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Performance Appraisal Of HBL Business Essay

Performance Appraisal methods to examine employees present performance and based on the expectations given. At HBL performance appraisal is formal discussion between supervisor/ Administrator and employees within an prepared way. At HBL performance Appraisal conducted yearly for all your employees. Appraisal is conducted by series manager and directors are appraised by CEO which further appraised by the chairman of the lender. If we look towards the branches of finance institutions located in several areas, each branch director measure the performance of their workers of their particular branch by continue connecting with line manager which examine employees who conducted these performance analysis. Line manager onward to local office where he transmits to human learning resource section where all appraisals are finalized and granted.

HBL use KPI's or targets that they give each year to employees as a conditions such as business results, customers and employees) to appraise their employees and evaluate their employee performance by observation the achieved goals out of 100% which is standard or a benchmark that is quality of work, team work, goal fulfillments, performance, customer services, habit with fellow workers and supervisors/professionals and growth.

HBL procedure for performance appraisal system is they specify their expectations, and they measure or examine and provide feedback and therefore their performance registered. They assess their staff on reaching the annual focuses on which have provided them to attain, even manager's measure the performance of employee by patterns of employees and punctuality and how productive they are really, how experienced employees are or are they fulfilling their employees by giving a chance to them and just how they decorate.

HBL has assigned different weight age groups out of 100, staff doing more than 100 or reaching concentrate on more than the standard that is an outstanding job employee undertaking but if staff performing average conversation takes place between manager and its own subordinate if employee becomes defensive, manager could easily straighten out through his managerial skills.

HR is accountable for training of supervisors to improve their appraisal skills.

HBL use GRAPHICAL RATING Level METHOD or Standing METHOD for appraising performance of a worker. HBL's Graphic Rating Scale method appraisal form is made up of three sheets; an example may be FORM B1, FORM B2, and FORM B3.

Form B1: has information about employees or the criteria through which staff should appraise.

Form B2: includes two points by which they evaluate performance, i. e. , FACTORS through which they determine whether employee is effective or the way the job is doing or the worker knows how to use technology he is being assessed also to see how responsive is an employee towards customers and encouraged or focused on work and even employees are appraised through the factor of their own personality, i. e. , how punctual worker is, tendencies, personal hygiene. Even another standards is determined on the B2 Form is the level of achievement s things being 4 the best or 1 the least in form of grading A the highest which is 4 and D the lowest consider 1.

FORM B3: This form provides the supervisor commentary or evaluate the efficiency by given the grading(A, B, C, D) and appraise the comments in the form of agree/disagree then after evaluation is finalized in form signatures take by supervisor who conducted and send to the Hr section.

HBL even use Ranking solution to appraise their employees in which rates employee from best to worst on the characteristics and skills. It is the most popular method, where firstly, list all subordinates to be rated and in this method those names are not included that happen to be sufficiently to get ranking. In rating form implies the employee actions on highest and least expensive, then, choose another highest and another lowest.

HBL also use Required Syndication Method is also call bell curved. In this method you place given percentages of ratees into different performance categories. By compelled distribution method as shown by manager for example that administrator must rate its employees under him relating to following distribution: 10% low, 20% below average, 40%average, 20% above average, 10%high. . It reflects the normal curve, a tiny percentage of group is to be located on (best and most detrimental performers) greater percentages of ratees are placed toward the middle of the performance syndication. It is used for high professional level - Vice president and above him in HBL. A separate bell curve is developed regarding to function/branch category/division and group.

http://managementpocketbooks. data. wordpress. com/2011/07/image5. png

MBO (Management By Targets) also employed by HBL where objectives are advised to the management and employees what focuses on they need to achieve. This method is easy to evaluate the performance of employees in line with the goals and goals have been informed to them and exactly how much they achieved. HBL use MBO to increase performance. MBO includes traffic monitoring and feedback along the way to reach aims and also for pay for performance.

Steps of MBO:

STEP1: Review organizational objectives

HBL's goal is to make customer fulfill and to create value to them.

STEP2: Arranged Objectives

To earn income for the organization

STEP3: Screen progress

Less complaints

Timely service is provided

Monthly income and cost

STEP4: Evaluate performance

How efficiently or effectively employee achieve his goals and goals Then his/ her appraised with the goals allocated as benchmark to achieve

STEP5: Give rewards


Special salary increase

Cash price

Problems HBL goes through while making performance appraisal are the employee involvement, feedback-seeking and unclear goals and expectations, regency effects. Promotable or UN -promotable appraisal interviews both conducted in HBL.


http://www. da. ks. gov/pmp/images/circle. png

Performance management is the procedure to identify, measure, and develop the performance of the employees within an organization. Essentially we want to figure out how well employees perform and then to finally improve that performance level. When used accurately, performance management is a systematic analysis and measurement of worker performance (including communication of this assessment to the average person) that we use to boost performance over time.

Performance management at HBL is a frontward looking process for establishing goals and regularly looking at progress towards obtaining those goals. At HBL this is a continual feedback process whereby the detected outputs are assessed and weighed against the required goals. Performance management means that goals are regularly being attained. Performance management at HBL is to evaluate employees to attain their goals and through which company carries out better. In HBL's performance management model employees receive opportunities to work on harder projects, paired less-skilled employees with expert employees and employees can direct and make decisions. At HBL development does not matter but performance will.

Tools used by HBL for performance management are:

Developmental goal setting

Ongoing performance monitoring

Ongoing feedback

Coaching and support

Performance appraisal

Rewards, identification, and compensation

At HBL if worker undertaking good he gets an increment of 10% annually. They monthly measure the performance which works well for the employees to work best. Professionals and Supervisors continue offering their constructive feedback to increase employee's performance.

HBL performance management system covers all employees under the function sales, operational, finance, Hr, administration.

Purpose of Performance Management System

To access the performance

Basis for incentive (Increment Bonus)

Basis for promotion Placement

Ascertain training and development needs

The results of process measured by with the will help in measuring the performance, based on balanced measure procedure and also to standardize format over the organization, which is the standing method or visual rating method, it is determined by employee performance normally, substandard, low or good.

HR performance Management System assists with increasing earnings and Lowering Hr turnover. HR assessed their satisfaction level through leave interview that can be good, excellent or poor. There is no involvement of stakeholders in ensuring performance management system.


There are some imperfections in the appraisal system of the bank. In appraisal form of the bank the supervisor enjoy great forces. No body can check his evaluation. The

Appraise and appraiser does not sit before the other person when supervisor evaluates the performance of the employees.

An employee does not have the right to appeal up against the supervisor about how he previously been proclaimed.



The appraisal form should be based mostly according to the Relevance material, Consistency Acceptability.

The employees must have right to charm contrary to the supervisor if he considers that he is wrongly evaluated.

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