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Create a background for the peer pressure essay

You could start your peer pressure essay by stating that peer pressure is a hot topic at the moment, as it is considered to be an influencing factor when it comes to teen criminality. Although it has some negative effects, many athletes claim that pressure gave them strength and motivated them to push harder. It is also important to think about the pressure coming from the parents, which can be both direct and indirect pressure. At this point, it is impossible to tell whether pressure will have negative or positive effects on an individual.

Being pressured at home: The best peer pressure essays mention that school is one of the most important places where a pressure comes into the picture. The pressure coming from their peers can influence the decisions children make. In the same time, peer pressure also comes from the part of the student’s family. There have been studies conducted regarding the kind of peer pressure children experience and the marital status of their parents. According to the findings, the children who live with both natural parents are more susceptible to negative peer pressure than those living with a single parent. The same applies to the children who are living with a natural parent and a stepparent.

When writing a peer pressure essay you have to remember that this isn’t like writing narrative essays. You have to focus on facts. You could write about the fact that the pressure coming from home is indirect and not all children perform well under pressure, thus turning the pressure into negative peer pressure. Other children aren’t as sensitive and they can turn it into something positive, finding motivation in it. All children are under some pressure, but it is their personality that determines the way they perceive it.

What about athletes? If you are writing an essay about peer pressure, make sure to refer to beginner athletes as well. Just imagine how much pressure they are under, especially if practicing a given kind of sport has been passed down for generations in their family. Children feel the need of living up to the expectations of the parents. This could lead to the break of family relationships as the members have different interests. You can be sure there is a lot of peer pressure especially at the beginning when all people hear about is how great the other athletes are. In this case, the best thing to do is to use this pressure and turn it into motivation, which will make athletes work even harder.

Aside from positive peer pressure, there is also the possibility of negative peer pressure. When writing an essay, peer pressure still exists. You could be thinking about how good the other essays will be. The situation is even worse if you do something simply because others expect essay writers to behave in a given way. This applies to athletes as well. Just think about this example: some might say that basketball players are supposed to have tattoos because their majority has tattoos. This could determine a beginner player to get a tattoo, even though he never really wanted one.

Indirect peer pressure: The thing about peer pressure is that it isn’t always direct or obvious. This is something you should mention in your peer pressure essay thesis definition as well. Direct pressure means having someone offer you a drink. Indirect pressure applies when you attend an event where they only serve alcoholic beverages and you seem to be the only one not drinking. You will respond to pressure in one way to the other because it isn’t part of your everyday life, but the way you respond defines you as a person. Some will simply break under pressure. These are the people with weak minds and low self-esteem. Others use pressure to help them reach their goals. These are strong, ambitious people.

Peer Pressure Essay: Peer pressure doesn’t have to be a negative thing

A lot of people say that peer pressure is a negative thing, but they fail to understand that pressure shapes the kind of people we become. When writing a peer pressure essay, you’re not really writing a persuasive essay, but you do have to convince people using your arguments. Most people are used to peer pressure as they are surrounded by it and in many cases, they try new things because they trust the people around them. There is always something to learn from pressure. If it is the case of negative peer pressure, it can have an effect on a person’s spirit, mind, and body. It can stress people out and make them do things they wouldn’t normally do. Positive pressure, however, lowers the stress levels and it helps mend social relationships. In case of students, it helps them perform better at school.

The truth about peer pressure: If you are writing a peer pressure essay, people don’t expect a ground breaking thesis conclusion from you. But you could say that pressure is something that surrounds us and that nobody can really escape. It can lead people into depression and it can make things tough, but it can also give strength and build character, helping people to make better decisions. It is possible to eliminate some negative peer pressure by choosing carefully the people we are surrounded by, but in many cases this isn’t an option. Most probably when writing your peer pressure essay you won’t have to think about what is a capstone project as this is an essay most students have to write to help them better understand their surroundings and the people around them.

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