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Operation Management In British Museum And London Zoo Tourism Essay

British Museum is one of the largest and most extensive museums on the globe which was within 1753 in London. The choices exhibited there have been collected all over the world from the roots of human being to provide day. By visiting those fantastic things, people will experience a historical and social quest. As the mission cited below from the museum website, Uk Museum is greater than a non-profit making organization, it is a great treasure belongs to all mankind.

The Goal of the United kingdom Museum ("the Museum") is to carry for the benefit and education of mankind a collection consultant of world cultures ("the Collection"), and ensure that the Collection is housed safely, conserved, curated, investigated and exhibited1.

-------British Museum Governance Insurance policies and Principles

London Zoo is also a famous attraction in London opened to open public since 1828 which is two years after because the Zoological Modern culture of London has been found. Over 720 different types of animal exhibited here, it is a place not simply for visiting, it is just a playground where you can interact with animals and progress known of their living.

The main purpose of this article is to learn the similarity and difference of operation methods between two organizations. Therefore, the procedure procedure of United kingdom Museum will be illustrated at first, which is generally indentified through several aspects, such as structure and 4Vs. After, the necessary evaluation and comparison will be analysed between English Museum and the given circumstance London Zoo. And some recommendations will get in the end.

Facilities of British isles Museum

In order to review the procedure system in British Museum, the facilities used in the Museum will be illustrated in the following. Furthermore, the evaluation will be studied specifically and try to find out the deficit it requires to boost.

2. 1 Functions management in not-for-profit organization

As the obligation mentioned in advantages, British Museum is a trust money business which is absolve to the general public, so in most cases it is a non-profit making firm. However, the Museum makes the income in a few certain ways, such as recruiting the people and reselling the souvenirs in the shop. To create it simple and clear, in the following research, English Museum is only going to be considered as an organization which only provides service to fulfill people by developing a good atmosphere and also to promote its reputation all around the globe.

Layout and circulation style

With 8 million items housed in English Museum, the structure will be a little complex. After several expansions over the centuries, it went through the changes from a normal mansion before to today's 75, 000 m2 level, which equals to nine basketball pitches.

British Museum has three floor surfaces, which can be lower floor, floor floor and higher floor. For my observation, the primary traveling to area is ground and upper floors.

Ground floor

Ground floor has four levels from level-1 to level 2. (see physique1)

When entering the building from the primary entry, two small desks stand next to the passageway which only supplies the free maps. Except for the securities, no staff can be found there. After gathering the map, I walk into the great court docket, and a large information office at the right part of court, some staffs are working there for just about any requires. In addition, there's a special service provided here which is a multimedia system guide (audio descriptions) provides eleven different dialects, using this method the price tag on staff is a lot reduced and the grade of service is increased.

At this level ( level 0), there is a reading room opened up for special exhibitions at the heart of great judge and several shops and cafes opened up in the spot of great court docket. Along with other facilities such as toilets for man, female, disabled and a newborn changing room are on both edges of great courtroom.

Around the fantastic court docket, more than thirty galleries are opened up to the general public on the three factors of the bottom floor. On level -1, 1, 2, there are also some galleries exposed. And both lifts and stairs are available between different levels. Guests can pick any series of visit, clockwise, counter clockwise or random.

Figure 1

Lower floor

On this floor, there exists less worth to go to upon this floor, which only includes three galleries and two educational centres organized by enterprises ( see number 2). Hardly any tourists reach this floor.

Figure 2

Upper floor

The galleries on this floor were arranged on the four attributes of court docket (see figure 3). And the amount of rooms are more or less the same as ground floor, which include five themes, Old Egypt on the north side of level 3, Old Greece and Rome on the western area, Japan culture on the north area of level 5, European countries on the south side and Midsection East on the right area.

Figure 3

Furthermore, as increasingly more precious objects will exhibit in the museum, the screen is vital for the operation management in Uk Museum. They even shaped a policy of display to process the design and flow directed to ensure all sorts of demand from customers also to make them satisfied.

Transformation process model

Input to the process

In the procedure process, there are two units of inputs, an example may be transformed resources which can be always transmuted, and the other set in place is transforming resources which made transformed resources (Slack el al. , 2004). Put on the procedure of English Museum, transformed source would be the customers, and changing source is the personnel, also includes all the collections.

To enhance the procedure performance, the museum must explore new selections, but more importantly, it should teach the staff to enhance their professional skills in two ways, the exhibitions maintenance and customers service.

Within the process

In the process, Slack el al. (2004) explain that different inputs changed can be identifying different kinds of process. Here the types of process will be split into three categories; respectively they are materials process which is to change the physical products, information handling which concerned with informational properties and customer handling this means customers are believed as major input throughout the complete process.

As these clarification, it is apparent that the United kingdom Museum belongs to customer processing, because at the beginning of transformation, each customer is fresh without the experience to the museum, but when head to ends, the physiological state of customers include basic knowledge and sense in what they been to.

Outputs from the process

After learning the procedure process, it is can be found that hardly any organizations produced clean service or product, in almost all of cases, services are merging along to improve their competition on the market.

Generally speaking, the productivity of English Museum is service, which is intangible and hard to specify. Some organizations used the customer responses mechanism to meet the criteria the fulfilment of customer's need. This sort of processing requires a high qualification to satisfied customers' mindset needs.

Characterizes of process : 4Vs

2. 4. 1 Examination of 4Vs between London Zoo and English Museum

After identifying the outputs and inputs of Uk Museum, the volume, variety, deviation and presence should be analysed. First of all, as the largest national tourist appeal in UK, both British Museum and London Zoo have a high volume of visiting. In 2009/2010, 5. 7 million people visited the British Museum. And in active days, the visitors of London come to 4000 to 6000 each day in average. Next, the variety of service in London Zoo and English Museum is relatively high. Although a big amount of exhibitions provided by both organizations, visitors can make the touring regimens according with their needs and preference. There is absolutely no fixed routine. Thirdly, the variance of demand in English Museum is low credited to it just experiences a little fluctuation in summer holiday weighed against normal days. Conversely, customers demand of London zoo on weekends and special occasions will spur to 18000 each day while on Christmas Eve only 48 visitors there, therefore the variant of London Zoo is relatively high. Finally, awareness means customer contact which made by organizations. As the case shown that London zoo has high presence, in such scenario, they realise the importance to improve service and meet customers need. In the same way, United kingdom museum usually set up the short time tours and make an effort to gain visitor to fulfil their need. However, the contact between personnel and visitor is not frequent here.

Table 1.






London Zoo



Relatively High


British Museum





2. 4. 2 The implication of 4Vs of operations

Compared with the perfect dimensions in the four aspects, high volume, low variety, low variance popular, and low awareness, the operation procedure for English Museum seems finished to the ideal model and cost less in its procedure management. However, the high deviation of customers demand requires London Zoo to explore what customers really want from them. Which is the idea for London Zoo to keep a lasting increase.

Pros and Downsides of operation process in English Museum

3. 1 Pros

3. 1. 1 Specify and categorize customer demand: Explore the Museum's highlights

As a huge amount of selections exhibited in the museum, for some tourists, it is impossible to go to all the galleries in such a short period. To give the visitors a worthwhile visit, the museum picked some of most valuable items and created several options according to different amount of tour. That is providing a chance for visitors to explore the spotlight exhibitions, then guests can plan their own trip by those advised regimen. Thus, the satisfaction of site visitors can be generally improved. Meanwhile, it can also avoid the audience in peak season and shorten the operation process.

The routine suggested presently as below (Site visitors can find the info at information table)

1 hour at the Museum

3 hours at the Museum

Objects to see with children

A background of the planet in 100 objects

As the four determined routines created by British Museum, on one hand visitors will tour the museum with the reason, enough time of visiting is much saved looked after get this to touring much clear and effective. Alternatively, it makes the process stream fluent and effective.

3. 2 Cons

3. 2. 1 Complex layout for the large galleries

Generally, the series are grouped in related to the type and history of objects. So in British Museum, the key long term galleries are Old Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome, Europe, Asia and Midsection East, Africa and America. And some large galleries contain two levels. The problem is when you wished to visit the galleries completely, you have to go upstairs. If you pass through the way-out upstairs, your program of the whole viewing will be disturbed. Normally, you have to go downstairs continue the stop by at other galleries. On top of that, for such a layout, visitors are easily getting puzzled and lost directions, since there is no any signal of direction. During the visiting, I came across the section between different styles had not been so clear, specifically for those big galleries that have two levels.

3. 2. 2 Less space on the hot spot area

Another design problem is that it was a bit crowed in the popular galleries like the gallery of old Egypt. For my observation on that day, so many people were enthusiastic about Egypt Mummy and halted to take images or pay a notice on particular thing. In such way, it made the gallery too congested to visit, and tourists must feel unsatisfied currently.

Comparison and compare between British Museum and London Zoo

4. 1 Standard introduction of case London Zoo

London zoo is one of the most popular animal choices in the world which opened up in 1828; the purpose of it is to house and display live pets or animals and makes revenue. Before few ages, visitor attendance continues high although there is a fluctuation because of zoo's reconstruction and some other general population reasons. But by the mid-1950s the visitor numbers started to decline from 2 million calendar year by season, and by 1995/96, the budgeted level was just nine hundred thousand. The primary reason is from social-economic changes including changing of living habits, progress in car possession, leisure personal preferences and inflation as well as fierce competition. Because of the reduction in visitor attendance and insufficient investment in zoo's improvements or its image, immediate action must be taken to change the situation. Along with the support of zoo's staff, a fresh development plan was published and followed in 1992 in order to enhance the facilities and the service quality. Relevant research also need to be made in advance.

Profit and not-profit

The United kingdom Museum can be seen as a non-profit organization sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, but it addittionally has self-generated income through retail, international touring exhibitions, Regular membership, and fundraising programs. By contract, London Zoo mainly relies on the financial earnings to keep running its daily operation and maintenance and also partly relies on the public finance. To some extent, British Museum is trying to achieving a higher reputation worldwide by create the most comfortable environment to tourists, however, London Zoo aims to enhance the quality of service to get more tourists and improve the income.

Defined the targeted visitors

Both English Museum and London Zoo understand the importance to specify their target visitors. Generally, the mark customers of English Museum are traveler including individuals, couples and family members, some specific researchers as well. After identify the client and their need, the museum provides preferred touring options on track visitors, which really is a convenient service to visitors. Same as London Zoo, after specified the visitors, it is important to boost their service by knowing what their particular needs. By categories the tourists and figure out the characters of each group, group will be easy to increase the service to meet their exact need.

Quality of service

As my observation of British isles Museum, it is hard to feel the presence of service even they offer the short free tour occasionally. Except for the information table, you can rarely find any staff for help. In comparison to Uk Museum, London Zoo also is suffering from quality problem, scheduled to capacity problem. London Zoo controlled badly during top intervals because of insufficient staff. Because of this, the column 'contact with staff' received the lowest credit score in the analysis. Long queues, delays, insufficient contact lead to problems in quality in London Zoo

As the analysis above, although both British isles museum and London zoo participate in service organizations, the commercial purposes are different. However, they aim to supply the best service to achieve the success in their own business area.

As the top national organizations, even though both London Zoo and British Museum are completely prepared in facilities, there are still some operation problems in service quality and process of layout. For English Museum, in terms of layout, they may provide the site visitors more comfortable environment by increasing the area in the spot galleries; in the top galleries, the museum can display the collections all in the same level to avoid making visitors puzzled or lost. While in terms of service, I would recommend that the staff may connection with visitors in person more. For London Zoo, the capacity should be upgraded through recruiting the momentary staff during top season. As the survey adopted in the event study, they need to create more contact with visitors and supply more experienced catering to raise the performance.

No matter how big the organization scale is, it still has its durability and weakness. The responsibility of management team is keeping enhance the operation process and consistently making revenue and get a great reputation in the business area.

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