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Organisational structure and culture of John Lewis

This survey insists on the organisational structure and culture of an exclusive sector company known as John Lewis collaboration and a general population sector guy's and St Thomas medical center. Organizational structure entails activities such as activity provisioning, synchronization and course, which are focussed towards the attainment of organizational seeks. This article is also stressing on the factors which influence individual behaviour at the job. The analysis also means the change in the performance in line with the relationship in structure and culture in various organisations. (Mullins, L 2009)


An corporation can be designed in a variety of ways, clearly subjected on their goals. There are fundamental elements which constitute the organisational framework. These are Work specialisation, departmentalisation, string of command, course of control, centralisation and decentralisation, and formalisation. (Buchanan, D. and Huczynski 2009)

Guy's and St Thomas Hospital


Guy's and St Thomas hospital is one of the demanding NHS Base Trusts, with around 900, 000 patient affiliates each year. They deliver a complete variety of medical center services for the neighborhood neighborhoods in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham. They also offer dedicated services for patients from across London, the South East and further afield.


When compared to the private sector company of John Lewis collaboration, the Guy's and St Thomas medical center as they are been able by the mother board of directors comprising non-executive customers and executive customers. They are headed by the chairman and leader. They are really well honoured as the busiest basis trusts. They echoes the cultural and ethnic diversity of the categories their service.

John Lewis Partnership


The John Lewis Relationship can be an idealistic and effective way of exploiting business, confidently preparing the preference to Lovers at the centre of everything it ensures. It really is regarded as personification of the greatest, the result of almost a hundred years of attempt to generate another kind of company, possessed by Companions devoted to allocating customers with capacity and equality. The 76, 500 long lasting personnel is Companions who own 32 John Lewis shops across the UK, 247 Waitrose supermarkets (www. waitrose. com), an internet catalogue business, johnlewis. com (www. johnlewis. com). There's a production device and a farm with income of nearly 8. 2 billion this past year.


By an essential of common and venerable benefits, The John Lewis Relationship has an self-employed organization that allows staff to spread their own view, providing management certain straightforward and reliable visions. Personnel's are maintained as partners. Your body's independent composition embraces a surplus of worker physiques and committees where personnel can have their ideas anonymously. All staffs are named associates and are definitely preserved as such as it pertains to syndication out the company's yearly returns. The Chairman, the Relationship Board, the divisional Management planks and the Group Professional formulates the controlling body of the company. The Relationship Council, which selects five Partnership panel directors, the divisional and branch level democracy, structures the democratic frames that stretches Companions an expression and clutches management to accounts.

These two companies have the same important organisational structures in comparison with the plank of directors and the exec members. There are major contrast between the organisational structures and ethnicities of both companies. They are

a) Work Specialisation

John Lewis Company has a restricted work specialised careers being allocated to the employees and various activities are subjected and designed by the management. Whereas the hospital has a work specialised staffs like doctors and the rest of the medical staff.

b) Departmentalization

The John Lewis is departmentalised according to the products and functions based structures. They are also done based on the commercial activities. However the clinic is departmentalized function based in which the staffs or the employees are specialized.

c) Chain of Command line and Period of Control

The John Lewis the power also lies with the long lasting staffs who own the collaboration of the business. They are also in the line of authority which is being wrested after them. They also have organised top management level that democratically makes important decisions. However the Hospital has a typical public sector framework where in fact the top level management and plank of directors will be the higher authority in the organisation.

d) Centralisation and Decentralisation

Taking John Lewis into framework, they have a decentralisation structure as the employees have stake in the business to make them nearer to the organisation and do not have to risk in alienation. The Hospital has a centralisation composition where the decision making process is from an individual point of the complete operations.

(Mullins, L 2009)

Organisational Culture:

The organisational culture was also seen and evaluated by Charles handy in 1985. He explained and divided it into four types. They are

Power Culture: It's the concept where power is targeted and centred to a limited amount or group. In Guy's and St Thomas medical center the power is sent out into a few and John Lewis has a succeeding electric power culture.

Role culture: In role culture, people or group has a recommended authority or power. The two companies in the article have similar role culture.

Task Culture: Within this people or certain group are turned into teams to solve some major issues.

Person culture: The individuals believe that themselves higher to the organisation.

Organisational Composition and Culture Impact on the Performance of the Business

In many ways the organisational composition and culture have vital implications on the performance of business. Organisational composition and culture are both led by people. They take initiative to perplex the both. The culture reflects the attitude, notion and reason for the whole organisation. When John Lewis is highlighted, their staffs are the owners of the whole endeavor which requires alienation from the staffs. This gives positive inference to the employees to work with the enrichment of the company. If this was not the case, culture that does not support with business strategy and assist the requirements of important stakeholders will battle to keep complete potential and will only manage average to average show and business final results. (Mullins, L, Harlow: FT Prentice Hall, 2009)

There are factors which affect the behaviour at work:

Demographic Factors: The factors are socio economical track record, education etc. Organisations choose people that fit to virtuous socio-economic background, knowledgeable and youngsters because they are supposed to be accomplishing better.

Abilities and Skills: The mental capability of a person to do somewhat a assigned job can be labelled as capability. Skill can be well-defined as the capability to perform in a manner that allows a person to accomplish good results. A person can achieve thriving effects in the organisation if their skills and skills are harmonised with the occupational condition.

Perception: The logical process destined for understanding environmentally friendly stimuli in evocative method is signified to as understanding. Every individual on the foundations of his/her indication can set up and deduce environmental stimuli.


To be correct, the organisational framework and culture is one of the main ingredients of the complete business setup. The employees or the staffs evaluate the complete concealment of the complete set up. John Lewis being truly a private company has vested their stakes on the employees who are believed as their companions who owns the whole company. They strive hard to obtain company in the driving a vehicle seats and earn much commercial usage of the international world and home. They work corresponding to a plan which inspires them to be always a worthwhile stake owners of the business. The whole framework is a backbone to the whole future flourish of business in the business and an enlighten culture take them to new levels. Many factors donate to the behaviour at work and they straight have implications on organisational structure and culture.

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