Organization Development

Executive Summary

Organizational development process is known as to be an integral part of a business, its proper formulation and managing day-to-day activities. Considering these aspects, the goal of this work and the attempt made inthat regard is to establish the component of organizational development, its integration and tocreateand examine organizational development (OD) principles and its application is real organization located in UAE. Because of this, a need come up to identify an organization is also a necessity. Hence, it should be clarified that the organizational selected for the intended purpose of this work is Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).

Thus, the overall objective of the report is to investigate and trace the countless problems, dilemmas and way of measuring facing a business, and how administrator cope with the down sides or organizational development functions and its undertaking. It would also help add herein that the framework of this record is split into three parts, particularly part 1, part 2, and part 3 that cover the situation, the organizational development process and lastly our analysis, the subject matter conclusion and its recommendation.


Organization development is known as a fundamental element of the organization daily process. OD in the setting of its idea is to improve organizations and its effectiveness. OD and its course for example is a long-term process, which when undertaken at the tactical or daily basis helps business to address many compiling issues. OD is both an intrinsic and extrinsic segmentation that helps business cope with internal and exterior change more organically.

Subject Matter Issue and its Account

It is natural only that concern cannot be sided aside from any factor of organizational development debate and its own discourse, where question and counter-top question arise as follows:-

  • How organizational development (OD) within an organization is sorted out?
  • What identifies Human Learning resource Information System (HRIS) within the concepts of OD?
  • Does the role of organizational development advisor is essential?
  • How can HRM and their role play in improving organizational process and it executing?
  • What exactly are OD role in the region of management practices and procedures?

It is clarified that the entire objective of this work is to identify these components partly and full thereof, which is as follows.

PART 1: ADNOC - Assessment and Overview of Organization

History of ADNOC

ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Organization) is situated in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It really is one of the leading oil manufacturers today. The business was proven in 1971. (ADNOC, About ADNOC )


ADNOC business purpose is to explore gas and olive oil reserves and producing it. The purpose of the company also defines the creation and exploration of essential oil reserves to be able to meet the global demand. (ADNOC, About ADNOC )


The quest of the company is to create a value chain through its products and services and also to play an integral part in the UAE overall economy, by contributing to the growth of the UAE market as well as playing a centrifugal role in the social, economic and education sector and its own development. (ADNOC)

Key Body in the business

Key amount in the business is the chairman of the supreme petroleum council (SPC). The chairmanship post is placed by H. H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan. He's also the current leader of the UAE and its own Trucial states. Most importantly, being the ruler of Abu Dhabi, H. H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan also helps in the formulation of the business policy, and overseeing the operational polices of the business international functions. (ADNOC, About ADNOC )

External conditions in which ADNOC operates

International business defines ADNOC. Hence, international business environment and its own effect are major areas of ADNOC. The company also uses high drilling methods and advanced equipment and technology. Most importantly, the company functions its international business concurrently with 15 of its affiliate companies for streamlined functional process, which enhance the significance of the company in the international business environment. (ADNOC, About ADNOC )

PART 2: The Process of Organizational Development (OD)

The Feature of Firm Development (OD)

OD is the analysis of the major element that defines an organization, specifically its people, its culture, its system, its proper management and most importantly its management styles. Besides, the skills of individual and the role technology takes on also form the thing of organization development and its own talk. (McGladrey, 2006, p. 3)

Explanation of Company Development (OD)

OD is thought as both a specialist field of cultural action and a time of technological enquiry. It covers a broad area of organizational processes. In real term of its interpretation and description, "OD is a planned process of change in an business culture through the utilization of behavioral knowledge technology, research and theory (Thomas G. Cummings, 2008, p. 2) assert Warner Burke.

Wendell France defines "business development as long range efforts to really improve an organization problem-solving capability and its ability to handle changes in its exterior environment with the aid of external and internal behavioral scientist consultant or agent of change because they are sometime called. (Thomas G. Cummings, 2008, p. 2)

The Functional aspect of Firm Development

Organizational development as can be grasped is the procedure that happen within an corporation as a means to increase business success and facilitating personal and organizational change by using intervention influenced by interpersonal and behavioral research knowledge. (Anderson, 2009, p. 3)

HRIS (Individuals Resource Information System) in context of Business Development

Organization development and its interpretation is the major factor of HR strategic planning process in an corporation. (McGladrey, 2006, p. 3) For that matter, new age management procedures of firm development in context of HRM also mirror the new types of procedures such as HRIS (individuals Learning resource Information System) making its way within the organization. HRIS add value to the organization development process. There is absolutely no doubt for the reason that regard. As a matter of fact, "smooth stream and option of real information related to real human resource facilitates rational decisions. (Kandula, 2006, p. 70) This is true, considering that information are a essential part of an organization and also assist in the basis of decision making, that also based on rationality of computer. Hence, HRIS plays a significant part of corporation development process.

The Role of OD Advisor: HRM Consulting

Professional role are a welcoming sight in any organization. The same case can also be looked according of HR professional who acts as specialist to organization. Alternatively, OD role can also connect with internal consultants and pros, or external specialist, where their role is build on the basis of change factor that require to be carried out n a simple and efficient way. (Thomas G. Cummings, 2008, p. 66)

It is being said that if HR professional play a consultative role within an organization, its likely that that the worthiness with their professional routines would devote much time working on behalf of the organization to address the problem at hand and to find out any likely issues. (William M. Kahnweiler, 2005, p. 45) Hence, it's very likely that the role of HR advisor do add value to organization one or the other way and most organization also favor it that way in adding value to group development course.

Above all, service deliveries are that main of HR professional role. The evolving aspect of HR role also can be looked in respect of the technical specialist role that they play in the organizational process, either when it comes to administration or monitoring and interpreting regulatory changes in making certain organization stay in compliance. Strategically speaking, HR also play a significant part in getting the right people and right expertise so that corporation don't miss on anything, when it comes to change strategy, employee retirement life plans, and some other administrative useful aspects. (Marc Effron, 2003, p. 275)

OD Role and its own Management Aspects

Organization development role as we've maintained is crucial to the progress of the organization. As a matter of fact, it is presented that top management engagement is an important condition for success of OD. The need for OD in an organization also occur for most reason, particularly - major changes in the external environment or technologies, or factor just like a merger could make a business existing framework or management routines and culture. (Cartwright, 2005, p. 290) Hence, a well planned intervention of the change factor is essential at all level of OD course and its process formulation.

OD and its process involvement

As we have mentioned previously, the intervention of OD is critical to the expansion of a business. Intervention can maintain the types of the next.

  1. Human Involvement
  2. Structural Involvement
  3. Organizational Cultural Treatment
  4. Strategic Planning Involvement

Justification: ADNOC Features of Firm Development (OD)

From the above mentioned theoretical assimilation, we learn that ADNOC as a business have grown many folds from what it was during the times of its establishment. Today ADNOC claims a location in the top ten global petrol manufacturers and exporter.

We find out that virtually all forms of OD and its simulation as mentioned above find a location of consideration and in activities practice in ADNOC. There is absolutely no denying this fact. When going for a tour of the company website you can find reason to belief that what defines ADNOC in context of OD is very much indeed in real useful term. For instance, ADNOC efforts in the exploration and mining and producing coal and oil are huge and tremendous. The business produce more than 2. 7 billion barrel each day, (ADNOC, About ADNOC ) this is something that defines how the thing of such a development level is achieved. When the case would not have been with effective OD, such a opportunity would have been a far cry. Yet the company thorough its tactical planning treatment in the OD have enabled itself and raised the club as a competitor on earth 500 lot of money company.

There are many other areas of OD and its subsystems such as HRM and its own course also that forms the foundation of the company and its progress today. For instances, it has been noticed that ADNOC take a systematic method of its HRM. The factor of it can be justified in framework of ADNOC training and development course.

ADNOC have maintained that fostering continuous development and development of its worker accumulate the object of the business CSR. ADNOC in the realms of HRM have been effective to integrate changes as so when the time demands, given its effective training and development course. Training and development in ADNOC is to identify the rich ability base in the business and its HRM foundation at the primary of it. As the developing company, ADNOC determined by individuals capital is huge. Without human intervention, the very essence of its operational target and goals seems to be a very good car. And the company knows these elements, which explains why training and development course is to improve the value of its individuals capital, where in fact the stream of information and everything aspects of development course related to HRM or the introduction of HRIS for streamlined HR management aspects does not miss the eyesight of policy machine in ADNOC. (ADNOC, Training & Development )

Moreover, CSR way in ADNOC also is very much in type of OD. Being a global oil company, ADNOC understand the value attached to the business environmental factor and its compliance. Its groups of companies or to say internet affiliate also follows an in depth business operation which is direct based on the socio-political and cross-cultural business techniques.

Speaking of strategy, these feature also very much finds a location of consideration in ADNOC. The business once we learn is committed to its business basic principle, that is to say, creating value chain through the launch of technology real human knowledge as well as taking appropriate environmental insurance policy for sustainable development of the business the tactical level.

Thus, what we can reason is that OD in ADNOC identifies the long range efforts to improve an organization problem-solving capability and its own ability to handle changes in its exterior environment with the aid of external and inner agent of change in every factor of OD and its own undertaking in the company.

PART 3: The Outcome and its Analysis

From the above discussion and its analysis, we recognize that OD is very critical to the smooth functioning of a business. Addititionally there is every reason to think that OD and its process formulation helps company to cope with the demand of the business environment. As a matter of fact, effective OD and its process integration is critical and a essential tool that a lot of managers undertakes, whether it is policy formulation, decision making or integration technology in the realms of an organization business process. After that, OD and its own strategy thus should be studied with due treatment and focus on details.

Moreover, company also requires the best available source apart from equipment and other technological tools. Human capital thus is a vital and centrifugal goal to be considered. After all, real human capital for that matter is known as to be the backbone of the organization. In the data market their value have further progressed and increased. Hence, to ring in the great things about a subsystem in HRM such as HRIS can be vital to the management areas of individuals capital and also in increasing the value of the business in the competitive market place.

OD even as can reason herein and every aspects of its fitness define the facial skin of an organization, within the internal and exterior factor and its affect. The contribution of OD considering all the essential parts and parcel for a business is huge. The identical case also can be observed in ADNOC and the OD principle at play. ADNOC for example have been at the forefront of ongoing change; internally and externally and dealing with the troubles of the business environment easily, which brings us to the idea in speculating that ADNOC and the concept of OD at play is very much indeed present in the business management, tactical HRM, operational management and its course is achieved concurrently and naturally. Thus, everything we can add would be that the contribution of OD to the entire organization and its own effective shows in the way of ADNOC and the way the company deals with its operation and everything areas of business procedure and strategy with ease and self confidence.


Organizational process is intricate when we seen objectively. In today's state of affairs ADNOC faces many obstacles. Change even as view in context of ADNOC has been an ongoing executing, both at the management level, commercial level and plan level.

We feel that ADNOC current short-term and long-term problem can be speculated to be the HRM top features of the organization, sustainable and environmental methods and its own outlining as well as business environment and its own challenges.


Following is the recommendation:

  • It is recommended that ADNOC CSR strategy should become more detailed and functional, considering the theory preached by the company and its own brand image.
  • Subsequently, ADNOC treatment in framework of HRIS, structural involvement, organizational cultural intervention and tactical planning intervention should maintain line with the existing needs and requirements of the environment in which ADNOC is situated. That is to say, strategically attention to OD and its own intervention should be more objective to address almost all top features of the OD concepts in real practical terms.
  • Third factor is the fact control also should find a place of active treatment, so that the so called future head can be nourished within the business.
  • Action plan in the business should also be more comprehensive, and the role of HR professional and OD consultants also should be considered on an ongoing basis and nurturing change through comparative management routines is also not really a bad idea in any way, since like that the international business of ADNOC can be increased further.

It is also further commented that the role of OD in the process of the organization operation and day to day management is dynamic and complex, due to the fact every business is a cultural system, and there is absolutely no absolute or best way to effect a result of an alteration automatically. As well as the methodologies that are employed will work differently at different times. What matters is the participation of the very best management in the organization to rope in change element in the perfect way for a highly effective solution. Most importantly, strategically speaking the strategy of OD is to intervene in the ongoing activities of an organization. (Cartwright, 2005, p. 290 )

Intervention plan in ADNOC

We advise that treatment plan or its design should form a blend of these four features mentioned below for effective and efficiency of OD and its own process undertaking in ADNOC.

1. Human intervention: Corporation achieves the OD goals through real human resource management functions, specifically - recruitment, selection, settlement and performance management, integration and placement process. A combo of these human being factor helps achieve the OD goals and its own objective. (Durai, 2010, p. 264) Hence the same design also can be integrated in ADNOC.

2. Structural Intervention: Structural design changes concerned the organization section of labor and its own specialization. Intervention targeted at structural design include moving from traditional methods into a more integrative and adaptable varieties, which helps OD process to handle and meet up with the process of the business, whether it is for customer centric or network structured composition. (Thomas G. Cummings, 2008, pp. 158-59) Hence, such feature and its own mixture are also strongly suggested for ADNOC.

3. Organizational Cultural intervention: Intervention design in virtually any forms seeks to understand situational contingencies such as individual differences within the business associates and management of change process. Organizational ethnical intervention is essential because an organization comprises of specific and group participants. (Thomas G. Cummings, 2008, p. 162) Hence, ethnic bonding should be at the heart of any OD at ADNOC, where in fact the cultural sizing is redefined for effective organization activities and day-to-day management.

4. Strategic planning Involvement: Strategic OD or its intervention defines the objective and scope of strategic management process. Hence, for any matter in that regard, ADNOC also can reap the advantage of it by just upgrading the active intervention of proper planning, whether it be at the insurance plan level and its own formulation, determining future goals and roadmap, identifying the operational objectives, and the orientation of an business goals and it alignment into one stable foundation. Standardization of its activities, process and overall management aspects also should find its course. Strategic planning intervention is all about long-term goals and its own objective. The best way an organization rope in the tactical planning process assist company to cope with various factor of change and to be competitive in the business environment.

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