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Operations management in the traveler industry

Operations management contains those activities which are involved in planning, managing and transformation process of a particular service or product. At the very beginning Operations management was only considered for the making industry but with the circulation of their time it's now a job of service sector too. English Riviera Tourism Company is a service provider company. The corporation performing it's operation management through-

  • Planning of procedures- ERTC has a grand plan of jogging its company. Their main strategy is 'Turning the tide for Travel and leisure in Torbay'. Mainly providing services within a variety of local areas which mainly consisting of Torquay, Paigton and Brixham because they are also working as a promotional tools for this company. The landscape of Bay is very much heart coming in contact with, ERTC is guaranteeing the standard tourism service because of their visitors to enjoy this beautiful scenery. In 2012, it served nearly 997, 000 guests from UK.
  • Management of these functions- As their main object is to provide quality services. They may be managing their businesses by this steps a) Providing adequate holiday break accommodation, and also b) accommodations for neighborhood c) accommodations available atlanta divorce attorneys seasons.
  • Quality management- British Riviera Attractions Collaboration includes: Paington Zoo, Living coasts and Peigton Pier. As they are attractive partners which represents the grade of this company. Also, they are awarded for 'Fine kitchen'. Also, they are ensuring the leading position of ERTC.

1. 2

Operations management was mainly for manufacturing industry. At the moment it's also a part of service companies. As processing products are tangible and services are intangible that is why both the operation managements are differ from each others.

  • ERTC providing services to travellers, their main planning target is to get attention of the holidaymakers. On the other hand, a processing company tries to make a quality product matching to buyer's need which means their main planning program contains producing quality product.
  • In an operation management of service company facilities have to be given as that they had announced. ERTC offers standard facilities to its serving areas.

When it is product, customers can also find out about the facilities through using the product.

  • In service companies always expends a lot of time in selecting location, design. Badly selected location is a threat for a tourism company. Easy communication with the clients is also a subject of thought. ERTC offers online services to get travelers from all over the world. As it also has a committed action with some rewarded partners? Companions are also working as a promotional spouse for this company.

Product producers focus on the structure of the place where they'll produce the merchandise. Comfortable design helps producer to create products as the demand of the clients.

  • Capacity planning of the manufacturer is simpler than a company. ERTC can't be in a position to store their service to meet up with the future demand.

1. 3

Managerial functions mainly define as a blend of planning, managing, staffing, coordinating and handling. ERTC's operation can also be related to these managerial functions. As this companies operations are related to planning, managing customers, worker people and coordinating and managing all the actions through an effective analysis.

ERTC is principally a Torbay's major industry. It's running with an idea 'Turning the tide for Travel and leisure in Torbay'. These are providing their service through making sure modernism, improved standard, playing with strength, wide special offers. This company is planned by- The chair, the board, the co-opted advisory -panel, the chief professional officer. As it's a company having partnership it receive the chance to increase it's investment and engaging more trained stuffs for the companies betterment. Coordinating function is done through handling all the prior activities. ERTC needs maximum customers' gratitude for coordinating all the plans. To turn the key strategy into reality they have to monitor the feedbacks of all single steps. Also, they are trying to require their customers in this process. So, they provide a 'promotional paper literature' each year. That is designed not and then influence the prevailing customers but also the customers. This guide has over all details of a specific time which a customer wants to know before booking. Visitors also get the opportunity to connect through the internet. By studying the existing situation of ERTC the controlling end result can be like this- value of travel and leisure in torbay's current economic climate needs to be increased, repositioning the business, providing uniform system, increase in job, creating cost effective services, addressing the main element objects.

1. 4

Creating customer value and competitive advantage is very much indeed important for a tourism company. As procedures management is made up all the activities of a company it can benefit to get both of these important things. Actually, customer value is a matter which can be obtained through fulfilling a person. ERTC is keeping its business-

  • As a relationship company
  • Ensuring standard service
  • Focusing on the wonder of Bay
  • Proper evaluation system.
  • Introduced special app
  • Maintain international mass media coverage and personal relationship.
  • They have to serve over 3million people in a season.
  • Also having their marketing activities through you tube, twitter, Facebook.

All these activities are enough to get customer satisfaction which leads to customer value. Customer value helps to have a long-term customers. Being a brand of travel and leisure industry ERTC has also some competitive advantages. Marketing activities of any business also an integral part of businesses management. ERTC's marketing acts are-

  • Developing a good website.
  • Producing annual officials.
  • Coordination of advertising nationally.
  • Supporting the management
  • Both online and offline marketing
  • Producing various articles as offline marketing tool
  • Promotional activities by promotional companions.
  • Rewarded as a best company many time.

Again market segmentation of this company is also creating a great opportunity of having competitive advantages. They targeted their market on the foundation of-geography, demographics, family members, couples and business meetings. The west is generating the majority of the visitors which place includes their segmentation. People belongs to over 50s are more appealing group of customer because they are the growing amount of people having a lot of free time with disposable cash flow. The corporation can earn competitive advantages through having a great plan for this market.


2. 1

System design includes the process of a specific subject which really helps to gather data, interfaces and brings details to obtain an ultimate subject. It has a respected role in business sector. System design can be carried out in a number of forms-

  • Architectural design
  • Logical design
  • Physical design

Physical design is very much indeed applicable for tourism industry. It needs- requirements of type, requirements outputs, Storage requirements, handling requirements.

Process design carries those documents which ensure the info of the documents can handle fitting the design.

ERTC's system design shows the overall plan of the company. Its system design is given below-

  • Running with the strategy 'Turning the tide for Travel and leisure in Torbay'
  • Working as a partnership company
  • Increasing value of travel and leisure throughout the market of torbay
  • Increasing return on investment
  • Introducing the beauty of Bay
  • Creating affordable services

This company's system design was created to satisfy the holidaymakers and get brand image. Total record of the overall system design will tell us whether this design does apply or not. By inspecting this system design it is found that, customers are appreciating the collaboration system, it can help to gain stability from the clients, its attractive relationship also setting up a promotional scope. All these are producing great process design of this company. This design says whether all the procedure are able to become real or not. ERTC's process design has recently began proceeding the responsibilities.

2. 2

Implementing new or significant development or service providing method is known as process innovation. Bringing out new or better form of prior service talk about as something development. These two jobs are extremely very important to a travel and leisure industry.

Innovation is recognized as a vitality of a particular industry. It's the way to be kept up to date in market. Maintains competitive advantages, increase efficiency and success. As need of a customers is changing and cope with this changes development is very much important. Even technology can be brought through renewing marketing activities. Every company normally use same marketing tools so it can be made different by innovating some new process. Creativity is also important since it is the only path of making distinctions with the rivals.

ERTC is proving various innovated services and processes-

  • Up- to-date with some new solutions.
  • New tourists can get information from the web site.
  • One very useful creativity in this company's process offers yearly prospectus.
  • Lunching new town sites.
  • Introducing shared marketing tools.
  • Embedding on others website.
  • Providing publication.

This process enhancements are helping the corporation to provide its service all over the world. In this modern day it's mainly concentrating on modernism which is the only to get client satisfaction. ERTC is getting changed according with their time or season of providing services. Strategic creativity doesn't cost most. To catch more customers they provide free maps to the visitors.

2. 3

Logistics is the complete movement of goods right from the start to the consumption of the merchandise. It mainly contains physical items. It illustrate the production process and syndication process of a specific product. Logistic process involves-

  • Handling materials
  • Production
  • Packaging
  • Inventory
  • Transporting
  • Warehousing and
  • Security.

In Travel and leisure Company SUCH AS FOR EXAMPLE ERTC also have the procedure of logistics. Servicing companies use logistics as a process of planning, handling, realizing and monitoring. Source chain refers the global vision of logistics. It could be defined as a process involves all the firms related to managing, moving or distributing the finish product. Travel and leisure industry is producing services for customers, it needs no physical transferring of services. So, for providing customers they are simply taking many marketing steps which can be creating different source chain.

ERTC is providing services through online and offline procedures which are creating quality and bookings. Online marketing is mainly used to protect the new era of travelers. They curently have developed their own website. Also using YouTube, twitter, Facebook etc. As there are no presences of an salesperson in online marketing, the website or marketing tools need to be lucrative to the clients. Offline communication has a great influence on customers but now a days it's declining. ERTC is producing an annual guide as an offline marketing tool made up of all the details of this company. Personal relationship and branding are powerful tools for increasing interest of customers.


3. 1

The ERTC is carrying on to get locally, regionally, nationally in research market to have an standard Operational performance. Standard of something means a specific level in which a company must reach or its way of calculating the advancements.

ERTC, as a renowned travel and leisure company has some requirements for its own. They are as following-

Main three-

  • Increase the number of visitors.
  • Expanding the worthiness of tourism in torbay's overall economy.
  • Re positioning the British Reveira.


  • This company gets the responsibility to execute the marketing activities for English Reveira. But their complete plan is to get the 'Turning the tide for Travel and leisure in Torbay' strategy.
  • ERTC is working to ensuring the standard of services
  • Getting modernism
  • Having contracts with other brands
  • Showing the stunning natural splendor of Bay
  • Local tourism businesses are dealing with it as a promotional partner.
  • Increasing investment on marketing industries.

All these belongs to operational management that are helping managers to execute their job with a specific standard. This system cooperate a business to utilize a specific plan. This job of coordination is done by the employees, professionals or customers also. And then gaining aims become easier. Committing with other brands is a great effort to get maximum market converges. They will work as a promotional tools for ERTC. These lovers also have a specific standard while promoting ERTC. So, importance of a specific standard can be seen the truth is.

3. 2

ERTC mainly collects information or feedbacks from the customers. They also get feedbacks from the promotional associates. Feedbacks are the declaration about something from a person who already has experienced or screen that thing. Both are very effective way of collecting feedback.

Some feedbacks from customers receive below-

"They are excellent ambassadors for the

Bay and we really owe all of them a large thank

you from most of us in Guesthouse Land. Keep

up the nice work and keep providing the Bay

just the way you are doing. "

Garry and Debbie Midmer

The Shirley, Torquay

Other customers also said that they are very much supportive. Promotional lovers also promote their viewpoints, ERTC's website is very much indeed communicative, remained the wonder of the Bay, in another country promotional works increasing dividends. ERTC also launched an special application which created opportunity for all the interested people for being current. Both customers and promotional companions are appreciating the strategy 'Turning the tide for Travel and leisure in Torbay'. Through assessment the feedbacks ERTC must take following corrective activities-

  • Should concentrate on procedure into three main areas.
  • Operations of cell center
  • Developing significant alternative websites
  • Providing more information about marketing programs.
  • Following the national quality standard to ensure the quality of the service.
  • Avoiding incomplete information.
  • Arranging situations for special festivals.

Moreover the company has to develop a plan how it can serve its customers in a cost effective way with the changing needs. The corporation is providing practically 8, 800 jobs within the hotel. All the job holders are influenced to talk about their feedback and modification methods.

3. 3

Operational system is principally run by the employees of an company. While using growing volume of competition British travel and leisure is facing difficulties. Employees will be the direct monitor that can specify the lacking of an company. In service industry employees point monitoring result is very much indeed effective for a company. ERTC is also doing the same thing. They get some points that happen to be pointed by the employees.

Wow factor is absence in British Reveira tourism product. And they are not considering modern enough to buy. The corporation also needs some creativity in product development to get clients. Needs concentrating on all year round opportunity. ERTC also get some good controlling recommendations from its employees, they mainly advised some opportunities. These are-

  • Maritime leisure - Torbay is definitely an icon of worldwide if it starts off doing something on tha basis of normal water.
  • Developing torbay weeks
  • Developing experiences based on water
  • Promoting maritime through central vacation spot marketing.
  • Improving retail offerings
  • Bringing 'Agatha Christie theme' for adding glamour
  • Arranging festivals in different events.

Global geopark can be released by the corporation. Creative advertising and positioning will generate enormous offers. Running a meeting during special festivals. This will likely also are promotional act. By course it'll focus all possible civilizations remaining the local area.

3. 4

Effective management system consists all the managerial activities of an company. Well planned system will give the opportunity to gain competitive advantages that actually a vitality for a business against competitors. Competitive advantage means attaining such kind of characteristics that really helps to perform jobs effectively and make some differentiation on the other hand of opponents.

As we've already seen that managerial system made up of planning, managing, stuffing and handling. ERTC has generated a planned managerial system. First of all they developed a technique 'Turning the tide for Travel and leisure in Torbay' centering mainly the Torbay. Relating strategic monetary development, other delivery organizations, strategy and advice each one of these are done by the chair, handling director and other organizers. Person in this company is made up of private and general population sectors which brings an equilibrium. The over activities are also handled by the expert. As ERTC found some results of controlling-

  • Arresting the drop of tourists' number.
  • Increase in employment
  • Developing a persuasive brand.
  • Coordinating and monitoring effective marketing strategies.
  • Funding for tourism marketing
  • Expanding the facilities
  • Developing online and offline questionnaire to learn him statements of the clients very frequently. This will also help to get new ideas or steps from them.

These are the main thing that have to be executed. Quality of service also needs to be increased. To increase travellers for ERTC effective spots management is necessary. Outputs of assets represent the ultimate situation of a company so this element also needs to me measured while controlling. All of the controlling steps will create competitive advantage for this company.

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