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Objective And Functions Of Asset Liability Management Committee Money Essay


ALM means asset responsibility management. ALM is thought as, "the process of decision - making to control risks of living, stability and expansion of something through the strong balances of its resources and liabilities. "

ALM is the process involving decision making about the composition of resources and liabilities including off balance sheet items of the bank / FI and conducting the risk assessment.

ALM is an integral area of the financial management procedure for any lender. ALM is concerned with strategic balance sheet management including risks caused by changes in the interest rates, exchange rates and the liquidity position of the lender. While taking care of these three dangers forms the crux of ALM, credit risk and contingency risk also form an integral part of the ALM.

ALM of the bank has 3 important pillars that are

ALM information system

ALM organization

ALM process

ALM information system

ALM information system's job is to assemble data and latest information and assess this information regarding to their needs. Computerize system ensure that the require data is accurate and in the fast way in order to take your choice accordingly.

ALM organization

ALM organization methods to identify the duties and composition of the customers. Asset liability management committee (ALCO) is the insurance plan and decision making component of the bank whose size rely upon how big is the bank. This is actually the very important team of the bank because they make the risk strategy and make sure the ALM implementation in the departments. Because ALCO is the important and bone of the machine so that's why they need to focus on the current news, information, regulations, Government guidelines and market situation urgently so there meeting are organized on short period basis to look for the exact correct and latest picture of the problem. By gathering this data they can make the strategy in line with the situation which is very useful for the bank.

ALM process

The ALM process consist of following categories

Liquidity risk Management

Management of risk market

Funding and capital planning

Profit planning and expansion projection

Trading risk management

ALM objective

Liquidity Risk Management.

Interest Rate Risk Management.

Currency Dangers Management.

Profit Planning and Expansion Projection

Liquidity risk Management

Liquidity risk management means loan company ability to meets its liabilities as they become anticipated. Liquidity risk identifies the risk that the organization may not be able to make sufficient cash flow to meet its obligations. So there duties are to make strategy these situations and make the policies to protect these risks of course, if these situations come up then the way the bank will set up funds, which suited line will be used in particular situation. Liquidity risk management make sure this situation never happened because if it happen then maybe it's very harmful for the lender because if indeed they fail to organise money the complete system could collapse, reputation could be down and complete economic system can tremble so that management is very important of a business.

Maturity Profile as given below used for measuring the future cash moves of banks in different time buckets. Enough time buckets given the Statutory Reserve routine of 2 weeks may be sent out as under:

i) 1 to 14 days

ii) 15 to 28 days

iii) 29 times and upto 3 months

iv) Over three months and upto 6 months

v) Over six months and upto 12 months

vi) Over 1 year and upto 2 years

vii) Over 24 months and upto 5 years

viii) Over 5 years

Interest Rate Risk

It is the chance of having a negative impact on a bank's future earnings and on the marketplace value of its equity credited to changes in interest rates

Interest rate risk is the exposure of the bank's financial condition to undesirable movements in interest levels. Agreeing to this risk is a normal part of banking and can be an important way to obtain profitability and shareholder value. However, unnecessary interest rate risk can pose a significant risk to a bank's earnings and capital bottom part. Changes in interest levels influence a bank's income by changing its world wide web interest income and the level of other interest-sensitive income and operating bills. Changes in interest rates also affect the actual value of the bank's resources, liabilities and off-balance sheet devices because the resent value of future cash moves (and perhaps, the cash moves themselves) change when rates of interest change. Accordingly, an efficient risk management process that retains interest rate risk within wise levels is vital to the safe practices and soundness of banking companies.

Forex Risk

It is the chance of having deficits in foreign exchange belongings and liabilities scheduled to exchanges in exchange rates among multi-currencies in mind. Dealing differs currencies is profitable but dangerous as well. When the liabilities in a single currency boost the level of the property in the same money is increase and that means you have to pay more so money risk management people's keep carefully the eye on the market and inexpensive activities to minimize this risk


The Asset responsibility Committee (ALCO) comprising bank mature management including the CEO for your choice of the business enterprise strategy of the lender on both advantage and liability sides with the limit of the lender budget and design the best risk management aims. The ALM table staffs are responsible for preparing the information and monitor the risk account to the ALCO. They also analysie the market condition related to balance sheet and recommend the action had a need to take by the bank within the budget

ALCO decision making device responsible for

Balance Sheet planning from risk-return point of view which include management of liquidity, interest and forex risks

Pricing of deposits and improvements, desired maturity profile etc.

Monitoring the chance degrees of the bank

Review of the results and progress of implementation of decisions made in previous meeting

Future business strategies based on bank's current take on interest rates

To decide on source and mix of liabilities or sales of assets

To develop future direction of interest rate movements

To choose funding combine between preset and floating rate cash, inexpensive vs. retails deposits, short-term vs. permanent debris etc.

The ALCO table of directors has established both short and long-term capitalization goals to assure the ALM's solvency and offer associates competitive first deposit and loan rates. The ALCO is in charge of regularly monitoring the capitalization targets and to survey significant deviations to the mother board.

ALM will maintain a minimum equity capital to asset ratio of 8% to return on average net possessions after regular dividends, operating expenditures, net loan charge-offs, and noticed investment profits/losses but before bonus offer dividends and motivation program payments.

ALM may complete borrowing activities to be able to leverage the equity capital and increase online interest income and related net income. Borrowing activity will be carefully orchestrated to match investments and liabilities in deals where loans or investments are purchased primarily with lent funds.


The ALCO will determine the correct method for calculating interest rate risk within the ALM. Generally, income simulation will be used for the examination. The goal of income simulation is to test the integrity of the income stream against the standard and volatile movement of rates of interest as time passes. ALM's balance sheet will be modeled and analyzed with the goal of identifying and reducing interest rate risk. The examination for the standard movements of interest rates will be done at least quarterly. The examination for the volatile actions of rates of interest will be achieved semi-annually. The ALCO might want to contract with an outside source to perform this analysis.

The bank's property liability management is monitored through ALCO.

ALCO attends the next issues while managing Balance Sheet Hazards:

(i) Review of actions used earlier ALCO.

(ii) Economic and Market Status and View.

(iii) Liquidity Risk related to the total amount Sheet.

(iv) Review of the price / interest rate structure.

(v) Activities to be studied.

The ALCO Process

An ALCO paper is produced on a monthly basis (usually by the Financing Office) which includes various issues related to Balance Sheet risk management. The ALCO newspaper is prepared before the ALCO appointment as the committee reviews the ALCO paper to create strategies.

The ALCO process or the ALCO reaching reviews the ALCO newspaper along with the approved agendas. The Chairman of the committee, this is the Treasurer or the CEO, raises issues related to the total amount sheet. Treasurer suggests whether the rates of interest have to be reprised, whether the bank needs deposits or advance progress, whether development of deposits and advances should be on short or longer term, what would be the copy price of funds among the list of divisions, what kind of interbank dependency the bank should have etc. In a nutshell, all issues related to liquidity and market risk are covered.

Based on the examination and views of the Treasurer, the committee takes decisions to reduce balance sheet risk while maximising revenue.

Action Points

The ALCO needs decisions for execution of any/all of the following


· Requirement of appropriate Deposit mobilisation or Asset expansion in right buckets to optimise asset-liability mismatch.

· Cashflow (long/short) plan based on market rates of interest and liquidity.

· Requirement of change in Fund Transfer Rates (FTP) &/or customer rates in

line with strategy modified.

· Address to the boundaries that are in breach (if any) or are in type of breach

and provide detailed intend to bring all boundaries under control.

· Address to all regulatory issues that are under risk to non-compliance.

Special ALCO Meeting

Apart from the standard monthly assembly, ALCO getting together with is also known as as and

when any contingent situations occur. A very good example may be, through the any special happening. At those times, market liquidity dries out and right away rates shoot up. Bankers who are world wide web borrowers from the market may be exposed to huge interest expenditure the high rates on the market. This is an ideal time for a particular ALCO meeting, where the committee might take critical decisions for first deposit mobilisation on an urgent basis for minimizing dependency from the market.

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