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Pakistan | A tourism analysis

Pakistan is an excellent place for tourism as it has the most interesting and breathtaking views of mountains, plateaus and deserts. It has the high probable to attract a large number of international tourists, along with that, Pakistan Travel and leisure Development Company (PTDC) had create 27 motels and 3 restaurants for the convienience of the foreign travelers, PTDC need to intensify their marketing capacity to be able to attract travellers from countries like, China, Midsection East Korea, Japan, and a great many other countries. Additionally Pakistan federal need to take certain actions, in order to market and acknowledge Travel and leisure in Pakistan, as doing this will not only benefit us economically but will also bring unity, compatibility and harmony among nations. Additionally government also have to encourage private sector to develop tourism-friendly environment which will result in financial balance.

Source: PTDC webpage on mountaineering, http://www. tourism. gov. pk/mountain. html

Research strategy:

Most of the info obtained for this research will come secondary sources including reserve, internet, magazine etc but to improve the accuracy of information I am going to conduct primary research to validate my results from supplementary data.

Primary research for this project was conducted via a telephonic interview with individuals who are affect by the holidaymakers. I have taken an example size of 30 people who participate in different places but have a very important factor in common which is they have interest in travel and leisure in Pakistan.

The sample selected [people who are either potential customer for tourism in Pakistan ir those who participate in promote travel and leisure in Pakistan as well as those who earn their living by giving service to overseas tourist.

Following are the few questions which I have ask to these people in order to assemble the data for my research.

How are conditions in Pakistan for overseas tourists

Do Pakistan offers enough place for international tourist to go to.

How is security situation across the country

What place do you suggest to foreign vacationer to visit

Do government of Pakistan taking enough steps to promote tourism

Do people of Pakistan welcome tourist in their country

In response to first question 70% of folks interviewed responded that conditions in Pakistan are good enough to tourist. The problem include security situation but likewise incorporate infrastructure highway network and other conditions as the raining 30% were quall split for example 15% said conational Pakistan are not favourable for international tourist while remaining 15% said they were not necessarily sure.

Out of the full total sample I've selected 90% people do believe that Pakistan has enough place for most holiday to see and therefore got the other issue such security etc take care of Pakistan has much to provide foreign holiday while 10% people were uncertain if Pakistan got enough place to offer to overseas tourist.

In response to question of security conditions most people who were outside the Pakistan believe Pakistan is not so secure country for overseas tourist and that accounted for the 80% of them while left over 20% whom majority were Pakistanis in UK assume that Pakistan is though damaged by terrorism and other issue but still security conditions in the united states are reasonable enough for the foreign tourist. While left over people who had been inside the country and when whether foreign vacationer should Pakistan without risking their security have replied favorably.

When I ask on few places that people know should be interesting for holiday many people replied by directing out historical place such Taxila, Mohn Jo daro to sea beeches of Karachi and beautiful natural devote Gilgit-Bilistan. But regrettably people who had been outside the Pakistan were not really sure the famous places to visit in Pakistan.

In reaction to the question of whether authorities of Pakistan is promoting travel and leisure in Pakistan be it domestic tourism or foreign. Almost 70% of folks said that federal government of Pakistan should do more and is not doing enough to promote positive image of the united states. While remaining 30% weren't sure about the government action to market tourism.

When I ask the question whether Pakistani people welcome vacationer almost 90% concur that Pakistani people do welcome tourist either they are via other area of the country or from the other of the world.

Tourism in Pakistan

Due to its diverse culture, people and scenery, Tourism keeps growing industry in Pakistan, even after considered as one of the most dangerous country on earth, According to Uk Magazine "The Economist". In Pakistan there are range of varieties of appeal that amounts from the ruins of historical civilization such as Mohenjo-Daro, Harappa and Taxila, to the Himalayan hill-stations that get those considering field and winter sports. Additionally, Pakistan has several hill peaks of elevation over 8, 000 metres (26, 250 foot), that appeal to adventurers and mountaineers from about the world, especially to K2. Many home and International visitors visit these areas most often in the month starting from April to September. Tourism is just about the income source for local people.

In 2009, Pakistan was ranked 113 out of 130 countries to visit, According to the World Economic Forum's Travel and Travel and leisure Competitiveness Survey (TTCR). Although scheduled to Political instability, suicide disorders, religious discord, kidnapping of foreigner and doubt in the country had badly damaged the Tourism throughout the united states, especially NWFP, which is currently renamed as Pakhtoonkhwa.


Eco travel and leisure:

For generations, Ecotourism is among the most significant area of the tourism business in Pakistan, as they have offered much marvelous experience combined with the stunning mountains of NWFP, bringing in number of vacationers around the globe for trekking, skating, forest camping, climbing, and discovering the region's natural parks and forests. Pakistan ecotourism vacation spot is unforgettable for those who have ever visited it.

http://whc. unesco. org/en/statesparties/pk

Especially, Swat, Huns, Aruba, Abbott bad, Murfree, Narran and Kahn have yet been known as the perfect tourists place for both summer time and winter weather. The snow-peaked mountains, the natural parks and the animals in the forests offered an exciting experience specifically for the one who's in search of adventure.

The natural splendor of the mountainous scenery has attracted number of tourists generating essential jobs for local people in the hospitality-related businesses. In addition the Swat valley by itself - known as the "Switzerland of the East" - is among the most centre for 800 hotels. Over 40, 000 residents Pakistan employed immediately in hospitality.

http://whc. unesco. org/en/statesparties/pk

Impact of battle on travel and leisure in Pakistan:

Over the past ten years, and especially since 2007, the fast pass on of terrorism have not only created doubt in the united states but also crushed the major sector of market that causes unemployment, Suicide bombing is becoming common in everywhere likewise, in retailers, markets, general population places, business centres and institutes. Warfare and issue is not limited by a particular city. Its effect is everywhere, anyone can be victim of computer.

Due to combat between armed forces and religious causes, the NWFP- which is known as 70% of the country's holidaymakers site, and where thousands and thousands of people mixed up in tourism industry are badly beaten. Continuous warfare and terror has weaken both the economy and defence of the region.

http://www. carnegieendowment. org/files/tellis_pakistan_final. pdf

Due to worst security situation and many of the popular location are changed into war zones, barely few tourists now visit Pakistan. Although after 9/11 strike in USA, there is a slow drop of vacationers in Pakistan however the recent military operations and suicide episodes have been the previous nail in the smashing of travel and leisure industry.

Since the initiation of the major spiritual and military offensive, the earning that comes from travel and leisure has been declining drastically. From Rs 16 billion in 2007, revenues halved in 2008, with an additional major fall in '09 2009. The industry is currently facing a $50 million total annual loss therefore of the military operations.

The hospitality business possessed experienced a major show up of 40% in room occupancy countrywide. In addition in NWFP, the insurgency has caused the shutdown of holiday industry. From last three years the hotels have been closed down while the industry has lost of Rs 600 billion. Furthermore the transport industry is also going through tough times. Because of huge job deficits in tourism and other related industry, most the folks have migrated to other cities in the search of occupation.

Moreover the earnings that was generated from tourism has been declined by 11. 8% in 2008, while 12% in 2009 2009. The average family involved in tourism business used to earn around 40, 000 per mouth and soon after conflict their earning has slipped to 5000/ month.

With more than 25, 000 people killed and more than a million displaced in the past year, prepared hotel assignments have been put on hold. The amount of pile climbers and overseas trekkers has already reached zero. Barbarism and bloodshed now run rampant in places which once offered tranquility and tranquillity. No-one would dream of visiting these places for pleasure now.

http://www. carnegieendowment. org/files/tellis_pakistan_final. pdf

Moreover adding to the crises encountered by these shattered tourism industry, the federal government budget in addition has been cut by 36 percent for 2010-2011 relatively with the previous year. The only project this season will be to reconstruction and renovation of existing complexes. There's no scheme introduced in order to help overcome terrorism.

With the Pakistani political leadership seems to unaware of the true potential of industry, that show little if any potential client in the approaching years of tourism attaining momentum which it lost. With the complete industry standing on the boundary of collapse the near future looks blank for Pakistan most spectacularly beautiful locations.

http://www. carnegieendowment. org/files/tellis_pakistan_final. pdf

Pakistan technique to control extremism:

In the eighth season of the global war on terror, the international community has understood that it's a warfare of ideas that cannot be won through force. Eventually Pakistan recognizes that countries today have used unique methods towards deradicalization based on the requirements of their cultural, politics situation, and cultural specification. The aim of these exercising deradicalization programs in Middle East and South East Asia, at a collective level, is to change the worldview of the damaged persons. Private industries or at some places administration and private industries together adopted the strategy of 'rehabilitation and re-education of the detainees'.

The reason behind the faltering of war on terror on both factors of Pak-Afghan boundary in addition has some structural causes such as refusal of Taliban from Afghan federal government, public perception of Pakistan's insurance policies as an integral US ally, use of power as a priority option, sustained US drone episodes, denial of any relief and transitional justice to the subjects of military procedure, problem of Afghan refugees, and lack of trust between US, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

There is a solid tie between insufficient human security and terrorism. Rise in extremism can result in human being insecurity and vice versa. Since independence, administration of particular southern Asian states never have been providing their people with minimum security. Government authorities and ruling classes, rather than focusing on interacting with the issues of human success and development, embarked upon perpetuating their poPakistanr and influence. Subsequently, no South Asian country has been able to free itself from discriminatory and exploitative procedures, which led to increased insecurity and also to the rising quantity of communal and terrorist clothing. Even after the problem these apparel have made, no serious action has been taken by the government or civil modern culture in order to diminish go up in extremist craze at the original stage. Every one of the regional expresses are facing the menace of extremism and terrorism in a single or other form.

http://www. rferl. org/content/Analyst_Defeating_Extremism_In_Pakistan_Requires_Regional_Strategy/1368724. html

Currently south Asian region are facing serious security threat which is because of increment of terrorism and extremism. There are various factors that contain led towards this example.

The politics of assault and extremism in South Asia is mainly the result of faulty national procedures and disturbance of external power. The region's great probable is hostage to unresolved inter-state and intra-state conflicts. In the majority of the says, the governments (either democratic or military) have failed in providing good governance and dealing with cultural problems such as unemployment, social injustice, and poverty. The political culture in these state governments was unable to meet up with the imperatives of globalization. Furthermore, rather than promoting unity and integration (both at national and regional levels) it resulted in ethnic solidarities and recognition with religious beliefs and culture.

Source : http://www. cssforum. com. pk/general/news-articles/articles/26177-causes-extremism-south-asia-pakistan. html

How tourism situation could improve in Pakistan

The tourism sector is being overlooked by the successive government authorities and quite very small amount is allocated in public areas Sector Development Program that hardly caters for it needs. At global level, Pakistan is wrongly projected in the multimedia and tourists are advised never to visit this southern Asian country, which offer four-season tourism opportunities.

Security is merely not only the issue that has haunt the terrorism but there are also various other factors engaged which increase woes of the multibillion dollar trade around the world. These factors require like,

Moreover, Lack of infrastructure, facilities to the travelers, travel, discouraging response from representatives circles etc are also a few of the areas that are need to be improved. `

Until and unless take this (travel and leisure) industry on concern basis, Pakistan will not view it flourishing. Pakistan also needs to put in maximum resource inside our tourism sector.

Pakistan has very diverse and rich culture to provide tourist together with lots of chance of adventure tourism as the four provinces and three territories of Pakistan are extremely diverse therefore different that it generally does not look like to foreign vacationer that they are in same country with different culture, sights and different months.

Pakistan should improve the image of country by to begin bettering security situation in order to convince foreign tourist they are safe in the united states because in the past the event like kidnapping of American journalist and harm on srilankan team as well as bomb blast in big metropolitan areas of the country lead to a sense among the west that Pakistan is not really a safe country which is main cause of declining travel and leisure in the united states especially traveler from traditional western countries are hesitant to go to Pakistan as a result of dread that country is not secure enough.

Together with these measure Pakistan need to improve its image by promoting itself on various platforms throughout the world and together promoting hospitality industry through giving them incentives, Pakistan can capture significant number of holiday looking for adventurism or natural splendor visit Pakistan and add significant revenue for the federal government of the country while providing job to big range of its people.

Security situation for traveler in Pakistan:

Pakistan 've got lots of places where traveler can visit and these places are safe and sound especially the southern part of Pakistan is very much indeed safe together with northern areas like gilgit and biltistan which are incredibly beautiful and well received by holiday that even though when warfare on terror happening bu the travel and leisure in northern areas is increasing and every more and more foreign vacationer are going to these areas. The mountain there are incredibly clean and beautiful which catch the attention tourist which s the excellent reason why many people who went to Pakistan will be able to let you know that how beautiful the place which is though not very promote but well received by people across the world.

Source: http://www. eturbonews. com/15162/diversity-adventure-story-and-false-media-news-pakistan

Every year thousands fo folks from the countries such India and china are approaching to start to see the Pakistan plus they arrived here andseee the united states hwile goi ng back they told their families and friends about the united states which is not told on media. every Pakistan receive a grea t quantity of adventure traveler who came here because they believe Pakistan is safe when they give back with positive experience they act as advertisement for the country.

Source: http://www. eturbonews. com/15162/diversity-adventure-story-and-false-media-news-pakistan

The folks of Pakistan are welcoming and they give admiration to tourists and greet them, suggest to them local custome anad tribal way of doing things which tourist find attractive and interesting.

For the experience tourist especially Pakistan is great place, as with Pakistan there are huge mountains like the eastern Himalaya and other, these pile have a height of over 8000 metres and are longest string of pile where people can do monitoring, exploration, or anything in this beautiful area.

Source: http://www. eturbonews. com/15162/diversity-adventure-story-and-false-media-news-pakistan

Pakistan is exclusive ! Located in the heart and soul of the Southern Asian sub-continent, this can be a country using its own record and cultural history, fascinating in its own right. Pakistan was the website for one of the world's first human settlements, the fantastic prehistoric Indus Valley Civilization, the crucible of traditional empires, religions and ethnicities.

The land of Pakistan varies from lofty mountains in the north, the Karakoram and the Himalayas, through dissected plateaus to the rich alluvial plains of the Punjab. Then employs desolate barrenness of Baluchistan and the hot, dry out deserts of Sind mixing into mls and mls of fantastic beaches of Makran coast. Come and Explore the Treasures of Pakistan around. A visitor to Pakistan is more than a tourist - to us he's an honoured visitor.

Competitive advantage of Pakistan over other countries:

In order to be competitive in this environment every country in the competition to catch visitor have to offer competitive advantages which is things that country can do best. The ownership of competitive benefits is in itself is insufficient but countries like companies to talk it to potential traveler in remaining world. The basis of competitive is definitely lay in the resources of the country with best important is just how that country use these source of information to be able to get competitive advantages and also with the fact that the tool which formed the basis of competitive benefit are of sufficient number and quality. The three major resources for country are financial resource, physical and real human resource. While these resource of financial individuals and other physical are in economics refer as land, labour and capital with the essential skills entrepreneurship.

http://www. lonelyplanet. com/pakistan/images/badshahi-mosque-pakistan$24057-10

It's a open up secret that north areas of the country are very wealthy for attracting the tourist where in fact the natural beautify of landscaping using their traditional cultural heritage have made a heaven for eco visitor especially. But unfortunately those northern areas of the country aren't very well developed and considered by government and they are not so well covered and their natural beauty with their particular cultural heritage couldn't effectively conserved by government of Pakistan till today.

Though when contemplating adventure travel and leisure we think about Nepal and other countries located in the region but Pakistan has enough to provide in adventure travel and leisure such as five out of fourteen pile peaks of K2 are located in the Pakistan where there height reach to as much high as 8000 meter and as well as this a few of the largest glaciers are situated within the territory of gilgit-bilistan as these are largest glaciers beyond your polar region.

http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Gilgit-Baltistan

Mohenjo-Daro was a city found in the south of Modern Pakistan in the Sind Province, on the right bank of the Indus River. It was built between four and five thousand years back, and lasted until 3, 700 BP. It had been area of the Harrapan Civilization, and the town experienced at least 35, 000 residents. Mohenjo-Daro means "mound of the deceased". The town was about one rectangular mile in proportions. In 1922-1927 large level excavations at Mohenjo-daro Pakistanre carried out by R. D. Banarjee and sustained by M. S. Vats and K. N. Dikshit under the way of Sir John Marshall. E. J. H. MacKay carried out further excavations from 1927 to1931. Sir Mortimer Wheeler made small excavations in1950.

http://whc. unesco. org/en/statesparties/pk

In Balochistan there are many caves for cavers and vacationers to visit especially the Juniper Shaft Cave, the Murghagull Gharra cave, Mughall saa cave, and Pakistan's by natural means adorned cave, the Mango her Cave. Pakistan is a member country of the Union International de Splologie (UIS).

The northern elements of Pakistan are home to several historical fortresses, toPakistanrs and other structures including the Huns and Chitral valleys, the latter being home to the Kalash, a small pre-Islamic Animist community. [Punjab is also the site of Alexander's struggle on the Jhelum River. The ancient city of Lahore is known as Pakistan's social centre and has many examples of Mughal architecture like the Badshahi Masjid, Shalimar Backyards, Tomb of Jahangir and the Lahore Fort. The Pakistan Travel and leisure Development Firm (PTDC) also helps promote travel and leisure in the united states. HoPakistanver, tourism continues to be limited as a result of lack of proper infrastructure and the worsening security situation in the country. The recent militancy in Pakistan's scenic sites, including Swat in Khyber Parkton Kawa province, have dealt an enormous blow to the tourism industry. Lots of the troubles in these holiday destinations are also blamed on the frail travel network, travel and leisure regulatory framework, and low prioritization of the tourism industry by the federal government, low efficiency of marketing and a constricted tourism belief. After these areas Pakistanre being cleared from the militant teams in past due 2009, the federal government, with financial support from the USAID, started out a advertising campaign to reintroduce tourism in Swat valley. Pakistan obtains 500, 000 holidaymakers on a yearly basis, with almost half of these heading to northern Pakistan

http://whc. unesco. org/en/statesparties/pk

Strategies to improve travel and leisure in Pakistan:

1. Safety

2. Disaster evacuations

3. Easy bookings of hotels and resorts, teach and air services, cabs etc.

Tourism is, in today's period, one of the areas that can offer local and country, a profitable and financial development. Natural and anthropogenic probable which Romania has is essential to be properly exploited, providing campaign and development of investment programs, able to attract a sizable number of visitors. The task is presenting some specific mountain travel and leisure development through investment programs focused on strategic quality tourism services and protect the environment.

Airports will be the gateway to the country. Facilities and handling provided at the

International airports from a lasting impression on the overseas tourist. Our international airports suffer from a number of drawbacks regardless of the vast improvements undertaken in recent years.

Sufficient attention has not been paid to the regular training and education of staff involved in handling immigration, security and health inspections. Staff at the international airports would be encouraged to learn at least one foreign language. Suitable financial incentive will be provided for this function. Facilitation counters located in the immigration area will be manned by the non-public of PTDC. Certified representatives of recognized travel agencies would be given identity credit cards valid up to flight and immigration counters.

Baggage handling and clearance system should be better.

The tour operators will arrange insurance cover for the visitor groups dealt with by them. The prevailing requirement of law enforcement officials registration and limitation of motion of foreigners would be removed except where specifically required under security factors. Most tourists going to Pakistan require visas, that happen to be issued by Pakistani Embassies or High Commissions in other countries. While execution is adequate, visas are an irritant to travel and leisure and increase the price tag on any occasion. Visas for nationals from some neighbouring states include considerable limitations, which sets significant limits on the introduction of regional travel and leisure.

However, as part of its policy to facilitate tourism, the government has recently eased constraints on visas.

Source : http://www. tourism. gov. pk/travel_guide. html

The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation maintains 21 Holiday Information

Centres at various sites in the united states; in addition, there are information offices

Operated by provincial travel and leisure authorities. However, the standard of service offered invariable and a rationalization of most centres is necessary, with staff training in foreign dialects and customer relations. High-tech Vacationer Information Centres of the type offered by Karachi International Airport, with e-mail, fax, and website facilities need to be founded at the other major airports and city centres.

A website of 1500 webpages exhibiting Pakistanis scenic tourist sites and cultural heritage has been launched which will greatly enhance consciousness both nationally and internationally.

Source : http://www. tourism. gov. pk/travel_guide. html

There are roughly 41 tour operators in Pakistan that provide destination

Management services for local and foreign vacationers. As their services are critical to the introduction of international tourism, they have to be cared for as an initial sub-sector and recognized accordingly.

Several regions of regulation impact negatively on tourism, like the forbidden

Photography of bridges and airports, and restricted zones where trekkers require special agreement to type in. These limited areas could be limited and perhaps renamed permit zones. Tribal leaders may be involved in the introduction of tourism activities in their areas.

Although Pakistan offers world-class tourist attractions, the international tourist

Potential of areas like the Swat Valley has been significantly reduced because of the lack of planning polices, over-development and environmental degradation. Because of lack of co-ordination between the travel and leisure industry and authorities in charge of natural, historical or religious sites, the travel and leisure potential of such sites is not fully realized.

Source : http://www. tourism. gov. pk/travel_guide. html


It's the only real industry, which needed increasingly more exploration' (Zamar Sheikh)

Pakistan is a major tourist attraction since it is blessed with natural splendor and

Historical places that can yield huge forex if properly and methodically

Exploited. Travel and leisure could become foreign exchange making industry for the united states.

Though Pakistan, has currently taken initiative but nonetheless there exists dire need of tireless work to exploit this sector and to add more proportions to entice the tourists.

No proper attention was paid to funnel the God gifted chance to earn more and

More foreign vacationers and foreign exchange which would open up new vistas of

Employment in the tourism sector. Additionally the tourists could find and explore the marketplace of their involvement in Pakistan.

Involvement of private sector was important to provide boost to travel and leisure. Private sector

Should get not only duty exemption but they also should discover vast

Opportunities to invest and they must be facilitated also in terms of money; a network of five stars hotels and motels should be built at all travellers' places and tourist

Operators may be provided necessary facilities, which on the main one hands helped reduce unemployment while on the other funnel foreign exchange.

Private sector should take initiative to develop and exploit all tourist attraction and

Historical location in the province, which unfortunately, has suffered due to negative

Concept about its regulation and order.

Good hotel industry acceptable to the international specifications would give raise to the

Tourist industry, which includes suffered because of a number of reasons and one of them, was lack of proper accommodation for local as well as international tourists. At present there are about 4000 to 4500 rooms available in five star hotels throughout Pakistan, which were insufficient to the demand.

There are problems n Pakistan which prevent this country from bringing in its due share of international visitor and for that reason to appeal to the tourist and to boost economy the federal government of Pakistan have to take serious strategy to prevent risk of security to tourist jointly Pakistan need to promote itself as tourist destination at international forums but these both measure are evenly important.

The most significant aspect security matter of tourist and for that reason without taking proper steps to avoid security risk of security. the federal government of Pakistan should be conscious and careful when people visit this country and must suggest to them how humble and inviting they are and how interested people in Pakistan are to greet the overseas traveler as well as local vacationer equally. Pakistan has truly potential for being truly a hot tourist area in region specifically for adventure travel and leisure and eco tourism its potential is not unseen but need of the hour is promote itself and to decrease the concerns holidaymakers.

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