Once Preserved Always Kept Is Wrong

"Once saved always saved"-WRONG-


Proof From the Gospels

Luke eight: 5-8, 11-15; 12: 45, 46; 13: 34, thirty-five; 15: 13, 21, 24; 22: 23, 32

John 15: 1, 2, 3, 6th

Proof by Romans to 2 Thessalonians

Romans 11: 17-22

one particular Cor. being unfaithful: 27; 15: 12; 12-15: 1, a couple of

Lady. 5: 4-7

Phil. a couple of: 12, 13

Col. you: 21-23

a couple of Thes. two: 3

Resistant from one particular timothy to james

1 Tim. 1: 5-7; a few: 6, several; 4: you; 5: doze, 15; six: 10, 20, 21

two Thim. two: 17, 18; 3: 16, 15; 5: 3, some

Hebrews 2: 1-3; 3: 12-14, 18; 4: you, 11-13; six: 4-6; 10: 26, twenty nine, 38; 12: 15-17

David 5: 19-20

Proof via 1 peter to revelation

1 peter 1: on the lookout for

2 philip 1: twelve; 2: 12-15, 16, twenty, 21; three or more: 17, 18

1 John 2: 24, 25, twenty eight

Revelation a couple of: 5, 10, 11; three or more: 1-5, sixteen; 22: nineteen

Salvation is known as a commitment

Solution is a determination to Jesus in action, not just in word.

Faith and can salvation be lost

It is written, NOW ON TO HIM THAT IS ABLE TO KEEP YOU COMING FROM FALLING-Jude twenty four. So we ask ho does God keep all of us from dropping? We uphold FAITH-Ro 11: 20. Yet , SOME SHALL DEPART IN THE FAITH-1 Bernard 4: 1 . HAVING DAMNATION, BECAUSE THEY MAY HAVE CAST AWAY THEIR 1ST FAITH-1 Bernard 5:! 2 . We are cautioned that, IN THE EVENT ANY GENTLEMAN DRAW BACK, MY SOUL SHALL HAVE NO PLEASURE IN HIM-Heb. 10: 35. God keeps you by falling throughout your faith. Should you cast out of your faith or draw back, God will have not any pleasure in you. The Bible desires us never to DRAW BACK(from faith)…*UNTO PERDITION*-Heb 10: 37, 39.


Christ tell us, INTENDED FOR HIM HATH GOD THE DADDY SEALED-Jn 6: 27. While we are saved, God gives all of us his nature. Can we be unsealed? It truly is written, AFTER THAT YE THOUGHT, YE HAD BEEN SEALED GET BACK HOLY SOUL OF GUARANTEE, WHICH IS SOLEMN OF OUR INHERITANCE UNTIL THE REDEMPTION OF THE BOUGHT POSSESSION-Eph. 1: 13, 18. Note, THE EARNEST OF THE INHERITANCE. "Earnest" or arrabon means cash deposited by purchaser and forfeited, in the event the purchase had not been completed. The Bible provides us the formula for completing a purchase. Jesus paid out it completely by his shed blood; however , we have to hold onto each of our faith, pertaining to we uphold faith. We need to hold THE STARTING OF OUR SELF CONFIDENCE STEADFAST UNTO THE END-Heb 3: 14. We enter a contract(or covenent or perhaps solemn agreement) when we receive Jesus. Jesus is the bridegroom, and we will be the bride. He gives us a pledge or expression of this contract. The price of the purchase has become paid. Right now, we get an proposal ring(the ay spirit) like a deposit; as a result, we are closed unto Jesus as His bride. During this time period of being closed, temptations come against all of us to try to attract us aside.

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