Panic Invasion Treatment Circumstance Study

  • Angela L. Jenkins

Final Project

Assessment reports are dimension tools that fit easily into a variety of settings. It is a necessity that all counselors utilize examination. Assessment is a vital part of the counseling experience and should be used with every consumer in a formal or casual manner. The counselor must have certain skills to ensure the usefulness and correctness of evaluation. Sometimes major occasions in a client's life can cause assessments to be revamped, or can spotlight the value of assessments. A comprehensive article regarding Jadine Marie Sawyer's recommendation reflects the need of exact and competent request of assessments.

Through careful group of data information about the client is revealed through the use of the recommendation, assessments, goals and validity of the assessments. Referrals are given because of this of the evaluation benefits and conclusions.

Name of Person being assessed: Jadine

Date of delivery: 9-1-94

Date(s) of examining: 4-2011, 2-11-2012, 3-22-2012, 12-11-2012, 11-13-2014

Chronological era (years, weeks): twenty years, 2 months

Reason for referral

Jadine, a 20-year-old Caucasian woman, was referred due to a anxiety attack in her mathematics class in which it had taken her approximately 30 minutes to catch her breath. The experience was in a way that she never wishes proceed through that again and avoids circumstances where it might possible happen. She was horrified and humiliated by the situation. Jadine needs assistance with deciding her future goals. She was at a loss talking about what she desired because her brain is so preoccupied with her princess, being a learner, and a worker that she's not considered her future. She designed on joining the military services but her boyfriend is going into the Marines and she will not want her child to be segregated from both of these. She wishes to do what's best on her behalf daughter which is creating physical and mental illnesses because she does not know how she'll manage.

The character of the recommendation and the goals of the assessment

Jadine had an anxiety attck last month which led to her math instructor referring her to the guidance center. She desires to take good care of her daughter and also give her needs. These concerns are weighing on her behalf mind so greatly that they are creating her physical as well as mental issues. She also offers added stress because her partner is departing for the Marines and she wants to find a way to keep their little princess in contact with her father. Jadine desires to secure her future by causing sure she can offer for her little princess and not depart her. She would like to find a happy medium between university, work, and family life that won't cause her stress. Jadine must discuss and clarify her passions. Understanding her assessments can help identify a job focus and start a journey to career planning and exploration.

The Brief Spirits Survey can be used to evaluate her suicidal tendencies, her satisfaction with her romantic relationship, anger and her anxiety level. This will determine the most important areas of matter so far as her mental health and help determine treatment planning.

The MBTI steps interests, abilities, and those results can help her produce a rewarding career. In addition, it will give her better route as far as work activities, educational programs, and enjoying down time. She'll make decisions that will profit her now and throughout her life.

The Function will show Jadine options as far as university and help her decide on a degree program she would like to enroll in.

The Strong Basic Interest Scales symbolize specific interest areas that often indicate work activities, assignments, coursework, and leisure activities that could be professionally motivating and fulfilling to Jadine. Her interest rates may be used to look at interest's areas visible in her work and lifestyle and can stimulate discussion how she might be able to incorporate others into her plan.

The questions on the Aptitude and Interest Inventories are intended to reveal in what way you think, not what you know. This therefore helps to create a more gratifying work, home and free time experience.

Evaluation instruments and methods

American College Tests (Take action) -The Function is a standardized test for senior high school achievement and university admissions.

Brief Mood Review (BMS) - The BMS includes correct scales that measure depression seriousness, suicidal impulses, panic, anger, relationship difficulties, and positive thoughts such as joy, self-esteem, and production.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological tastes in how individuals see the world and make decisions.

The Strong Interest Inventory (SII) is a test that uses scales to assess and match individual's interests with potential educational, profession, and leisure activities, using tastes in a variety of areas.

Aptitude and Interest Inventories assesses an individual's needs and wants for a variety of activities, things, and types of individuals.

Brief description of the person

Jadine is an individual 18 year old Caucasian, woman who has trouble making friends. She is a high university graduate with a child named Sierra. She resides at 239 Cooper Street, Callia, FL 34567. While she is at school she finished two college courses along with her regular classes. She graduated with honors and was 36th in her class of 626 students. Jadine is uncertain what to do now that she's graduated. She has an extremely supportive family who means the planet to her and will not know what she'll so without them.

Background information

Initially it was advised to Jadine to enter therapy due to a anxiety attack. She was anxious and stressed because her partner enlisted and she was having difficulties economically. She was very worried because she did not know how she would be able to care for her daughter. Not only was she concerned about her daughter economically but actually as she came into college and found employment. Who would take of her? These concerns created mental and physical issues.

Jadine's family is very supportive. She functioned in a daycare that her mommy. Her mother, grandmother and Marc's (her boyfriend) mother help you with Sierra when they can. She cannot imagine life without her family.

Behavioral observations

Jadine is well put together as it pertains to her appearance. She's trouble concentrating and didn't make much vision contact. The fact that she often folded her hands and crossed her feet displays that she is sealed off and has trouble enabling others in. She is guarded with a standard way of thinking. Thoughts that she indicated were not abstract. Jadine viewed tired and skinny. She looked like restless, shy, stressed, and struggling to relax. She actually is a very nice one who is self-aware

Validity statement

The Strong aids in Profession development-helps intensify a folks' self-awareness and provide profound understanding of individual strengths and blind areas, including work style and risk-taking orientation. This is ideal for Jadine. The Work Helps people achieve education and place of work success. The Quick Mood Study was compared to such assessments as the Beck Stress and anxiety and Melancholy Inventories as well as the Zung Self-Rating Stress and Despair Scales. It was found that it correlates highly with them. So, the Quick Mood Review is valid for evaluating Jadine's mood and anxiety levels. The device is a powerful tool that will help make decisions about profession and education. It does not matter whether you are just beginning your job, making a change, or thinking about education options for profession planning, you can take advantage of the information in your outcomes. You could identify a job focus and commence your career planning. The device measures pursuits and can help show you toward opportunities, work activities, education programs, and leisure activities. Jadine stated that she wished to makes changes in all that this tool measures. She desires to find a job that will support her and her princess. She also wants to choose a institution and major where she can prosper. The MBTI measures interests, abilities, and those results can help her develop a rewarding job. Reported trustworthiness for the MBTI amounts from 65% to above 90%.

Validity coefficients with similar subtests of the General Aptitude and Interest Battery range between. 60 to. 80. Median alpha reliabilities range between. 70 to. 91.

Assessment results

The ACT shows that Jadine would do well in her first time British and reading. She has a 50% chance of making a B or higher, or around a 75% chance of making a C or more in first year college programs related to British and reading. Her writing rating implies writing to be one of her advantages. Jadine demonstrated analysis skills, stable support on her behalf points, varied sentence structure, and well selected wording on her behalf essay. Her results were: Composite Report 21, English 24, Mathematics 19, Reading 23, Technology 18, Combined English/Writing 25, and writing subscale (rating range 2-12) 10.

On the Strong Jadine's top five interests areas include religion and spirituality; guidance and supporting; and teaching and education. The Basic Interest Scales represent specific interest areas that often point to work activities, projects, coursework, and leisure activities that might be individually motivating and worthwhile. Jadine's interest levels (Very Little, Little, Moderate, High, Very High) can be used to examine passions areas evident in her work and lifestyle and can stimulate discussion how she might be able to incorporate others into her plan such as her princess.

The Brief Mood Survey assess' feelings in various categories. Jadine's results were depression and anger were results of 7 which means they are really in the minor range and there is no need for alarm just yet. Jadine obtained a 0 for suicidal ideation. She also mentioned that she had not been suicidal on the intake questionnaire. Her score of 18 on romantic relationship satisfaction was natural while her report of 23 for anxiousness was extreme. This needs to be addressed right away. These results were very correct so far as Jadine can be involved.

Summary of examination results and conclusions

Jadine's MBTI results demonstrated that her highest styles were interpersonal and creative. These themes identify people's personalities and environments they work in. People who have high scores in these areas enjoy close, personal connections and using creativity to produce a difference in the lives' of others. Jadine is a collaborative helper who'll be appreciated on her behalf capability to encourage others to discuss their ideas, get others to agree on decisions, aid in creating composition and corporation and ensuring tasks are completed. Some of the jobs that she'd prosper in are conversation pathologist, special education educator, elementary school teacher, and social worker.


  1. I would advise that Jadine continue counselling because now she has learned some things about herself and has some course. She needs to use what she's learned and discuss actions she has considered. Her mental and physical concerns regarding her problems need to be readdressed.
  2. Further assessing is need to help her to essentially thin down job alternatives and I would suggest that so that she can really decide on a job that will fit her comfort level with others until she learns to make friends easier.
  3. Jadine may also consider regular counselling to ascertain her treatment progress. By measuring Jadine's symptomology it'll indicate if the current interventions are facilitating progress.


Signature and credentials


Jadine was referenced by her mathematics teacher due to a anxiety attack. She was sensing uncertain of her future especially in regards to her princess. She did not understand how she would take care of her fiscally or bodily. Her boyfriend was going out of for the Marines. These circumstances caused her physical and mental stress. Jadine needed help with decisions for her future, school, work and her physical and mental distress. She had taken the ACT, The Strong Interest Inventory, The Short Mood Survey, The Myers-Briggs Type Sign and Aptitude and Interest Inventories. These assessments provided her with some needed path. I advised that she continue counseling so she can discuss the improvement she has made, how she is working with changes in her life and also to if interventions have contributed to her stress.

These assessments have been very beneficial for the reason that they help individuals find out about themselves with techniques that will give way to degree choice, job contentment, career, associations and even free time satisfaction. Assessments are vital tools because they can determine wherever a client is mentally, in physical form and emotionally. Careful consideration needs to be taken when deciding what diagnosis should be used. They must be used with each consumer in future counselling endeavors.

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