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Getting started with Of mice and men American dream essay

One of the most interesting literature works that students have to read during their studies at high school is Of mice and Men, which is a masterpiece of an outstanding writer known as Steinback John. Together with reading this piece of classic literature students usually need to provide an analysis in a form of essay, like writing Of mice and men American dream essay. As a rule, the main purpose of such analysis is to enlighten the meaning of an American dream, the way how the main hero wants to implement it and how he faces the impossibility if doing it. Also, there are other important issues covered in the story. The majority of students consider such writing assignment to be rather difficult and in this case they turn to our help. We help students from different countries cope with their writing assignments, including but not limited to writing Of mice and men American dream essay. If you contact us right now, we will assist you with writing a great paper, so you will save your personal time and significant efforts. In addition, we provided a number of tips and guidelines in this regard, which you can find below in this article.

If you are assigned to write a paper on the masterpiece of Steinback's, keep in mind that you are going to undertake a considerable piece of work. In order to write a good and effective Of mice and men American dream essay that will demonstrate your awareness of the plot of the book, your attitude to the main characters and their deeds, as well as your capability to critique and analyze, you need to take a number of essential steps. Literary critical analysis foresees that you have read, understood and evaluated the assigned piece of literature. In other words, you need to provide a sort of examination on this literature work. Although this kind of writing assignment is quite common for the majority of high schools, students still face difficulties with not only completing it, but with understanding the purpose of the assignment itself. Therefore, if you want to succeed in writing your Of mice and men American dream essay, read the following information carefully and try to follow it during your work.

Steps to follow

  • Obviously, the first thing you should do is read the assigned book. Try to pay attention to all the details, beginning with the title of the writing and finishing with names of the main characters and elements of their clothing.
  • Divide the assigned piece of literature into components and examine each of them separately from each other. Start with the plot, then analyze the setting, followed by the main characters, the development, culmination and the resolution of the conflict, the main themes and lines of the plot, and finally, the author's point of view.
  • Create an interpretation of your critical point. After you evaluated each part of the book separately, you need to evaluate the complete pattern and put the parts of your evaluation together. Then, think of your final judgement.

For your Of mice and men American dream essay, it is important that you understand the components of the written masterpiece appropriately. Keep reading to find out how to deal with the components of literature writing.

How to divide a piece of literature into components

As we have already said, in order to create a remarkable Of mice and men dreams essay, it is important to evaluate every part of the book separately before you make your decision and provide thorough criticism. Therefore, when it comes to evaluating different parts of the book, you need to do the following:

  • Define the plot. By plot, they usually mean the main line of the story, which can be of different forms, like a chain of events or just an imaginary trip in the mind of a main character.
  • Separating the setting. You need to find out, how and in what way the setting effects the main theme of the book.
  • Working with characters. You need to find out, which of the characters are the main and which play secondary roles in the plot of the writing.
  • Defining the development of the conflict. Here, you need to define its three stages: the development of the conflict itself, the culmination of the conflict and, finally, the resolution of the conflict. Although these components make one part of the overall plot of the writing, they still have to be evaluated and analyzed separately.
  • Defining the themes. There can be one main theme and a few secondary supporting themes, or, there can be only one theme without additional themes. Find it out and evaluate every theme separately.
  • Find out the point of view of the author. Obviously, he did not provid a special part in the piece of writing for letting you know about his opinion. At the same time, if you read attentively, you will see that the author made hints about his viewpoint. Once you have found this component, you need to evaluate the contribution of the author's point of view to the overall objective of book.

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