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New Jerusalem The New Heaven And New Earth Religion Essay

Christians from all strolls of life have always lived in great hope of inhabiting the new heaven and new earth as promised in the bible. The building blocks of Christian faith has a strong basis on an everlasting life; marked with joy and pleasure; where God shall live along with his people forever. The e book of revelation is the symbolic testimony of recovery to heaven and paradise found. It explains the ultimate inhabitant of Christians as the brand new Jerusalem, which is metropolis of God. In addition, it discusses the looks of new heaven and new globe that should come from God himself and tips to newness of everything with the arriving of new heaven and new earth. This paper attracts from theoretical methods of different scholars to discuss the concept of new heaven, new earth and the New Jerusalem.

The concept of new heaven and new globe occurs across several books in the bible; including Revelation 21: 1-2, Isaiah 65:17, 2 Peter 3: 13, 2 Corinthians 5:17 and Hebrews 12:26-28. The assurance of a fresh heaven and new earth can be equated to a offer of renewal. Approaching of new heaven and new globe and the newness of everything is thought to originate from the belief that the procedure of the end of the world will match beginning of the world, hence the initial condition of everything will express in future as it was initially when heaven and earth were new.

The New Jerusalem as referred to by the scripture refers to the town of the almighty God, which is the heavenly Jerusalem; this is actually the holy city that comes from down from heaven from God himself. The New Jerusalem in line with the Old Testament is the dwelling place of God, while in the New Testament, it's the heavenly home for saints. The sacred structures in metropolis of heaven contribute to heavenly design for the earthly Tabernacle; whose future will descend as "the Tabernacle of God among Men; comprising a Temple that is both spiritual and physical.

Ezekiel in the Old Testament, identifies the holy pile of God and sanctuaries in heaven while; implying where God's throne is within heaven. On the other hand, Psalms identifies God who sits in heaven; pointing to the earthly Jerusalem where God will build the messiah after the earthly countries are overthrown in the struggle of Armageddon. The New Testament portrays heavenly Jerusalem as a place where the saints will dwell with God. Because the earthly set ups depicted in Old Testament were constructed relative to patterns which were divinely exposed within heavenly Jerusalem, it can only just be figured heavenly structures are real.

The author of the Hebrews features heavenly Jerusalem as a place of elegance to earthly Mt. Sinai, which is a place of law. In addition, the Hebrews writer details heavenly Jerusalem as Mount Zion; which is the town of the living God; describing its inhabitants as angels, Jesus the Kid, God the daddy and the Judge, Righteous men and Church time believers. This therefore means that the New Jerusalem is the ultimate destination of believers; a concept which is further backed by author of Hebrews, who points out that the present heaven and globe, which will be the old creation will pass away and cease to exist; departing the kingdom which cannot be demolished; the heavenly Jerusalem as the everlasting inheritance of saints.

In the publication of Revelation, John identifies New Jerusalem as the bride, made ready for her husband. This refers to the place where Jesus visited prepare for his disciples and those who believe in him as referred to by John. The looks of New Jerusalem fulfils the divine ideal purpose of the earthly tabernacle and in Cathedral as a religious temple of any romantic relationship between God the inventor and Man the creature.

The New Jerusalem is referred to as the dwelling host to God because in it, God will live with his people permanently. Revelation 21:16 identifies the measurements of New Jerusalem as a foursquare. Its inner construction is referred to as only much like precious earthly stones in color and structure; while its pavements are made of pure platinum like transparent wine glass. This city of New Jerusalem as referred to by its physical features therefore qualifies in each aspect as a physical simple fact; it offers architectural structures that may be assessed, it is smartly designed, and designed with construction materials which is inhabited by and human beings. This is an everlasting city, which is designed and then be inhabited by eternal people. It really is characterized by the powerful handiwork of the infinite God; which can't ever conform to human convention. The walls of New Jerusalem show that the Israel saints and the Church offer an inheritance in New Jerusalem city. The 12 labels of tribes of Israel are inscribed on New Jerusalem's gates while the titles of the 12 apostles are written on its twelve stones. That is in contract with the dispensation of the Jewish Messiah, who promised his Jewish disciples that although he leaving them, he'd keep coming back after finding your way through them a location.

The New Jerusalem is described as having God's glory in Revelation 21:11. This depicts the supernatural lighting of God's city detailed by John, reducing the necessity for earthly lifestyle of night and day. The city's lighting extends to the planet earth, permitting the countries to walk in light as referred to in Revelation 21:24. Jerusalem depicts a chosen host to God's divine plan of age groups, it is described as the one city to which God descended and he has desired it for his habitation. It is the centre of the world and God's resting place permanently. Jerusalem is the heart and soul of messianic prophecy and redemption ever sold. It proclaimed Christ's earthly ministry and life, apostles performed miracles in Jerusalem and Jesus commanded that the witnesses to the nations commence in Jerusalem. The New Jerusalem will however vary from the old Jerusalem as it is marked by endless joy and an everlasting union between God and the believers.

Pryor, argues that the best destiny of Christians is the new heaven and globe. He highlights that the planet earth will go through an interval of judgment and detoxification before it is restored to a disorder of Garden of Eden; an event described to take place on the day of the Lord when the cosmos dissolves its elements by hearth to be renewed according to God's promise of new heaven and new globe; seen as a righteousness. However, there is no biblical proof to show that the old heaven and earth will be consumed by flame as Pryor purports; hence his claims of devastation by fire cannot be verified.

Pryor is yet, in agreement with Randall Price that God will completely dwell in the midst of his people in the new globe and new heaven; that should come down from God himself, a meeting that will recognise the freedom of creation from enslavement and futility as it will be purified, changed and glorified when everything are made new by God himself. That is further reinforced by the book of Revelation, which highlights that God's eternal plan is to establish his kingdom guideline over the planet earth as he brings new heaven and earth alongside one another. God's ultimate simple fact identified to be achieved through Christ was for man to reside in as well as God on the planet. This will only happen after purification of Satan dominated present earth. The brand new heaven and the new earth signify that there should come a change that will involve a new life-style for believers who'll dwell in new heaven and new earth.

In conclusion, the e book of revelation reveals a new heaven and new globe will come from God; as the new city of Jerusalem. Believers equally be transformed and inhabit the new city, where everything will be made new in an everlasting life; characterized by joy, and they will live forever with God.

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