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Perrys Berrys Ltd: Alternative and Internal Influences

Submitted by:- Manjeet Singh

Introduction:- Perrys Berrys are another era family business whose main concentrate is to supply the best value and longest long lasting product that we can. We have been WQA, NZGAAP licensed and MPI approved.

Francie started out growing strawberries more than 30 years back and her commitment to quality and development has resulted in Perrys Berrys being the sole New Zealand strawberry fruit grower that develops its own plant life. These are expanded in both high and low elevation nurseries to ensure that people have the ability to provide the best quality product available from the start of the growing process to the finish product.

We currently grow three main kinds - Camarosa, Festivity and Fortuna. Two of these types - Festival and Fortuna are only grown by us and cannot be purchased somewhere else in New Zealand.

Fifteen years back Offer and Katie joined Francie full time in the family business, they have got both developed with Strawberries being a large part with their lives with them both coming from Strawberry growing young families. They will have four girls set to transport on the family traditions.

Internal affects:

Problem resolving skills:

Sometime the issues occur about the machinery that may be reducing the task but it is managed by skilled manager and supervisor.

Communication skills:

Our staff is communicated they can understand each easily.

Leadership skills:

To lead the team peacefully and get protected goal by the team supervisor is perfectly skilled.

Management skills:

Our management skilled administrator does take care of every activity or equipment and material etc.

Multitasking skills:

Supervisor is skilled that can do everything as a supervisor in case of absence of him.

Training skills:

To train for new employed staff or after couple of months to supply the training to existing personnel supervisor responsible for this body organ.


In my organisation 35 workers are working currently (1) one of them administrator and (2) Two supervisor, 12 pickers, 10 packers, 8 leaf cutters and 2 for working the machines.



To operate every things concerning watering the plants and to squirt the pesticides there may be available machines that's work through software, and to make the time mindful to everyone there's a machine to inter in morning hours before starting work. To carry the units to some other places there provided the trolleys and in the packaging environment anything happening systematically everyone works there without almost any pressure.

Shared values:


Our employees are established about the works plus they works with credibility and peacefully.


Manager and supervisor do discover something new about the work to cover the daily goal quickly and get objective of the organization.


Our staff is very cooperative staff they helps each other during the working time to complete the work in required time and they understand each other.


All of our own staff follows the rules and regulation of the organisation plus they done the given work in the mandatory time. They keep keep up with the peaceful environment each and every time.

External influences: political

Our company passion fresh gives each hour 15. 25 to everyone regarding the minimum wage action. They are pursuing instructions and guidelines and legislation on government laws and regulations. Administration is itself a significant consumer of goods and services so the polices may become a dangerous tool for our business.


Consumers are providing with the guarantees of packing machine fixing and the exchange of good if indeed they seem that the merchandise is being challenges.

Holiday act 2003 annual vacations to provide the opportunity for break and recreation consumer holiday seasons for the observance of days of national spiritual culture.


Everyone has learned that's nowadays is today's era workers wishes to do all works by packaging machine or use the trolley for picking. if we have this machinery then we can fast alternatively than hands working. Moreover we can save the time.


The inflation rate in 2015 was 2. 7% the unemployment rate in 2015 was 6. 1% and average rate and GDP rate was 3% and 3. 4 it'll be not effect to the price tag on our products. We are able to keep remain our customers.


New Zealand is a multicultural country. A lot of people you live in different civilizations. Moreover life-style is also not the same as other countries. New Zealand inhabitants is 4. 5 per annual so there's a more population and even more customers so that it will be increase our sales. It'll be lead more revenue.

Internal Effects:

Skills: Effect on the business of conceptual skills the issues of machinery that cannot fixed by the supervisor and supervisor but maybe it's immediately occurs so we feel having less I. T skilled staff that could upgrade the machines time by time and we can get rid from the interruptions that reduce our work and influenced for the business enterprise.


The current situation the number of staff 35 inside our business it's going on very peacefully, but the lack of the staff who should be I. T skilled or multitasking skilled because the problems of the electric machinery that are enacts while working time, however now we need to hire one person who must should be skilled good communication and I. T it'll be good impact for our business to be rid from the problems and also it can be change our structure tiny bit.


In my business most of employees work hard and seriously. Our manager coach the supervisors that the best way to make an team work, provides instructions to everyone and all of them follows it and get finish off the work very peacefully in required time. By keeping maintain the environment like this our customer will be happy and stay with us for very long time and also we will success to draw in more clients. This might help us to develop the business and to get our goal.


The system of our company is operating good if there were not the issues as we realize the mistakes that are out of the blue occurs in the electric squirt or packaging machine while working that are created big problems for the machine. It is very necessary to upgrade the system time by time of the machines to keep keep up with the system of the business and do some innovations by the I. T skilled person can be go up our production and our image in the agriculture industry.

Shared ideals:


Our employees are decided and use honestly if they will continue keep stay with us and work like that so it will impact to get higher class in the agriculture industry.


New enhancements in the machine or in everything to get away the problems of everything can increase our sales and creation.


If everyone cooperate each other on the work so we can get our daily goal easily and get our goals and it will be impacted to increase our development also.

External impact


There is no doubt that the contemporary society is regularly changing. The preferences and styles are a great example of this change one of the very most signification variations is the growing level of popularity of social marketing. People increasing in nz position our sales new Zealand human population has good knowledge in a health education they want organic and natural products. Our company produces organic products and our sales are high with great satisfaction.


The politics factors effecting business tend to be given a whole lot worth focusing on several areas of government plan can influence business. All firms must find hoe upcoming legislations make a difference their activities.

Example: wages

The last year wages rate each hour 14. 75 however now its 15. 25 per hour.


In the New Zealand inflation rates is 2. 7% per season 2015 it shows not growing much so that it is easy to obtain additional sales we've you don't need to rise our price thus we can increase our sales.


Health and security take action 1974 our company personnel are working in this action so when we are working only workplace we use health and safe practices things.

Pay and pay act 1936: relating to this act our company are third, pay and pay act we could offering pay to everyone same pay rate.

Privacy action 1993: an work to promote and protect specific privacy generally speaking compliance with the suggestion of the council of the organisation. Act on we cannot all tell all documentary private things to another staff.


Waste management act 2008: according to this act 2008 matching this act whenever we are finish work then than we are put all rubbish in the rubbish bin.


Advancement in technology has already established a dramatic impact on the business. Even as we see there's a lots of agriculture farms in the New Zealand. we also acquired latest technology machine like packing machine, aerosol machine upon this equipment customers will get to your company. It will be more income in the margin.

Internal Consequences

In my organisation everyone are motivated, skilled and hard workers. As we realize competition is going to be very hard nowadays so we need improve our skills as multitasking and I. T skills. To operate the machines and also to update it time by time we need a employee who is able to do that very carefully and immediately so that people don't have to face problems to use the new technological electronic digital machines. And multitasking skills very important for us, who'll have this skills he is able to help each other, can handle the task of the administrator in case absence of him and he will in a position to do keep up with the team work and also can keep maintain our customer and can satisfy them.

Moreover we will need some different show values as co-operation, punctuality, advancement, and conviction these share principles will help us to achieve our goal easily and can catch the attention of more customers and will help us to get "A" quality in agriculture industry in N. Z.

External consequences

According to this all laws customers and employee can safe the environment. moreover it'll ideal for us to obtain a class in agriculture industry New Zealand. communal society is New Zealand 4. 5 million in the entire year. We can say that New Zealand. New Zealand population is increasing we can develop our business and we are able to increase more business.

Moreover as well as systems is increase we have to up level our machine that we can be strong against our rivals. So in the future we can get more sell and easily get more profit.

We have safety it our workplace so our staff can feel safe to work at workplace.


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