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Office Grapevine Causes and Effects



To hear something through the grapevine is to observe something informally and unofficially by means of gossip and rumor. It really is defined as "The informal transmission of information, gossip, or rumor from individual to individual or usually unrevealed source of private information. "

Grapevine or gossip is unavoidable in the organization environment. As employees jostle to reach the priced top area, jealousy, now coupled with social networking, sparks off gossip. Grapevine arises from social communications, so that it can be as fickle, mischievous, and dynamic and diverse as people. Still left to itself, a grapevine can inflict as much damage as a raging flames. The prudent manager's skill is based on using the office grapevine in a good way in order to benefit the company he works for.

The present article throws light on the nature of office grapevine, its triggers & effects. In addition, it tries to describe the greener aspect of the office grapevine & that is it can be viewed as up somewhat as healthy & one can put it to use for the betterment of the company.

Key words:

Office grapevine, rumor, gossiping, managerial communication


Grapevine communication originated at the moment humans learned how to speak.

Grapevine communication at work is the unofficial way of communication where the information usually spreads through gossips or gossip. It isn't a communication in the genuine sense but on the other hand, is a barrier to communication. We can say that it is the very characteristics of individual to speak about others. People employed in any organization show their emotions, grievances, emotions using their fellow workers. Through this, they get sociable & personal satisfaction; which in turn increases job satisfaction. Thus, it's the inevitable area of the office communication. In the words of Keith Davis, "Grapevine is basically a route of horizontal communication, because of its only people working at the same degree of hierarchy who are able to informally communicate with one another with perfect decrease. " This means gossip, usually gossip that spreads and covers a lot of surface (a lot of individuals), much like vines do. Further, we can say that competition is the root cause for this grapevine sort of communication. And the present age is packed with competition where everyone wishes to establish he/she the best. However, not all the persons adopt the genuine way of obtaining their aims. Some people participate themselves in the unfair techniques like they could spread baseless rumours about the people they envy & thus verify the major hindrance in other's path of success. If any office grapevine can take such a poor turn, it is certainly detrimental for the very existence of that concern.

Grapevine communication is the informal communication network in a corporation. The grapevine is used to pass on information bypassing the formal communication composition. Just like the grapevine herb: it spreads in random ways and it runs where it can. The grapevine is developed by the individuals and organizations in an company. People in the teams have something in keeping that links them along. A person can belong to a number of groups.

Companies should not disregard the grapevine, be indifferent to it or try it kill it. Market leaders should proactively communicate and inject the maximum amount of authentic information in to the system as they can. Regular interactions with employees will be the best way to comprehend gossip and politics, and one must be prepared for this.

Research Aims:

The main goals for this research are

  1. To know the complexities & ramifications of any office grapevine.
  2. To know the value of office grapevine.
  3. To find out the ways to overcome the adverse effects of any office grapevine.

Scope of the study:

The scope of today's study is bound to the knowledge of the idea of office grapevine, its importance, its triggers & results & to the remedies to clean away its negative effects. However, there cannot be fixed answers to remove office grapevine. It could differ from concern to concern. There may be various factors responsible for office grapevine to happen.

Research Technique:

The present research is an authentic attempt to determine the ways for transforming the negative effects of any office grapevine into the positive ones.

Data collection:

The inspection conducted is through workplace research and simply based on supplementary data available on INTERNET.

Research Conclusions:

  • Features:
  1. Very speedy type of communication.
  2. It has benefits and backfires as well.
  3. No route of communication is there as regarding formal communication.
  4. It is a mix of simple fact and rumor, about 80% information moves through grapevine.
  • Importance:

The grapevine pays to as a supplement to formal channels of communication. It often travels quicker than other stations which is usually more immediate. The grapevine exists within all degrees of staff. It is available because of a natural desire to know things and brings a sense of owned by employees and managerial staff alike. It could create corporate id and build teamwork.

Although the grapevine can wreak havoc with misinformation, it can also be beneficial. Generally, grapevine information keeps at least a kernel of fact. Information from top management that flows through the grapevine to lower-level employees can allow those to see, and perhaps relate with, the struggles that management is facing. When employees have a feeling (even if it is not entirely correct) of these troubles, they can rise up and make recommendations or work to improve a situation of which they might not usually have been aware. Also, if trouble is on the horizon (according to the grapevine), it can provide employees a chance to make strategies and temper their reactions when the news is officially communicated to them.

  • Types of Grapevine:

Within the organization communication chains can be found. The chain employed by formal communication may be very rigid, following a chain of command line or authority. However, the chain used by the grapevine is commonly very versatile. Four different chains/buildings may actually dominate the grapevine network relating to Keith Davis are:

  1. The Single Strand String: That is a simple strategy to check out, A instructs B, who tells C, who instructs D and so on. Each person passes the information to the next person. The longer the strand the more distortion and filtering influences the info being passed until the previous person in the chain may find the info unrecognizable from the initial message. Most inaccuracies take place in this chain.
  1. The Gossip String: On this illustration A simply instructs everyone with whom they come in contact. This pattern is known as to be somewhat sluggish in moving the info.
  1. The Probability String: In cases like this A makes random connection with say F and C and moves on the information. They in turn arbitrarily contact others in accordance with laws of likelihood. Some hear the info plus some don't. In this structure, there is absolutely no definite routine of communication. Information is arbitrarily passed along to anyone prepared to listen. They kind of one who communicates in this manner might be considered a very outgoing and talkative type of individual.
  1. The Cluster Chain: Here A tells associates, B and F, who may work with A. They may inform two or three other people with whom they usually have close contact. Most predominant design is the cluster style. Selectivity is the basis for this style. In any corporation, individuals will generally feel more comfortable with some fellow employees than with others and for that reason only relay information to people in their informal social organizations. This flow design results information missing some individuals completely.
  • Advantages:
  1. It's fast in spreading the information
  2. Both men and women actively participate in passing information
  3. It builds romantic relationship between people.
  • Disadvantages:
  1. Grapevine communication has the potential to propagate unneeded gossip.
  2. It's dangerous to the fitness of a business if permitted to increase without monitoring.
  3. May cause figure assassination and personal vilification of individuals.
  4. May provoke sudden unwanted and surprising reactions from emotionally unpredictable people.
  5. Grapevine channel can be moderated however, not eliminated.
  • Causes for grapevine communication to occur:

The grapevine is made up basically of rumors and gossip and vacations from person to person during breaks, lunchtime and in after-work gatherings. It can bypass security because of its ability to cross organizational lines. The grapevine functions best in situations where formal communication is poor, yet it is a natural part of real human behavior. This information channel boosts in times of stress or uncertainty, and from the lack of formal news arriving directly from the top management of the company.

  • Effects:

The grapevine allows thoughts to be indicated instead of bottled up. People need to speak about what is affecting them, and the grapevine allows this type of appearance. Employees and staff can talk important topics using their own language, instead of the specialized jargon used in formal communication stations. If managers can utilize the grapevine, they can learn a considerable amount about the problems and problems of their employees. It is a good indication of health, morale and output in the company.

  • Warning of the grapevine communication:

A large percentage of communication that moves the grapevine is true; however, it is problematic for someone to discern reality from fiction through the grapevine. Management must effectively monitor the grapevine and leap in to perfect inaccuracies or falsehoods. The grapevine is unstable and unreliable; it can power anxiety, conflict and misunderstanding in small or large group situations.


  1. Since grapevine activity heightens during times of uncertainty, management must definitely provide information through formal system of communication about key issues & happenings that impact employees.
  1. Management should supply employees with continuous flow of appropriate, well-timed information; so to minimize the potential destruction brought on by the grapevine.
  1. The grapevine can be controlled with prompt, clear & appropriate information on the problems important to the employees.
  1. Direct memos, large group announcements & intercoms should be utilized.
  1. A company can appoint expert individuals in the HR Team to hear the grievances of the employees on prompt basis prior to the rumor mill gets momentum.
  1. The top management should make an effort to accumulate all the possible information or alternatively facts regarding the rumors.
  1. If there is an exterior rumor, it is normally kept to journalists, reporters or media. At such situations, the business should prepare a formal response depending after the situation.
  1. While putting into action any new plan or system within the business, the management may drip the information about any of it to the key communicators in the business. Through this, the chest muscles can get to know what sort of new idea will be received; whether it'll be welcomed or rejected strongly. If the responses is positive, the management can go with their plan for execution but if it's negative, the plan can be rethought & pinpointed the condition areas.


Dealing effectively with the grapevine is a obstacle that will always be an integral part of a manager's job. Those who find themselves in a position to understand the energy of the grapevine will be better prepared to utilize it to provide steadiness & credibility in the work environment. Thus, office grapevine is a part & parcel of any firm. The only thing is the skill of a administrator who utilizes this casual type of communication for achieving the organizational goals.


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