like the end of an era and even though I visit them quite often, whenever I leave them another to London, its another stopping in itself.

In regards to stopping with my clients, easily finished and seen that they weren't prepared to end, or which i understood I hadn't been doing all I could to apply psychological support to my them, i quickly believe the endings would not have went so clean for me. I've learned a very important lesson from these ending experience, although they proceeded to go well, its fine that I feel sad, it demonstrates I service. The feelings I have are quite calm and peaceful, of course I wont ignore my first clients and I'll think about them every once in awhile but the important things for me is that I don't have any mental ties with them so that it is ok for me personally to think about them and go forward. I really don't think these endings would have absent as well if it hadn't been for all of the support I received from guidance.

My supervisor and I jelled immediately and because of my honesty and openness in guidance it allowed us to look at my work comprehensive and maximise my learning. Personally i think the greatest go with I've received from supervision is being advised that I have begun to build up my own inner supervisor.

Ongoing supervision is a requirement of the BACP (2010). The BACP (2010) feels that guidance can positively contribute to the maintenance and development of ethical professional practice. In my own view it is essential for any counsellors to acquire ongoing supervision to support counsellors, to improve effective practice and a supervisor can act as a safety net for the counsellor. According to Feltham (2010) supervision is mandatory for all counsellors no matter their experience even if it is difficult to find a suitable supervisor.

The atmosphere always appeared quite peaceful and relaxed that i enjoyed. I like to avoid confrontation no matter what, a negative atmosphere in the task place doesn't just result who is involved in it but affects everyone. This can have a significant negative effect on the job that certain is doing and the customers whom we will work with. Additionally, it may lead to stress and burn up as research has shown that individuals who don't feel supported and aren't happy in the work place are more susceptible to stress (Salami 2011). I am quite lucky as I have very rarely experienced confrontation in the task place.

On the uncommon occasion that I've, I handled it by speaking about the condition and having it out in the wild. We were then able to keep our professional heads, see through it and focus on the job accessible. Money cannot by the experiences I have acquired on my placement. I implemented all the demanding procedures for working with a child protection matter which I dealt with perfectly and in context to the BACP (2010) honest framework.

When putting myself in the context of worth, moral qualities and personal restrictions of the BACP (2010) Ethical Framework I feel that we am ethically conscious when delivering these services required by the BACP(2010). My moral features include empathy, resilience, esteem, Integrity and courage. I really believe one of the reasons I am so mindful originates from my therapeutic primary model which is person centred (Rogers 1961). The emphasis is on setting up a safe environment to discuss issues in a warm and non judgemental way. Utilizing the core conditions effectively I feel there may be little chance of harming my clients.

I followed all the Place 2 be plans and techniques from the no touch plan to keeping the boundaries firmly. It was very difficult at times to avoid my clients seeking to hug me but after some time I was able to use my own body to my good thing about avoiding my consumer hugging me as I'd intuitively know when it was going to happen and could move my own body to the side so it would be avoided, remember which i didn't want to buy to come across as rejection.

I understand that life generally can be suffering and we don't have all the answers to our issues but it is approximately managing that anguish so that it doesn't take over our lives. Becoming a counsellor may have different meanings for some. It can be the lust for capacity to sit in the energy seat, for others it might be the necessity to feel needed, for me it boils down to assisting clients emotionally to allow them to end as a lot of their suffering as it can be.

I believe self awareness to be one of many skills I've learned in this degree. Over the duration, my personal awareness is rolling out and I've a greater understanding of my interior and outer do it yourself. I believe self awareness is crucial for understanding my own feelings as well as the client's thoughts in the therapy room. I really believe it is extremely important to keep an eye on the diversity in the counselling vocation. I am well alert to my biases towards other individuals but I will leave them beyond the therapy room.

My mentality is the fact that I am here to provide a service and just why should I let my own values and values block the way of applying emotional support to an individual. I also believe that a lot of my biases come from being uneducated around a certain culture or contest. I feel it is my professional obligation to teach myself around these different culture so I am not creating unneeded boundaries. Lago (2006) suggests that counsellors should teach themselves about the specificities of different ethnicities in order to build up competence for working with what has been classed as the culturally different.

I have found representation to be very helpful with regards to regions of the Johari windows (Evans 2007). The region where I seem to have a problem with the most is offering constructive feedback. The reason behind this is the individual may misinterpret what I am declaring if they have the opinions is negative. I've enjoyed studying the johari window (Evans 2007) and also have used it in a number of different regions of my life.

I found supervision to be a great way of acquiring my blind areas. I believe personal therapy would be fundamental in relation to the johari windowpane (Evans 2007), not only would it not help discover areas within myself but I feel conversing around them may to become more alert to them.

I imagine this is sufficient for those trainee counsellors before they commence to practice. I don't believe that it is fair to begin counselling with no experienced what it is like to sit in the customers chair. My plan to access a counsellor will be through a professional body such as the BACP (2010) because anyone can advertise themselves as counsellors. I really believe this is actually the safest way as the counsellor will be a certified member of a professional body. Personal remedy enhances professional development and relational capacities aswel as increasing personal development capacities and well-being of the counsellor (Orlinsky, Schofield, Schroder and Kazantzis 2011).

In conclusion of this essay I am happy with my development so far, both individually as well as properly. Personally i think I am shifting each and every time I learn something new. I am so enthusiastic about the task with clients and Personally i think I would benefit from completely recognising my strengths and permitting my confidence increase still further. I'd also reap the benefits of further reading of a variety of different theoretical strategies which I intend to do as should every counsellor regardless of experience. I am proud of the reviews I received from my supervisor, it has affected my competence levels as a counsellor.

For further training and professional development needs I would like to utilize adults using symbols and metaphor. My greatest influence has come from the work of Carl Jung's Archetypes (Jung 1961) and the magic of metaphor through working at the Place 2 be. I'd also be thinking about more use children as I'd like to get more experience in this field. Regarding to my supervisor I appear to truly have a natural design of being with children. I have really enjoyed dealing with them, it has been very experiential and fascinating. I go from here in search of a new placement where I am hoping to obtain a similar experience although knowing easily don't I will learn something knew.

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