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Organisational techniques in the Walt Disney Company

According to De Wit and Meyer (2010) Organisational techniques make reference to the arrangements, methods and regimens used to control and coordinate the many people and units within the organisation". This can be both formalized procedures that span the entire organisation, or even more informal organisational operations. The first category can be procedures such as business planning and control techniques, final budgeting and reporting. Other control and coordination operations are usually more limited in scope, such as new product development meetings, annual sales conferences, weekly quality circles, online expert panels and quarterly meetings with the mother board of directors. Informal organisational processes are definitely more about personal networking and influencing decision-making through factors such as informal negotiation.

The case of Walt Disney:

Control and coordination mechanisms:

Corporate governance suggestions:

One of the internally control mechanisms in the Walt Disney Company is the guidance done by the panel of directors.

According to the Walt Disney Company web site, the responsibility of the table of directors is to supervise and guide the management of the business in the eye and the benefit for the business's stakeholders. The table act straight through committees and have the next duties:

Overseeing the do of the business's business to judge if the business being properly managed

Reviewing/approving the company's major financial goals, plans and actions

Reviewing/approving major changes in, and willpower of other major issues respecting the appropriate auditing and accounting rules and tactics to be used in the planning of the financial statements

Assessing the major risk factors

Regularly measure the performance and approving the compensation to the CEO. And with the advice of the CEO, measure the performance of main senior executives

Planning for succession with regards to the position of CEO and screen management succession planning for other executives

Delegate the power and responsibility for taking care of the business in relation to guidelines (Disney Website).

The corporate supervision of the business:

Another control and coordination mechanism may be the Walt Disney Company commercial team, who support services to the business units and affiliate marketers of the Walt Disney Company. The average person tasks in this group can be strategic, tactical, diverse and professional. It can course the whole company or target more on the corporate department. This team work collectively to investigate potential opportunities, determine results and recommend future path.

The corporate planning and control group of the supervision is split into five devices:

- Commercial controllership: This device is responsible for overseeing the financial statements of the company and also other funding reporting and control functions. Responsibilities included because of this group is producing presentations to mature management and the Audit committee of the panel of directors concerning the financial performance of the business, as well as update of significant accounting expectations. Furthermore, they work tightly with investor relations and corporate marketing communications departments regarding financial communication.

- Management audit: The Partners with financial, functional and IT executives to comprehend their inner control environment, risk and risk mitigation activities. They develop and perform a plan to handle key dangers and also promote a standard risk and control recognition in the company.

- Enterprise Fund Functions: Is accountable for optimizing the company's finance and accounting operations. That is done through process improvement, finance system sustainability handles and data governance. Because of this, they partner with controllership, planning and financial system support teams to keep the ongoing efficiency of the financial systems and stability of data. In addition they support the finance processes, confirming and system advancements for the company.

- Procedures Planning: The concentrate and responsibility is on company-wide operating, long-range and capital planning, quarterly and total annual earnings and cashflow forecasting. Furthermore all major capital tasks and monitoring and diagnosis of most segment/business unit operating performance. Moreover they are analyzing the financial impact on key business decisions and alternatives, and projects aimed at improving the financial performance of the business. They also make proposals to the panel of directors regarding these issues.

- Accounting Shared Services: Their quest is to provide exceptional service, low priced processing and value added information/consulting for venture vide accounting and HR functions. The group work with all the business enterprise units to consolidate and optimize transaction oriented functions.

- Corporate synergy and special jobs: This unit under corporate supervision of the business develops programs and ways of foster cooperation across all sections. This department work with identifying, connecting and supporting the gross annual company-wide marketing and synergy initiatives and lovers with different divisions to be able to operate a vehicle those priorities to their business.

- Commercial Strategy business Planning and Technology: Work with sections to optimize their strategies at the segment level.

One can also say that the outcome associated with an organisational process can be an organisation. In other words a whole comprising unified parts behaving in harmony to implement tasks to achieve the goals both effectively and proficiently (http://www. cliffsnotes. com/study_guide/The-Organizational-Process. topicArticleId-8944, articleId-8875. html).

It can be reported to be the procedure of the "product life circuit". In The Walt Disney Company and its Press and Broadcasting segment, the company has established a culture were development is encouraged. As stated, "Since our brand is innovative, amusing and inviting, we create a similar learning environment that promotes employees to learn and develop in interesting and growing ways" (http://corporate. disney. go. com/careers/learning. html). As a result of this, the company give a variety of training programs and learning opportunities. Furthermore the business recognize and reward their workers both singularly and in groups (http://corporate. disney. go. com/careers/rewards_and_recognition. html). This can also be reported to be part of the organisational operations of the business.

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