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Perception of company brand and recruitment process


The Research can be define as something that folks undertake to be able to determine things in a systematic way, in doing so increasing their Knowledge. The two search phrases in this meaning are "systematic" & "to find out things". Which means there are multiplicity of possible goal to conduct a research & that should be based on a logical relationship by using solutions to accumulate data and the results are argue in a meaningful way, it will not be simply a beliefs.

There is no-one best way for executing all research. The decision of what to research is influenced by this issue that excite you, and the way you accumulate & analysing your computer data by the abilities you have or are able to develop. But a study should have pursuing characteristics,

1. Data are gathered systematically

2. Data are interpreted systematically

3. There is no clear purpose: to find things out

Research can also signify as a Multi stage process which are required to follow in order to attempt and complete the study job. Research process can be viewed as a system which can further be divided into separate stages. The specific variety of stages varies, nevertheless they usually include formulating & classifying a subject, reviewing the literature, designing the research, collecting data, examining data & writing up. Theoretically research process is rational & straightforward. But in reality considerably messier, probably revisit each stage more than once.



EXTERNAL Repurchase




Internal Attract



Every organization has both exterior and internal brand. However, business has centered almost solely on consumer (external branding). The need for exterior branding is to protect customer loyalty. Being success in exterior brand, interior branding is also an important drivers.

Simply put, your company brand is the conception the earth has about your company as a good or bad destination to work. Having a good employer brand means your business is regarded as an employer of choice, known in your industry and region as a highly desirable destination to work.

Having a poor company brand could suggest losing legend performers in 2011 and experiencing an uphill climb to displace them. Because there's a direct impact on the company brand and employee trust. Organizational profit and sustainability are inspired by perceptions of the employer brand, both internally and externally. Further, the reputation of the organization directly influences staff trust and production. Attainment of advanced performance through output and efficiency is definitely an Organizational goal of high concern. To gain worker trust & high output in an firm every business places a considerable reliance on the individual worker performance.

The employer brand also really helps to attracts skill/skilled candidates. Taking actions to maintain and/or restore employee trust in the business, and is manufactured more challenging by difficult economic times. The first place where we consider worker performance is the Recruitment & selection process. Scarcity of skills & use of new technology are putting considerable pressure how employers go about recruitment & selection staff. It is important that the business have a right person on the right job. In other words, a satisfied specific employee and his/her dedication to words the organization is crucial for the successfulness of the organization.


To gain high production in an organization every firm places a considerable reliance on their individual employee performance Quite simply, a satisfied individual employee and his/her determination to words the business is critical for the successfulness of the organization. So it is important that the organization contain the "right person on the right job". Therefore Recruitment & selection process place a essential role in an organization. Lack of skills & use of new technology are adding considerable pressure about how employers start recruitment & selection staff.

Therefore the study issue of this study is the fact that,

Are there an impact about "The conception of workplace brand within an organization & its impact towards organizations Recruitment & Selection process?"

Once the necessity for research information has been evidently described, the researcher must identify the

research objectives. Aims should pursue to be able to answer the research questions. Maylor & Blackman claim that for a study objective should fulfill the SMART test & answer fully the question as "How come this task being conducted?"

It is evidenced by the empirical research literature that there is a marriage between employer brand in an group and recruitment and selection operations. This research is directed to assess the validity of this marriage from local working environment.

Research objectives:

Analyze the amount of effectiveness of workplace brand within an business for recruitment & selection.

Critically evaluate staff perception of top quality organizations.

Investigate the influence of company brand whenever choosing a job


Critically evaluate worker effectiveness of branded organization to selecting the best candidates

Critically measure the perception of individuals profile to complement with identified Job Need and selection processes.

Critically evaluate the selecting right mixture of employees to aligning with the culture of top quality company.

Newspapers is also a good source to gather information regarding topical events which can be occurring in market about the company brand. In previous problems with the magazines are more difficult to access as they are usually stored on microfilm located using printed indexes. But with the new technology the majority of the magazines can be reached using INTERNET. However need to be careful, as magazines may contain bias in their coverage, whether it is political,

geographical or personal. Survey can also be inaccurate and also you may not grab any succeeding amendments.


The basis of the research is books, therefore in this part major theoretical development of principles entail in problem declaration of the analysis. Books should be critically researched by target at the study objective. Even though the researcher should review the literature before collecting data it immediately depends on the research strategy used.

When studying the literature the essential aspect is to recognize the sources to gather data.

The literature sources available to create a good understanding about the study can be divided into three categories. It's particularly Primary, Secondary & tertiary.













Conference Proceedings

Some Federal government Publications


Company Reports


Unpublished manuscript sources


Some Federal government Publications

Citation Indexes

The successfulness of the research is mainly dependent on the data that the researcher has regarding the workplace brand in the recruitment & selection process of an organization. In such a research, the researcher has used three types of books sources. They are simply namely books, Newspapers and INTERNET related to HRM & Employer Branding.


Books are written for a particular audience and some of the catalogs aimed at educational market with a theoretical slant. The materials in the publication are usually provided in a far more bought & accessible manner than in publications it'll be possible for the researcher, but a drawback of using books can be the information in it can be outdated.


Journals are a vital books source, its periodicals & posted on regular basic principles. Academic publications regarding workplace brand & its impact towards R & S process will be most readily useful for this research study, because before the publication of educational publications quality & stableness is evaluated & evaluated by peers. Which means information in it is more exact. Professional journals also an important source to assemble information regarding employer brand, because it's produced by people of the organizations & contain from it is a mix of news related items & articles. The disadvantage of articles in professional journals can be biased towards their author's attitudes about firm culture. We are able to accumulate information regarding workplace brands in and organizations from Trade journals as well. Trade publications are released by trade organizations, it fulfill an identical function to professional publications & is aimed at particular business or trade.

Leadership teams should pay more attention to the management of the workplace brand as a potential way to obtain differentiation. (By Geoff Dodds of THE BUSINESS ENTERPRISE Development Practice (Article 2009)) Since workplace brand have a primary impact into the organizational earnings and sustainability. When the employees of the business are not satisfied their effectively level will be reduced this will straight affect the output of the organization and the quality of the merchandise.

World Wide Web

The major reason for selecting World Wide Web is easy to get at and can be access vast area within a short while period. The info in the internet might not be 100% accurate & also there could be some security issues when dealing with the private information.


Identify the study methodology is a main segment in a research. Research methodology allows the researcher to identify the techniques and ways available to conduct the study. Also it allows organizing the actions of the research and to collect the required data. Having a proper research methodology will allow to follow a logical and proper structure.

There are two types of research methodologies. They are simply,

Deductive methodology

Inductive methodology

Deductive Methodology

This research will by counting on a scientific method of investigation. A hypothesis is an expected effect, which is based upon some kind of notion of what the outcome possibly will be. One of the top features of the deductive theory is that the hypothesis is testable, with the principal aim of either helping or refuting the hypothesis.

Conceptual Model

Freedom on the job

Work challenging






Pay for the job

Feedback of the Performance

Prestige of the job inside/outside the organization

Formulation of hypothesis

Hypothesis has derived on the basis of the books review on the topic of "the perception of employer brand in an organisation and the level to which it could be used to enhance recruitment and selection functions".


H1 There is a positive relationship between the employer brand in an corporation and recruitment and selection techniques.

Positive attitude of its employees about employer brand leads to high level of efficiency in its employees.

Employee trustworthiness of the organization immediately influences employee trust and output.

Job satisfaction & conception of the employees towards the business is influenced by various job related factors. With this study the next job facets should be identified to driven employees satisfaction towards their job & staff perceptions.

Moderate factors - Factors impacting on the notion of company brand in an organization

Freedom on the job / Working independently

Opportunities to do challenging work

Feedback of the performance

Opportunities for marketing promotions /growth

Prestige of the work inside/Outside the organization

Pay for the job

Amount of the admiration and fair treatment

Variety on the job

The above job factors are derived from the job content & framework.

As significantly as the understanding of company brand in an company and the amount to which maybe it's used to enhance recruitment and selection procedures are concern two type are con

Type of research Methodology

In order to handle this research, principal or supplementary data will be utilized. Whether we use one or both the methods will depend largely on the study question and the availability of these data sources.

Secondary data can be explained as data accumulated by others or from other studies. Generally gathering supplementary data is cost effective and less time consuming than major data. Extra data can be acquire earlier than primary data is compiled, and it will help to determine the course by which main data is pursued. This type of data can be used as the backdrop information about specific research, it may also answer some specific research questions but since extra data was gathered for another purpose it may well not treat the new research question effectively. Nowadays with the result growing technology supplementary data are available from numerous sources.

Primary data can be explained as the info which gathered by the researcher to handle the current research question. Types of major data include demographics, lifestyle, patterns, frame of mind, knowledge, satisfaction, motivation & objective.

Demographic data includes - Employee brand regarding employees, such as making love, age, income, level of education etc.

Lifestyle - candidates respondent's activities, interest and viewpoints about the job

Behavior - what is the candidatures respond

Attitude - Thoughts and opinions & the View about things occasions & idea

Knowledge - level to that your candidate alert to the employee brand of the organization

Motivation - reasons behind the applicant behavior

Intention - applicants future behavior


This research is mainly carried out based on primary data. To analyse the study problem final number of 300 job seekers will be selected from ten organizations limited in one industry. (Manufacturing Industry). Two staff categories will be looked at as Managers & Non- Professionals based on their experience & education level. All respondents will be decided on from arbitrary basis. Further respondents will be picked by 10 % of existing amounts of employees in each category of in each firm.

Data Collection Techniques

Primary data can be collected through communication and observation.

Communication requires direct questions - Conducted through in person interviews or telephone review. (i. e. Questionnaire)

Observation - Immediate saving of respondent behavior

Surveys are probably the most frequent design running a business research. Within this study a filed study will be conducted. Registered studies are practical because they research the trend in their natural setting up. Primary data pertaining to attitude related to workplace brand through Job satisfaction, rewards, time, gender, knowledge & experience of employees will be accumulated. In order to do that, the process approach to data collection will be conducted through questionnaires. The questionnaires method is chosen as it affords the benefits of acceleration, cost & adaptability.

In this analysis impact of employer brand for the recruitment & selection process will be measured by the questionnaire.

In the questionnaire the respondent/candidate are required to indicate their score on the given statement by using five points. This scale ranging from suprisingly low to very high. The interpretation of the scale will see out the amount of relationship between your employer brand within an corporation and recruitment and selection techniques.

The surveying method used with people who directly involve in the problems. It can investigate individuals experience in their day to day setting. By utilizing a survey questionnaire, researcher is not distributing or managing the standard routing of a setting.

Disadvantage of using a questionnaire is the fact it helps to keep the researcher at a distance from the respondents, so that opportunities to go back and check and answer or make clear the response further rejected. It's another reason for make a questions carefully in order to guarantee the quality of replies meet with the researcher's targets.

Developing the questionnaire

It's better to develop the questionnaire through brainstorm ideas about the workplace branding & its impact towards recruitment & selection process. It's a arbitrary process; questions will be changed & placed in order afterwards. Like this will conclude with too many questions some of the questions can be rejected immediately. After discarding the evident ones, the remaining will be remaining will be inspected to see whether you can find any improvements could be made to the wordings with the view to attain exactly and unambiguous meaning. Again, each question will examine separately to check whether it's have to be amended.

Analysis and Results

In this study, the main research question going to be resolved will be the impact of employer brand in an organization and its own result to the recruitment & selection functions in privet sector organizations in Sri Lanka. The co efficient of co connection will be computed by using level of perception (recruitment & selection functions) as the "X" - Changing and company brand as "Y" - Adjustable. The coefficient of relationship can be computed separately for Managers & Non - Mangers. It'll be identified whether there is a positive and significant marriage between the company brand in an business and recruitment and selection procedures.

Data will also be analyze to discover, positive relationship between the employer brand within an corporation and recruitment and selection processes, which is a null hypothesis. The data may also be analyzed to look for the employer brand with recruitment & selection.

It is assumed that the following conclusions could be came from the study, which would be convert to provide some information to the managers to improve the level of employer brand in an organization since it effects the staff fascination & retention.

Perception about company brand

Through examination of data, researcher will identify whether there's a positive or negative relationship perception of workplace brand & recruitment & selection process within an organization. Thereby coming to the conclusion, which would elaborate the impact of job satisfaction of employee's impact to the company brand, and how that will impact to the recruitment & selection procedure for and group.

Through coefficient of co-relation computations it will be identified whether there exists an optimistic or negative marriage between perception of Employer brand and recruitment & selection process.

Satisfaction of reward

By examining data it'll be further evaluated company brand is mainly related to job satisfaction of the employees. Whether the managerial level individuals job satisfaction mainly from intrinsic rewards than extrinsic pay back. Normally managerial level people are highly educated therefore they have a favorable frame of mind towards their expansion. Bottom part on these it will be conclude that employees who are high level or low level their conception towards the employer brand is more relied on intrinsic praise.

By examining data researcher will reach the final outcome, the employees who are in high competitive industry tend to be more content with their job and they have positive attitude towards their job. It will increase the output & profitability of the business.

Therefore by maintain high employer brand should choose the qualified individuals to do their job in a effective way.

Satisfied employees have good attitude regarding their jobs. Satisfied personnel are have a tendency to attend to work on time, concern about the given goals, work efficiently & effectively, loyalty & commitment to the work, less dependability, suggest new ideas, tend to improve knowledge, prepared to accept more responsibilities. Positive attitude about the work will increase workplace brand in and group. Satisfied employees will talk good about the business. This will escort to effect to attract qualified new individuals to the business and to retain the existing candidates. Such a situation is good for an organization, better performance can be expected. Relationship between satisfaction and performance is positive and significant. But some firm do not concern about the employer brand. This aspect should become more consider by the managers in order to boost performance.

Through the finding of the analysis, hypothesis or the research question is usually to be validated or rejected and the suggestion should be made as to how professionals should plan organizational praise systems, as long as they give main concern to limited to extensic reward or intrinsic compensation. Such as Chance for achievement, Giving of challenging responsibility, Opportunity for advancement, Chance for expansion in stature and peer identification etc.


Ethics means making variation between whatever we can consider right & what can be considered

wrong. In the framework of research, moral issues have a major role. Researcher should dwelling address ethical issues in order to avoid any conflicts in the survey. When conducting a research the researcher should face honest issues under pursuing stages,

Ethical Issues


The Character of the research

· Suitability of the study

· Obligations of and to clients

Conducting the research

· Facts collection methods

· Integrity of the evidence

· Credibility & trust

Processing the Data

· Use of individual subjects

· Data accuracy

· Data protection

· Sampling

Reporting the research

· Publication

· Plagiarism

· Referencing

· Intellectual property

· Assistance from others

· Misrepresentation of the work done

When performing this research regarding "Employer brand in the recruitment & selection process of a business" some of the ethical conditions that the researcher has to concentrated are as follows.

Conducting the research

The voluntary participation requires that if the applicants refuse to participate for the interview, the researcher cannot induce him/her to participating in research. When executing face to face interviews the interviewer should avoid over zealous questioning and pressing the participant for a reply. Doing so may make the situation stressful for the participant he/she may be drop to react to any question. Prior to start out the interview; the interviewer should evidently inform the interview participant they have the to decline to react to any question.


2. If the interview is face to face or by using a telephone it would also be unethical to attempt to prolong the discussion when it is obvious that participant must attend to the next part of their day's schedule.


The researcher shouldn't ask them to participate in anything that will cause harm or intrude on their personal privacy. Thought the prospect take part in your research they may have the right to withdraws as members, and that they may decrease to be a part of a particular facet of your research.

Processing the Data

1. The researcher should maintenance of the confidentiality of data provided by individuals or identifiable members in their interview and their anonymity. Recognized information should not be distributed around anyone who's not directly involved in the study. Once offers about confidentiality and anonymity have been given, it is of great importance to be sure that these are taken care of.

Reporting the research

The maintenance of the study objectivity will be vital during the analysis stage, to make sure that researcher do not misrepresent the data collected which were collected by executing the interviews & from the literature review.

2. When considering avoiding injury, many researchers forget about themselves. The possibility of harm to the researcher can be an important ethical concern that your researcher shouldn't dismiss. This important in regards to to this is not divulging personal information about the researcher such as researcher's home address or telephone number.


Limitations are some problems that hamper our plan research record.

Limitation of related with the organization

The Candidates/employees could be too active with the work, thus may

not have sufficient time to satisfy our concerns.

Difficulty in collecting data

Majority of the employees in the business were not well known about all information that people asked them. Most of them also hesitated to answer the questions. That hampered the information collection.

Confidential data

Researcher acquired some confidential data about organizations which is not possible to disclose publicly, therefore those data and information needed to be ignored because of this report.

Shortage of time

The most important limiting factor in a study is enough time constraint, in which the researcher must make a questionnaire and find the feedback on time to analyze and conclude with in enough time.


Turnover of personnel is expensive and undermines an organisation's capacity to establish a stable workforce - vitally important during durations of change. With competition for the right people more and more challenging, companies can't find the money for to let their competition beat those to the market for expertise.

An effective job brand will:

Reduce the recruitment costs associated with high turnover.

Reduce short-term absenteeism.

Free managers' time. Work allocated to recruitment, induction and exit interviews can be channeled back into obtaining business goals.

Increase employees' inspiration, productivity and job satisfaction. Employees will be more likely to inform individuals who theirs is a superb destination to work and the best people will stay.

Consolidate the company image with employees, customers and shareholders and create the loyalty factor. Increases the retention of knowledge within the organization guaranteeing better service for customers and greater results for shareholders.

Provide rules and tools, based on internal research, which allow tailoring of emails to different people.

Develop integrated and credible communications with consistent, superior messages for both existing and potential employees

The investment in research that underpins job brand is a little ratio of the personal savings it'll earn the company. It also means that recruitment budget is spent in the simplest way.



Job descriptions

A documented J. D. will include:

The name of the work description - The particular name of the role. It is important to recognize every role: Operational Supervisor, Administrative Secretary, Drinking water Female etc.

Subjection - To which role, the function is put through. To whom must he article at the end of your day? Or in other term who can shout at him when he is making a mess and who is responsible for his vacations.

Specifications of responsibilities - What are the actions that incorporate the function's working day. What must he does every day: typing information to the computer, answering telephone calls, fixing malfunctions, searching the internet etc.

Specifications of specialists -Where and when the function is approved to make a decision and where subject matter: submitting price quotations, approving obligations, approving credits etc.

External certification - What exactly are the external requirements required for the job: engineer, electric technician, skilled fireman, skilled pilot etc.

Internal certification - What exactly are the internal skills required for the job: working procedure training, ERP system training, lunch time break time, leisure activities etc. The ISO 9001 standard grips this subject matter with much health care. We will discuss this in details in our next treatment.


Intrinsic Rewards

Outcome that gives an individual internal (personal) satisfaction such as that derived from a job done well.

As we've noted previously

Rewards may be "intrinsic"

Opportunity for achievement

Giving of challenging responsibility

Opportunity for advancement

Opportunity for expansion in stature and peer recognition

Each of these must be

Timely, appropriate, advantageous, offered sincerely

And done in public areas!

Extrinsic rewards are thought to be

A positive outcome that is obtained by doing work but which is independent from and not inherent to the work task. Essentially the most apparent extrinsic rewards are the pay and benefits that employees receive in return for work, though others might include reward from superiors and a sense of career progression.


Working environment or conditions



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