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Format and the purpose of One hundred years of solitude essay

An essay on a piece of literature is a paper where the writer is supposed to analyze certain literature work and provide the results of this analysis in a written form. The subject of analysis can be whatever you consider appropriate, beginning with a novel, short story, poem and finishing with a scenario of a popular movie. However, in order to provide a good analysis, you need to prepare thoroughly. The preparation includes a number of stages, but the most essential thing you have to do is reading the assigned piece of literature and make sure you totally understand the plot, the moral and other components of the literature work. Only after you know exactly what you are going to write about, you can proceed to the writing process itself. In this article, we collected the most useful tips and guidelines that will help you accomplish appropriate preparation and write you paper in a highly professional manner. First of all, you will find the information provided below useful, if you are assigned to deal with classical literature and write a paper like One hundred years of solitude essay. Keep reading to learn more.

So, you are going to deal with a piece of classical literature, that is known as a masterpiece of all times. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a genius of a word, he is known and respected for his talent to show the whole range of emotions that a human being can have with the help of language. All of his literature works are meant to make the reader think and feel throughout all the time while reading. However, it is a commonly known fact also that the literature works of this genius writer can be read and understood completely only be very experience readers. If you don't have much experience in reading novels, you will probably have to deal with reading it twice or even more times in order to comprehend everything that the author wanted to say and to write a good One hundred years of solitude essay. Anyway, when it comes to accomplishing this kind of task, it is important that you follow the steps we provided. Thus, if you know precisely what to do, you will find your task easier to complete.

How to analyze a piece of literature

A good analysis foresees that you provide your personal critical point of view in regard to that or another issue. Therefore, the purpose of your writing assignment is to suggest your personal interpretation of some aspect of the novel or to situate the plot in a wider context, if appropriate. On the other hand, if you consider the novel to be perfect and worth to receive only the best replies, is it necessary to explain your position coherently and provide argumentation that can demonstrate why you think that or another way. For instance, you may concentrate on the tone of the novel and define in what way it affects the meaning of the plot overall. At the same time, you are welcome to devote your paper to focusing on the symbolism of the book and provide the analysis of the symbols that the author used to show the hidden meaning of something. In any case, it is necessary to undertake the following steps:

  • Perform reading of the novel in a critical manner, as long as you are expected to evaluate the piece of literature, you have to become as familiar as possible with the original source. Keep reading and rereading until you make sure everything is clear and understandable to you.
  • Remember taking notes while reading. It would be great if you take notes in a notepad and in the book, as well. You need to remember all the important aspects and your primary reaction to what you read.
  • Within the process of reading, try answering the next questions: what is the novel about? What are the major points and main ideas that the author wanted to let us know? What is the puzzle of the plot of the novel? What is the purpose and the moral of the novel, in the end of the day? In what way is the purpose accomplished or not?
  • Perform a review of your own notes in order to define the most important moments of the novel and your personal opinion in regard to them. Here, you need to avoid speculating about the intensions of the author whatever his purpose is, as long as you cannot know for sure what exactly intensions he had when writing his novel.
  • Look for some additional sources, if appropriate. Sometimes it is very useful to get familiar with reviews of other authors enlightening the piece of literature, its strong and weak sides. It will help you come up with new ideas and make your paper more interesting. You can go online or look for reviews in a library. At the same time, don't try to plagiarize, since you need to provide your own original opinion.
  • Make up an outline of your essay. This is where you need to jot down all the major ideas that you came up with during your research and analysis. Choose the most fascinating ones and develop them with the help of quotations directly from the novel.
  • Give examples and evidences. You need to support your viewpoint with the text itself. Therefore, it would be great if you mention phrases directly from the book or describe particular moments of the plot.

As you can see, all you need is to take your time and follow our guidelines. The same guidelines will be helpful with writing other papers, like Oneness of god essay, Hundred years war essay and Thirty years war essay.

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