Organization composition Functions Culture and Performance

Organizational structure identifies the way and extent in which roles, capabilities and responsibilities are delegated to whom, how it is managed and co-ordinated and how the information moves between different degrees of management. It refers to the design of romantic relationships among individuals and division in an organisation.

Organisation structure is classified based on various activities, which are grouped together, to produce departments and systems; and determining their connections within the company. There are different types of organizational buildings such as hierarchical, smooth, matrix, series and personnel, decentralised and divisional corporation structures. (What Is An Organisation Composition?)


Flat organisational composition is today's procedure where many employees report right to the same employer.

It reduces the degrees of management.

It widens the period of control of management at various levels of organisation.

It is more decentralized in regards to to decision-making.


More delegation of authority

More transparent and clear policy

Development of managers for higher positions for their initiative & authority to make decisions.


Tendency of overloaded superior to become bottlenecks in decision making.

Requirement of experienced managerial workers.


There are 6 key functions which every company has to perform such as:

Designing and Production

Sales and Marketing


Human Resources


Research and Development


Finance is the bloodstream of an organisation. Finance department will keep manual/electronic records of capital spent, borrowed and exceptional on the market. It produces various financial statements for taxes purposes, legal formalities and audit methods. It administers employees' incomes, pension, loan repayments, etc. This information helps management in devising new business strategies.


Recruitment, selection, training and development of staff are the prime functions of human resource department. This section helps employee to work with their maximum work efficiency in obtaining organisational objectives. In addition, it looks after employees, their health and wealth.


The sales and marketing office targets customer's needs and implements strategies for higher sales on the basis of demographic environment of the selected region. It stresses on the sales target assigned to them as well as on the after-sale services.


The aim of research and development division is to make new features in the prevailing products, creating new and better products, increasing development methods, and creating effective functions. It permits the company to decrease the expenses, increase success and remain prior to the competition. (Organisational Functions )


All management functions are impartial, yet interdependent and maintain its own importance to complete employment or task. Capital or Fund is essential to begin or run an organisation but without manpower we cannot operate the company, so there is a cycle or supply chain process to complete a task in given lead time. All departments perform along to achieve a particular goal. Production team coordinate with creating department as well as vendor management department, finance office provide capital to acquire raw material. At the same time, human resource division provides the labor force to accomplish a specific job. Alternatively, departments like marketing and sales division targets specific strategies to achieve their targets of sale. Advertising team coordinate with fund department to decide the cover advertising and also perform with external organisation. IT team has its importance because it provides management information system which helps every section to catch the info at right time at right place. All departments interact simultaneously. Therefore performance of the company is shown in the joint attempts of every department starting from figuring out the necessity of customer to delighting the client.


Every organization comes with an inherently form of business code and strategy to success of work. Company values and corporate mission is also affected by the culture of organisation. There are various factors which shows the culture like aggressiveness, conservatism, intellect, or traditional. Some companies are very hard in adopting new culture which distinguish its' from other group. Well established companies have in built value mechanism that motivates its employees and tutorials them while they will work for the company. Quite simply it is an understanding which gets offered from director to supervisor, then to other employees and personnel. It is a series of unbroken chain which helps to employee to get together to accomplish their personal and professional goals and finally it meets organisation development which is expected by traders. (Company Culture)

HUMAN Source of information (HR)

In general terms, HR identifies the sources of an organization in the form of individual, i. e. the workforce of a business. However, from the management point of view, it refers to the managerial function of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, controlling and co-ordinating the workforce in an firm so that it helps in accomplishment of organizational goals.

In a business, HR or Learning & Development (L&D) activities assists the management in proper implementation of the organization's strategies and insurance policies. It aims to achieve the organizational goals by performing the next functions relating to human tool:

Manpower planning, recruitment and selection

Training and development

Performance appraisal

Motivation and morale-building of workforce

Remuneration of employees

Industrial and worker relations

Preserving details of employees


HR activities require manpower planning, recruitment and selection of employees for different departments within the business. It determines the requirement of manpower as per the job information so that there surely is adequate range of employees in the organization. Lack of folks at work will not help corporation achieve its targets and goals promptly, while more than labor force will lead to wastage of organization's resources. Further, HR makes a decision the best sources from where such labor force can be availed so that minimum amount cost is incurred on training them and they are with the capacity of understanding the business, its structure, goals, strategies and insurance policies. This is known as recruitment. Selection is the function where HR selects and uses right type of men and women for various jobs so that the employees may easily understand the business and work relating to its strategies and guidelines.

After placing folks on the position, HR activities include imparting training to the employees and developing their skills so that they work effectively and effectively relative to the job requirement and perform their responsibilities and duties towards the organization competently, thereby aiding the business in devising and utilizing its strategies. It works the function of making and running appropriate programmes to teach and develop necessary skills one of the workforce.

HR takes on an important role by motivating employees and building up their morale time to time so that their efficiency to execute their functions within the organization is maintained. It can help various departmental managers to devise something of financial and non-financial rewards to encourage employees. A motivated workforce will move in the direction in which the organization wants, in that way supporting an organization to meet its goals and business goals. (Heathfield)

HR professionals play an important role in encouraging the line professionals. They clarify the procedural framework and provide advice and help with all HR-related concerns like worker development, reward, engagement and participation, worker relations, grievances, etc. which helps the series managers to work within the regulations and norms of the business.

HR managers provide training and development to the collection managers, thereby supporting them to obtain skills and knowledge required to perform their tasks and responsibilities proficiently and effectively.

Apart from supporting the line professionals in their day-to-day activities, HR or L&D pros also perform the role of your consultant. It provides inside consultancy to the series managers whenever required, while sometimes proactively by controlling the situation by leading to something to occur rather than ready to react to it after it happens. (Susan M. Heathfield)

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