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Online Purchasing System Dominos Pizza Is Using IT Essay

This project will discuss about the company Dominos Pizza with the circumstance Online Purchasing System that the Domino's Pizza is using this system currently. Firstly, an advantages of the company and this is of Online Buying System are mentioned. The procedure for ordering a pizza online from Domino's Pizza will be discussed and the functions of the Online Ordering System, the internet databases will be discussed as well. Furthermore, gain and cons will be clarified in this assignment. Impact of the technology toward the Domino's Pizza, identify and the similarities and dissimilarities of Domino Pizza included in the module subject areas were discussed and suggestions for Domino's Pizza were provided and realization is given in this assignment.


Domino's Pizza, Inc is a worldwide pizza delivery organization headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States. Domino's is the second-largest pizza string in the United States. Domino's presently has almost 9, 000 corporate franchised stores and Malaysia has 47 stores across the whole country. Domino's pizza served mainly pizza, pasta, chicken wings, breadsticks, cinnastix and a number of beverages.

In 2003, Domino's Pizza makes the Domino's Pizza officially website and online purchasing service. The Domino's Pizza guarantees the customer receive the hot, fresh and great tasting pizzas within thirty minutes. Domino's is the only pizza company that promises the order will arrive within thirty minutes at customer doorstep or a free regular pizza voucher will directed at the customer.

Main Body

Definition of Online Ordering System:

Online food buying services are websites of local restaurants and food cooperatives setup for customers to pick from the interactive menus provided in order the buying process may take place. In order for ordering to take place, any types of internet suitable devices which support sophisticated web pages are widely-used. People normally use computers to access in to the food websites and place an order. Just like ordering consumer goods online, online food purchasing services also allow consumer to register and uphold a merchant account at the Domino's Pizza website in order to make frequent buying convenient. A consumer can look for preferred restaurant, surf from available items, and choose delivery or pick-up. Payments could be made via charge card or cash. Partial of the payment will get to the web food company. The pioneer restaurants to look at online food buying services are corporate franchises such as Domino's Pizza and Pizza Hut.


Firstly, the client must go the Dominos official website, www. dominos. com. my. The registration as a Dominos member is essential if the customer order pizza via online for the very first time. First step of the register process is getting into the road name to find the client delivery address accurately for the delivery. After listed, click on the "Order Now" button. A sign in box will pop-up on the display screen asking for the client username and the security password. After login the customer can commence to order on desired food or drinks. Once finished buying, select "submit". An e-mail for confirmation will be delivered to the client. Once verified, the delivery will send to the customer's location within 30 minutes. After purchasing the pizza, customer will keep an eye on their pizza by GPS Tracker provided by Domino's Pizza. Payment is made after the customer when the Domino's worker gives the pizza to the customer.


Ordering food online is becoming a norm for restaurants that offer takeout and delivery requests. Online food ordering is designed as it is cost effective yet a competent system to satisfy the restaurants needs. The system is also designed for its ultimate overall flexibility and performance. The clients can access in to the company existing website and surf at their menu and select and place their requests on what they really want. Once the customer has proved their order, the machine will either email or fax the customer's order to the restaurant.

The online ordering system also enables customers to order days and nights beforehand and the machine will accomplish the order at the given time. The web buying system has been created to handle large amounts of orders all together to prevent the system overload.

This system is also flexible in a way, whereby customers are able to place online requests quickly, with just a 'click' comparing to the custom where requests were taken through the phone. More time and cost will be preserved buying online as phone bill is charged according to the time the telephone is on the line. The machine was used intended to meet up with the requirements out of all the clients.

Internet database

Online ordering is simple and convenient yet they have significantly more to improve on the online ordering system. It really is good that online purchasing system has linked the customers' information with the database of the system which helps the purchasing of customers. Furthermore, customers' information could be tracked easily of their database rapidly if they're regular customers.


With the escort in of the 21st century, many of individuals have discovered that it is basically easier to purchase goods online. This is determined by the consumers' tastes. Some people feel unsecure buying items online because they cannot have physical touch or eyesight with the things they would like to buy. In cases like this, some people choose to really have the pizza straight from the range when it is served.

Online buying provides additional customer support such as delivery to the destination they have requested for. Customers can view the entire menu and everything special offers via public website though online. The machine records customers' purchases when purchasing has occurred. Extra services are given to customers for example like estimated delivery carryout times and track their pizza's position using the Gps navigation Tracker accessible on the site.

When placing your order via online, even throughout a active period such as your meal time, customers wouldn't normally have a problem in getting in touch with Domino's Pizza and inserting their orders. The clients simply need to order via online and the machine will automatically create and put it on queue.

Online ordering records and stores past records of requests made and allows the clients to see them anytime during their online ordering procedure. These information will store at the data source.

The biggest gain to order pizza online is the fact that the client can save a lot of time and work. Customers can opt to complete their requests within seconds or take their time the customer wishes. A couple of no time boundaries to allow them to complete their requests, thus, customers may take their period to order. Rather than planning out amount of time in daily program to venture out and make a purchase, the consumer can instead go directly to the website when they have a free of charge time at work or at home later at night, and appearance up the merchandise that the clients are considering to purchase. The clients can view the full menu and can order any combo of food as the prices are exhibited and computed as they go. It is much easier for a person who is wished to make large and sophisticated orders online because the customer can order in patiently, consider the options, and assess different pricing schemes.

Consequently, a person can take a look at products late at night. Despite the fact that the Domino's Pizza stores have closed down for the night time, customers can place purchases for the very next day as the website still running and available to make pre-order. This means that even after a long trip to work and going back home to meal with family, the client still have time still left to go online to check out the product they want to purchase. THE WEB will there be is open 24 hours 7 days, and is always ready to let the customer to come make pre-order.

By heading online, the client do not have to get worried about the problems, such as when they make a decision that it's time to look at, they don't have to squander the extra time queuing in-line. By buying online, the client can also take good thing about deals that are only wanted to online customers, and often find products that wouldn't be accessible at a walk in store and special deals receive to online customers. Customers who order pizza online are proven to order more because they don't really feel hasty while ordering, as the client often will over the phone when using phone order.

In addition, online purchasing increases the amount of customers who visit the Dominos Pizza standard website. In addition, it gains client satisfaction and loyalty throughout the business. Because of its capability of online purchasing service, customer purchase consistency also may increase. The company taken away or reduced labour costs associated with manual order taking credited to technology computerize replaced labour utilization. For the Domino Pizza Company, the online ordering system allows both online and traditional coupons to draw in more customers.

Mackay (2008) said that "Customers who order on the net tends to order more because they have a menu in front of them. "

With internet, there will be fewer problems on the requests or miscommunication among customers and the worker who taking orders. Compare to telephone call ordering, online buying pizza make fewer flaws. When during the phone call order, the client may order incorrect item without noticing it. The pronunciation of certain words might trigger order the incorrect product. Besides, it provides timely service. The system examines all food orders prior to the conclusion and corrects human being mistakes. Also, with this technique, the registration of online guests is useful to create valuable marketing promotions.

Online Ordering supplies the wonderful solution for office lunch orders. The customers can orders without the trouble of using telephone call to order the pizza. The client may take their time and find the pizza in time. The Domino's Pizza website guarantees that the subject matter, special offers and add-on offers are well sent to the clients.

In financial factor, online buying system improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the placing your order functions. For the advertisement, it can create easily or upload deals to the Domino's Pizza website. For example, this system can improve the customer's guest check automatically by customer email by recommending upcoming sells for extra products. Online ordering rises in sales of goods in the Domino Pizza Company.


The development of shopping on the internet, especially ordering pizza online has little by little been significant within the last 10 years and online sellers are expected to acquire improvements on the quantity of sales after website features and services modified. There is no doubt that the customers can find great deals online therefore a number of products which may not be even available in regular stores. Incidentally, there are certain negatives of online buying.

Normally when we shop from a regular store, we can go right to a salesperson face-to-face to enquire and clarify our uncertainties regarding the food we buying. It is possible that customers would have a wrong idea of what the merchandise and services is about as the customers and the employee cannot package face-to-face for a clear explanation.

Another downside is that a lot of companies which markets online declare that customer have to cover the shipment charges with respect to the weight of the merchandise the customer requests. Only a few companies with websites offer free shipping services while some companies provides free delivery services only when the customer has a total purchase of prices exceeding a specific amount. The shipment fee incurred often is one of the reason why that customers wouldn't normally like to order goods online and does not guarantee that the products delivered will be in very good condition.

However, a company must consider on the mark market they wish to concentrate on promoting their products and services to. Older people are most unlikely to order goods online because of their knowledge of operating your computer. Therefore, if the prospective market includes the elderly, a traditional service must be provided to them.

Online connectivity issues will be the greatest disadvantage for online purchasing. The clients add items in online shopping cart, go into information and press "submit". The confirmation display screen might periods when the internet has an unstable connection. The online customers wouldn't normally know if the order has been made or not while reloading the web page may cause several billing or several requests.

Moreover, customers may also make human problems, such as purchasing the incorrect item. This may occur when the client attempts to place an order. The client may have accidentally clicked on the incorrect item while placing their orders through the website. Even if the buyer clicks on the correct product and provides an accurate product amount there may still be mistake manufactured in the purchasing process if there are options from the item. This problem can be alternatively disturbing because the buyer will get agitated when the wrong item is received and for that reason, loses customers' devotion towards the business.

Another disadvantage is the fact that purchasing online would mean that private information should be given to the company when purchasing is taken place. Some companies take good thing about this feature. By purchasing on the web, the customer would have to take the chance of experiencing their information used by online companies and misused. Though this is a very rare incident, it is much more likely to occur online, than in person. To avoid private information from exposure, customers would usually choose a trustable company to buy goods from.

More often, what people dislike about online purchasing is the fact delivery services are only restricted to certain specific areas. As a result, people surviving in rural areas are in a disadvantage whereby they will need to visit the vacation spot whereby the business is able to deliver.

Impact of the Technology

Domino's Pizza is the first pizza delivery company that kick off online buying system and one of the very most recognizable pizza brands in Malaysia. Online ordering has been great in this period of your energy, where communication occurring thru the internet.

The company mentioned the pizza that order via online in Malaysia take up about 8 to 10 percent of the overall sales. On average, Domino's markets over one million pizza daily across the global. The technology helps the Domino's Pizza gain great revenue over other competitors like Pizza Hut which offer online delivery service as well, McDonald and Nando's which order by phone call.

Technology has hastily taken over many jobs whereas technology also creates new careers towards organizations. Due to the implementation of the web buying system for the Domino's Pizza, the company might require some web developer to maintain the web site and the repository. The organisations management and managers have to be change plus they recognise the need to change and change in response to their vision, aim, shareholder prospects and consumer preferences for example the Domino's Pizza need to set new regulation and IT code of conduct to manage the Domino's Pizza website.

Internet Application


Dominos Pizza makes use of E-commerce, meaning deals over the internet, purchasing food online can be an example, pizza- a customer's favorite, and extra menu items includes chicken finger`s, fresh salads and sandwiches. At the end we all enjoy all the huge benefits that the internet assists to the Domino's Pizza.

The Domino`s Pizza uses a high-speed link with access the internet, and with use of the internet they have a website name, www. dominosoline. com. Through the internet is the best tool in marketing, means they can reach a straight wider inhabitants.

Domino`s have they own website that they are powered by is secure and therefore digital accredited thus providing the user to browse safely and securely. They have built secure internet architecture to safeguard the info that they acquire online, example can be advertisements boards.

The Dominoes Pizza uses internet browsers to surf the web and contains other useful features which are being used to make placing your order a pizza as easy as possible, after that you can certainly do everything on the site from surfing the menu and ordering a particular pizza`s and furthermore tracking the client pizza instantly from order to delivery.


In terms of difference we see that E-mails sent to customers by the Domino cannot be replied back so that it help in reducing the risk of acquiring any Spam without the need to use freeware or encryptions.

This System does not incorporate talk services, newsgroup or message boards to any user. The System does not incorporate any file transfers over the internet, whether it be downloading or uploading.


According to the similarities and the variations, we see that advantages and the negatives of using buying online; several recommendations should be looked at by Domino`s Pizza to allow them to enhance their services and procedure and performance.

Ordering food online should become more dynamic and beneficial to the customers by enabling these to send instant text messages to the customers notifying them on cancelled orders via emails, cell phones or fax informing them about the powerful change, and providing them with other possible alternatives.

The interface of the buying food online should be executed to support more features like combining tighter security methods. This will allow the user to have more interaction with the machine and test the system of its fullest probable.

Computer Ethics

Computer ethics is the moral suggestions that govern use of computer systems and information systems. For example, unauthorized use of personal computers and network, software theft, information reliability, intellectual property protection under the law which is the rights to which makers are entitled because of their work, codes of do and Information privacy

According to James H. (2000), computer ethics is the study of the nature and cultural impact of computer technology and the matching formulation and justification of regulations for the ethical use of technology.

Information level of privacy is one aspect of the computers ethnics. Domino's Pizza Malaysia acknowledges and respects the privateness of individuals. This policy includes the non-public information that Domino's Pizza and its own franchisees keep and locate the way in which Domino's Pizza and its franchisees use, manage and protect the customer private information when the customer visit some of Domino's Pizza websites, or place an order with one of the stores.

In additional, Domino's Pizza can be involved about the information precision of customers. Domino's Pizza will take fair steps to ensure that the personal information accumulated is appropriate, complete and up-to-date. The client can gain access to and request correction of any personal information regarding the customer at any time. The customer could also request that the personal information be deleted anytime. Domino's will take reasonable steps to protect personal information from misuse, damage and unauthorised access, adjustment or disclosure.


A variety of ways to guard private information is putting in a cookie manager to filtering cookies. A cookie is a little data file dispatched from a web server that is stored on the computer's hard drive. Cookies allow the customer to identify their computer while the user is on the site and customize the customer online experience and make it more convenient and see the website surf faster for the customer. This file permits to keep tabs on visitor to the website and details certain data regarding that visit, such as the web pages that the client viewed to be able to gain access to to the website. The usage of cookies by Domino's Pizza allows the server to track record the client preferred vocabulary for navigating the website and increase the functionality of the website. Cookies are also useful in allowing better log-in for users, checking deal histories and protecting information between lessons.

Most web browser applications for example Microsoft Internet Explorer have features that can notify an individual when the computer receive a cookie or prevent cookies from being directed. If the users disable cookies, however, the user may not have the ability to use certain personalized functions of the web site.


When Domino's Pizza obtains or directs data via its website, it uses known industry standard encryption technology. Encryption is the translation of data into a secret code. Encryption is the simplest way to achieve data security. To read an encrypted document, the certified person must access to a key key or security password that enables an individual to decrypt it. Unencrypted data is named plain text message whereas encrypted data is known as cipher word. Domino's Pizza is using Voltage Security's Secure-mail encryption deal to protect inside and exterior company e-mails.

According to Anderson (2007), the supervisor of network security of Domino's Pizza, he claimed that the move is part of an corporate-wide data loss prevention effort to avoid accidental loss of private or proprietary information. He realised that e-mails being sent to partners and suppliers, such as insurance agencies, may contain information like cultural security numbers that must definitely be encrypted before sending. The decisions about encryption will be produced based on pre-set insurance policy, not by individuals on the one-off basis

Secure-mail will automatically flag e-mails with sensitive data and encrypt them automatically prior to sending. Recipients will be able to read protected text messages and never have to download and install customer software.

This image show the way the encryption works

Image Source: http://www. outsourcing. st/uploads/images/public-key-encryption-example. gif

Privacy Laws

Privacy laws and regulations have been set by Domino's Pizza for example like how Domino's Pizza collects customer information and how they use customer information. As Domino's Pizza continually improve and grow their services, the insurance plan might change from time to time. Whenever necessary, check the website regularly to remain informed of any revisions. The policy is effective as from December 2009. Domino's Pizza reserves the to modify or complement the policy at any time. If a materials change to the conditions of this policy is made, Domino's will post a notice on its homepage and a link to the new insurance policy.

Domino's Pizza will not provide professionally identifiable information to unaffiliated third parties for their used in marketing directly to the customer. Domino's Pizza might use unaffiliated companies to help it maintain and operate its website or for other reasons related to the operation of its business, and the ones companies may receive the customer in my opinion identifiable information to the purpose. Private information that the customer submit to Domino's may be disclosed to a third party such as the suppliers who are employed to provide a few of the services such as mailing properties. For instance, if the client place an order via our internet order system, the customer details will be passed on to VeriSign, who have the customer visa or mastercard details for internet order payment. VeriSign is a secure internet repayment gateway that secures the customer credit card number during transmission.

Domino's won't gather, use or disclose hypersensitive information such as information about racial or cultural origins or politics or religious beliefs except with the client specific consent or in the circumstances allowed in the Malaysian level of privacy laws or any other related laws in Malaysia.


The customer can protect their personal privacy by fill in necessary data on registration forms, rebate and warranty. The client can limit the quantity of information provide to web sites, complete only required information. The customer is encouraged to set up a free of charge e-mail accounts and utilize this e-mail address for vendor varieties such as purchasing a pizza. In addition, sign up for e-mail filtering through the Internet company or use an anti-spam program, such as Brightmail. Usually do not reply to spam if required.


Before I commence to reveal similarities and dissimilarities between the security issues and domino's pizza placing your order online, we have to know the first goal to security issues keep users safe and domino's pizza online need this service to save customers information from loss or damage.


All of the security that Domino's Pizza executes and makes use of it is to win the clients reliance. Domino's company try always to get the customer and security companies by giving befitting the users.

All of them looking for renewal ideas, offers and Inventions like new recipes for pizza and such us security program scans the files and rules and automatically go to the business site on the web and compare these rules and the business will renew the info. Most of them need the computer.

Viruses, worms and Trojan horses hurt the security and hurt domino's pizza online also because domino's company using internet and company want save Privacy such us security the amendment or change within the program Protection. Most of them has specifically plan.

All of them use internet explain, domino's use internet to make buying easy for all people who using internet and also order what on the people want from domino's. Security fabricate because the folks how use internet need to save the info also domino's company need the security to save lots of data from steal or damage.

Challenge and Competition. Security companies compete with each other in the services companies provided for an individual to get users satisfaction and also domino's company using advertisement in TV, newspapers and sites compete with domino's many companies and restaurants such as pizza hut stubborn challenger for domino's.


Security issues

Domino's pizza online

Security is software. The primary benefit of this program is a firewall that works to protect these devices during focus on the Internet and this wall defends you from hackers

Domino's pizza is restaurant best services through company web page

Security is very important and indispensable to save lots of the information away from the players and hackers.

Domino's pizza is not important, because there are many restaurants offering the same services also, therefore one cannot damage anything from not eating from pizza snooze restaurant.

Protection service and Information systems preventing anybody from going into except by authorization of the user to your system

Service request and this service is available to require through the website

Problems in security:

All off Disease & Anti-Virus, Kaspersky, Nod32, Norton and AVG didn't reach full perfection each of them has many imperfections and mistakes such us program size and some of them has the property to erase without agreement from end user or a few of this make system gradual.


Stepping into the world of modernization, most the services are being computerized and programmed in a particular system to simplify and reduce labour work. It really is a wise decision for Domino's to adopt online food purchasing system because of its convenience and user-friendly.

Domino's website which gives online ordering likewise have saved profile of signed up customers, including name, contact quantity and also complete address for delivery. It prevents mistakes of jotting down the facts if customers order through telephone call. Besides, Domino's have also kept an archive of previous requests so that customers can make reference to previous collection of their preferred pizzas.

This online buying service will certainly entice more customers because Domino's allow customers to place an order via internet today and obtain delivery on a later date. The delivery time is also offered by any time relating to customers' needs from 11. 30am till 11. 30pm.

Another great service provided in online ordering service is Domino's have specifically designed the "Great Pizza Service Tracker" that delivers customers an up-to-date status from the moment customers place purchases to as soon as the pizza leaves the store. The position starts off from order placed, preparing, baking, boxing, packing, ready for delivery, and lastly the pizza is ready for providing.

In realization, Domino's has efficiently helps to keep their customer dedicated is partly due to the wide consumption of online food ordering service. This service hasn't only minimize mistakes while positioning an order, it has also provides maximum satisfaction for customers through the collection of food.


According to our research about Domino`s Pizza, several recommendation are advised to be considered by the company to boost their services and procedure performance:


Domino`s company needs an efficient advertising structure or plan, in this case it will improve customer relations. The domino`s company needs to increase the acceleration and efficiency of pizza making, therefore means they can cope with bigger amount of customers and having long customer relationships.

Performance management

Domino`s company should check the way the employees are doing for example that they review the performance of the company. Employees are required to interface directly with the customers to improve better understanding; another thing is usually that the employees need to make certain decision in the company rather than hanging around to find out how to proceed and how to do. For Domino`s to reach your goals, the employees need to work hard so that they can reach the target the company. I am going to recommend the employees should be produced happy for example, good working condition and be treated rather.


Domino`s company must improve on the sales which by the end will undoubtedly lead to more revenue and fame also. The Domino also offers to break in and broaden and do well in the Malaysia market.

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