Odyssey Essay

The moment discussing the main topic of a hero, many different figure traits come into play. A hero would not have an specific definition; it is open to model. Many people contain numerous opinions on what they think a hero is and what a hero's qualifications are. One certification of a main character is that the initiate must advance to the main character status. For example , a hero needs to grow and become a better person throughout his trip. A main character does not need to be perfect though. In The Journey by Homer, Odysseus can be viewed a leading man for many different reasons, and considered not only a hero for another array of reasons. Odysseus is a hero as they becomes a better person along his quest. However , he has many faults, but they receive corrected throughout his quest. Although Odysseus is not really perfect, his faults help him develop and become an improved person

To begin with, Odysseus a new problem with his "hubris" (meaning "excessive pride" in Greek) in the beginning of his voyage, or the pre-abyss initiate period. On the island in the Kyclopes, Odysseus exhibits his excessive pride by showing Polyphemos that he was one who had blinded Polyphemos. Odysseus feels he has to be certified for blinding Polyphemos: "Odysseus, raider of cities, got your eye" (IX, 551). He reveals his personality as Odysseus to the Kyclops which angers the gods greatly. Odysseus is reprimanded for his excessive take great pride in and learns from his mistakes. This incident displays how Odysseus is definately not flawless, but still has a good way to go to becoming a hero. He endures this mental and physical concern, and even though he truly does come out on top for the physical aspect of the process, he does not work out miserably with regards to the mental challenge. Odysseus let his "hubris" get to him. After...

... as time passes and is right now a much better decision-maker. This shows how he could be becoming a hero because of the method he is developing as a person along his journey.

Following, Odysseus had a problem with his role as being a leader at first of his journey. Odysseus failed as a leader when his team and him self landed in Ismaros. He expressed simply no leadership features and let his men act uncontrollably and take which ever they wished from the property: "My males were mutinous... shambling cattle" (IX, 51-53). This shows how Odysseus admits his faults in leadership capacities and did a poor task controlling his men. He couldn't possess appeared as a leader to his team because the crew did whatever they planned to do. A respected and efficient leader would have handled his staff, but thankfully Odysseus learns from his mistakes and grows as being a leader. Once approaching Thrinakia, Odysseus

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