Nike Brand Analysis

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Nike brand has been around since the 1960s. This brand has become known among the top brands of athletics gear. It has not occurred because of an accident. A lot of work has gone into causeing this to be brand what it is today. The amount of different brands that Nike makes help them get in touch with every kind of person in the world today. Your competition for Nike in addition has helped them succeed by causing them try to stay ahead of their competition. Also if you take a look at their SWOT research you can see the different things that produce Nike one of the very best brands in today's world.

The idea of Nike began way back in the 1950s. A track trainer by the name of Charge Bowerman was at the University or college of Oregon training his team. Costs was always searching for a competitive border for his joggers, like almost all of us today look for just about any benefits we can get. Monthly bill said he tried using different shoes for his joggers as well as striving other things to try and make his players better. Bill tried out to get hold of the shoes produces in attempt to try his ideas for running shoes. This however failed. In 1955 a track runner by the name of Phil Knight enrolled at Oregon. Phil was on the keep track of team under Bill. Phil graduated from Oregon and obtained his MBA from Stanford University. Phil continued to create a newspaper that talked about how exactly quality shoes could be made over in Japan and they would be cheaper. Phil called a company in Japan and became a distributor of Tiger shoes in america of America. Phil directed some pairs of shoes to his old trail coach trying to get Bill to choose the shoes. Rather than buying these shoes Expenses offered Phil a collaboration to build better running shoes. In 1964 Monthly bill and Phil shook hands and created Blue Ribbon Athletics. The companies' first move was to order three hundred pairs of shoes from the company in Japan. While Charge analyzed these shoes and tried out to make sure they are better Phil was out reselling the shoes. Invoice had his keep tabs on team at Oregon try out his new creations. This became the foundation of Nike. Due to the fact that Bill and Phil still experienced a full time job, they appointed Jeff Johnson as their first full time worker. Jeff soon became a very helpful energy man for the business. In 1971 Jeff created brochures, marketing materials and even shot images for a catalogue. The 1st Blue Ribbon store was exposed by Jeff. On the other hand the relationship between Blue Ribbon and the business from Japan was needs to deteriorate. Charge and Phil made the hop to making and making their own sneakers. The trade marks swoosh that was introduced at the moment. The Nike line of footwear was revealed in 1972, during the U. S. Keep track of and Field Trials. One couple of the shoes acquired a huge impression on twelve multiple joggers that used the new shoes. These shoes included a new style of soles that that acquired nubs in it that resembled the ridges of the waffle iron. These shoes were also much less heavier than most running shoes at that time. With all the new image Nike began looking for sports athletes to wear, promote and raise the new shoes. The first sportsman they found was Steve Prefontaine. Prefontaine never lost a race that was over the mile in distance in his university career between 1969 and 1973. Prefontaine challenged Costs, Phil and their new company to stretch out their talents. Subsequently Prefontaine became an ambassador for Blur Ribbon Sports and Nike. In 1975 Prefontaine perished at the age of 24, but his spirit still lives on within Nike. Prefontaine became the "soul of Nike". When 1980 struck Nike moved into the stock market and became a publicly bought and sold company. Once this took place many of the people that began the company moved on with their lives. This included Phil Knight who resigned from his chief executive spot for on the year. Inside the middle-1980s Nike started to slide from top of its industry. This began to change when Michael Jordan released a new sneaker through Nike. When this happened Nike's bottom line got an improvement. In 1988 the slogan that people all know today "Just do it" was presented as a way for Nike to generate on its momentum from other "Revolution" marketing campaign. The Just get it done campaign included three adverts in which a young athlete by the name of Bo Jackson was involved with. By the finish of the 10 years Nike was at the top of their industry once again. The 90's brought some outreach for Nike. At this time with time Nike deepened their determination into others sports activities such as sports and golf. In 1995 Nike agreed upon the whole World Cup wining Brazilian Country wide Team. This also allowed Nike to generate jerseys for the team. Nike also got contracts with both the men's and woman's groups for the United States. The biggest thing that Nike was criticized for was when they agreed upon a golfer by the name of Eldick "Tiger" Woods for huge deal. All of the competition said this is a dumb idea till Tiger won the 1997 Experts by an archive 12 strokes. In 2000 a fresh shoe was launched. This shoe passed the name of the Nike Shox. This boot put together more than 15 years of dedication and perseverance. Nike is still the industry leader in their marketplaces and continues to grow increasingly more each year around the world. The corporation will have much more to offer in the future.

Nikes products do not just cover one area like some companies products. Nike prides itself in having a product for most every sport out there. Also they actually not just stick to shoes. In addition they produce from socks and compression shorts to glasses and hats. Nikes first products began with keep tabs on shoes. Today they still are huge into the sneaker industry but Nike also makes jerseys, pants, baselayers etc. Nikes products never stop including. As a person who wears a whole lot of Nike gear, my favorite thing about the brand is that they always discover a way to help make the products better. Take their field hockey shoe range for example. When Nike made their first pair of basketball shoes they probably had no idea what these were doing. Today Nike has one of the greatest lines of hockey shoes out there with mid-air Jordan series. These shoes are always light weight and they feature great support and breathable leather which are both needed in a good baseball shoe. Also Nike makes their products stand out with their fantastic use of colors and unique designs. Everyone in today's society wishes to be observed in the swoosh. In 2009 2009 Nike presented the Nike+ products and teamed up with Apple. This enables joggers to sink their shoes using their IPods and it will permit them to see how far they have run, just how many calories they have got used up and also continues time for them. Nike in addition has done this with the field hockey shoes which allow players to link up through their IPods again. However this new design helps strategy a player's vertical, quickness, and other areas of their game. Nikes products keep bettering with the time and there is absolutely no end in eyesight to what Nike can do with their products.

Nike has many competitors in their industry. These companies include but aren't limited to Puma, Underarmor and Addidas. These competitors drive Nike to strive for new innovations every day. Nike competes with Addidas in the golf ball market. Nike owns over 80% of U. S. hockey market to as where Addidas owns no more than 14%. Addidas is wanting to keep up with Nike in invention but is having an extremely hard amount of time in doing so. Nike and Underarmor are major rivals in the task out clothing industry. Both of these companies make very good products that will help an athlete get better in their activities. In this particular industry I would have to give the advantage to Underarmour since when you go to a fitness center you always see people working out in Underarmor clothes. Puma and Nike contend in the shoes market. They are both big in the keep track of shoes industry. Both of these companies make extremely perfectly light-weight shoes. If you watch the Keep tabs on and Field situations at the Olympics you will notice most joggers are wearing Nike shoes or Puma shoes. With this competitive match I'd have to state Nike gets the clear edge. If you look at the earlier Puma use to have every trail athlete in a set of their shoes. Over the past 10 years that has shifted to the shoes that are produced Nike. Nike has the overall competitive gain in their industry.

The individuals who buy Nike brand differ immensely. The target Market for Nike clothing and other accessories are people between 18-35 years of age. Some characterists about the people that choose the Nike brand include many things. One main thing for almost all of the Nike customers are that they watch or play a lot of sports. This is said because Nike uses major athletics icons to market their products. These runners include Lebron James, Tiger Woods, Mia Hamm and so many more athletes from various different sports. Through the use of these athletes it creates people want to wear the brands that their favorite athletes wear. Even more characteristics of Nike consumers are they are into extreme sports activities. Nike has come out with the 6. 0 brand to charm to younger generation's thrill of extreme sports activities. These are only a few characteristics that Nike potential buyers have in common.

Nike is a superb company in its industry and it will be a very long time till anyone ever before knocks them off of the top with their industry. However Nike has had problems with violating Human privileges. Their factories are under scrutiny in countries like Mexico and Vietnam. Their factories in Vietnam have been around in violation of bare minimum wage and overtime regulations. Nike states that these violations are no longer happening. Within the 1990s Nike's use of faced child labor in Cambodia and Pakistanis had been closely checked. However Nike still has factories in places where the monitoring of child labor has bad laws. . In 2001 BBC documentary uncovered the utilization of child labor by Nike. The documentary was structured around 6 little girls, who worked every single day and were all working over 14 hours shifts. In July 2011 Nike accepted that 66% of their factories do not meet rules for staff member treatment.

I conducted a SWOT analysis on the Nike Brand. Among Nike's key strengths is their use of popular runners to help promote their products. The idea behind this is that most individuals will remember what a star athlete is using. A significant weakness is the fact that the marketplace that Nike works in is very price sensitive. The majority of Nike's income comes stores purchasing the merchandise they produce. This indicates that margins tend to get squeezed as retailers try to get good deal competition on Nike's products. Opportunities include things such as the regular change in technology. The capability to generate additional money by having a wide range of products helps Nike a great deal. Nike is not merely involved in athletics wear also, they are in regular clothing and sun shades. Also Nike has an enormous base all over the world that allows them to truly have a larger global market. Finally a few of the threats are that the retail sector is becoming significantly price competitive. Which means that shoppers want around for better discounts rather than just purchasing the top brands. The buyer now manages the manufacturing. In case a consumer wants to get the lowest price on equivalent products, they will go store to store and discover the lowest price.

In realization Nike has a great deal going for it. It started out with a track trainer and a record runner. This brand has become known as one of the top brands of sports gear. This has not happened because of an accident. A lot of work has gone into making this brand what it is today. The amount of different brands that Nike makes help them reach out to every kind of person in the world today. The competition for Nike in addition has helped them be successful by causing them try and stay ahead of their competition. Also if you take a look at their SWOT examination you can see different things that produce Nike one of the top brands nowadays. Their number 1 position on earth is will continue much in to the future if they stick to what they know.

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