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Organisational Audit Of T Mobile Management Essay

According to Kourdi, Business Strategy is the ideas, selections and decisions used to guide a firm to greater success and success. An influenced and plainly considered strategy provides the impetus for commercial success, whereas a vulnerable or misunderstood strategy may lead to a company moving away from business. Understanding what constitutes "strategy" is therefore important in creating a successful business, as is preventing the propensity to label every plan and decision "strategic" when most are about putting into action strategy somewhat than placing it. Similarly important is designed for a strategy to be clear and effectively communicated to everyone with a role in putting into action it, and shareholders and other stakeholders.

For the purpose of this assignment, my chosen company is the T-Mobile.

History and Qualifications of T-Mobile

T-Mobile UK is a joint People from france and German-owned mobile network and mobile broadband operator in britain. It is owned or operated and handled by Everything Everywhere you go, the UK's largest mobile network. T-Mobile UK started life as Mercury One2One, a GSM mobile network run by the now-defunct Mercury Communications. Later known simply as One2One, it was the world's second GSM 1800 network when it premiered in Sept 1993. In its last times it was controlled as a joint venture between Cables and Wireless and American cable tv specialist Mediaone Group, which had lots of ventures in Britain dating back to its days as the US West Mass media Group. One 2 One was purchased by Deutsche Telekom in 1999 and rebranded as T-Mobile in 2002.

On 1 Apr 2010 Deutsche Telekom and France Telekom finalized the offer to combine their UK based mostly operations, leading to Orange UK and T-Mobile UK to vanish, although the brands was managed for at least 18 months. On 11 May 2010 it was released that both Orange and T-Mobile brands would stick to British high streets, although their new merged mother or father company will be called Everything All over.

The T-Mobile brand exists in 11 European countries - Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany (as Telekom), Hungary, Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia and the uk, as well as the United States, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Globally, T-Mobile International subsidiaries have a combined total of around 150 million customers, making the company the world's third-largest mobile-phone provider by users and the third-largest multinational after the UK's Vodafone and Spain's Telefnica.

T-Mobile offers both pay-as-you-go and pay-monthly deal phones. The pay-monthly deals consists of placed amounts of minutes and 'versatile boosters' which permit the customer to improve them month-to-month depending on their needs. Prior to this T-Mobile had a deal option known as 'Flext', which gave the user some money to use for calls, texts, MMS and mobile internet as necessary. (Wikipedia, 2012)

3. 0 The task that T-mobile is facing

T-Mobile is the greatest mobile service providers in UK. They are in the moment facing severe competition from other service providers such as 3G, Vodafone, Virgin, O2. Competition is in conjunction with other environmental factors that induce a very challenging market for them. The existing situation (Riots - August 2011) in UK, the increasing arrears situation in US and European countries acquired further worsened the business environment, which makes it unsuitable for business like T-Mobile to develop.

The situation is quite alarming which is about time for T-Mobile to act and tackle these serious problem. In delaying to do so, would definitely give chance to competitors to adopt the lead.

3. 1 THE BUSINESS ENTERPRISE Approaches for T-Mobile

In mention of the challenge above, several strategies can be implemented by T-Mobile during this recession period. Doing nothing is not an option and passivity will only make things worse. At a starting point, T-Mobile could have to be sure that all the strategies that might be agreed upon would need to be in range with its Mission and Vision. Objective and Vision are the inspiring words that could assist T-Mobile to target in a particular course by keeping its ideals. Listed below are the two business strategies of T-Mobile that need to be executed.

3. 1. 1 Concentrate on ongoing support to customers. T-Mobile is dependent on the revenue-paying customers and cannot find the money for to the stand by position while those customers drop. One-way to be sure T-Mobile survives the economical downturn is to keep focusing on the customers. In the down market people target their spending on companies they trust most, as they get choosy. Customers need to be valued, not only for their money, but also for whom they can be. To carry out this, T-Mobile has to be sure that its staffs are handling the customers' dependence on a solid sense of belonging and significance. For instance, make sure that staffs are positive and proactive with issues somewhat than negative and reactive.

Leaders of a sizable consulting organization have told their employees that they have to be anxious more about their clients than about themselves, considering up ways their clients may survive, even if every microsecond isn't billable. Generosity might not bring anything now, but help position for future years, hopefully with better customers and bigger ideas.

The big hazard to T-Mobile is its competitors such as; 3G, Virgin, Vodafone, O2 and more and without the doubt, the competition are also working on strategies of how to make it through the down flip. So, T-Mobile has to try its greatest in delivering fantastic services to its customers.

3. 1. 2 Expand far away. Other than both strategies above, T-Mobile can consider widening in other part of the planet where recession is not present and where the market segments are on great demand and vast. The trick to endure a recession is opportunity recognition. The first step in opportunity recognition is to learn and assume that there will be opportunity for many who seek and pursue it.

Having focussed a great deal in the Western market and USA since its presence, T-Mobile might consider penetrating the UAE and Asia markets. For instance, China and India using its high human population are two countries that are expanding at an instant tempo. T-Mobile's good reputation in the European countries and USA is a good reason behind other countries to welcome its occurrence. Sometimes, it's best solution to move away from the recession area and built from scratch for a much better result other than keep fighting in the bush with less profit or no profit at all. Having branches also around the world would support other branches that are in trouble such as recession, high inflation, political and legal implication or even natural disasters.

The proper plan above addresses the "what" which is the response for the obstacles that T-Mobile are facing, the" why" so that as out of this point the execution will address the: who, where, when, and how.

The Organizational Audit of T-Mobile

The above all task that needs to be done to be able to implement the above mentioned strategies is the gathering of information in relation to the strategic plan. Organisational audit or strategy audit is to arm T-Mobile managers with the various tools, information, and dedication to evaluate the amount of gain and concentration provided by their current strategies. An audit produces the info had a need to determine whether a change in strategy is essential and precisely what changes should be produced.

T-Mobile's actual way is the sum of what it can and does not do, how well it is internally aligned to aid the strategy, and how feasible the strategy is in comparison with external market, competitor and financial realities. Thus, the internal examination and the external or environmental evaluation, constitute the major components of an organizational audit.

The following are the steps that T-Mobile must analysed and at the same time make the required modification before venturing. "Ammunition should be made available before achieving the battlefield" otherwise it'll be a disaster before venturing.

Before Implementation

An evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat of T-Mobile

An analysis of the politics, economical, social, technological, environmental and legal aspect that can impact T-Mobile tactical plan

An examination of T-Mobile's stakeholders and how to bring them more nearer to achieve the goal as you body

Making sure resources such as: human being, financial, physical and information resources are available and ready to achieve the goals together

During Implementation

Ensuring a genuine and sound integration between departments. All the elements available plan; the quest, vision, principles, goals, strategy and behaviours need to be grasped by each and everyone. Simultaneously, dedication and support are needed throughout the process in any way management levels: strategic, tactical and functional level.

After Implementation

Proper monitoring to ensure that targets are achieving in the time frame established and rectifying any issues that may arise in order for the implementation to be always a success

The SWOT Research of T-Mobile

An examination of the advantages weaknesses, opportunities and risks of T-Mobile, also known as the SWOT research. Advantages (S) and Weaknesses (W) are believed to be interior factors over which T-Mobile have some measure of control whereas Opportunities (O) and Dangers (T) are considered to be external factors over which it has essentially no control. SWOT evaluation is the most renowned tool for audit and examination of the entire proper position of the business and its own environment. Its key purpose is to recognize the strategies that will create a firm specific business design that will best align an organization's resources and capacities to the requirements of the surroundings in which the firm operates.

According to David (2006) a SWOT analysis involves specifying the objective of the business business or job and identifying the internal and exterior factors that are favourable and unfavourable to achieve that target. (David, 2006)

Strengths - The characteristics that allow T-mobile to perform its mission

T-Mobile has had the opportunity to generate strong brand collateral and also made itself regarded across the Europe and the US. Customers are familiar with the T-Mobile's brand; they maintain a solid positive and distinctive relationship with its name.

T-mobile has had the opportunity to determine 4G - network bases in Europe and the same keeps growing in US. Thus, developing a step ahead over its rivals.

T-Mobile offers numerous alliances with industry leading corporations in mobile services & systems, and can offer better services to its customers consequently. For instance, Comcast Cable connection and T-Mobile USA, Inc. has declared a proper marketing alliance to own T-Mobile Hotspot Wi-Fi Internet service to Comcast's practically five million high-speed Internet customers. Thus, Comcast customers can experience the convenience, dependability and value of the T-Mobile wireless broadband interconnection when they're away from home, via Wi-Fi, at a lot more than 4, 000 T-Mobile Hotspot locations nationwide. (newsroom. t-mobile. com, 2012)

T-Mobile's has been able to put itself as the third largest mobile company in the world.

T-Mobile has rightly chosen its slogan "Everything Everywhere". Both words specify T-Mobile purpose on the planet, which instantly create some type of attachment and interest to existing and new customers respectively.

T-Mobile was first to bring in Google-based phone in the UK, using android technology

Weaknesses - Weaknesses are the qualities that prevent T-Mobile from completing its quest and obtaining its full probable.

T-mobile has no presence in the main element emerging market segments of the world though it is categorized as the 3rd greatest mobile company on the globe.

Customers have reported grievances in consumeraffair. com. They experienced concern such as no indication and dropped calls on the roadside, where there was good coverage for other companies. (theultimatewireless. com, 2011)

Coverage of network is not dominant in some areas. It some areas it is intermittent where as in some areas it is simply lifeless coverage of network.

Customers are moving from one mobile service to another and brand commitment is not within the clients. Retention of customers' strategy is absence.

Offering limited bandwidth to its customers. The cap of 500 MB restrained T-Mobile readers from utilising the web freely.

Opportunities - The environment within which T-Mobile performs presents Opportunities

Increasing 4G-network coverage in the UK would make T-Mobile stand out from the audience. 4G, also known as LTE (long lasting evolution), are the next evolution of mobile network technology.

With the client base that grows gradually, T-Mobile can could easily surprised the world 1 day to climb the ladder from third to first major mobile company in the world.

T-Mobile could probably expand in ASIA, rather than concentrating only in European countries and the US. China, India and UAE are the key parts in ASIA that T-Mobile could consider development.

T-Mobile could also amalgamate with other mobile company as it did with Orange mobile company. Thus, more mobile company under the same umbrella "Everything All over".

Threats - Threats happen when conditions in exterior environment jeopardize the consistency and success of T-Mobile

Intensifying competition in the UK market. For instance, Virgin Company, 3G mobile Company, O2 and Vodafone Company are the direct competitors of T-Mobile, which T-Mobile needs to be very vigilant of.

Economic slowdown in the European Union and the united states had an adverse influence on T-Mobile. People become very choosy and cautious when it comes to spend money during those economic crises. Proper strategy is important in order to maintain and attract clients.

European Union legislation on cross-border cellphone utilization by customers (managementparadise, 2011). Sometimes or almost all of the times Federal rules can be harmful to business, such as T-Mobile.

6. 0 PESTEL Evaluation of T-Mobile

After an study of the SWOT examination is performed, a PESTEL evaluation of T-Mobile is vital. They are both widely used jointly to get an improved knowledge of the competitive and monetary environment, nevertheless they represent two contrasting techniques. SWOT analysis differs from PESTEL in the sense that, it is more versatile and can be applied to various forms of business functions where as PESTEL evaluation is more nonconforming, used only to grasp the implications of getting into a fresh market.

PESTEL Research is a convenient tool to analyse the macro-environment, which is also called the much environment. PESTEL means that means Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal. It is employed for identifying the opportunities and risks of global enlargement. Political, Economical, Sociable, Technological, Environmental and Legalities often are different domestically and much more so internationally. Hence, it offers a strong platform to set the stage to build up specific strategies to mitigate the potential risks involved in executing vision in new environments such as with strategy (3. 1. 2) above, development in another country.

Political, Federal and Legal Forces: Political influences relate to federal government or constitutional insurance policies that may influence a business and so do legal causes. There were a number of regulatory hurdles that were overcome before the merger was arranged of T-Mobile and Orange. It was in no way guaranteed that UK competition government bodies would have approved the offer without some stringent requirements, such as obliging the providers to help provide rural broadband coverage. These were achieved and the merger took place back 2010. (itvoir, 2011).

The government's current procedures cannot handle the current riots, which is a direct risk for a wholesome business environment, and may impact T-Mobile. So, the real place of operation are experiencing politics, governmental and legalities representing a hurdle for growth. Due to these, T-Mobile must consider moving in other countries where their politics, government and legal system are favourable to operate and grow without any hurdles. T-Mobile could have to ensure that the designed country is politically steady as well its legal system.

Economical: With economic downturn, the interest rates are at low of 0. 5pc. (telegraph, 2010). That is a great opportunity for the consumers in the form of low lending rates. The government is motivating consumers, which would ignite the stagnant current economic climate. Now this is a good signal for T-Mobile network in two ways. First of all, they can borrow at lower rates and secondly, it will raise the consumer buying electric power as the low rates ignite the current economic climate. But also for now the market is quite stagnant and increasing market talk about looks a bit difficult. (123helpme, 2011)

Infact, the strategy of extending internationally has emerged due to the economical situation that are prevailing in the Europe. Companies including T-Mobile are finding themselves in turmoil to move a step ahead. The economical situation of the planned country needs to be analysed carefully before venturing.

Socio-cultural: Socio-cultural influences encompass such factors as class, era and gender, demographics as well as issues such as culture - both local and international and variety.

When T-Mobile started with its Short Messaging Service (Text), it was the beginning of the mobile multimedia era. T-Mobile offers Multimedia system Messaging (MMS) Service, which allows customers to send and receive picture emails. Both Text and MMS are well-liked by women and have emerged as a public tool for interact (Mintel, 2011). In the summertime of 2002, T-Mobile launched their GPRS (Basic Pocket Radio Service) which has seen great success ever since. Customers of T-Mobile generally gain access to the most up-to-date handsets, which are very admired for mobile-conscious people.

With increasing tendencies into the Android founded mobiles and tablets, a new market has surfaced. Online application stores require high-speed connectivity; it has increased the usage of Wi-Fi and Internet based services. Thus, a whole new market for T-Mobile to emerge.

Approximately 20% of the population lives without a mobile phone. Not being heavy users of mobiles-by their characteristics, retired persons need less mobile contact than those still going to work. Age ranges beyond 55 physique little in to the marketing goals and advertising targets of the mobile industry. But it will come a day where the older era will be influenced and find the utilization of mobiles a necessity. (mintel, 2011)

It is now easier to transition networks more often especially because handsets are actually offered 'free' within the service when customers register with a 12, or more recently 18-month agreement. Exceptionally with private customers (not businesses), they can sometimes have their brand rental discounted for several months depending on the length of agreement. T-Mobile offers 'Fix It' option, which allows customer to choose their own free minutes and free text messages according with their usage.

Technological: Better performance and faster mobile Internet rates of speed with T-Mobile supercharged 4G networks. It's 3 x faster than standard 3G. 4G network that offers blazing-fast average download rates of speed of 10Mbps and optimum speeds as high as 27Mbps. The marketplace is competitive but T-Mobile is coping well and offering the better to its customers with new 4G systems.

T-Mobile can also consider alliances with other companies that already have already a telecommunication backbone / composition. Both together, together can offer an excellent service to their subscribers. For instance, T-Mobile and COMCAST in USA came up together to better serve their customers. A offer from (newsroom. tmobile, 2012):

"Comcast Cable television and T-Mobile USA, Inc. today released a strategic marketing alliance to own T-Mobile Hotspot Wi-Fi Internet service to Comcast's practically five million high-speed Internet customers. With today's announcement, Comcast customers can go through the convenience, reliability and value of the T-Mobile cordless broadband connection when they're abroad, via Wi-Fi, at the more than 4, 000 T-Mobile Hotspot locations nationwide. As part of this tactical marketing alliance, Comcast high-speed Internet customers will get a special offer when they sign up for T-Mobile Hotspot through their Comcast website homepage. Comcast customers who sign up to the T-Mobile Hotspot service can surf the Web, check email or view loading media at wireless broadband rates of speed with a Wi-Fi enabled laptop or PDA at T-Mobile Hotspot locations"

These kinds of alliances would quickly pass on the name of T-Mobile about the designed country.

Environmental: Although there is no evidence they are harmful to general population health, transmitter masts are considered by many as an unwelcome presence in the surroundings, especially when they are really close to institutions. Discarded handsets also constitute an environmental problem due to unsafe materials they contain.

"For a better world for you" is T-Mobiles environmental motto (t-mobile, 2011). The goal is to decrease their business impact on the environment and all T-Mobile companies in Europe have applied environmental management programs in order to reduce waste material and energy consumption. Other solutions how to safeguard a green environment is constantly reviewed. As needs of new technology rises, more bottom part stations is inevitable but T-Mobile recognizes genuine public concern over mobile communications phones and network infrastructure.

Nevertheless, it is worth for T-Mobile to check if its presence would cause any environmental issues in the intended country.

The significance of Stakeholders Diagram from Mindtools. com

Having known the info about the macro-environment, it is also essential to analyse T-Mobile's microenvironment (Stakeholders), which is also described the close to environment. As can be seen from the diagram, an organisation is surrounded by both near and the far off environment. Any alteration in them comes with an impact on the organisation.

According to Ryan (2004), a stakeholder is whoever has a financial involvement in a specific business and according to businessdictionary. com (2009), a stakeholder is a person, group or company that has interest or concern in an business. Stakeholders make a difference or be influenced by the organization's actions, objectives and procedures. A few examples of key stakeholders are collectors, directors, employees, federal (and its companies), owners (shareholders), suppliers, unions, and the city from which the business enterprise pulls its resources.

T-Mobile has the following stakeholders:





Investors and Shareholders


7. 1 Loyal customers are the lifeblood of businesses and in order to maintain them, T-Mobile must spend some time and listen to their customers when growing strategies. They need to get closer to their customers to raised understand their needs and concerns and anticipate their wants. Customer requirements are constantly changing as standards of living keep on changing. Adding up to the down move, attention should be more focussed as make clear in strategy at (3. 1. 1) above. Customers should become the focal point as T-Mobile need them to at least survived in that difficult period.

Customers become choosy before spending a penny and their prospects are high too. So, T-mobile must provide an spectacular and a unique service, which is not much like their challengers. Customers should not get the chance or shouldn't at all try to make a issue like in the samples in (3. 1. 1) instead all the good words should be observed from customers. Failure to take action would compel customers to look for other alternatives, such as looking for another providers, which is often done at a go through the Internet.

In regards to the next strategy, the method of customers would defer. T-Mobile has to research about the market, the culture, the buying routine, the cost and quality lifestyle. T-Mobile should get the trusts and create a good romantic relationship of the new market right at the beginning. There must be proper marketing, deals and offers to attract the new market.

7. 2 An awareness of the competitor's position in the market place must be known. To do that, a competitive evaluation must be performed and the diagram below will help. It analyses the strength in four important areas such as: Ingenuity, level of service, the price that may incurred and the reputation position.

Diagram from Managingabusiness. com

Competitive research of industry shown that the major competitors had a poor reputation and weren't recognized to be impressive or adding value. Hence, assisting T-Mobile to be at the forefront of the game. For example, the android technology was a good shot for T-Mobile. The latter is famously regarded as the first professional to bring in it.

7. 3 Other causes that can have a detrimental effect on the changes will be the suppliers. Without suppliers' support, businesses including T-Mobile wouldn't normally be able to make it through or even can be found. The bargaining vitality of suppliers and the actions they take can immediately influence a business. So, an outstanding relationship is very important and long terms reasonable deal should be taken care of between T-Mobile and its own different suppliers to gain competitive advantage over its rivals. For good examples, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericson, Alcatel are among its suppliers.

7. 4 Staff's sayings, interests and contribution are also essential to T-Mobile growth. Workforce is immediately impacted on an organization's performance. Within an financial downturn, employees become ever more stressed about job security and financial concerns, satisfaction with the work they have, commitment with their company and engagement using their work are all influenced detrimentally. This style could be self-fulfilling for the reason that disengaged employees might well have a negative impact on T-Mobile's products and lead to its decline, which would inevitably see the company declining.

The employee's concerned are about whether or not they would keep their careers and whether they would be compensated if their company did not survive the recession. So, T-Mobile has serious reason to be worried about the emotional wellness of their workers by constantly motivating them, affecting them, re-assuring them, appreciating them and worthwhile them.

7. 5 Traders and shareholders concern are necessary to consider, because they are injectors of capitals and cash into the business. Their priority is the success of the business without interfering about the mechanisms to make it successful. All of the answers about how precisely to deal with potential risks have to be explained to them in order to reassure the return on their investment funds. Recently T-Mobile USA has didn't make an impression the MetroPCS Communications shareholders, which has disrupted a merger between them due to a fall season in earnings by 5. 9% to $ 4. 9 billion. (new. investors. com, 2012). Well, that's a bad example to encourage the other get-togethers to join T-Mobile. Confidence is vital to investment in a recession.

5. 6 Creditors are also important stakeholders who definitely have an interest in T-Mobile expansion. If they were not willing to provide more money then your latter would maintain deep dilemma. So, good credit scoring, positive financial record such as income & loss consideration, balance sheet and cash flow declaration would be advisable to convince collectors for the ongoing money borrowing.

Good professional interactions with the stakeholders and regularly getting together with the stakeholders are crucial for project conclusion. Managing regular meetings with stakeholders, associated with documentation, will help boost the self-confidence levels of shareholders. Lack of regular communication with stakeholders will instill in the heads of the stakeholders needless apprehensions and unfounded worries. Thus, the aforementioned stakeholders' analysis is crucial to T-Mobile, as any sort of reluctance on their behalf would have an adverse effect, which may to lead to getting rid of subscribers and goes bankrupt.

8. 0 Tool Requirements to Apply the Strategy for T-Mobile

Another aspect that is important for T-Mobile to check out before actually apply the above strategy is the option of resources and allocating them effectively for the advantage of the strategy. To organize the operational process of a Company, tool is a simple element of that company. A source of information or set of resources helps organization to acquire competitive advantage. When the resources are put together they can result in the formation of competencies and capabilities.

According to Kourdi (2009), A better approach is to look at a rigorous, active and time-based view of resources, the factors generating success or failing. That is, success depends upon whether resources improve or decline.

8. 1 Individual source: Having simply a pool of staffs is not enough but a proper trained and experience team is necessary. The first stage of utilizing the strategy plan is to be sure to have right people up to speed. The right people include those individuals with required competencies and skills that are needed to support the plan. In the months following a planning process, develop staff skills through training, recruitment, or new hires to include new competencies required by the strategic plan.

If T-Mobile cannot find the money for to recruit then to bolster the workforce, re-shuffling of employees to execute different jobs is important. This is done through job rotation, job enhancement and job enrichment. Additionally it is a mean to motivate staffs, as the latter feel respected in knowing and accomplishing different responsibilities. T-Mobile must ensure high morale at works, affecting staffs in decision-making, creating team spirits, providing good working environment and friendly regular meeting. In short, T-Mobile should create a host that attaches employees to the organization's mission and that makes them feel comfortable. To reinforce the importance of concentrating on strategy and vision, praise success. The rewards may be big or small, as long as they lift the strategy above the day-to-day so people make it important.

T-Mobile directly employs around 36, 000 people. It includes 300 retail retailers and 13 million mobile customers. (T-Mobile, 2011). They are the part of the biggest mobile operator (Everything Everywhere) In UK. (bizyahoo, 2011). It offers a, enthusiastic and trained labor force in the united states that may be re-shuffling to work far away if T-mobile is considering extending in other countries like China. Because the labor force is young, they'll be easily adept to the new technology of the merging company, for illustration, Blackberry.

8. 2 Financial source of information: T-Mobile would have to have sufficient money. The response to this might be analysis of the Balance sheet. Stakeholders' support like Shareholders, investors and collectors support are most important and that would show whether T-Mobile could go ahead to invest in an execution of a technique. All the possible costs have to be analysed and often, true costs are underestimated or not identified. True costs can include an authentic time commitment from staff to achieve a goal, a identification of expenses associated with a technique, or unexpected cost overruns by way of a vendor.

With revenues of 4777. 80m and a rise rate of 2. 5% shows enough potential to endeavor (bizyahoo, 2011). Further to lessen costs, standardize procurement functions to exploit market opportunities and synergies among the best use of the most crucial functions of procurement. For the purposes of the Group's "Fix - Transform - Innovate" will be pressed ahead on a global level, the development and standardization of next-generation solutions. The Group's strong market presence will gain worldwide associates that provide exclusive products and services. (tmobile, 2011)

8. 3 Physical source of information: T-Mobile has stores all over the world. They may have stores in UK, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, France, Midsection East, Africa and Asia. (tmobile, 2011). Thus, position itself perfectly in the market of cell phones.

8. 4 Information reference: T-Mobile like all companies has databases of information about its customers, their personal details, billing details, contractual and non-contractual customers, etc, etc. Like smart, Orange, the merging company maintains all information of its customers. They take care of all facet of customers, orange bill from policy to purchasing, billing to reporting, support and network performance reporting to maximize efficiencies and control costs. (tmobile, 2011). If considering moving to another country then crucial information is necessary through an intensive PESTEL research.

9. 0 Duties for Strategy Implementation

Strategy execution is another important phased. For the technique to be considered a success, commitment and cooperation from different management level is considered necessary. It will involve the strategic, tactical and operational level as illustrated in the diagram below. Horizontally, all departments have to work in tandem with the organizational structure to ensure that each team has clearly defined activities and tasks. This will help promote and start to see the execution process to conclusion.

Diagram from Yahoo. com

9. 1 Strategic Management Level also known as the top management, it is the highest level and usually done by older management. The very best management is the best source of expert and manages goals and procedures for an enterprise. They devote additional time on planning and coordinating functions. The decisions on the objectives, committing resources such as money, time, and people in general is performed here. (Gabriel, 1995)

9. 2 Tactical Management Level also known as middle management, they can be responsible to the very best management for the functioning of their section. They devote additional time to organizational and directional functions. In small organization, there is only one coating of middle level of management however in big enterprises, there could be older and junior midsection level management. It is the execution of the proper plan by means of analysis resource combination, planning for hurdles, and basic timetable. (Gabriel, 1995)

9. 3 Operational Management Level also called the low management, it is a more detailed level of tactical and tactical plan. It consists of supervisors, foreman, section officers, etc. Supervisory management refers to those executives whose work has to be essentially with personal oversight and course of operative employees. Quite simply, they are concerned with course and handling function of management. Here, professionals chosen to work the program create a specific intend to execute the strategic plan. (Gabriel, 1995)

T-Mobile Managers at different levels and staffs has to take commitment, for instance:





Top Managers

For Occasion, CEO of EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE must commit them to provide better quality, progressive products and better services to its customers.

Middle Managers

We are moving ahead to use and increase our T-Mobile stores across China.

Line Managers

Sales Manager of your T-Mobile store must invest in his main responsibility by making sure best customer service to its customers.


Member of the staff must commit to get continuous opinions from the management and the clients to help the entire performance of the store.

There can be an important link to every single level, where each individual at every level understand their role and suppose fully their allocated obligations. Supports must get where necessary and there has to be a charismatic methodology from top to floor level. The target is for everybody in the company to understand the strategy and specifically how and what they are doing will donate to overall delivery.

10. 0 Focuses on and timescale for T-Mobile

The environment and monitoring of focus on is an vital area of the strategy. Developing an efficient strategic plan is merely "half the struggle. " Getting it carried out is the other, and generally the tougher, half. However, an important part of strategy execution is monitoring. Monitoring the execution of T-Mobile proper plan is very important to lots of reasons.

First, it can help to make sure that the initiatives conform to the program and secondly T-Mobile received to make certain that the results achieved are align with the quantified objectives. The process is often as simple as having managers and other appointed employees provide regular information to the professional management. Monitoring also allows for corrective action, that is, it helps in making the necessary changes on the way. To "fine tune, " not only the strategies, but also the planning process as well. Since monitoring is part of a control process, it promotes better performances of employees to do an improved job. Most importantly, monitoring supplies the essential link between your written plan and the day-to-day procedure of the business.

If T-Mobile is choosing to increase in China, then it possessed to set targets, for case:

Analysing the Chinese market and getting approval to begin business within 6 months

Recruiting and Training of Staffs within 2 calendar months time

Renting outlet stores and decorating consequently within 2 calendar months or less

Advertisement and advertising for first 2 months

Delivery of mobiles and other goods to every store three months before Chinese New Year


Increase network coverage for 10 million people in one year

Increase sales by 10%

Increase customer satisfaction

Increase customers platform by 5% per annum

Acquire or merge with any Mobile network company within 24 months to increase market share

11. 0 Summary and Recommendation

The aim of the strategies of T-Mobile is to make profits and continue to expand. But a technique will not be successful if it's does not provide benefits to customers. Indeed, they are really more important than anyone. The crucial element of strategy is how it will result in increased appeal to customers. So, whatever strategies T-Mobile want to put in place, it experienced to focus on client satisfaction. Customers are important stakeholders for a firm like T-mobile as both revenues and profits come from them. As said by business copy writer Michael LeBoeuf, "A satisfied customer is a best business strategy of all".

There could be many reasons why there is a sudden increase in T-Mobile's cellular customer base lately. By implying the right business strategies T-Mobile has able to sustain their existing customers and added new mobile Internet consumers in to their pool. In the last years, T-Mobile experienced many tough tournaments in USA for the cordless market, but their main focus was always their customers. Whether it is a retail store or the telephone support middle, customers were always given importance, and that basically worked for the coffee lover as they received many customer support and excellence awards. The trick behind their business strategy says CEO Hamid Akhavan, is that they put all their initiatives to provide 'killer experience' for his or her customers. (tmobile, 2010)

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