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Online Program By Indian Political Get-togethers Media Essay

  1. Understanding Political Communication
  2. The Political Party
  3. The Voter
  4. The Medium
  1. The Digital Medium: The Game Changer
  2. Use of Internet as a Political Communication Tool
  3. Online tools
  4. Importance of young ones in elections
  5. Understanding the Psyche of the Indian young ones in Elections
  6. Need and Rationale for the Study
  7. Research Design
  8. Research Objectives
  9. Research Methodology
  10. Sampling
  11. Research Questions
  12. Limitations
  13. Data Collection
  14. Data and Analysis
  15. Findings of the Research
  16. Language of this content of Website
  17. Unit Analysis of Websites
  18. Information of the party
  19. There was no reference to Alliance partners of any of the websites under perview
  20. Interaction with People
  21. Appeal to the people
  22. Service to the people
  23. Media Coverage and Consumer Relations
  24. Transparency
  25. Link Analysis of Websites
  26. Results and Discussions of Link Analysis
  37. Inlinks
  41. Site Depth
  44. Google
  45. Yahoo
  46. Alexa
  48. Google
  49. Yahoo
  50. Traffic Rank
  51. Party
  64. Party
  65. India
  66. Outside India
  67. Implications of Hyperlink Analysis
  68. In - Depth Interview with Marketing PR wings of politics parties
  69. How important do you are feeling is the Role of the Public Relations in Politics?
  70. Describe the positioning that the general public relationships place itself in the politics promotions process?
  71. How important do you are feeling is the web platform in the current age for political parties?
  72. Where is the online platform best more likely to fit in the complete process of politics propaganda?
  73. What kind of Accountability procedures do Public Relationship personnel adopt to calculate what s effective and what's not effective?
  74. What is the continuing future of PR in politics campaigning and especially the web platform?
  75. Conclusion
  76. Recommendations
  77. Future Scope

In the first years of Indian Independence politics communication was considered to be responding to peaceful rallies and dropping election pamphlets from a plane to persuade the Indian Voter. The post liberalization has already seen three paradigm shifts, First of all the Nehruvian Socialism in the 1960's, then your hard lined self-control of Indira Gandhi and financial independence in the 1990's. the liberalization of the Indian overall economy has changed just how of communication which range from cable television to telecommunication and then getting to the online platform. Previously the communication during elections used to occur in rallies and depended a lot on politicians interpersonal skills. But the political celebrations are soon noticing the importance of this Digital Time to connect with the youngsters of the united states. The Political celebrations know that the youth are going in the change from Digital Migrants to Digital Natives. They can be found with the true identities on the Digital program. This requires the political get-togethers of India to look at methods which have been never adopted before. Inside the lately hard fought Lok Sabha Elections of 2009, all major politics parties of India possessed hired Advertisement and Media Companies to manage their Brand Image.

Understanding Political Communication

Political communication is a sub-field of politics knowledge and communication that handles the creation, dissemination, procession and effects of information, both through advertising and interpersonally, within a political context. This includes all use of Multimedia, speeches by politicians, Judgment leaders in the community to influence your choice process looked after includes the formal and casual discussions in everyone.

The Research of Political Communication revolves around 3 basic elements.

The Political Party

The Voter

The Medium of communication

The Political Party

As per the Ace Electoral Network, A political party is defined as an organised group of folks with at least about similar political aims and viewpoints, that looks for to influence general public coverage by getting its prospects elected to general public office.

Political get-togethers perform key jobs in a democratic modern culture, such as

Aggregating and articulating needs and problems as recognized by participants and supporters

Socialising and educating voters and citizens in the performing of the politics and electoral system and the technology of general political values

Balancing opposing needs and changing them into general policies

Activating and mobilising citizens into taking part in political decisions and changing their thoughts into viable policy options

Channelling public opinion from residents to government

To perform these above mentioned key responsibilities, the political party can converse their objective evidently to their Voters. While using increase in the amount of mediums a celebration can use to communicate with their voter, a steadiness in the communication purpose should be must. Communication goal is derived from the Brand Proposition the party wants to show to the general public. Harrop (1990) perceives politics marketing to be not only about politics advertising, party politics broadcasts and electoral speeches but within the whole portion of party setting in the electoral market.

Maarek (1995) conceptualises political marketing as "a sophisticated process, the outcome of a far more global work implicating all the factors of the politician's politics communication". Maarek explained the Difference between commercial marketing and political marketing.

Figure 1: Commercial and Political Marketing, two parallel strategies.

In these figure Maarek tries to indicate the difference between Commercial Marketing and Political Marketing. Such a parallel can't be attracted, as a party's "product" comprises not of its politics marketing communications but of:

a) Its ideological system and its group of coverage proposals.

b) The party leader, the individuals and party officers.

In Maarek's view, politics marketing has become an intrinsic and vital component of politics communication. In his words: "Political communicationincludes the complete marketing process, from primary market review to screening and targeting".

The Voter

The goal of any type of communication is to encourage the recipient. All marketers try to persuade their customers about the product. Here the internet marketer is the politics party and the customer is the voter. But there are specific distinctions between mainstream marketing and politics marketing with regards to the voter.

Lock and Harris (1996) identify four main dissimilarities between mainstream and politics marketing:

All voters vote on the same day, everyone makes choice as per their own methods or requirements

There is cost-free mounted on casting a mandate for a particular party, therefore cost-free when considered from an individual perspective but a very huge cost from a society's viewpoint.

Even if you must have voted for a specific get together, even though it isn't elected, you will need to live with it.

There is no choice to vote for a political get together or the candidate, simply the service given is unbundled. The applicant and the politics party both are usually taken into consideration while making the choice.

The main role of PR activities is to improve the understanding of the political get together or the candidate. Today political functions are involved highly in PR activities during elections; the Bhartiya Janata Get together got the India Shining campaign in 2004 which brought on a new PR period in Indian Politics. The Congress party ran the Secular campaign successfully in 2009 2009. No political party has remaining any natural stone unturned in neuro-scientific PR, whether it's print or television or even digital.

The Indian Voter today is exposed to at the least three different types of medium per day, it's important to attain out to this person when it's most effective. It's very difficult to improve the perception of the applicant or the get together in a brief term; it needs a permanent perspective with a regular proposition to the voter.

The Medium

The early beginnings of democratic thought in the eighteenth century, political philosophers have identified the key role of un-inhibited public question and free speech, which was later, lengthened to the demand for a free of charge press (Voltmer, 2007)The notion of a 'industry of ideas' is based on the liberal perception that no agency be allowed to have the last say on the span of politics. Somewhat, it is through public exchange of debate and counter-argument that the 'real truth' eventually emerges (Mill 1859, reprinted 1974). Through the perspective of the 'current market of ideas' debate, the marketing are usually assigned a far more passive role, providing as a forum in which a variety of organizations and individuals are given the opportunity to express their views. Probably the mass media serve as the primary link between governments, political parties, prospects, etc. and voters, as the opportunities for direct communication between residents and their reps are really limited both in terms of the level of the audience come to and the scope of the issues protected. However, the advertising are not simply stations conveying the communications politicians want these to communicate to voters. They are also active participants in the creation of politics messages (Make meals 1998).

In a democracy like India, The medium of communication is the solo the very first thing through which political parties get in touch with the people. Political Speeches, coverage, occurrences are all part of the medium of communication. Even hate speeches, rally by politics parties only seem sensible if they're reported by the print or the television set medium. Inside the print out there are articles that record the unfolding of different events during the day, the tv has live screening process of interviews and incidents. As film celebrities became popular numbers in Indian politics, films became an important medium of political communication. This all is the area of the medium by which political marketing talks place.

Today the digital medium is just one more medium which can't be disregarded by any politics party. Blogs, Social websites, websites, email, viral marketing and websites itself has brought about a paradigm shift in ways political people could present itself to the voter. The print out and television mediums are usually effective only during election promotions however the digital medium is normally active through the year.

The Digital Medium: The Game Changer

Not such a long time ago, Television set and Printing were the mainstays of all marketers media strategies with radio and outdoor and some other things filling in the spaces where appropriate. Despite having the introduction of the internet in the later nineties television commercials were heavily favored by the dotcoms as the way to build their brands. The web is currently over a decade, it's certainly isn't new. Actually, any product that marketed itself as new ten years on would be laughed at or even sued by the specialists. Today Digital channels are mass and mainstream attaining global audiences. For instance in some market segments, a favorite website can reach a staggering part of the population. It's not simply the best portals or public networking sites that command large followers. Perez Hilton, the web king reaches an estimated 5 million people daily via your blog. (David Meerman, 2004)

While digital programs are actually mass, they can also be extremely targeted enabling singular interactions with consumers. That is one of the defining great things about new advertising. Marketing through the digital system can be extremely personalized in lots of ways. Personal Emails or SMSes might be customized to suit every individual needs. They can be content differentiation also, as different mailers could be sent to different individuals predicated on their likes and dislikes.

New Press are essentially communal. Everything in digital format can be easily replied to by everyone. The best part of digital medium, that it could be viral. Any thrilling piece of communication through the digital medium can be easily replicated and stated in the same form. You will discover quite simply two types of Digital Marketing. The first one is the take strategy and the second is the force strategy. The take strategy basically consists of attracting consumers/visitors to a particular website or a blog or even observing a video recording (youtube). Here the effort is on the buyer to visit the particular digital system. The move strategy takes a substantial marketing budget as the amounts of competitors tend to be more. Also the move strategy does not allow you to be personalized to an individual, as the same content is seen by all viewers. The force strategy basically consists of sending emails and SMSes to the mark audiences. The push strategy could be extremely tailored, for example a politics party could send in several SMSes to people of a region damaged by floods and a different message to the people affected by Naxal issues.

Use of Internet as a Political Communication Tool

The internet is a perfect exemplory case of customer centricity in political communication. The web serves as a one stop platform for people to connect to politicians, discuss their problems. The primary problem in India was that folks were finding it hard to hook up with politicians except during elections when politicians desired their mandate. The internet as a system itself can become a connection tool for the people with the politicians. But internet is not utilized to its true potential; internet is often regarded as a tool to spread awareness about a politician or a politics party. (David Meerman, 2004)

Before the internet system emerged, it was thought that the people would go to the supervision for help or issues, but the internet could cave in to a system which would bring the government and political get-togethers to the people. The target of the internet could be to create efficiency in the machine that will indirectly benefit the federal government. But the important thing with the internet is usually that the tool works best when the consumer uses it for a dialogue rather than a monologue.

Online tools

There are a variety of tools on the market for use of politics communication. These tools are generally used by the people for entertainment or networking purposes. These tools can contain blogs, interpersonal networking sites, reports sites, video loading and group sites. These tools can be used by have great politics applicability. These tools may be used to generate general public attention and also to act as items of salience. The internet is generally available systems and are accessible all open public. The internet today has no dependency on computers as the internet can be utilized through mobiles. Every tool present on the net today has a particular use and can be used to target niche people.

Importance of young ones in elections

The analysts think that the section of youth is the most significant in the forthcoming elections. However this section has registered a dismal involvement in the elections upto this aspect. This segment of youth is identified as being rationale and you will be having the capability of taking decisions. This section can simply identify the right and incorrect between things, they understand the importance to cast votes in elections too; the thing that is missing is a platform to hook up with this target audience. The political functions today should be engaged in offering communication messages which are more relevant in times of today. The youngsters of today feel that these are disconnected with politics just due to insufficient use of appropriate communication tools by the political parties. That's the reason it is vital to understand the intake of messages by this segment.

Understanding the Psyche of the Indian young ones in Elections

The Indian youth is one of the most significant segments of the Indian World; they surpass other segments present in the Indian Voting Canvas. Inside the recent Lok Sabha elections of 2009, the voting percentage among the youth was an abysmal 20%. The influencers in the case of junior are their parents, if the parents opt to cast their vote then the young ones generally follow them often they don't cast their vote. Most of the youth today will not find it interesting enough to discuss politics, the pattern is gradually changing but it is still an urban sensation. Most of the youth today go through the Election Day as any occasion; they generally map out long weekend holidays on account of election times. The junior of today believe in the saying "Be the change", they volunteer to NGOs and help other business, they firmly consider that somewhat than counting on politicians or political gatherings, they themselves take the onus of changing the scenery of this country.

Generally Youth does not cast their vote on the pretext of declaring that their vote will not change lives. The children of today in the range of 20- 25 years, have seen all the major political functions at the centre (1996 - 2009), so the feeling of little or nothing changing in the Indian Surroundings is pretty evident. The children also believe in the fact they have never been asked to vote. When investigated this led to the vicious routine trend in Indian Politics, the Indian urban segment and youngsters will be the two segments which generally registers the cheapest amount of voting percentages. This is actually the primary reason why politicians and political gatherings pay very less or no focus on them. Due to no attention to them the youngsters don't get any individualized or communication which makes relevance with their life during election days. Many children of today feel that the procedure of casting votes is a wearisome one, as one never know how to register and when and where you can vote. Prior to the Jaago re marketing campaign, there was no particular online program which informed the young ones about the procedure of casting votes.

Need and Rationale for the Study

Changing voter account of the country - The voter profile of the country is fast changing, the faster the politics parties adopt the change, better will be the results for the politics party over time.

Media fragmented - As the media of today gets more and more fragmented, the traditional means of reaching the voter may not work, and innovative means of achieving the same voter might be needed.

Americanization of Politics in India - Learning from the recently concluded Americas Presidential elections, the utilization of social multimedia have been used exhaustively and also other online tools. This can pave just how of the changing politics propaganda as it takes place today

Research Design

Literature Review

Knowledge and Learning's

Content Examination of Websites

Conclusion/ Recommendation


Expert Interviews

Research Objectives

Following are the research targets:

To analyze and compare the websites of different politics functions and understand their offering in the digital medium

To analyze different promotional activities done by politics gatherings on the digital program.

Research Methodology

Information gathered through data publicized, websites, accounts. The literature and articles for guide would be sourced from the KEIC catalogue of Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad

In -Depth interviews would be conducted with professionals from the digital marketing industry and people accountable for PR of political parties.

Content Research of Websites would be achieved of the websites of the major politics get-togethers of India

The content evaluation of websites will be done on several labels like Information on the site, Informing people, proposal with people, appeal to people, multimedia releases given on the site and transparency achieved by the website

Content Analysis generally is conducted in a number of discrete stages. Although the following stages are given in sequence, they want not be implemented in the same order.

Formulate the research question : Analyzing and checking websites of different political gatherings in India ( Four national parties are used the consideration placed)

Define the population in question: The population would be all the data that's available on the internet about these political parties.

Select a proper sample from the population: The sample for society would be the websites of these get-togethers. (Standard websites)

Select and determine a device of evaluation: The unit of analysis would be the pages on the site. Each web page would be analysed from the web site. The products would be :

Information of the net site

Interaction with People

Appeal to the people

Service to the people

Media Coverage and Consumer Relations



A panel of experts from the digital marketing industry would be chosen with the political knowledge in mind. For selecting the panel snowball sampling would be used

The sample for collection of websites would be of the four nationwide political people of India

Research Questions

Some test questions which would be asked to the -panel of experts would be as follows

How important do you feel is the online platform in today's age for political parties?

Describe what's the correct time for political parties to work with the online platform?

Where is the online platform best likely to fit in the whole process of politics propaganda?

Could you tell us some promotions which u liked/disliked by politics parties?

What would be the extent of use of online system in political promotions, five years down the road?


Confidential information would be withheld as this issue of research is delicate subject matter which is politics

Data Collection

The data collection was done in two stages for the Four Country wide Functions of India. This was decided by the number of seats gained by each of these get-togethers in the lately concluded Basic Elections. The initial data was gathered on January 5 - January 7 2010. This data was saved in an Excel sheet based on the selected factors. After this interviews were considered with the Advertising / PR mind o the respected political get-togethers. This helped me in mix checking and validating their promises about the web site and also to help me fill in gaps within my original collection. Also a web link evaluation was done to check the traffic for these websites through the election period, as these links are more active during election times.

Data and Analysis

The research would be achieved on the following websites:

National Party

Website URL

Indian Country wide Congress (INC)

http://www. congress. org. in/

http://www. congress4india. com/

Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP)

http://www. bjp. org/

http://www. bjpindia. in/

Samajwadi Party (SP)

http://www. samajwadipartyindia. com/

http://www. spmumbai. org/index. aspx

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)

http://bspindia. org/

http://www. bahujansamajparty. net/

The Research was done on two websites of each political party. The first data collection was carried out on January 5 - January 7 2010 and the second data collection was done between Feb 5 - February 7 2010. The purpose was to find if web sites were updated. In every cases however the content was not changed.

Findings of the Research

The political gatherings have yet not understood the value of the changes of web sites. They didn't update the websites on a daily basis, though it is technologically possible to revise the contents instantly today.

The sites of the Indian National Congress and the Bhartiya Janata Party are more up to date than the Samajwadi Get together and Bahujan Samaj Party. You will discover more than 32 features on the INC website put together in comparison to 29 of the BJP party. The Samajwadi party and BSP haven't up to date their sites since a very long time; they have far less features than set alongside the counterparts.

The better articles and updates in the BJP site could be attributed to the knowledge of the BJP elections n 20004. New Marketing including internet was used extensively during the elections of 2004. BJP has appointed a New Mass media agency for controlling only their New Advertising campaigns in '09 2009. INC lagged behind in the use of internet during the elections up to now and seemed to have attempted to catch up with the BJP.

BJP has sites for all the says of India; they are for the local communication in the state of hawaii. BJP possessed the India Shining plan as the theme in which the party had extensively used New Marketing.

Language of this content of Website

Maharashtra state has the local terminology called Marathi and Gujarat has Gujarati. You will find 71, 936, 894 (6. 99% of the total population) Marathi Speaking people in India while 46, 091, 617 (4. 48% of total human population) folks of India speak Gujarati. That is against 90, 000, 000 (10. 66% of total population) in India. Yet the gatherings have totally neglected the regional language. No one has given regional font for download.

Campaign Strategists loan provider heavily on the neighborhood language to write wording for charges, posters, billboards, and advertisements etc. Hence logically they ought to write items of the sites in local dialects to reach bulk voters. However this research revealed that the sites depended only on English.

None of the all the eight websites of politics people in Maharashtra and Gujarat had site analytics, time frame of the last update of the web site and site map.

The particular date for previous updating is necessary in some situations. For Example - political functions announce their candidates for elections in two three stages or even more. They announce various lists and it changes even after announcements. When the date of last updating is given, the site visitors of site can easily come to know whether it's an odd list or the latest one. This happens with other styles of content too.

Site Map is a feature that helps the user to easily find the needed home elevators that site. In addition they become a navigation help by providing a synopsis of sites content at a single glance. If the number of links is large, the site map helps people to access all content on the website.

Webmaster: Information on the webmaster (email, telephone or fax) are essential because a visitor can write to him/her in case the site or part of it generally does not function. All sites acquired Telephone number to only the top quarters and no region wise associates.

All sites had given the sign of the copyright. This prohibited others from using the web site content for free. Visitors counter is another feature which is neglected by these websites, the visitor counter-top helps getting everyone an idea about the attractiveness and utility of the site.

Unit Analysis of Websites

Information of the party

Indian National Congress

The site of the Indian Country wide Congress possessed given Information regarding the history of the party, the latest manifesto, List of candidates and the existing Office bearers.

Bhartiya Janata Party

The Bhartiya Janata Get together had given Information regarding the Organisational Structure of the Get together, Record of the party, List of expresses under BJP guideline and the existing list of Person in Parliament

Samajwadi Party

The Samajwadi party got given information regarding the performance of the get together in the recent elections and the set of prospects for the Lok Sabha Elections in 2009 2009. There is no mention of almost any Record of the get together and the get together manifesto

Bahujan Samaj Party

The Bahujan Samaj get together website was more concentrates only on current activities of the get together and no information about the past. They didn't have list of applicants or constituency which they have won in the recent elections. There was no mention of any type of organisational composition in the party.

There was no reference to Alliance partners of any of the websites under perview

Interaction with People

Indian National Congress

The website of the Indian Country wide Congress experienced given option to submit their feedback, comments, suggestions and claims. There is no Toll free number mentioned on the website.

Bhartiya Janata Party

The Bhartiya Janata get together was more people and new mass media friendly that they had subscription to RSS feed

They also got an opinion poll on the website to learn peoples view on a particular issue.

Samajwadi Party

The website of the Samajwadi Party acquired only contact amounts of the top office and individual branch offices. That they had no other latest interactive features on their website.

Bahujan Samaj Party

The website was least interactive among websites of all the parties. The party was more considering a monologue rather than a dialogue with its voters. The web site possessed no links or any other might be found to keep carefully the voters modified on the happenings.

Appeal to the people

Indian National Congress

The Website of the Indian National Congress does not charm to vote for this neither their alliances. There is no way that anyone considering joining the party could apply for a position. There is no charm for a donation for a noble cause.

Bhartiya Janata Party

The Website of the Bhartiya Janata Get together does not charm to vote for it neither their alliances. There is absolutely no way that anyone thinking about joining the get together could apply for a position. There was no appeal for a donation for a noble cause.

Samajwadi Party

The Website of the Samajwadi Get together does not charm to vote for this neither their alliances. There is no way that anyone enthusiastic about joining the party could apply for a position. There is no appeal for a donation for a noble cause.

Bahujan Samaj Party

The Website of the Bahujan Samaj Get together does not appeal to vote for this neither their alliances. There is absolutely no way that anyone interested in joining the party could obtain a position. There is no appeal for a donation for a commendable cause.

Service to the people

Indian Country wide Congress

Every website should be user-friendly at the bottom level and somehow it should help us in the complete procedure for voting. The website of the Indian Country wide Congress possessed no links for what's new on the site, FAQ s etc.

Bhartiya Janata Party

The website of the Bhartiya Janata Party had links what's new is going on to the political get together in India. There is no service of any sort to the people.

Samajwadi Party

During Elections, finding your name on the voters list is one of the most tedious tasks for any voter. Samajwadi Party is really the only party which is providing voters list to its users. This is one of the most useful features on any of the websites.

Bahujan Samaj Party

There is not any feature of any kind on the Bahujan Samaj Party Website. The cheapest on service to people.

Media Coverage and Consumer Relations

Indian Country wide Congress

The Multimedia Coverage and Public Relations is an vital part of any website, it gives you a coverage on the latest happenings of the political party. The press coverage in the INC website offer you info only on the election results rather than on the party successes in each with their state.

Bhartiya Janata Party

The BJP Website has put photography gallery section at the front end of their house web page and audio-video features to appeal to the visitors

Samajwadi Party

The Samajwadi Get together has their marketing section updated and it has given it list of latest joins in the get together on the website. The party is not in ability in any point out so its only described its successes when these were in power

Bahujan Samaj Party

The Bahujan Samaj Party uses it website to effectively speak its latest successes, especially in the state of Uttar Pradesh where it's a ruling get together. Other Media of the party is lost in the clutter of information which exists in the web site.


Indian Country wide Congress

Transparency is one thing that the Indian voter loves to see with every political party. The website didn't make an effort to remain transparent about declaring the resources of their applicants even though it was a straightforward thing to do. Everything of investments of a particular candidate are given on the website of the Election Fee of India.

Bhartiya Janata Party

The site didn't make an effort to remain transparent about declaring the belongings of their applicants though it was a simple thing to do

Samajwadi Party

The site didn't make an effort to remain clear about declaring the resources of their prospects even though it was a straightforward thing to do

Bahujan Samaj Party

The site didn't make an effort to remain transparent about declaring the possessions of their individuals though it was a straightforward thing to do

Unit Evaluation of Websites





Information on the Website





Interaction with people





Appeal to People





Service to the People





Media Coverage and People Relations


Very Good








Link Analysis of Websites

The recognition of the web site is directly related to how many people know about the website which influences the election results. That is a practical solution to learn the recognition of the web site, during elections days at least. In order to know if the political parties are using the web site as a tool for politics campaigning, the now website was compared to the earlier home pages. This was important as we would know the difference between the older versions compared to the newer version.

To determine the impact or the recognition of the website, this study applied two different methodologies.

Two most commercial se's (Google and Yahoo), their various in built website link, site etc. of each internet search engine was used in the first part.

The Inlinks was as assessed by ALEXA. com. It gave us Traffic list, Number of tourists and geographical circulation of visitors, daily views etc.

Results and Discussions of Link Analysis

All the Politics people revamped their Websites for the 2009 2009 Standard Election. Figures 1-6 stand for the old and the new variations of web sites. BSP and SP experienced no websites before 2008. All the political parties are using the web site as an important tool for marketing campaign. The BJP and the INC have completely transformed their website. The appearance of the BSP and SP sites are better as they use ACTIVE X software in the applications.

Link research as a tool for calculating Popularity

The stand shows the inlinks and outlinks for four Country wide functions of India. It really is evident that we now have more indexed pages from the BJP. If one only considers the inlinks for measuring the attractiveness of the web site, then BJP is the most popular compared to any of the remaing three functions. However the results for both search engines are totally different. This is because Google calculates the inlinks that are aimed for the homepage only. Where as in Yahoo Beta " show inlinks as assessed by "show inlinks except from this domain to Overall site" It's important to notice that the total links as assessed by Yahoo for BJP website is more than 1000, but it shows 1000 results. To be able to go along the originality of each of the various search engines, I explored each hyperlink of google and 1000 links of yahoo with an period of ten. It had been discovered that the test of 100 websites of yahoo is appropriate and everything websites had a link that pointed towards the BJP website. So from a web link analysis perspective, it looks like Yahoo provides more exhaustive result than Yahoo.

Table 1 -Site Syndication and Site Depth















Site Depth









Traffic Rank
























860, 327








1, 263, 265








6, 256, 386

Table 2 - Geographical Syndication of Visitors





Outside India





95. 1

4. 9


58. 7

41. 7


87. 4

12. 6

Fig 2- Recent View of BJP Website

Fig -3 early on view of INC website

Fig 4 Recent view of INC Website

Fig 5 Recent View of Samajwadi Get together Website

Fig 6 Recent View of BSP Website

Fig7 - Traffic Data of BJP and Congress through the Standard Elections 2009

The other stand offers us information about the depth of each website. This also gives us a primary relation into the prosperity of information each website has. The analysis disclosed that BJP possessed more sub-directories than any other party on their website. I could not explore the depth of INC and BSP website because the site is made on HTML frame.

Table 2 talks about the visitors from different countries and physical disparities. Alexa helped us identify the country sensible distributions. Alexa divides the tourists into two wide categories, India and external India. However the tool expands the positioning limited to the BJP website. It is observed that the guests of BSP and SP have significantly more visitors from outdoors India, while Congress has more tourists from India. The web site of BJP too is went to by some of the developed nations.

The daily webpage views have also been analysed, the graphs were created by data from Alexa. com. Due to very less quantity of users of BSP and SP, the graphs were not created. BJP is much more of a visited website than congress. An amazing finding which emerged up was that the personal website of LK Advani was much more popular than the BJP website.

Implications of Hyperlink Analysis

Link Research of websites of politics parties can be an unexplored portion of webometric research. This research points out how links examination can explain the popularity factor of the political party. Its provides true signal of the result of politics change in India.

The study similarly is an attempt to understand the recognition of Internet in the Indian Political system. This research also unveils that now political parties are employing new multimedia as an efficient communication tool. On the other hand page view research of the websites of political get-togethers especially web sites BJP and Congress can give us a deep insight into politics trends over a time frame. It can even be assumed that hyperlink examination could be used by political parties soon. This might help them the political parties to consider course of activities. It may be urged that that the existing study is merely limited to nationwide parties now India is being ruled by coalition politics. Regional functions are taking up and increasingly more active role today in the nation's politics. The link analysis would surely be a pattern mapping tool if the users cross 1 lakh viewers from that respected political party.

In - Depth Interview with Marketing PR wings of politics parties

How important do you are feeling is the Role of the Public Relations in Politics?

All respondents noticed that the role of PR is growing day by day. It is even growing more and more as media is getting fragmented and we never know which medium is keenly implemented. They also agreed that political functions today are on a lookout for individuals who are comfortable with Traditional multimedia as well as new advertising making life a lot easier to them.

New Media is also viewed as unpaid PR. Press is still one of the most important mediums during election promotions, but it is more of managed medium to a very large amount. But New mass media cannot be managed and hence very important.

The Need for Public Relations in political campaigns varies from one to another and this was arranged by everyone. The campaigns which make the most Press coverage are the main currently from the public relations perspective. Inside a plan where there is a lot more of paid PR, there exists less dependency on pr. The marketing campaign where there is absolutely no paid press, again Pr become important. This is the place where New Mass media would play a crucial role. Especially the young ones of this country, which is not generally following a traditional advertising would become more or less impacted by this.

In India, the process of PR would become more organised in the coming years. Inside the coming years they said the political campaigns would become more skillfully run.

Describe the positioning that the general public relationships place itself in the politics promotions process?

Public Relationships were voted unanimously as you of the most important factor in political campaigns, if not the most important. Money is often viewed as one of the main element in a political plan but it was cited that there have been many circumstances where effective PR spent some time working more than money. The respondent arranged that PR is the very nascent level in India and is headed towards the right direction. It had been also bought to the observe that the PR mind aren't one of the most visible men in the party; this causes a hindrance in transferring a PR plan. All PR strategies are generally drawn on the National level and then given to regional centres, hence following a top down methodology. One of the respondents said that it should follow a bottom up deal with as the PR strategies differ across socio-cultural locations and hence the bottom level people are better acquainted to create the strategies.

How important do you are feeling is the web platform in the current age for political parties?

Interstingly all the respondents were very enthusiastic about the utilization of Online Program in the Campaigning Process. They said the return on investment for the web System is quite high as almost all of the social marketing is cost free and the price tag on setting up a website is marginal. The most important things in shaping the Online Strategy is the Meaning Development, Market Research, Earned Media, who are the opinion market leaders and where are they. Usage of SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING was also related to creating an Honest and Desirable promotions.

Respondents decided that concern and candidate description, complete research on issues and competitors, media managements, marketing occasions and spin, reliability of advertising appeals with other public relations communications, and endordosements from surrogates will be the key tools for the web System in politics.

The Respondents were also quick to recognize the mis-used of cultural media and the online system in a politics campaign. Shashi Tharoor and Twitter were the most given instances by all Respondents. The Respondents also pointed out the way the Online platform could be mis-used by prviding Disinformation and phony facts and statistics to the audience.

Where is the online platform best more likely to fit in the complete process of politics propaganda?

All Respondents arranged that the Online Platform has very Limited Reach in terms of individuals. But he said that it's not that small also to disregard the number of these people. He said generally a politics campaign is defined by Mass Rally's and Personal Goes to to the constituency. The purchases in PR activities are best during this time. But if we want to stay connected right across the year with this people which may have voted for all of us then we should use the web Platform. The amount of investments taken up to reach the same around of men and women was quite low compared to the mass media promotions. The Online System would surely not overtake the mass media spends through the election marketing campaign but it might be more important in staying in touch with your voter.

All Respondents advised us that they didn't know how to tackle Social media marketing. Social networking today's has gained very much the highest importance as it offers everyone on the bandwagon. Today everyone has a touch upon the goings around him and the repair time on interpersonal marketing is very less and the news spreads really really fast on cultural media.

What kind of Accountability procedures do Public Relationship personnel adopt to calculate what s effective and what's not effective?

Respondents answers that accountability is normally seen as a tool only once the plan is unsuccessful, when the campaign is successful there is absolutely no question of Accountability.

There is an urging surge in every the answer considering that there's a rising awareness of managing cost performance in the pubic connection domains. The consultants will be the ones who are in charge of the candidates while the prospects and the media are accountable to the prospects.

Most of the respondents decided as the Public Relation area is fast innovating in the Political arena, and that is the primary reason the industry consequently is fast evolving and not very structured at this time.

What is the continuing future of PR in politics campaigning and especially the web platform?

The respondents were quite optimistic in regards to the continuing future of the public relationship domain name in India. All respondents arranged that pr in politics would are more complex if multimedia innovations like these continue. Multiple programs and print multimedia in the original sense, put into that there have been web2. 0, mobile, OOH and a lot of other press that the general public relations practitioners on the market.

According to most of them the web platform would be observed as something that closes the difference between your voter and the candidate. They all assumed that the public relationships on the web2. 0 are like scratching a surface and there is a really good way going in formalizing and structuring the complete process.


The fast evolving communication industry is changing how political get-togethers used to communicate traditionally using their voters. Despite its limits the study provides a brief history about the progression of the Public Relations in the political communication create.

The analysis has tried to describe the growing participation of the Online Program in strategies development by the political parties. The online platform currently is not one of the popular systems in India, it is because the assumption of Reach of the web Platform is very small and restricted to the cities. It would be interesting to note that how political styles change in time when the online platform can permeate itself into deeper wallets of the country.

The Online Platform thus could be seen as a regular hook up tool for the applicant to be in touch along with his constituency. Social media marketing is something has penetrated deep in India, it could be used to leverage out to reach people or hear people in what they are saying or staying associated and connected with their problems.

The Online System could be seen as a great romantic relationship builder tool with people, the individuals who still yesterday cannot get responses with their problems could be linked very well and thus giving go up to a very fruitful relationship both for the candidate and the voters

In the end the merging of Politics and Communication can't be exactly named nearly as good or bad in relation to all the implications on Democracy. The contribution of marketing to the politics context would surely be dependent upon social, monetary and legal context we reside in. Demanding Norms would be needed if these contexts should be molded up by the views and votes of the citizens of this country rather than a specific interest group working towards a cause.


Currently all the political parties aren't using the web Program to its true probable. It is because no person till now has discovered the true potential of the Online Program in India.

Below is a Platform which could be utilized to leverage it to its true potential.


Future Scope

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