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Organisational Culture of Etisalat

Keywords: organizational culture case study

Etisalat - Organizational Culture

Executive Summation:

The below discourse is a study into the organizational culture facet of the company Etisalat. In this esteem we could say that the talk gives an idea of the idea of organizational culture and a corporation short of Etisalat. Next the discourse uncovers the organizational culture of the company Etisalat and talks about the same and draws an positioning of organizational culture of the business with the Hofstede theory.

Next the discussion discusses the positive aspects of the company culture. The final outcome draws one's focus on the negative impact of the Etisalat organizational culture and lastly the discourse ends with recommendations for better performance of the company in future


The facet of organizational culture comprises an essential aspect of the management studies of the existing times. Actually the feature of organizational culture also reveal a considerable part of the organization work atmosphere and the tactical approaches that the company will be having in dealing the various situations. In other words the organizational culture symbolizes the views, beliefs, principles and the ideas of the associates of the organization, both employees and the management of the company.

Etisalat or the Emirates telecommunications Businesses is the largest telecom company of the spot. The business was in the beginning a English company which was later bought out by the government of the country of UAE and almost 60% of the stocks was retained by the federal government of the country and all of those other 40% of the shares were offered for the general masses.

In the following discussion we are illustrating certain aspects of the organizational culture of the business Etisalat - the global telecom giant, that includes a organizational culture much hued by the natural values of the Islam contemporary society.

Body of the Conversation:

In this area of the discussion we are looking at the many aspects of the organizational culture that prevails in the context of the business Etisalat.

Etisalat Organizational Culture:

The company Etisalat or the Emirates telecommunication Organization was at first incepted to give a world class telecommunication system to the UAE. However in the approaching times the business did broaden in the other parts of the Middle East and also parts of Asia. Currently the company is operating in almost 18 countries all over the world and has a client base of more than 150 million users.

In the span of its growth we see that the company has maintained an extremely employee oriented methodology. Probably one of the most initial and vital aspect to which the management of the business has paid thorough attention is the introduction of its employees. The aspect of worker dynamism and its enhancement does consist of to be an important feature of the company's internal dynamics. Once more we see that the factor of ethics again is an essential criterion for the business of Etisalat. As an important feature of the organizational culture both management and the employees of the company do have very good attitude towards feature of training and development.

In this case we see that the management of the business do employ a positive and enthusiastic frame of mind towards training its employees so that they come up with better and ground breaking ideas in the future that might be elemental in the introduction of the company. Once again we see that the organizational culture of the company does indicate that the management of the business is quite forward looking and progressive in nature and it is thinking about an ambitious marketing endeavour according to that your company is making introduction in new companies and is also strengthening its position through acquisitions and mergers. Again the business culture seems to be pretty much in sync with the commercially progressive culture of the country of the United Arab Emirates. Since we see that the company in its endeavour to type in new markets are also not hesitant to make some significant investment in to the genre of market and brand building.

In addition to the same we see that the work responsibility of all the elements and the members of the business are cared for with an equal amount of importance and significance. In this case we see that the professionals and the team leads of the company do prefer to pay an in depth level of attention to the performance specifications of all associates. Favouritism is not fostered in the business as the same could lead to some very serious consequences.

In this interconnection one could discuss a collective performance stands as imperative as per the culture of the company. Alternatively we also discover that the company will try to rise above the gender bias that is but a proclaimed feature of the United Arab Emirates culture. We do discover that some of the older and the significant positions are again chaired by the feminine employees of the organization and the firm also encourages a larger recruitment of the female candidates regardless of the position. Truly in today's times according to the tides of globalization, the company has increased much above the Middle Eastern worth and has rightfully become a global organization in terms of the organizational culture.

Organizational Culture Ideas:

One of the extremely old and often used theories that is applied to explain the idea of Organizational Culture is that of the Hofstede theory. Hofstede in his theory of organizational culture has been pressing on the factor that different physical regions and countries does contribute to the fabrication of the organizational culture. The element of corporation culture does reveal the facet of mental programs and pondering patterns and the procedure of social activities. In this admiration it needs to be said that aspect of organizational culture also does indeed greatly depend on the element of the ethics and the culture of the population and the country as a whole in which the company is operational.

In the range of the idea we can see that Hofstede has shown on certain facets that will assist a company to have a progressive and frontward looking organizational culture. In this case we see that the noted scholar did eventually press on the facts that the energy distance or the length between the several levels of the organization must be minimized. Once again the company has to learn to avoid uncertainty that might arise in the foreseeable future. The company culture has concentrate on both the elements of individualism in adition to that of collectivism. The business must also go above the facets of feminism and Masculinity and must be having both Long-term and Short-term orientation.

In this esteem we can say that the organization Etisalat is quite in alignment with the notion and the ideas of the idea that was propagated by Hofstede. To illustrate the same we can describe the following details:

  1. The factor of electric power distance is considered and is accompanied by the management of the company Etisalat. We see that within the company in order to progress and impressive ideas from the components of the business from all the layers of the hierarchical system, loan consolidation and centralization of electric power is generally discouraged and an open up and cordial discussion board is maintained as per which the various employees of the business can come up with various ideas and concepts.
  2. In conditions of doubt avoidance we see that the business looks ahead to try only those ideas and concepts that seem to be quite tangible and the actual employees of the business pull through. The business again attempts to serve and deliver leads to both its employees as well as the clients alike.
  3. Once again in the case of collectivism and individualism we see that the company do maintain a fine balance according to that your performance of all individual employees are considered and that the performance of the teams are pondered upon which together amounts collectivism and also individualism.
  4. Although the modern culture of the country UAE do have a bias towards the male components of the society according to which we see that the best options in all the fields are kept away for the men of the culture, yet in the case of Etisalat we see that the business does give a good chance to the female employees who are also working in a few of the most significant positions of the company.
  5. From the previous aspect we see that the in terms of the permanent orientations the eastern countries receive a desire than the short term traditional western countries.

Positive and negative influences:

It has often been cited that the feature of organizational culture often plays an essential role in the introduction of the organization as well as the various operational and proper styles and habits that the same incorporates. In this case we can hence conclude that the aspect of organizational culture has a visible role in the success or the inability of the business. In fact the decisive decisions that the management often needs are very regularly inspired by the organizational culture of the business. Regarding the company Etisalat we see that the problem is obviously no different. In this case we discover that the organizational culture has lots of positive influences on the business. They are as follows:

  • The organizational culture helps the employees of the company to create new ideas because of this which we see that the business always has some new idea up its sleeve that the management tries out for the better performance of the company in the foreseeable future. It also boosts the personal skills and the confidence of the company.
  • The working ambience of the company turns out to be a fairly positive one and we note that the company and its employees have a positive attitude that helps them move forward towards progress and success.
  • Quintessentially we see that the organizational culture does have a strong influence on the agenda of the company going global. It could be said that the onward moving attitude of the company's inside elements finally offered the Company and its management the impetus to move ahead and move into the foreign and the maiden market segments of the other countries in the Middle East, Africa and now in Asia. Once more we also notice that the business has a occurrence in the nations of the united kingdom and the USA.
  • We also note that the company other than the telecommunication industry is functional in the other establishments like the internet industry and the industry of tone trafficking. This diversification which is again an important component in today's times of stiff competition is something of the organizational culture that has given go up to progressive ideas.
  • The company again has made some very unique contributions to the up gradation of the feminine employees and has given career options to several woman of the nation. It has also helped the image of the company on the global scenario.


On a concluding word it could be said that the factor of organizational culture will play a very important role in the development and the progress of a country. This is one aspect that is made obvious from the situation of the Company Emirates telecommunication Company or the brand Etisalat. However we can say that the organizational culture of the company has led the company to relax a comparatively low focus on the marketing of its products under western culture such as the US and the Western markets. However these markets could end up being somewhat important to the revenue and the interest of the business in the longer run. In cases like this we see that the company could may as well think of options and ideas that will help the firm to obtain a proper and strong launch in the traditional western market.


The company in its endeavour to get an benefits in the western market could anticipate produce aggressive marketing endeavours so that the company might have a noted and a designated entry into the markets of the UK and the US. Once again the business since is already quite a huge name in the centre East and the African region could begin by offering some rebates or introductory offers on its links. Additionally we also see that the company is operational in only the communication or the service area of the business, with a transferring phase the company could also get into the business enterprise of making handsets that may be introduced to the market segments in different regions of the world.

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