More than Population Only is not really Responsible for War

Over Population Alone can be not Responsible for War

Can be population by itself responsible for warfare?

Margaret Sanger was one of many eleven children in her family. She studied breastfeeding and worked as obstetrical nurse. She started suggesting the importance of birth control in 1912 once she nursed a woman who also died in her arms after a self-induced abortion.

Maggie Sanger retains over-population in charge of the wars. She manufactured a strong case against over-population to be a cause of wars.

Margaret Sanger is usually wrong in concluding simply over-population to be the cause of wars, it definitely is known as a factor however, not the sole element. According with her, "The 'need for expansion' is the just other name for over-population. " (Sanger, 539) Universe history is full of acquisitions and take-over. England has never been mentioned as over-populated county for the best of my knowledge although British reigned over most of the community at one time or perhaps other. Usa, India. Bangladesh, France, a large number of parts of The european countries were all occupied simply by British at some point. British succeeded for obtaining more riches and be a powerful nation, which includes nothing to perform directly with pressures of over-population. Usa, a huge region and not a great overpopulated nation has acquired Florida, Fresh Mexico, Ut, California, Alaska, Hawaii, The state of colorado, Arizona, Desfiladero Rico, Southern Arizona and many other pieces of land from many countries. (Philippine-American War C Initiative (PAWCI),

The word over-population alone is a contrary term and nowhere a regular definition of the term in the circumstance that it is utilized here. Harvard economist Nicholas Eberstadt remarked, " Just how should one particular define it?

In terms of human population density? If so , Cale?on would be even more "overpopulated" than Bangladesh. In terms of rates of natural boost? In that case, pre-Revolutionary America might have been even more "overpopulated" than contemporary Haiti. In terms of the dependency proportion of children and elderly to working masse? That would suggest Canada was more "overpopulated" in 1965 than India is usually today…. If perhaps overpopulation is actually a problem, this can be a problem that has been misidentified and mis-defined.

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