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Okonkwo A Tragic Hero British Literature Essay

Okonkwo is the antithesis to his daddy, for his dad Unoka is a bum, who was simply in debt to everybody else in the clan, more or less. In the very beginning of the book Chinua Achebe clearly says what Unoka is similar to, "In his day he was sluggish and improvident and was quite not capable of considering tomorrow. " (C. Achebe, Things Fall Apart, Web page 8). Okonkwo on the other side is well known for his activities as a wrestler and a warrior. At a party a guy called him the best warrior and wrestler alive, a far cry from his father who abhorred fighting with each other and bloodstream and thought that through being lazy and music he would have a good life. Achebe plainly expresses how Okonkwo is in the following statements, "Okonkwo was evidently slice out for great things. He was still young but acquired won popularity as the greatest wrestler in the nine villages. " (C. Achebe, Things Fall Apart, Web page 11).

Okonkwo is not a tragic hero simply anticipated to his upbringing from very little and became such an important man in his modern culture at such a sensitive early age. No, Okonkwo is principally a tragic hero because of all of the adversity he faces after he eliminates Ikemefuna. For just a personality to be labeled as a true tragic hero they need to fall from a higher place due to a mistake of theirs. For Okonkwo this mistake was his pleasure and violent characteristics in congruency with each other to produce an end result where he was no more looked after by world with a favorable eye. Okonkwo's account is one of loss and heartbreak, one of high desires and tragedy, one of success and failure.

One of the very most memorable tragic heroes ever is a figure known simply as Macbeth. Macbeth gains and loses everything over his greed and lust for increasingly more power in a global which has already been complacent with its leaders. The congruencies between Okonkwo and Macbeth are staggering. Initially both are known as great men in their countries or clans, both are great warriors, and both have two headings given to them by an increased official or king. Both live a life of relatively comfort and both have unique wives. Macbeth's partner is the main one who pushes him within the deep end to become ruler, whilst Okonkwo's wife bears him a great child, and he hopes on her behalf to come from a family group of wealth, therefore Okonkwo also aims for better things credited to a family member.

Okonkwo is eventually, credited a major accident, banished into exile for seven years to his mother's homeland. He plots his return to Umuofia each day while he is there. These plans however do not go as prepared and he eventually collapses on himself and his own ambitions. Although Okonkwo is a proud warrior and wrestler, his own satisfaction can stop him from taking the white people and becoming a lord of his clan, an ambition he has organised in his mind for quite some time and it works his entire life. This situation obviously shows that another event has ceased him from attaining what he has strived for those his life so he eliminates himself, a shameful action in the eye of the Umuofian people. In the following sentence Obierka, a friend of Okonkwo's, voices his judgment of why Okonkwo passed on, ""That man was one of the greatest men in Umuofia. You drove him to destroy himself; and now he'll be buried like a dog. . . . "" (C. Achebe, Things BREAK APART, Site 191).

Okonkwo, a guy of title and fame in his clan, dies because of another influence. This truth by itself classifies him as a tragic personality, yet there is much more of his history that exemplifies a true tragic hero. He begins from very little and works his way up to high position among his people, which in the end established him up for his downfall and eventual suicide. Once at the very top he commits an take action that was warned against by a guy who was much higher than him in get ranking, this constitutes his starting into the downward spiral that could eventually declare his life. At the end of his spiral it seems he is being revived back to his old do it yourself when he kills the court docket messenger, but that actually is the nail in the coffin and transmits him to his grave. He was in disgust at his fellow individuals who would not even react when the whites advised them to stop and desist during a public meeting. All of this information constitutes the debate that Okonkwo is a tragic hero.

The main reason for Okonkwo to set off the deep end and take his own life in the complacency of folks he originates from and the amount of change they may have allowed. The folks of Umuofia heard experiences of white men but never thought they were real, and when they emerged they laughed and provided them supposedly cursed ground. These gestures eventually lead to the downfall with their people all together and the colonization of these tribe and the ones around it. Eventually in the seven years Okonkwo was gone they truly became complacent with their life with the white people and even allowed them to build a university, a hospital, and even establish a form of administration. These acts to Okonkwo were undesirable and he was of course the first ever to act in his new war from the white people and their life-style. He resented how his own child had tossed in his great deal with them and they dominate his village. When the men of Umuofia gathered for a meeting the court messengers emerged and tried out to disperse them, this failed and Okonkwo wiped out the one who was simply leading the rest. But to his great despair the rest of his people didn't follow his example and the other four court messengers acquired away.

The tale of Okonkwo is unhappy in its tragedy and it directs us a serious note through the colonization of the tribes and the uprooting of their ways of life. Okonkwo attempted very difficult to bring joy and a good work ethic to his family but in the end all he could bring was sadness and disillusionment at the work he commit. Okonkwo may have strike his wives and overcome his children and alienated his eldest child by eliminating his closest friend and, pretty much, adopted brother but he also helped bring a very conventional view to things. He played out by all the guidelines his father did not, he struggled in life to access where he finished up in the end, and then for what, he passed away in the end because of a tyrannical modern culture oppressing their way of life and their religious beliefs. Is there any other thing more tragic than reaching for the superstars and getting taken down by another person because of their selfish ambitions?

In conclusion Okonkwo is a tragic hero because he was a man of stature in his culture and he fell from a high place because of his pleasure and violent mother nature. Okonkwo is not so different from a great many other tragic heroes from has and books past, such as Macbeth. Both characters achieved much in their lives but a painfully evident flaw in them brought on them to fall to nothingness and perish. Okonkwo devoted suicide because he could not stand to see his town in the shambles he returned to view it in and because his own pleasure would not allow him to run away or allow himself to be taken by the white visitors to their base-of-operations to be hung. In jail Okonkwo received marks from the court docket messengers conquering him, rather than even his pride allowed him to retaliate more than getting rid of one man. Okonkwo is actually a tragic hero and his history is one of sadness and of loss.

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