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Odysseus Refusal TO SIMPLY ACCEPT Calypsos Offer English Literature Essay

In this essay I'd like to consider the implications of Odysseus' refusal to simply accept Calypso's offer of immortality and what it means to be individual. Moreover, I would like to compare this matter with the situation of Achilles in the Iliad. To start with it should be mentioned that both Odyssey and Iliad are immortal poems of excellent Old Greece poet Homer and in both these poems consider the life and exploits of great heroes like Odysseus and Achilles. It can be said that Odysseus in Greek mythology was the king of Ithaca and famous participant of the Trojan Conflict, the brilliant and resourceful orator. Also, Odysseus is one of the main element personas of the Iliad, the hero of the poem "The Odyssey" that tells of long years of wandering and comes back of Odysseus to his homeland. As a matter of known fact, Odysseus was distinguished not only courage but also a sly, quirky mind person. In turn, Achilles - is the bravest of the heroes in the heroic sagas of the historic Greeks that contain used under the management of Agamemnon expedition against Troy. He was half-god and was the protagonist of the Iliad.

It should be known that nymph Calypso, who lives among the list of rustling of the sea on a distant island, really glad Odyssey, that was helped bring by the storm. She has elegance and make Odysseus just forget about his homeland, but, she allures the Odysseus not only by women's charms - for him, in order not to aspire to his Ithaca, Calypso unattainably claims eternal junior and immortality. However, Odysseus withstands this difficult test. It ought to be observed that the traditional heroes expected nothing from the world, but most glory and did not appreciate life. Furthermore, motto of the lives was following: "for descendants keep in mind for the very long time their heroism and glory". Very interesting is the fact, that before arriving to Calypso's island, Odysseus stopped at the dark country of Hades, where he noticed the shadow of Achilles. During this conference Achilles said that if it were possible, he would agree to serve the some poor person than being within Hades with other souls. Therefore, Calypso can not understand why Odysseus rejected eternal life and decided to build a raft and continue his wandering to his homeland in dangerous noisy sea.

In my opinion, to demonstrate the irresistible draw of Odysseus back home to his beloved wife and child, Homer needed some unusually attractive image and dizzying invincible temptation. Without any doubts this image is embodied in the person of shiny nymph Calypso. On the stunning island with goddess Calypso Odysseus put in seven happy years. As an undeniable fact, Calypso loved Odysseus, like mortals do and decided to present him immortality and to link with the bonds of matrimony. It could be said that she had taken good care of and loved the ill-fated hero after he experienced a shipwreck and sees that he belongs to her. However, she must post to Zeus and the other gods and let him to decide where he would like to invest his life. Certainly, Homer compares Odysseus power of wish to Ithaca and his family with the most powerful enticement - immortality. Calypso assures to give him eternal life - it is the culmination of an extended series of obstructions and temptations, which packed the path of Odysseus returning home. Before meeting with Calypso, all the temptations that arose on the path of Odysseus were absolutely individual nature, however the offer of the nymph - was royal gift idea. As a fact, Odysseus was offered the destiny of the god, and instead requires that he preferred Ogygia to rocky Ithaca, and Calypso - to Penelope. Considering this difficult choice he stands and cries. What is he crying about? What could become more expensive than the immortality and eternal youngsters? I presume that he crying because of his obligations to himself come back home, to the partner and son. Obviously, he spent seven wonderful years with beautiful Calypso, but he has obligation, which needs the first place. He decided to hit the street - a way in which it henceforth to meet cyclops, storms, death threats and obstacles, and he must overcome all these barriers to attain a lean rocky Ithaca and find his own house.

Further I'd like to consider what this magic Ithaca has, which brought on him to disregard the junior and immortality. For me, Odysseus is ready to discover something more important and wonderful, as opposed to the immortality and eternal junior - he looks for to do this mysterious group of moral mission. He has recently seen the light to the bottom: we are all humans and we should be there, where we love and where were liked. I presume that Odysseus understands that the energy of love is more important than the desire of young ones and immortality. Furthermore, Odysseus understands that he is individual and don't want to become immortal, because for him immortality - is reunion along with his beloved partner and son, with his homeland Ithaca.

I think that Ithaca for Odysseus is the small warm group of the motherland, family and predetermined likelihood to accept a wider group of friends, to accept and understand his ancestors, villages, towns, humanity, tranquility, immortality and eternal children. In the end, as we know, love and loss of life are with us from the cradle. Before we experience death, the strongest and the most powerful our experience has always been love, the capability to love and be loved.

Invisible, but unbroken string of love Odysseus feels for your two decades of his quest, and today he confronted with a issue. As an undeniable fact, Calypso enjoys him with all her heart. Needless to say, she was not just a street book for Odysseus. It ought to be noted that here Homer attracts us in to the depths of feelings, which is the whole Odysseus's problem. Additionally, Odysseus did not know that Penelope was faithful to him each one of these two decades. He does not know for certain about it, and perhaps she has already been married with someone else, who ruled his kingdom. But, despite each one of these possibilities he remains to believe in his Penelope, that she is still his queen. Without the doubts Odysseus proceeds to trust in the commitment of the Penelope and this believe is aids him, gives him the power to carry all the difficulties of the road and still reach his beloved. I believe Odysseus determines to sail from Calypso for his native land, for his elderly, but nonetheless beautiful Penelope, for the sake of his old father, with regard to his young kid, with regard to his homeland. As a fact, Ithaca is the beginning and the finish of the path, and he must complete it. In other words, everyone knows the pleasure and sweetness of travel, independence, but only Odysseus is given the possibility to know the grace of go back, the delight of responsibility, of devotion.

In the second part of the essay I would like think about what it was to be human for another great ANCIENT GREEK LANGUAGE hero - Achilles. Without the uncertainties, Achilles was the bravest and the most powerful of heroes, exclusively by his personal features. It is interesting to know that his mother goddess Thetis has forecasted that Achilles possessed two options. The first - do not participate in the warfare with Troy, find a wife and live tranquil extended life, and also, to raise children. The second - is to consider active involvement in the war, where he'll be glorified that people before end of their time will bear in mind his great feats. However, his life will be short and he will not return out of this war. It ought to be known that Achilles went to the battle and forever remain in history as the best of hero ever before known. That's the reason he went to war with the Trojans. In fact, Achilles had not been interested in the reasons of the discord and fate of Helen and Menelaus; he took part in the Trojan Battle pursuits his own goal - fame.

I presume that to be human being for Achilles had not been enough, he wished to be immortal. Certainly he was the son of goodness, but only in a 50 percent - his daddy was human. Therefore, he cannot pretend to be immortal. In my own judgment that was the key reason he, regardless of the prophecy, required part in the conflict in Troy. Despite everything, Achilles wanted to be immortal, and he achieved his goal. Even today, after approximately 3500 years people keep in mind this spectacular hero, on par with Greek gods. I feel that he found the ultimate way to become immortal - to remain in history. Right now people carefully keep the legends about his deeds. I believe if Achilles has the same chance to become immortal, than Odysseus acquired - he would take it.

It can be said these famous heroes were friends, nonetheless they were completely different. As a fact, the following question comes up: why Achilles would become immortal, but Odysseus didn't take this opportunity? In my opinion, the answer is simple - love. It should be noted that unlike Achilles, Odysseus experienced love. He truly loved his Penelope and their boy Telemachus and this love helped him to comprehend that this is something more important than life or popularity - this is love. Sadly, Achilles consciously turned down the path of love and find the road to fame. Was he right or incorrect - it is not for me to judge him. As a fact, Achilles has chosen his avenue and achieved his goals. What I can certainly say - is approximately that Homer offers us to comprehend how both of these great heroes have had different goals. I strongly believe this underlines the actual fact that, most importantly, these were humans, and like all humans they have got made a selection how to live on their lives.

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