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Pathophysiology Disease Body

Ulcerative colitis.

Pathophysiology is the analysis of disruption of normal mechanised, physical and biochemical functions either caused by a disease or caused by an illness or abnormal symptoms or condition that could meet the criteria to be called an illness. It's identified when something disrupts the standard physiology and it gets into in to realm. Pathophysiology looks at the thorough malfunctioning that triggers diseases. Pathophysiology handles the how the body reacts incase of the pathogen in the digestive system. Pathophysiology of Ulcerative colitis is the most frequent inflammatory bowel disease influencing most people in the world and mostly in Australia. The inflammatory procedure for ulcerative colitis begins at the rectum section of the anal canal and progresses proximally to other areas of the body within the digestive system. After analyzing my patient, i found out some symptoms in him that are in ulcerative colitis. They included ; Regular trip to the bathroom with 7-8 goes to during the night, diarrhea and the diarrhea progressed to have blood stains, lack of weight by 10 kg, loose of cravings, he was fragile because of dehydration he experienced ache in the hip and legs which resulted to tiredness. These are the common symptoms in ulcerative colitis and this patient happened to really have the symptoms when i diagnosed him. Generally in most people the condition is restricted to the rectum and sigmoid digestive tract. Although ulcerative is untreatable, they have long-term debilitating manifestations which disrupt lifestyle.

Some of the normal signs or symptoms of this disease fall under two categories that is inside manifestation and exterior manifestation. Some examples of the inner manifestation include; include; inflammation at the bottom of the crypt of lieberkun in the top intestine which is connected with the infection on the solid lining wall of the rectum it also happen to other parts of the digesting keep tabs on. It is also seen as a remissions and exacerbations involving the swelling of the rectum and colon. Blood stained stool with mucus also is another symptom for ulcerative colitis. Abdominal pain, fatigue and weight damage, mouth area ulcers, malaise and malnutrition, recurrent diarrhea with small passage of blood vessels and purulent mucus, some people experience fever in the torso some patients may begin throwing up or have nausea other patients may experience pain in the anus while passing stool. Chronic swelling contributes to a trophy, narrowing and shortening of the intestines, with lack of its normal haustra. Pseudo polyps, tongue like projections of colon mucosa into of the colon regenerates. The disease is also severe in the rectum and sigmoid intestines. Loss of the absorptive mucosal surface and rapid colonic transit and this causes large amounts of watery diarrhea, anemia. Many of the exterior manifestation may be missed as the sign of Ulcerative colitis types of external manifestation include; joint pain oral lesions, arthritis, osteoporosis and pores and skin manifestation e. g. Erythemanodusum. Some other external manifestation may be in the eyes and liver. Other indications are anorexia, tiredness and weakness in the body. Some people may have repeated visit to the toilets which can mean 6 to 10 appointments each day with bloody feces. All these symptoms change with normal health since when the first is healthy she or he does not visit the toilet frequently, diarrhea, has blood feces, vomit or has tiredness and weakness in the body. Once the gastrointestinal is normal, digestive tract is also good and the bowel and rectum function properly. Chronic inflammatory is brought on by unnatural gastrointestinal. Gastrointestinal process is important because it strengthens the mucosal lining of the rectum this leads to better absorption of essential nutrients and thickening of the intestines wall.

After various medications failed, some of the visible ramifications of the current medication (cyclospororine) are; mild upsurge in transaminases, thrombocytopenia, and pancytopenia. This suggests that the therapy with VGC is effective against CMV in organ transplant. Also the existing medication had fatigue problems the body was involved in a lot of metabolic processes and got worn out because of this medication. It has led to general energy loss in the body as a whole. Although has negative impact to energy that is not shown to weight has weight remained constant. The patient was not allergic to the medication and neither of his body parts responded negatively to the medication. Diarrhea has not stopped therefore the patient still administers predisone drug because it assists with reducing diarrhea. In order to avoid some of these effects the individual is supposed to medication that would work to his body. The medication i can recommend to the patient is the current drug because although it has so effects but it is helping the patient greatly. is an immunosuppressant for the treatment of the disease. Cyclosporine operates as an inhibiting lymphocyte which is important for propagation of irritation. Apart from other immunosuppressive agent, this medication does not suppress the experience of other hamatopoetic cells


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