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Oedipus the King | Imagery and sybolism

Sophocles use of light and darkness in Oedipus the Ruler works as an aid in the type development. The associated imagery and symbolism in the play manifests Sophocles ideas to the reader which gets them involved with reading and understanding the play.

Throughout time, the occurrence of light in virtually any situation is definitely construed as the presence of knowledge, good spirits, parity & holiness. For darkness the converse is true. Not only is it representative of holiness, but also, the occurrence of light implies that we should be able to see far, very much like how much we know of something. In the end, it is hard to fathom a individuals who can see at night.

In Oedipus Rex, perception and blindness are also used as allusions to light and darkness, albeit not with exactly the same meanings. A blind person is in the dark about what is going on around him, with no knowledge about his setting, which is handicapped while making choices. A sighted person is well aware of his setting, and really should have the ability to make decisions while having the ability to see the repercussions.

It is also hard to attract a lines to where the several interpretations stop. It can be used in the same work showing any of the several meanings interchangeably. This makes it such a useful tool for an author to draw focus on specific character traits and development, without becoming extremely technical on paper. By combining all of these ideas, playwright is able to portray a deeper meaning than may be explicitly written. Also, the writer is able to express a complicated idea with a single term; ie light representing knowledge and truth.

Oedipus Rex is a Greek tragedy compiled by Sophocles, who was a celebrated ancient Greek poet. The play is together with Antigone and Oedipus at Colonus part of what's called the Theban performs, ready in Thebes and concerned with the city of Thebes before, after and during Oedipus' reign as Theban ruler (Sophocles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

A tragic hero must gratify four standards; nobility, harmatia (i. e a flaw), peripetia (i. e. reversal of bundle of money) and anagnorisis (i. e. finding that peripetia was induced by the hero's own activities). (What is a Tragic Hero? - Yahoo! Answers, 2013) The essential plot of a tragedy is the go up of a persona to become a leader of men, the fall of the character anticipated to a identity flaw and the realisation of the type flaw that damages him.

In Oedipus the King, the priest explains Thebes as the "City of Light". Thebes normally is supposed to be always a prosperous town; everything that it touches is meant to carefully turn to gold. There is certainly joy and happiness around every nook. In such conditions, Oedipus could waltz in and no person would bat an eyelid. However, the same priest represents the way the plague has taken over the town by expressing; "And deadly pestilence, that fiery god, swoops right down to blast the town, emptying the House of Cadmus, filling up it with blackness like Hades". This indicates a total comparison to how it's supposed to be. The once profitable city is currently under the curse of the sphinx. While using darkness comes disease, doubt and emptiness and with it the need for a hero. The stage is now established for Oedipus' access. A need has been designed for a innovator of men. The usage of the imagery of darkness has paved just how for Oedipus to go up above all other men.

Another example of successful character development using light/darkness imagery is when Oedipus promises to Creon, the messenger, that "I will shed light on this darkness". Creon experienced just advised Oedipus that the curse on the land would be lifted when Lauis' killer is banished or wiped out.

Oedipus implies that he would research Lauis' murder and ensure that justice is served. The magnitude of the quote is in its development of the tragic hero that is Oedipus. He is just wanting to avenge his predecessor's loss of life but is inadvertently plotting his own downfall. This is part of the flaw in Oedipus' figure. Oedipus' flaw is that cannot see what is beneath the surface. The actual fact that he wants to get rid of the chaos and lift up the curse is commendable, however in doing this, Oedipus will implicate himself and start the reversal of lot of money.

Throughout the play, a continuing theme is the blindness of some and full sight of others, yet it is those who find themselves allegedly blind who are enlightened. Take Tereisias for example, who was simply the blind prophet of Thebes. Only he is able to put two and two mutually and see the dilemna. Tereisias functions as the antagonist in the play, providing a well balanced counter-top view in the theatre, giving Oedipus an opportunity to realise his imperfections.

For example, a audience of Oedipus cannot skip the irony in a blind man revealing to a sighted one that he is committing a grave crime by sleeping with his legitimate wife and this he would 1 day also be blind and desire a guide to move along just like him. Tereisias also ensures Oedipus that he cannot inform who he's writing children with. Oedipus cannot fathom how this could possibly happen, and resorts to contacting Tereisias a traitor and ridiculous. Tereisias replies to Oedipus, also in an outburst of anger, that "Those clear-seeing eyes will be blinded". Oedipus was struggling to "see" that he would have to gouge his own eye because it was he who acquired helped bring the curse onto the land. The web effect is that we now have a protagonist who's also arrogant, excessively proud, and unable to perceive the road fate is leading him along.

Oedipus' character is currently that of a tragic hero in holding out, and it is just a matter of your energy before he discovers his ancestry, and with it the horrendous sins he has dedicated. Oedipus comes to the realisation that he is the cursed polluter of the land, husband of his mom and dad of his brothers

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