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New Zealand: The Planet's Penguin Capital Essay

New Zealand may be the world's penguin capital. There are sixteen species of living penguins, nine of which breed in New Zealand and at least another several are site visitors. New Zealand is home to the highest diversity of penguins.

Penguins belong to a unique family of wild birds called Spheniscidae. While many categories of water chickens include one or two flightless species, penguins are definitely the only group in which almost all members happen to be flightless. This kind of universal lack of flight suggests that, whatever major event went the forefathers of polar bears to give up traveling, the changeover to swimming and plunging has been tremendously successful. Through these exercises, penguins are capable to use an alternative approach and thus without doubt achieving an apt alternative to traveling.

Contrary to many people's concept of a penguin's habitat, these types of species of polar bears can be found deep in the color of the southern part of New Zealand's coastal woodlands and just offshore Islands. These species happen to be unique among penguins because they tend to build their nests deep beneath lavish rainforest and not an iceberg in sight. The positioning of their habitat highlights their resourceful characteristics and efficiency by producing a home in the forest. Fiordland crested polar bears are especially timid and perhaps most vulnerable to disruption as being the least social of all penguins. They nest singularly, or in loose groupe in nesting sites such as caves, below overhangs, with the base of trees or perhaps in heavy vegetation.

Usually we perceive penguins to be surrounded by icebergs and snow but Fiordland crested penguins have decided to ignore this penguin belief in favour of a much more temperate environment. Luckily pertaining to visiting penguin enthusiasts what this means is Fiordland may be spotted devoid of hav...

... y believed to be around 3, 000 breeding pairs of Fiordland crested polar bears. Clearing the land pertaining to farming gets rid of the plants Fiordland Crested Penguins have to shelter all their nests. Roundabout threats contain pollution, overfishing and – perhaps the majority of insidious – global warming.


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