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Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sports Essay: Do sports athletes go crazy over drug?

Such drugs have touched down to many sports and they have been very rampant since the first touchdown. Sports include bicycle racing, sprinting, track and tennis. There even had a case in Tour de France where a majority of the race riders had to quit the competition because there had been reports of doping and over dosage among riders. Because of such incident, the organizers had to cancel the competition. This performance enhancing drugs in sports essay aims to reveal what other medical experts hide and not just writing a persuasive essay.

But, if we really trace the origin of such drug's popularity, we may put the blame on social pressures and the demanding everyday life style of the modern society. Anabolic steroids are presently encouraged in the gyms and even in other small stores. People get tempted because of the super energy and stamina it gives to them. It gives them the pleasure and satisfaction. Such enhancing drugs give them the result they need in the shortest time possible. Unfortunately, they come not without risk. Having such enhancing drugs and taking them too much do not only risk your health but also your standing in your sports career because IAAF now bans those athletes who "cheat" their way through the finals just like what happened to Olympic Champion Marion Jones who admitted taking steroids on his way to the 2000 Sydney Games. Because of the proven allegations, Jone had to return her Olympic medals and she had to face legal actions that would affect her wealth and her status in World Road Running sport.

Get informed with this performance enhancing drugs essay

Do not go hurriedly on some supplements (it may be even better if you indulge yourself on how to write a philosophy paper than come rushing on steroids). Do not rush your improvement. Never easily believe to some media advertisement and publication, especially when they are from the manufacturers themselves. Be extra careful on what you put inside your body. It is essential that you understand the foreign objects (drugs) you take. You may even want to go on writing a reflective essay about them. It would be best to avoid such drugs as much as possible unless they are advised by your trusted doctor. It is helpful to go on writing a compare and contrast essay about supplements and PEDs to understand them better. There are other safer options out there which can even give you the same result. It is no denying that using enhancers do give you the feel and edge to other competitors. It is even true that enhancers give faster results. One example of which is anabolic steroids which perhaps the most commonly abused enhancer. It gives the user that "high" feeling to perform even beyond their limits and the accolade they gain afterwards. Some just belittle the risk because they are more concerned about the result it can give. But, if the users can just give an amount of time researching the side effects of such drug, they will surely think twice. There are even hundreds of enhancers out there that many athletes dope and they are not well aware of the risks.

Moreover, these drugs are taken or sold even without the approval of FDA (Food and Drug Administration). However, not all enhancers can be detected by the World Anti-Doping Agency. So, this explains why many of these drugs are readily available and many athletes have easy access. There are hundreds of information that tell why athletes should not over use steroids and other enhancers. Indulging in doping alone gives you a psychological challenge as you can become dependent on it if you don't guard yourself. There are even other physiological changes as time goes by. Women may develop enlarged clitoris and an abnormal change in their menstrual cycle. Men, on the other hand, may find themselves losing hair and infertility. But both men and women will likely experience hypertension, mood swings, acne and aggressive behaviors. You may want to confirm these cases from drugs in sport essay on the web. There may come to a point when you can no longer understand yourself. The list of harmful after effects of enhancers goes on but, the number of people who dope on them never decreases (not even close). Athletes still prefer to take the risks.

The better option that many medical experts are pushing is health supplements. Supplements provide close benefits and result to steroids and got lesser to none side-effects on the body. Some supplements are made up of 100% natural ingredients engineered and cultured to get the maximum effect the shortest time possible. Athletes, who include you, may want to look forward to supplements rather on steroids and other harmful enhancers. Although not all doctors approve the usage of supplements, they are proven to have lesser risk than that of steroids. One just has to make sure that the supplements are purchased from an authentic manufacture who is FAD approved and got the medical permits to sell. It also helps if you go check some drugs in sports essay online.

  • Performing better and getting the desired accolades are not without sacrifice. Sometimes, being patient and going all natural is the way to go so you get that long lasting result without risking both your health and career.
  • It is even better if you go research about what is an annotated bibliography than go dope yourself hard on some harmful drugs.
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