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Organisational and business structures



Process 1

I was spending one hour and I've seen different website and I was accumulate the in formation and written the task manufactures of sporting goods wants Nike, puma, Adidas and others. In there are many company provide different produces of shoe service in India

  1. The first company is Nike It's the world famous company they have a wide range of sporting goods desires shoes, socks, T-Shirts, Hoods, Tracksuit, Sporting Shoes, Coats and so many product are sales and makes
  2. Nike Company gives the different looks within product. the business has move away form the tv adds and the company start trading it money On the digital media wants on radio, T. V, internet ( www. kelkoo. co. uk)
  3. Puma Company is the world famous. The company make different product like shoes, T-shirts, spencer, bags. The business is giving the variety of product. The business provide different size of clothier and shoes other different product on the globe. Puma Company is the new brand in the sports activities goods. Puma also know as puma Aktiengesellscaft Rudolf Dassler. In 1948 puma released their first sport shoes the puma atom to the market which is the Western world German basketball team. (www. sneakerhead. com/manufacture)
  4. Peak Sport Products is the Hong Kong Company. The business is make shoes and other product in the world. THE BUSINESS is sales fair the Group launched a fresh series of latest NBA stars signature products and new group of soccer and tennis products. The Company Peak sport product primarily engages in coming up with, developing, and production, distributing and marketing its sport (http://abnnewswire. net/)





I have search different website and collect the information shoe developing company.

5 hour


Work and planning written start date and time planning by myself

2 hour


Sporting goods service swot analysis give different point on swot examination search on the internet planning by myself

5 hour


Organisational graph and collect and written personnel and product information

5 hour


Make a electric power point search twelve aspect accumulate the written sporting goods information

6 hour


Four reasons the personnel and management

6 hour


Managing director supply the job advertisement written in myself

5 hour



SWOT research is planning method which is supply the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat of the sporting goods services. SWOT evaluation is used to evaluate a company, power, weaknesses, opportunities and hazards. This record exam history and product which is provides the conclusion analysis of the main element income lines and the strategy it is used the are accountable to understand the inner and external factors the have an effect on on the performance in achieving it business goals. The value chain analysis is the fact it gives you and functional benefits, perspective of the business production, logistics, distribution, providing, Customers. The swot research using the support activities technology, financing, procurement the provide underlying. The worthiness of the string evaluation is also useful for SWOT ANALYSIS.


In the strategy almost everything provide high like the merchandise of the purchase price in the market it increasing and the price tag on the completed goods is too much high cost and natural materials also high


In the power customers may take online service and also do the house delivery

In the company if the less variety of machine and demand of goods there's a limited variety of goods are been produce so there's a limited line of product

In the local company they value chain and goods hang on the marketplace.



The main goals of the business are to increase the good in the foreign market.

In the globe the too much competition on the market and it is a major hurdle for all the company

In the next many season they going to help make the wearing good by using most advanced technology and finance

In the always a suspense about the price of good and growing vitality of the suppliers has to the price tag on the good

In conclusions I would like to say that by carrying the SWOT strategy it is used the are accountable to understand the inner and exterior factors the impact on the performance in reaching it business goals. In the business they can improve all over condition of the swot examination. In the company they must keeping primary competitive advantages such as T. V and Radio to create high quality and superior products. If company is companies in low cost nation to make low end items. In the based on the knowledge of own industry. It is easy to the professional base

It is not hard to enterprises should get rid of in limited concept of the merchandise and market segments in the order to build the non existing product and the marketplaces to even expand the opportunity of products to set-up value and impressive value. SWOT analysis company account is the important source the most notable level of the business data and information. The company of the main element business framework and operation, history and product and offer the evaluation of the main element revenue line and strategy. It is provides all the crucial company information required for the business enterprise and competitor intelligence needs. Swot analysis as well as a breakdown and examination of the primary product income stream. The company is Support the sales activities by understanding the clients in the businesses better. The swot issues in to the 6 planning categories the get yourself a system which is the presents a useful way of the internal and exterior information about the business enterprise unit delineating short and long-term priorities and allowing a fairly easy way to build the management team the achieve the revenue growth. Within the team leader to identify and develop co-ordinated, goals directed actions that your underpin the entire agreed goal between levels of the business enterprise hierarchy


Company is divided into different departments. In the company they have immediate responsibility for delivering the products and service. I've completed the organisational graph and after that I have give the finish in the organisational several the individuals working mutually in a organised coordinated fashion to accomplish a couple of goals. In the website A I've supply the of 75 production staff and 30 office personnel and including 1 sales and marketing director and 5 salespersons and 3 marketing personnel it is working mutually in the business. In the website B I've supply the 50 production staff, 15 office staff, 2 salespersons and site C 35 creation staff, 5 office staff and 1 salespersons working alongside one another in the business to attain the goals. The goals of the company and push the other staff to work together co-operate with each other. In the company personnel to working planning, decision making, arranging, leading and controlling using the technology. All the staff are working under the CEO and achieve the goals. The company are using marketing personnel will read the about what is the demand of the people and inform the production personnel to make the product. In the organization charts information device for orienting new employees and work of the plan for considering extending business price for everyone and surface as needed.


In the task 5 we make the energy point slip.


In this I will explain the level of resistance from the staff of the company that of making an organisation framework that of finding SWOT analysis. I will also keeping in your brain about the union of the company and management.

If you want to see the problems of anything in the comp you should adopt that thing or you should spend increasingly more time with this in the business so to know very well what is problem in the business and personnel. I also spend much of my time with the company staff as well much like staff member also and the management. I've never shown i am supervisor of the company, I used to live with them when i am member and I used to utilize them so that I will also experience to see something and in a position to understand the company which can help us to raise the production. whenever i went see in the market and make an effort to study in the market like the costs, more demand of goods and the grade of the good i quickly realized that I should sales the merchandise in the business, each folks should be provided different work and works in the business and active the goals. The four resistanance from the staff that produce and change in organisation structure.

1. I am staff member three times in the company, I have seen that in the first site A, the amount of office personnel is more and they are more accountable and working about their obligations whereas in site B and C, any office staff is less in the business then also they are very careless about their duties so the successful ratio of the merchandise is less in the business as compare site A. in site B any office personnel is co operative and help with each other. In site B and C, the staffs is not co operative with one another in case someone inform them the right thing they don't make an effort to fallow it and do not help one another.

2. The next thing, when I seen in the company then I was unable to stand as a result of loud of noises created by the machines no persons was chatting with a happy face in the company there working. I have noticed that the surroundings made buy the organisation. It is not good and many people are not having any interest to do the work they just want to perform out of the company and the do not have radio in the company.

In the company all the three creation site are implementing the old machine and technology therefore the office personnel is inability of implementing the new working tactics in the company. In the cause of the cost of product is more as compare to the rivals so there is less demand of the merchandise in the market. The time was taken to produce the manufacture the nice is too much time and the machines that are being used in company are too slow-moving and a man has to stand on it to watch the breakdown. Any office is also getting to the learn the new method produce to manufacture the products.

In the personnel of the company don't have a persons mind thinking which means that each man have another thinking and working to achieve goals and targets. I noticed that as i meet them in person and ask how to attain the goals and everyone have the give the different views but through different way plus some members even don't know about the goals in the business. A number of the member who is aware of the goals of the business they don't really want to share their ideas with one another. If

Give the products view produce the merchandise and company achieve the goals.

There is a few of the Suggestion that people can solve the issues of the company. Which I have seen in the organizations or that have forced me to improve the composition of the organizations in the business.

1. We can see the ratio of the very most successful products of the company, which were created by different site A, B and C. I have tried out to make some thing changes in the organisation because the ratio of goods of site A is more lucrative then other sites in the company. THEREFORE I have reduce the variety of office staff up to 20 and 5 are sent to B and C respectively so that can go to other site B and C, make aware about the goal, work together and become co operative and really helps to each other. The associates of the staff should be delivered to other companies reach so that the staff must have a look on the present day machine and technology those companies are using. When they returned, we can using the same approach and increase the creation and sales in the marketing.

2. Before, I had been seen the surroundings of the business. It was bad condition so those who had been working over their, they don't feel good for working. They don't like to work for years in the business plus they were sense bore so I have enhance the environment in the company. So that the staff should like to workers with an increase of interest and perfectly. I'd like make a canteen in company, in this canteen I'd like to keep that kind of foods where there should be release and read some goods catalogs in the canteen the latest technology and machines so the should became aware about the new technology. This is only for the organisation staff.

I have spend little time with the associates of the staff in the business then each member have of the company of the personnel have different motive and have other ways to attain the goals. So it is very essential to change their thinking and make them to think in one direction. The company staff members should be divided in the different groups and group made these to work accordingly. If they are split into teams then they begins working together and can have one try to achieve the goals and will become cooperative to one another. The company staff should talk about their seeks, ideas and goals with one another. The company personnel should do the display and tell them about the prospective and goal and also show them the status of the business goods in the market.

At the finish, I would like to says that if the owner of the company want to increase the marketplace and wish to know about the issues of the business and solve the company problems want to make a few of the changes in the business then he must do the SWOT analysis of the company and company can achieve the goals. The dog owner should spend his time with the staff. He should understand and try to solve the issues of the employees. They provide good pays and help the staff member in the company. The owner should send his company personnel to other companies to gain the modern period technology, to see the environment of the others to see that who the staff of this company work together and achieve the goals how much these are co operative to one another. The company should get working out of new machines. The business should be provided with the computer which should link with entire world by the internet facility. The company should check the performance of each person and give the bonus by the end of a 12 months. By discovering this other staff will also perform better.


In this task I have supply the advert job of the managing director is unfilled in sports activities goods company please contact A managing director will be given a special electricity of its articles of association. We are in need of an office supervisor with the abilities, experience and savvy to be the back done of day to day operation. We want for the stimulated specific with the background in office administration. When the you are experience from the several field than small company and technology.

Key responsibilities of the role

  1. Managing director they play important role in the business. They have to lead the other staff in the right way. He should also play the key role for the company that they stimulate the staff to work goods and achieve the gaols. He knows the market research and what the customer needs on the market are. What product is the folks like and dislike in the market. The managing director they record the process of the company. The business is taking the profit and lose. They give the every depth of the CEO of the business. if the owner will offer give the some advice to him then it is his responsibility to execute, improve upon his idea.
  2. Skills required
  3. he should the strong business and fund administration knowledge
  4. he if the basic accounting skills with the high degree of accuracy
  5. They should have the data of company would be very useful in the work.
  6. They should have the ability to produce business correspondence, proofread for sentence structure, spelling and punctuation with a higher amount of accuracy
  7. They know the some sales support experience is attractive,
  8. They know the a few of the experience taking care of the calendar of a busy office or homage

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