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Origins of the Cold War

Keywords: cold war origins, cold conflict causes

Thesis: Revisionist or Post revisionist blaming america ??? The Chilly Conflict (1947-1991) was a continuing political conflict, military services tension, financial competition and nuclear arm competition between your two superpowers of that time period, the USA and the USSR. It is a discord inherited from the next World War which didn't lead to a hot war but to numerous proxy wars, coalitions, propaganda and espionage. The Cool War was based in an evergrowing sense of dread and distrust, positioning the previous allies to a confrontation that neither could afford but at the same time that neither could avoid.

There are three different theses about the roots of the Cold Conflict: the Orthodox, the Revisionist and the Post-revisionist.

The Orthodox American view, as place by the American government so that as reaffirmed lately by most American scholars, had been that the Cool War was an essential response of free men to communist hostility. The Orthodox view blames the USSR for the beginning of the cold conflict. (ORIGINS ON THE COLD Battle, by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. )

The revisionist thesis is very different. They see it in its extreme form, that after the end of World Battle II the United Stated intentionally left behind the wartime insurance policy of collaboration and with the possession of the atomic bomb, undertook a span of hostility to expel Russian influence from Eastern Europe and to set up democracy and capitalism everywhere you go. This hostility from the United States towards Russia left Moscow no solution but to take actions of security. Therefore to have consequently the Cold War. (ORIGINS ON THE COLD WAR, by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. )

The post revisionist view blames both the Us citizens and the Russians. Within the thesis itself, there's a deeper divide between scholars in two teams: those who blame the People in america more and those who blame the Russians more. (International Relationships since 1945, by Young and Kent)

In this newspaper I will critically verify the origins of the Cool War located in the Post-Revisionist view which blames the united states more than the USSR. You will find three main justifications of why the wintry war began: Ideology, Country wide Security and Electric power. I will separate this paper in these three main ideas demonstrating them on chronological basis with different cases and I'll explain all of them showing that in my view the real source of the Freezing War was the desire for Electricity and dominance of the USA in Europe and the whole world.

The origins of the Cool War particular date since World Conflict I, in 1914 when the rivalling ideas of communism and liberal democracy arrived to conflict. Because the October revolution occurred in Russia (1917) accompanied by the beginning of the civil warfare (1918), the Western world became worried. Chief executive Woodrow Wilson immediately sent troops to fight against the Bolsheviks. Initially look this would have seemed as an entire normal action: Wilson had to send soldiers to fight against the Bolsheviks usually he'd not value the 14 factors he had attended to to the congress.

Thinking about the 14 factors which included serenity, freedom, countrywide self-determination, free trade and international cooperation one could understand that the action of sending troops to struggle the Bolsheviks was not only because of respecting this things that he previously made himself. By studying it, we can see that if the USA let Russia contain the revolution and create communism, there wouldn't normally be any free trade and the USA wouldn't normally be leading the entire world anymore. Since that time we can easily see that there is ground for the start of the Cold Warfare. This involvement from Wilson confirmed clearly and persuaded Stalin and many others, even more that the West would do everything to eliminate his communist desire.

After the next World Warfare the alliance between your three leaders of the three superpowers, USA, Russia and Britain began to have problems. This alliance was made thanks to the help of an common greater foe and soon its end would come. The alliance was successful because it had gained the battle, but it could not have the ability to survive the peacefulness. The historic differences, the ideologies and mostly the need for electricity were two difficult to conquer.

Nearly three years later these ideologies did not change. There have been many meetings that took place. One to talk about was the Potsdam conference were no contract was reached. With the conference President Truman asked Stalin to withdraw his soldiers from Central and Eastern Europe and to maintain free elections in Poland. Stalin responded tightly that he was not going to take action because this would harm his national security. Poland has always been the border that the risk for Russia could result from, that is why it is more than justified that Russia has to take care of its national security. This did not convince the Western. But was Russia to blame for trying to safeguard its own point out from a threat? It really is true that Russia did not join the United Nations, and Hull said that this security could be achieved with a post warfare peacemaking organization, but in this circumstance the UN was an American company.

A big reason for the beginning of the Cold Conflict was the section of Germany. The superpowers cannot find an arrangement in cases like this. By 1946, the United States and Britain were making every work to unify most of Germany under western guideline. The Soviet Union responded by consolidating its grasp on Europe by creating satellite says in 1946 and 1947. One at a time, communist governments, faithful to Moscow, were create in Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. Stalin used Soviet communism to dominate 50 % of European countries. Why Stalin does this might not be clear. Was he looking to build a global communist movement from Eastern European countries? Or, was he simply seeking to protect his edges from any involvement for the United States or the allies much like the case of Poland?

Another cause of the cold conflict revolved around a comparatively new development in United States-Soviet relations. At the start of 1946, Truman chosen that he was "tired of babysitting the Soviets who understand only an iron fist and strong terminology. " Stalin responded in Feb with a speech stressing the essential incompatibility between Soviet communism and traditional western democracy, thus inaugurating a fresh hard line coverage. Frustrated, Washington found interpretation in a crucial report known as the "Long Telegram. " In 1946, the Soviet expert George Kennan, sent an 8000 phrase telegram to Washington from Moscow. Kennan was a Foreign Service officer who new Russia well. He recognized their record, their culture and their words. Kennan described the communist mentality in the following way. The Soviet's hostility to the west is rooted in the need to legitimize their bloody dictatorship -- they need to therefore have confidence in the inescapable triumph of communism on the beast capitalism. The Soviets, Kennan continued, would exploit every opportunity to extend their system and for that reason could not and wouldn't normally be changed into a policy of tranquility and assistance. (ORIGINS OF THE COLD Warfare, by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr)

While at the same day of the Potsdam seminar (it was the first day of the seminar) in the desert of Mexico a blinding adobe flash was seen. This blinding display was nothing at all else however the first test for the atomic bomb, which does start the nuclear time. Was Russia now right to take into account their nationwide security? With this function of the possession of an extremely dangerous weapon the USA pushed its restrictions and put more pressure on the Russian making the relations even worst. THE UNITED STATES had no excuses to be anxious about their nationwide security in conditions of place or weapons. The earth had to fret about their nationwide security because the USA just revealed them their tremendous power.

The question that I would like to improve in this essential point is: Have America fought for ideology or was it for national security? How could the Us citizens talk about a world of freedom, peacefulness and international co-operation when these were the ones who produced a lethal weapon that could bring just conflict and destruction?

If they fought for nationwide security in the USA, the type of security was it? The Us citizens weren't threatened in terms of land, nor would anyone go and invade them. Why did they declare that their countrywide security was strongly connected with what was happening far away on the planet? I strongly believe that, and facts show as well that nationwide security was only a mask to cover behind the aim of the united states to dominate the earth.

Americans didn't limit their interventions just in European countries. Through the Korean War we could see that the Americans delivered their soldiers there with the pretest of peace and freedom, however the simple fact was different. They send their soldiers with really the only goal that was to guard American interest in the region. They did not limit themselves to just support the South Koreans nevertheless they pushed until they come to the Chinese boundary. They were very near start the Third World Warfare.

These activities do not show a land that promotes serenity and independence, but one which helps bring about imperialism and dominance of the world.

When Leader Truman voiced his accusation at the White House regarding red imperialism he said so: "The United Nations is within Korea because they have to deposit an hostility that threatens all human being hopes for peace and justice. In case the aggression is prosperous it will multiply in Asia, Europe and America. We could struggling with in Korea for our very own nationwide security and survival. "

As I said above the Americans didn't have a matter of national security. These were not endangered in conditions of land and territory; rather these were endangered by an episode from the USSR. Maybe Europe and Asia and the rest of the world should be more worried about their nationwide security now that America got in its ownership the atomic bomb.

Maybe what President Truman designed was that if communism is victorious in Korea; it might be a threat to his plan to dominate the globe because he'd have to share the power with the USSR.

When the Russians developed nuclear power, the USA used this against them. People went in the roads of America protesting up against the bad Russian empire that had nuclear weapons and was planning to destroy the planet. This exhibited that propaganda was a large weapon in the hands of American politicians. Nobody considered what Russian people feared when they understood that the People in america had nuclear weaponry. Since this was an arm race and because the Americans switched it into a nuclear contest I assume that it was more than justified for the Russians to develop their own nuclear weaponry in the name of security.

During this time around a new phenomenon were only available in America. As I stated before propaganda was very important. The People in america were worried that communism would start within the united states and its own people, which is why they used Hollywood actors to talk against it. THE UNITED STATES propaganda was that America was a place where liberty of speech, religion, politics views was well known; unlike Russia where if individuals were against communism, they were jailed or killed. It did not look like this is the truth for the Hollywood Ten. The Hollywood Ten was a group of actors and other famous information of tv set that refused to talk publicly against communism. Each of them were commanded to jail because of their beliefs. This clearly is an example that presents how both of these ideologies were more similar than they were.

President Truman in one of his speeches said that he had not been going to end democracy and he was not going to carefully turn FBI in Gestapo to deal with communism. He was going to ensure independence of speech, of choice and peace; claims that he didn't keep, shown in the act of jailing the Hollywood ten and many other communist followers.

After the loss of life of the Soviet Union innovator the communist world was lost. No-one knew who lead the country; therefore an organization leadership took place. Georgi Malenkov spoke for the party in another of their meetings by saying: "We stand as we have always stood, for peaceful coexistence of both systems. " This was clearly a solid statement that for the first time sent a note of peace and cooperation to the USA from the USSR. The question that raises here's if this is just soviet propaganda or if the new market leaders where different than the old. Even when it was one or the other, this is a moment for peacefulness and assistance. If this opportunity for peace ever existed the USA secretary of point out John Foster Dulles damaged it by declaring publicly: "We are not dancing on any Russian melody. " His view was that the declaration of Malenkov was a Russian storyline to divide the european allies. Except from showing paranoia and mistrust and dread, which was normal in a period of battle, this shows also the tiny interest of the People in america for assistance and serenity; it obviously means that the People in the usa wanted to eliminate the USSR and rule the globe alone.

At the time when Nikita Hrushov became the leader of the USSR, relationships with the USA changed. He was the first leader from the USSR to go to the united states. After his visit there, he indicated in the Party meeting that interactions with the united states will be friendlier from now on. This would lead to a peaceful world order. In the meantime the Americans have been traveling spy planes on Soviet air. While the Soviets where having one of their national parades, where they demonstrated the friendship between the two superpowers one of the American spy planes was flying in Soviet air. The airplane was shot down by the Soviets so that it crushed, at the same time the expectations for peacefulness and cooperation between the two powers crushed as well. If the Americans could have accepted the assistance and friendly relationships they were constructing with the USSR and not be greedy and spy on them the globe would have been more peaceful. But the Americans view had not been to maintain their ideology and national security but to dominate the world.

Because they screwed the human relationships with Russia that they had to rest both with their people and the Russians. But Hrushov recognized that this had not been the truth. In the long run the American leader had to come quickly to an open field and show the reality. This didn't help the government look better in the eye of the individuals or of the USSR.

The Vietnam Conflict managed to get even worst. America helped South Vietnam by promoting it in becoming a capitalist country. Although Vietnam had not been of any importance to the American they feared that if the Vietnamese turned to be communist many other countries would do the same. They thought in the Domino rule. The difference of Vietnam from other countries was that Vietnam was no communism under Moscow. Its leader Ho Chi Minh was communist itself and he used communism to bring people together in one status. After two decades of unsuccessful warfare the Americans left Vietnam. After Vietnams Battle people lost trust in the government and communism overcame democracy. It was wii time for the People in america which decided to use the coverage of Dtente.

When the troops came back from Vietnam, Chief executive Gerald Ford said the following: "These happenings tragic because they are show neither the end of the world nor the finish of American leadership in the world. "

With these exact words I believe it was the first time that a american leader went out so openly to express the real intentions of the People in america. From Ford's words we can understand that these intentions were a long way away from dispersing of freedom, peacefulness and national security, nonetheless they were about America's leadership in of the world.

The Vietnam Conflict was a good triumph for the Russians. Through the Vietnam Syndrome in the US and with the success of the Vietnam Conflict the Russians continuing to produce more arms and march towards the goal of winning the wintry war that was one of these biggest flaws.

The USA didn't intervene only in Vietnam and Korea however in a great many other places as well. Due to the expansionist threat they had from the Soviet Union, in 1949 Chief executive Truman and the Congress approved practically 400$ million for specialized development programs in Latin America, Asia and Africa. The goal of this program, as the American claim was to modernize and strengthen developing nations and discourage the expansion of communism. By giving this aid, as the Marshall Plan they were not aiming in helping these countries, but being able to have them under American control in the future. They are steps that Us citizens took towards regulating the world. While the Americans considered universalism, the Russians considered spheres of impact and the United kingdom thought of a balance of powers. It is clear that the Americans desired universalism because if not they might have been trim from the world and would not have the ability to be a part of European politics and decision taking. The particular Russians needed was merely to ensure their national security which was constantly threatened and keep governing Easter Europe. (ORIGINS OF THIS COLD WAR, by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. )

The difference between America and the USSR is, that the USSR did not intervene in many countries and made them communist; they helped those countries who wished to become. (Example: Vietnam) In contrast America intervened in every country that wanted to turn its regime in communism using their free will. This demonstrates the Americans were not worried about the will of the folks in each country, nonetheless they were mostly worried about their vitality and their position on the planet.

Another example of the American treatment in Western european affairs was also the creation of NATO. The idea for something similar to NATO grew from standard European worries of renewed Soviet aggression. Hitler was still on everybody's mind. Although Hitler was deceased, was Stalin perhaps considered another aggressor? Whether or not or not Stalin was hell-bent on world domination, the idea here is that he was perceived to be an aggressor in the Hitler mold. Western European countries also needed some warrant from america that they would be protected from any aggression while they started the slow process of economic restoration.

For the United States, NATO signified that america could no longer stay isolated from Western european affairs. Indeed, NATO meant that European affairs were now American affairs as well. But Stalin had not been Hitler. Furthermore, the Soviets were not Nazis. And in the long run there was very little evidence of a Soviet storyline to invade European Europe. All NATO really do was intensify Soviets worries of the Western world also to produce even higher levels of international pressure.

In conclusion, based on the post-revisionist view with an increased blame on America I must say that the sole origin of the frigid war was the purpose of the USA to govern the globe; an goal that we can see reached nowadays.

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