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Organizational Culture is set of beliefs, beliefs and norms

ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE is the set of beliefs, worth, and norms, as well as symbols like dramatized incidents and personalities that represents the unique persona of an organization, and the context for action in it and by it. It is a highly descriptive term, and unlike job satisfaction, it isn't evaluative or feeling focused. Some main characteristics of Culture are the following:

Innovation and risk taking

Attention to detail

Outcome orientation

People orientation

Team orientation



These subsequently collaborate and affect the Culture's Functions, which is to

Define the boundary between one firm among others.

Convey a feeling of identity because of its members.

Facilitate the era of commitment to something bigger than self-interest.

Enhance the steadiness of the public system.

Serve as a sense-making and control device for fitting employees in the business.

The culture of an organization may or may well not change as time passes. However, in most cases the changes are such that they are still in tandem with the founding ideas of that corporation. To understand how a culture of any firm begins, one can take help from the following illustration:

The philosophy of the organization's founders; their quest and objective more or less lays down the basis for the sort of culture they wish to be developed in their organization. Therefore influences their selection standards as only those employees are chosen and placed who think and feel the same way they are doing. Also, the founders indoctrinate and socialize these employees to their thought process and sense. The founders' own habit acts as a role model that stimulates employees to recognize with them and in so doing internalize their beliefs, prices, and assumptions.


Vision: To be the pre-eminent communications management college.

Mission: To build up innovative specialists in the practice, development and management of marketing communications to serve the needs of the industry and population through education, research and advocacy.

The founding principles of MICA, elaborated through its Eye-sight and Mission assertions, plainly chalk out the sort of educational institute MICA aims to be. The focus is not only on excellent and global educational requirements but also to help develop people who would help the population at large through the learnings that they have purchased at MICA.

The beliefs, ideals and attitude of the organization all together can be best illustrated by the Director's meaning. It clearly represents how MICA respects and discovers from its celebrated lineage and background while continually aiming to mould and progress itself according to the new times. It strives to be nothing short of the greatest business communication school with its unique blend of lessons, noteworthy faculty, successful infrastructure and a captivating blend of like-minded students.

While the aforementioned might encompass the kind of ideals that the founders of MICA had envisioned for MICA, there continues to be another facet of culture, and this is the perceived features of the business based on the people who might or is probably not immediately associated with it. For instance, the industry perceives MICA to be always a C-school which churns out specialists in the field of marketing and advertising. It sees MICAns as those who have a creative flair. Over the hindsight, there are a lot of people who understand MICA to be a laidback company where extra-curricular activities receive more importance than education.

According to Robbins, there are 8 basic characteristics needed to create a functional working ethos in any organization. MICA addresses each one of these aspects to be remembered as a alternative working environment where students as well as employees acquire an all round development:

Openness - MICA stimulates a host where ideas, responses, feelings and successful meetings are a day to day matter. Students are given regular feedback varieties to fill in order to evaluate the performance and efficiency of the pedagogy in place. Also, the on and off-campus faculty help foster a healthy open environment where in fact the students can immediately approach the older students, the faculty, administration and even the Director himself.

Confrontation - consists of facing problems and working jointly towards solutions. The many committees using their head as the MCS as well as the Category Representatives make sure that every problem, however tiny or large it could be, is handled in the best democratic and transparent way possible.

Trust - means confidentiality of information and assisting others when need develops. Anyone who's approached, if they are a faculty member or the MCSA, makes certain that the information shared with them is placed confidential.

Authenticity - is congruence between what one feels, says and will. The elaborate mixture of industry associates who come for instructing the students ensure that the students get a real time industry experience. In addition to this an association is placed between the particular professors say themselves and exactly how they actually react. "Practice what you Preach" is truly practised at MICA.

Proactivity - means taking effort and precautionary action as well as preplanning. When there is a very important factor which MICAns stand for is the vitality and vibrancy them bring with these to any project.

Autonomy - using and giving freedom. The various committees and the sort of power they have got is proof to the fact that the students are given full freedom to handle situations as they consider fit. Full fests, seminars, occurrences and shows are designed, executed, supervised and analysed by the learner body itself.

Collaboration - working along, team spirit. You don't have to elaborate on how well the whole MICA family works together. It really is clear for everyone to notice that team-building and group exercises receive major importance here. Even the choice criterion has team-building exercise as you of its checks.

Experimentation-encouraging new and progressive approaches, using responses to improve and going for a fresh look. The complete industry is aware and desires a certain kind of creative imagination and out-of-the-box thinking from every MICAn and the institute makes certain that they aren't disappointed by formulating a curriculum which gives room for individual creativity.

Functional Aspects of MICA:

Academics and Research - Faculty and Academics Associates of MICA are world class. Apart from the regular faculty, there exists browsing faculty from the likes of IIMs to other respected MBA universities which imparts all required knowledge to students. A couple of timely workshops which are conducted frequently to provide the students a flavour of the useful applications. The conditions taught in school facilitated by the faculty are an asset to the students of MICA.

Apart from PGPM-C which is the flagship course, there are several other programs like EDC, CCC etc. experiencing certain requirements of the industry.

MICA also conducted Academics Research in tackled to the needs of the marketing and communication industry, in keeping with MICA's mandate. This serves as a increase to MICA's reputation in the industry.

The Publications like Journal on Creative Communication are designed to promote inquiry into modern day communication issues within wider interpersonal, economic and technical contexts and provides a community forum for the dialogue of theoretical and useful insights emerging from such inquiry.

KEIC - Among the most important belongings of MICA is the online Knowledge and Information Centre (KEIC). This provides the students and faculty with numerous information through the databases present over the countries. The catalogue has books, publications, magazines, papers which increase the knowledge base of all.

Placements -MICA has been producing high quality, talented individuals since its inception. You will discover placement companies going to from across the niche segments like Marketing, Sales, Profile Planning, Mass media Planning. Also there are information of Corporate Communications etc. offered in line with the passions of the students. MICA has regular recruiters who keep coming every year to recruit again banking on the expertise of the students.

Industry Interactions- MICA has always looked after industry interactions across various pursuits like training, consultancy and joint research through college student physiques such as MICAMINDS, MICANVAS and MICA Lecture Series, in doing so adding to the learnings in the Post Graduate Diploma Programme. This is in addition to the Professional Development Programmes conducted by the Institute's faculty through MICA's Centre for Continual Education and Learning.

Alumni - There's a huge databases of Alumni which MICA has, especially due to the students working across establishments at good positions. The Alumni committee further works together with them continuously for their assistance. Alumni Meet is a perfect exemplory case of that. Marketing positions for MICA alumni has gained earth, which is peaking. The other sectors where MICA alumni have made a place for themselves are Advertising, Advertising, Public Relations and Entertainment.

Student Activities - There are various student activities making MICA a distinguished establishment among other regular MBA schools. You can find MCSA, which is the state face of most students on campus and it functions as a connection between students and the administration and thus executes a two-fold function. There is MICANVAS, the standard brand management event which is organised by the MICANVAS team of university. Similarly, there is a budding Sankalp (Theatre Happening) and a Literary Festival as well. Moreover there are other committees like MICA Media, Interface etc. for showcasing MICA in the outside world using MEDIA; MCR which includes an twelve-monthly publication for the faculty.

Competitions - MICA provides its students a distinctive opportunity to participate in various competitions in a few of the very most prestigious universities of the united states like IIMs, IITs etc. and MICA students prove themselves in the same. There is a lot of publicity due to the identical to students solve live conditions, practical situations and get the work in the industry. Students of MICA have earned several laurels in the same.

International Visibility - MICA has students exchange programmes with various universities abroad gives its students a distinctive experience to study cross border experiences. Students have alternatives of good universities abroad amongst which they can choose regarding with their interest and potential.

Dysfunctional Areas of MICA:

Image problems(B-School/C-School confusion): One of the major recurring conditions that keeps cropping up is MICA's id whether its a Business management institution or a Marketing communications institution. The flagship course Post Graduate Program in Communication Management suggests that its an application which handles managing communication areas of the businesses which addresses branding, advertising, market research and advertising buying-selling. However because of its source from Mudra group which established fact as a major advertising company in India and the CCC program in MICA which is good for copywriters, MICA is also recognized equally as an advertising institute while advertising is just taking care of.

This dilemma is not limited to just the outsiders but even the students in MICA upto a certain level. While the MICA administration would like to protray it as a C-School a huge range of students in MICA emerged in anticipating it to be always a B-School. Also the fees which is charged is comparable to any top B-School in country however the placements opportunities being better in terms of wages for business management students rather than communication students is a major issue that concerns students. This problem also creates issue for academics curriculum between supervision and students.

Lack of Punctuality: A significant facet of MICAn culture is lack of punctuality. For any lecture or achieving it seldom happens that more than 10% students are on time. Even the students who are inherently punctual get demotivated and be non-punctual over time. While this might work in MICA it creates a negative inclination in students to be non-punctual even later on in life which creates a poor image of MICAns in the industry. Also the deadlines are seldom adhered to whether it has the for assignments or tasks.

Academic curriculum: Since MICA offers specialised program in Communication Management which is relatively exclusive as compared to other B-Schools, therefore certain themes' curriculum that are unique to MICA is not improved enough and there are even doubts over the necessity of certain subject matter and just how they are trained.

Faculty, Assignments and Assignments: While MICA is well known for its amazing faculty, but also for certain programs students feel that certain professors are not good enough to instruct the students in a successful way. A number of students also believe that while assignments and tasks help them in understanding the ideas better however a number of assignments and assignments barely do any value addition and are instead a throw away of time. Also since the majority of the assignments are generally given towards the end of term which results in students hardly being able to give decent a chance to any of them in doing so the supposed learning also suffers.

Action Plan:

A clear placement affirmation for MICA needs to be devised. Thus in this manner there is absolutely no ambiguity between the B-School/C-School misunderstanding.

Punctuality issues can be resolved by stricter deadlines and making students understand the importance of deadlines.

More practical and application structured tasks should be motivated. This helps in directly applying the concepts learned in course. Quant and research founded subjects should have practical examinations to check the consumption of software being explained in category.

More industry publicity can be prepared with the aid of industrial appointments or visitor lectures by industry professionals. This aids in gaining quality about the industry and really know what one will work as.


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