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Organizational and Human being Resource Management Routines in Cuba

Communism and capitalism are something that runs all together in Cuba. The proclaimed virtues of socialism are still hyped. Lots of the traditional characteristics of the so-called "socialist superiority" are still in existence, which embraces the reward of the socialist system (career security, party/management management), "professional tranquility" (executed by trade unions), "equality" (materialized in low income differentials), and the presence of the political sizing in organizational life. But this settings of practices led to a lack of motivation for creation and eventually to the collapse of the monetary system.

Organization in Cuba must look through various aspects ranging from economic and politics issues and guidelines to the inter ethnical management and inter politics managing.

There are various problems that should be addressed by the automobile company in the case if proven in Cuba.

Problem of Agency

Lack of incentives for professionals in the organization in Cuba has no incentives to improve productive and effective organizational shows. They are all guarded by the politics ideologies and all the improvement and inter organizational politics arises from the ideological fellowships. This shows the problem in the organization itself.

Growth based on Party Loyalty

Upper management were not appointed on the basis of their business command skills and results focused performance, but instead based on their ideological targets and party loyalty.

Organization to defeat the downsides of State-Owned Organizations

Various factors like centralized staffing procedures, absence of a meritocracy system and low wage differentials resulted in too little control for specific performance. This also changed the existence of a "no-owner company" culture, which is quite common in state-owned organizations. Regardless of the fact that the changes have been launched in the organizations following the period especial (the period following the show up of the communist bloc, that marked the end of a particular relationship with the Soviet Union), several symptoms are still present in Cuba.

Rated as the Worst Spot to work

In 2001 Newsweek Magazine's poll of the most detrimental countries (Contreras, 2001), grouped Cuba as the most detrimental place for project capitalists to produce a living.

Address the transformation in the Cuba

The organizations need to cope up with and dwelling address the various transformation that can be considered to have emerged from the repercussive actions of two main makes:

The ongoing methods of realtors (people, teams, organizations) that try to accommodate to every day contingencies

Coercive institutional forces, namely their state rules and the casual ideological ideals and norms

Rather than as impartial, both of these processes should be looked at as interdependent. There is, thus, interplay between emergent and planned change, between agency and composition.

Human Source of information Management Practices To Be Addressed While Production of Auto in Cuba

For the company to maintain and succeed Man Resource Management performs the vital role. A firm must be quite effective and effective in its Human Resource Management techniques to be able to excel.

As the country Cuba is ranked as the most detrimental location to work these will be various repercussion for the company to recruit the folks from in another country to work there.

They will have to address both major issues:

Attracting & Retaining of employees hired from outside the house Cuba Nation

For this the company has to device various factors such as profiles, packages for the recruits that individuals will be drawn to come to Cuba and work. In the mean time they also needs to change the culture of promoting employee on the basis of political ideology and acknowledge the performance. The employees should get all the liberty of talk and should be treated similarly.

Hiring and Keeping the neighborhood (Cuba Nationals)

If the business ever plans to employ the local nationals, the vital factor that it should manage is that they don't bring in the conventional culture of Cuba and the politics ideologies that could hamper the development of the organizational as well as the output of other international employees.

After the employees are appointed then the concern that needs to be addressed are as follows:

Work Environment

A secure and joyful work environment makes the employees feel great about being associated with the organization. To overcome the fact that cuba is the unsafest and the worst location to work the business should give importance and provide the sense of security to each staff out there that provides them the inspiration and incentive to stay. The organization can follow various fads to achieve this goal such as performing the internal studies to discover whether they are satisfied in case not what they think must be evolved.

Open Management

Open culture motivates advancement and empowerment. Company should always be translucent in whatever decision it requires or will. Employees shouldn't be kept in dark or deprived of what is happening in the company. They feel motivated and develop enthusiasm only once the management starts up to and comes up with the procedure wherein each individual has the participative role in discussing about the business policies, clients, contract, sales, goals and goals. This will permit the company to encourage participative management. One can always permit the move of creative juices in its employee by asking them about new ideas or giving them the platform to unleash their innovative capabilities. This available culture will put in and open up the market in building trust and motivating the employees. The business can actually utilize several tools to practice Open up Culture Management.

Performance Incentives

Employees feel determined only once they believe that their work is being recognized and they're valued for whatever they deliver. Almost every good performance is actually appreciated in the form of, add-ons, a pat on the back or giving various other compensation for employment well done. Firm should always come above the feeling that employees are "Just" doing their work. Such organizations which have confidence in the "Just" work idea are those who are somehow able to maintain their attrition rate. To use efficiently and gain the ability to retain their employees and keep them happy the organization should devise an insurance plan and techniques of acknowledging the effort of its employees. Not only on providing bonuses but the firm should concentrate on boosting the staff morale. Various operations can be devised that may enable the organization to decide if the bonuses can be integrated at the average person or at the team level. Maximum of time it has been seen that works wonders in getting the best out of the employees. However the company should make it a spot that it is checked that no employee is honored the bonuses with out a reason, unless it is a commitment for annual add-ons or something like that. Satisfying without the correct reason is only going to reduce the perceived value of the performance acknowledgement system.

Performance Feedback

This is the techniques that no company misses to follow. A lot of the Automobiles organizations today follow 360 degree responses system. In this system, feedback isn't only taken from the supervisor, but also from other elderly people and subordinates. In preceding days understanding was something that was only hunted from the immediate supervisor or the management, but today with the change in time, the concept of appreciation has progressed where the organizations understand the importance of collecting performance reviews from several quarters and from ones boss as well as the subordinates and the peer group. The opinion of each worker is valued evenly. The view provided by all is given the identical importance especially while critiquing someone who is a command role at any level. Constructive reviews is received from each person in the team. This kind of system really helps to identify people who is capable of doing well as market leaders at higher levels in the organization.

Employee Evaluation

Today the auto companies not only focus on evaluating the only real employee behavior or performance but what they seek is the position of employees performance and goals start of organizational goals. They ought to devise an analysis system which will link the individual performance to the goals and priorities of the business. For this system to work effectively and efficiently, the accomplishments should be monitored over an year. An evaluation system is commonly reasonable if the review of each employee, is performed by someone else at a higher level, for whom the employee's contribution is important rather than being evaluated by the immediate supervisor under that your worker is working. Also the evaluations from other employees can be of great value. Such system will ensure a fair and accurate ranking of each and every employee.

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge posting is a new and excellent strategy that helps in the betterment of the employees and their work. All the experienced information is stored in the central databases that can be accessed by each and every employee.

For example, An employee that is dispatched for training for a few specific course can store the acquired knowledge in these central directories that can be employed by other employess study from it. Also the many innovative ideas that the management deems fit for employees to see, can be stored here for all to see.

Publicize Good Performances

Every company comes with an employee who are great performers and who always master what ever they certainly. Such performances should be recognized, highlighted and exhibited where all the employees can check out them; For instance they can be highlighted at screen boards and intranet etc. This will continue to work as an encouragement for other employees to give their best. A proper system should be set up to make a set of high performances at particular period (It could either be quarterly or yearly or so on).


Organizations that ideas and recognize that employees who are in fact working and know the business enterprise can provide the best ideas are always successful. There should be a discussion between the management and the employees to get these ideas out of these. This can require various brainstorming classes, or the utilization of suggestion boxes to capture these ideas. This ystem can be used as the ability hunt internally wherein the managers can actually find out the proficient employees and develop their knowledge and functions.


Recognition of ability is the vital factor for each corporation to keep its employee happy, this popularity effort can be produced public in a variety of ways such as keeping ceremonies and announcing the achievements of the fellow staff to depends upon (the employees). What could be better for a worker than the exhilarating sense from a resonant gratitude.

The Wonder Factor

Everyone loves surprises. The business should try and make effort to delight its deserving employees - when they are least planning on it. They are able to either be honored with a gift certificate or a tiny reward of some sort. The surprises can be randomply directed at any employee somewhat than restricting it to the best performers within the business.

Making an employee feel just like a million us dollars pays in the form of the success of an organization.

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