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Organizational structure to accomplish a goal


What is company structure? Organizational composition refers to how the division of duties, group, and coordination and assistance. Organization can be labeled into tangible and intangible, namely the organization and activities. Organizational framework is to attain a typical goal, via section of labor and assistance, and different levels of rights and responsibility system, which constitute crowd collection system. Specific include three layers of so this means, the foremost is organization must have target, the second is organization will need to have divide the task with assistance, and the last is company important have different level of interest with responsibility system. An organizational structure is to choose the manner and magnitude to which ability, roles, and obligations are delegated, coordinated, managed, and exactly how information moves between degrees of management.

Managers in the organization framework design have six key factors must be looked at, there are work specialization, departmentalization, chain of command, course of control, centralization of electricity or decentralization of authority, and regularization. There is a proper framework how to help effective management as Henry Ford. In the early 20th century, his automobile productions line additionally the establishment of his richest. He routines every worker allocation specific and repeatability work. Ford's experience implies that let employees engaged in professional work their production efficiency will improve. At the present, we use work specialization as department of labour to spell it out the work process partitioning firm into several steps to complete the scope of depth.

Define Event Management

Event management is an integral of process for the business, it first test events provide accurate to determine the correct support resources in order to as soon as possible to solve the event ability. This process provide about affect the business for the management of the situations of accurate information so that they can determine the necessary support resources and support resource source plan. Event management also identifies a process where a meeting is planned, prepared, and produced. As with other form of management, it includes analysis, define, distributions, new ownership, path, manage and evaluation time, financial, person, products, services, and other resources to achieve objectives. A meeting manager's job is to investigate and arrange every aspect of a meeting, including, researching, planning, need, manage and evaluating a meeting design, activities, and production. "Various public people' event management industry product" this is meaning of the daddy of management goldsmith professor Madeleine Albright. The general public get together also included festivities, education, advertise, marketing and entertainment. Event management industry covers thousands of well planned of culture, entertainment, activities, politics and business event. The example of event management, from Olympic Game titles, world cup, world's good, multinational company global exhibition, general public garden, mini-type of conference until wedding and so many more.

1. 3 Introduce the Company Background

JT event management is our company name. Our company main marketplaces are festivals and entertainment. The celebrations are for social party created by the public or for the public. The festival can be slated alone or in conjunction with other situations. For a good example, when the mid-autumn festivals, lots of the company want to sell their product to the general public, they will cooperation to make a moon cake festival at certain destination to let the people have many choices to choose. The other main market for our company is entertainment. Entertainment is a one-time or periodic, it requires to get ticketed performance or free. It also can make by some sort of exhibition event designed for entertainment purposes. In addition, it can schedule exclusively or in conjunction with other situations. The example for the entertainment, whenever a company desires MyFm, they need to make an event on the shopping organic, they need a meeting management to help them to decorate the place, put the couch and make sure the service are experiencing enough them to use. A number of the thing they want they can ask for help. Other than that our companies also help other people to make an event management, if they find us to help them do. We will observe what the client need then help them to decorate what they want and try our better to done it. Inside our company there are numerous kind of section, purchasing supervisor, planning manager, development administrator and other. For example, the purchasing director will help this company to control what things to buy and what amount can purchase and then the purchasing administrator will distribute things that the product managers wants.

1. 4. 1 Entrepreneurial Structure

There are four types of common structure, the firstly is entrepreneurial composition. This composition is a chief executive keeps control over large or important enterprise of the business. You will find other managers to handle their roles with regards to the principle. This structure also has clearly described lines of specialist for all levels of management and has a highly bureaucratic treatment. Entrepreneurial framework is using a centralized structure, this framework everything was chose by the very best of the management.

1. 4. 2 Practical Structure

Secondly is the functional structure, this structure is divides the actions of the organization into different practical areas. Each practical area would have its management composition, this structure incorporate both centralized composition and hierarchical composition. The functional structure is they divided their job according to the function. This kind of organizational framework is ideal for Structure Company.

1. 4. 3 Divisional Structure

Thirdly is the divisional composition. This sort of structure is focus around something or geographical area. They department administrator in each country is in charge of daily operating decision making for the services of the production or the challenge about the merchandise. The divisional framework mostly are using by conglomerate or multinational company. The conglomerate is well suited for this kind of organizational composition is Disneyland.

1. 4. 4 Matrix Structure

The lastly composition is the matrix framework. This is some sort of complex structure that will require multiple lines of specialist, alternatively than hierarchal lines of demand, the employees need to report to more than one supervisor, and it incorporating a functional established framework and a project-based structure.

1. 5 Firm Structure

Above is the diagram of functional framework. Our company is by using this diagram to operate. The most common structure found within organizations, useful structure contains models or departmental teams identified by area of expertise. Functional organization composition is regarding to enterprise the various units to put into practice the nature of work to construct, the organization composition based on the standard common people specialized knowledge and experience or use the same resources and it grouped together. A lot of the enterprise functional corporation structure has the following functions, such as; the administration, functions, marketing, and risk management. Different kind of event they want different people to check out the job.

1. 5. 1 Benefits of Functional structure

The features of functional framework are centralized structure, it only need to responsibility one-by-one, mechanism simplified let is help in unified management; this can help to enhance the interior professionalized. That because the people are assemble on the basis of the common passions therefore, they can learn a great deal from each other. Next, the condition solving gets easier in an operating organizational composition. The functional composition is increased because people will attempt to supervise each other work. Team work is more founded in a functional organizational structure. This structure makes the decisions in the hands of the very best managers. Furthermore, the organizational structure to save costs and decrease the complexity of personnel and it gets the specialist is accountable.

1. 5. 2 Disadvantages of Functional Structure

A efficient organizational structure downside is each office lateral and lead to various functions of the weak users of the office goal no focus on the entire goals. If communication negative contradiction of have a tendency to cause the office and to make work efficiency afflicted, because the interaction between various departments is lowered. Due to high burden heavier and ignore tactical problem is the organizational composition of a deficit. Measurement problems are manufactured enjoy it become difficult to investigate which person is better and which is not.


Our company utilize this functional organization framework is the foremost, because this type of organizational composition can enhance the internal professional level and it can make the organization structure to save lots of time. Different kind of organizational composition is using for different type of company. When a company need to begin, ensure that what organizational framework may be use, if not it'll affect the business normal operation. The weaknesses is they communication capability, their communication capacity adverse may cause the department and it will influence the work efficiency contradiction. The advice to improve this weakness is the upper team can more talk to their workers. If the upper department have significantly more communicated with the worker to allow them to measure the worker is effective or not and make action.

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